Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

I haven't even logged on to The OK Runner in about a month which just so happens to be the last time I posted. I haven't run much as of late because my achilles continues to give me problems. However, it has been feeling good the past couple of days where I ran 3 miles on Friday, 3 miles on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday. What sort of lame training is that?

Ending the weeks with mileage totals barely in the double digits leaves me discouraged. There is little point in writing about 10 mile weeks when last fall I was running in the triple digits. Oh how the mighty have fallen. On the up side, with a weekly total of 10 miles I could probably start writing for Runners World and come up with one of their "couch to marathon" in 4 weeks training plans. So I have that going for me... which is nice.

Most kidding aside, I ran 5 miles yesterday with Meagan and I felt relatively pain free for 25 minutes. There was only a slight bit of creakiness after the run only once I completed some of the exercises that Leo Kormanik gave me. To provide some further details, last week Dr. Greenapple was out of town, but I got to visit with Dr. Kahn who is new to Greenapple Sports & Wellness. From my understanding, Dr. K had just returned from completing an ART (active release therapy) clinic and was able to apply his new knowledge on my bum achilles. How did I know all this? Well, a friend of Meagan and I, who is just finished up at the Life School of Chiropractic in Atlanta was also at that clinic. It just so happens that Meagan and I were headed to Atlanta for an event and would be staying with Leo and his wife Jennie. You following this?

Leo + Dr. K at ART --> Dr. K uses ART on Jordan --> Jordan goes to ATL and gets ART from Leo

I don't usually like to see so many people when it comes to an injury as so many ideas/diagnoses/causes are thrown at you. I especially don't like to do this when Dr. Greenapple has had some success, but he's not always around and Leo was all ready to ART the crap out of my lower leg. So this past Sunday, Leo spent 30-45 minutes totally dialed in on my sore right achilles and when he was finished I was nearly pain free. No joke.

This brings me back to my run yesterday where I ran 5 miles nearly pain free as it was my first run after having Leo flush some junk. It's unfortunate that Leo and Jennie are moving to Akrun, Ohio in April, but it's good that I have family in the Midwest. I see a visit to Leo's workshop in my future and would recommend his talents to anyone.

Where does this leave me? Not exactly sure yet. I'm definitely not in the clear to start running 80 mile weeks, but I hope to be running pain free soon. I will still need to get in on some Greenapple acupuncture action this week as I'm actually going to be in the Queen City. It will be my first consecutive nights in Charlotte in over a month as I've been out on the road traveling for work. I don't know when my next race will be, but it's not going to be anytime soon. I've been thinking about possibly hosting a "fat Jordan race" where I invite all to race an unfit me over a distance of my choice. I would do it before I start doing workouts, but after I felt that my achilles is 100% healthy. More details on that will develop soon.