Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 515:01
Distance: 74.37 miles

Another healthy week of running. No complaints for me this week. The workouts have gone well, I traveled to Ohio and got to see my sister graduate. Pretty solid week. The body is coming into top form which is good because the half marathon is only 2 weeks away. I'm still hoping no Kips show up, but if they do, I'll be ready.

Uncle Dave as Tour Guide

Time: 118:11
Distance: 16.18 miles
Pace: 7:18

Meagan did a fairly excellent job of recapping this run so I'll jump on her coattails for the post.

I will add that when I decided to pick up the pace the final two miles I dropped a 5:57 and 5:41.

Our full splits were 7:59, 7:37, 7:47, 7:46, 7:33, 7:35, 7:28, 7:39, 8:04, 7:31, 7:15 (no Dave), 7:13, 7:07, 6:55, 5:57, 5:41.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mason, OH and Grass Loops

Time: 45:51
Distance: 6.28 miles
Pace: 7:18

Meagan and I had an early morning flight from DFW to Cincinnati for the weekend. My little sister was graduating from high school and our presence was requested. Upon arriving we made our way to Heritage Park where my two youngest siblings were playing baseball/softball. Meagan will tell you I forced her into running soon after a meal at C-F-A, but it's not true. She had at least an hour before our run started in the park.

Heritage Park is a good sized open grass field designed for softball/baseball/soccer and there are tennis courts and basketball courts too. It was a great place to run 3 miles but I soon got bored and suggested we run back to the house. I navigated the way flawlessly and we had to add on a few minutes at the end to meet the distance.

Oh yea, Meagan dry heaved.

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Crack at a Predator Run

Time: 89:37
Distance: 13.96 miles

W/u: 21:50 for 2.77 miles
W/o: 42:14 for 8.01 miles
C/d: 25:33 for 3.18 miles

We were out the door bright and early for my first ever Predator Run. Meagan and I met up with Scotty along Pickard and found are starting point at the corner of Timberdell. Our route consisted of two loops which we did twice each. The first (big) loop was approx. 2.5 miles long and the smaller one was 1.5 miles around. The goal was to start out at 5:25 pace and cut the splits down to about 5:05.

Scotty and I started out together for about the first 3 miles and then he dropped back just a touch. I split: 5:24, 5:24, 5:21, 5:18, 5:17, 5:12, 5:13, 5:04 for 42:14 total and an avg. of 5:17.

The weather has finally turned a little hot but it wasn't brutal. I took water just before 5 miles and accidently knocked over Scotty's bottle in the process. The toughest miles were going out Timberdell and running north on Pickard. Both sections are just slightly uphill, enough to make the pace lag in areas which is why you see the splits level off. The effort would increase the splits would stay about the same. Overall this was a solid workout and I was glad at how I dropped the pace relatively well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DeCoste is Getting Cranky

Time: 59:27
Distance: 8.01 miles
Pace: 7:25

This was an easy jog from Main St. up and over to Sutton Woods to find some dirt. The legs were relatively recovered and the pace was casual throughout. We have a pretty good workout tomorrow so it was good to keep things fresh.

After the run I got back and checked the schedule and saw that we had 3 x 10 sec. hill sprints in the middle of the run. Instead, Scotty and I took to the streets and ran 3 x ~100 meters to shake out the legs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Half and Half

Time: 69:29
Distance: 11.19 miles
Pace: 6:12

Meagan hit the streets a few minutes earlier than Scotty and I for this run. Like last week she put in roughly 30 minutes before I joined up with her. The first half of my run was during Meagan's up-tempo portion where she ran 6:32, 6:23, 6:28, 6:27 and 6:25. Her run finished along the train tracks and then Scotty and I picked up the pace to hit some quicker splits of 5:28, 5:23, 5:27, 5:28, 5:23.

The wind was out of the north this morning which is different for this time of year. Both Scotty and I had a hard time finding the pace running south on Jenkins despite it being the wind-aided section. The legs felt strong but a few times I found myself pumping the arms pretty hard to keep the pace honest. Good run nonetheless.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lashing Cats and Mingers

Time: 72:22
Distance: 10.75 miles

W/u: 22:50 for 3.02 miles
W/o: 4 x 1.5 miles at 5:00-5:05 pace with (2:00 rest)
C/d: 13:31 for 1.73 miles

I got up early this morning for a big workout on the track with Scotty. It was 6 miles worth of volume at a decent clip on Norman High's track.

The splits were:
7:31.98 (2:01), 7:31.26 (2:00), 7:29.61 (2:02), 7:24.56 for 36:01 total.

The workout went well and I was able to hit the splits relatively comfortably. I think the mile splits for each interval were something like 5:01, 5:01, 4:58, 5:00. I had a good last lap (68 or 69) on the final interval to close things out in 7:24. My form seemed to be fine but the shoulders were a little sore from the tennis yesterday.

Scotty ran large portions of the workout with me in the lashing rain. Truly lashing. No other way to describe it. After the third interval I took off my shoes and tossed the socks aside. The workout started with a few sprinkles which soon turned into a downpour. Luckily, the wind was absent from the storm which made it all bearable. At one point I rounded a turn and thought of the image below.

Virgin, Salazar and Nenow

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sutton's Goods

Time: 60:04
Distance: ~8 miles

Scotty met us over at Main St. for a jog that took us to Sutton Woods. We ran a few loops around the trail before heading back to the house. We made a brief stop at the Splash Pad in Andrews Park to cool off.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 528:02
Distance: 78.64 miles

I put together a nice week of training that included several quality sessions. The body is feeling fresh due to the lack of doubles but the threshold work is increasing my fitness significantly. Early in the week I was on the track running sub-5 minute pace and feeling comfortable while doing it. It makes me wonder what kind of 5k shape I'm currently in especially after seeing Ari drop a 14:48 effort out in Dirty Jerz. The main focus is on this half-marathon in the middle of June and the way things are going right now I think 5:10 to 5:15 pace is a definite possibility.

The Red Dirt of Draper

Time: 90:12
Distance: 14.02 miles
Pace: 6:26

Scotty, Meagan and I drove out Sooner Road and met Kristi and Coleman at the parking lot to Lake Draper. I missed the trail out at Draper and remember it being one of the better training spots around Norman. It just takes a little long to get out there. One of my first runs in the OK state was at Draper with Steve Muchetti.

Coleman ran with Scotty and I for the first 3.5 miles and then he stopped to walk back. Our run continued to the end of the dirt and on to half way across the dam. Scotty had never been out to the trail before and was mightitly impressed with the soft stuff and how it ran.

We returned to the parking lot just as Coleman was getting back and he told us about a convo he had with a older gentleman who was enjoying his Memorial Weekend.

Old Guy: Son you look hot (temp.).
Coleman: Yea, I'm ok.
OG: Looks like you could use a beer. (Pats the bag of sno-cones next to him). They are nice and cold.
Coleman: Thanks, but I'm ok.

That was the biggest mistake of the morning, not taking free cold beers on a walk back to the parking lot.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andy Payne Pacing

Time: 51:48
Distance: 8.42 miles
Pace: 6:09

This morning I drove up to Lake Overholser to help out Adam Cohen with the marathon at Andy Payne. Scotty and I met up on the east side of the lake and realized that the race was going to start at the new Route 66 park on the west side. On our detour we caught a glimpse of Adam running out in the lead looking chipper.

I had never been to the Route 66 park before, actually, I had never been to Lake Overholser before. It looked like a decent place to host a race but a lot of that had to do with the weather. Amazing. A touch humid, ever so slight breeze and sunny. Fairly ideal conditions for a spring marathon.

Around 8:15 Scotty and I jumped in the race alongside Adam for miles 16 to 24+. He said some of the mile markers seemed off but the pace was pretty honest from the outset. He looked good and allowed Scotty and me to drag the pace along. Since this was my easy day for the week (was supposed to do only 6) I was content to drop out at one full cycle of the lake. However, a little before the turn-off Adam requested that we take him as far as possible because he was having trouble concentraiting. I think we go him within 200 meters of the finish line. He stopped the clock in 2:40:40 which is great given he recently ran the OKC Marathon (finished 4th overall). Oh yea, I think I forgot to mention that Adam is 41.

Jerry's Kids won the 10k and Carrot Top was 3rd.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pickard Tempo Run

Time: 79:55
Distance: 12.10 miles

W/u: 24:06 for 3.04 miles
800m w/ Meagan: ~3:10
W/0: 31:23 for 6.01 miles
C/d: 21:16 for 2.55 miles

Had a tempo run on tap for this morning that started along Pickard. We set it up so that Scotty could run 2 miles before I joined in and then we would run for 4 miles together. I helped Meagan the first 800 meters of her tempo which left me at the corner of Pickard and Timberdell. Scotty was running up ahead and I stashed a water bottle for lap 2 and waited for his return.

I joined the workout and was holding about 5:15 pace with Scotty a few strides behind. I split 5:16.9 for the first mile and 5:13.4 on the second. The pace was comfortable but Scotty was a few strides off so I hesitated to push on. The third mile was 5:16.2 but I quickly responded to the drop in pace to rattle off 5:11.4, 5:15.3 and 5:09.99. Mr. Garmin decided to geek out with the heat and humidity. Actually it was the fact that I was sweating profusely and Mr. Garmin was mistaking my sweat for touches on the bezel. The last few miles were run off feel because I couldn't tell the intermediate pace until I reached a full mile.

I felt strong on the workout but today was the first day I would classify as being hot. The morning was substantially muggier than days past, but not nearly as bad as it will be in a few weeks. Good workout.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uphill Burst

Time: 45:xx
Distance: 6+ miles
2 x 10 sec. hill sprints

This afternoon Scotty and I hit the roads after work for what was my first double in a good while. We ran a little bit past 60th on the flats down the hill from Bobby Stoops' pad. The weather was fantastic and coming back was briefly interrupted for some short hill sprints. We used a hill that seemed steep when we were running down but it wasn't too tough when sprinting up it. I'm going to have to find a better hill for these sprints in the future. Norman is hurting for hills but I'm sure I can find the steepest one within the city limits preferable on the east side.

Rec. Fields and Chemicals

Time: 61:37
Distance: 8.38 miles
Pace: 7:21

This morning Scotty met Meagan and me along Pickard and we all decided that it would be best to get on some softer stuff. The jog over to the OU rec. fields was grand and the loops on the open grass was great until some guy came by to inform us of some important details.

Guy: Hey. How did you get on the fields?
Scotty: Uh, we ran through the open gap.
Guy: Oh. Well, yesterday we just sprayed a ton of chemicals on that field. You might want to be careful.
Scotty: Hmm. Okay. Yea thanks for telling us.

Upon returning home I washed the shoes in the sink to spread the chemicals on surfaces where we cook food.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Diner Has a Guest

Time: 73:04
Distance: 11.92 miles
Pace: 6:08

Meagan and I both had a 10 mile run this morning where the second half was done up-tempo. Since her faster section is about the pace I like to run I had her go out and put in 30 minutes of running before I stepped out the door to meet her. We joined up along the tracks and I got to warm up for just under a mile (.90). She then got into the faster miles by clicking off 6:34, 6:30, 6:27, 6:28, 6:25.

We had made our way back to near the train tracks and I proceeded to fly solo for the remainder of the run. Once her workout was over, mine was about to start. I headed back on basically the same course we had used for her and rattled off 5:32, 5:29, 5:24, 5:25, 5:12. The final 1.4 miles I had the wind at my back and felt really comfortable. I think the 4th mile was the most difficult as I was running east on Imhoff which is slightly uphill. The wind played a bit of a factor early on but was a great help in the last mile. I might have pushed just a touch too hard but overall running 10 miles in under 60 minutes the day after a good track workout is good stuff. I'm pleased at where the fitness currently is.

Main St. action and local favorite The Diner

Upon returning to the apartment after a brief shower and breakfast I was sitting at my window and saw Guy Fieri driving down the street in a '67 Camaro. The 'maro was candy apple red and Guy's bleach blonde hair gave any sort of cover away. It also didn't help that he had a film crew in the passenger seat. I put money that he was filming at The Diner down the street for his Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives."

Guy in his '67 'maro.

I made a quick walk down to the restaurant where a guy name Stephen saw and recognized me from the marathon. He wanted me to take a picture with his wife who I think was a waitress at The Diner. It was a little awkward at the time but he was excited since he had seen me on television the morning of the OKC Marathon. Well, I returned the favor as I told a member of the film crew that when he had the chance to tell Guy that a kid from Santa Rosa was here. Guy and the film crew had several takes to do but eventually the crew member had a word with Guy. He looked up and saw Meagan and me standing off to the side. Later I got a picture and we shared some words about Santa Rosa, Nor Cal and his restaurant in SR called Tex-Wasabi's.

Sweet Dudes from Nor Cal

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Track Crack

Time: 67:44
Distance: 9.70 miles
W/u: 18:50 for 2.53 miles
W/o: 400 (64) - 800 (2:20) - 1200 (3:42) - 1600 (5:00) - 1600 (5:00) - 1200 (3:42) - 800 (2:00) - 400 (64) with 60-sec rest
C/d: 17:45 for 2.17 miles

After a short warm up to the track where we met Scotty it was time to get to work. The splits were going to be honest and the rest was going to make the workout difficult.

63.6 (60.6), 2:20.5 (61.8), 3:39.3 (60.5), 4:57.7 (60.6), 4:57.9 (60.5), 3:41.1 (60.9), 2:21.6 (60.9), 61.3 for 31:09 total and 5 miles. (If you were to subtract the ~7 minutes rest, it would be about 24 minutes for 5 miles).

This turned out to be a really good workout. The 400 at the start set the tone for the session as I was able to clip through without too much problem. The 800, 1200 and first 1600 were relatively easy with the help of Scotty D during big chunks of each interval. I felt more comfortable running 73-74 than I did running 75 on the 1600 splits. I'm glad sub-5 minute pace is becoming comfortable this early in the cycle. On the way back down I felt good increasing the pace and effort. The only interval I struggled on was the second 800 of which Scotty ran the last 600 with me. I think the pace lagged a bit on the back stretch and when I crossed the line I may have dry heaved once or twice. Hint I did. I was worried that the last 400 was going to be ugly but luckily I felt stellar running under 62 seconds.

Very happy at how this workout went. Good step in the right direction.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Easy Eight

Time: 58:42
Distance: 8.10 miles
Pace: 7:15

Scotty met us on Main St. in the middle of his run so Meagan and I popped downstairs around 8 am. The first half of our run took us back to the Walnut neighborhood after passing through a nearly dead campus. The return was almost a straight shot back to the pad at a decent clip (for a girl).

This morning I was a little more sore from some tennis on Sunday afternoon. The game is improving and soon I'll be able to hit overhead shots, but right now I need to get the timing right.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 460:12
Distance: 63.1

After a total of 23 miles last week I like the looks of 60+. My left hip is still a touch sore at times but it loosens up really well with a little massage. I've been trying to stretch it more often and do a little self-massage whenever I feel it start to tighten. Other than the slight niggle in my hip, everything else feels great. I'm looking forward to next week's workouts, especially when I get to step on the track on Tuesday.

OKC River Trails

Time: 90:02
Distance: ~13 miles

I attempted to get a group together for a long run via facebook this week which only resulted in four individuals. Better luck next time. Meagan, Scotty D, Carrot Top and myself drove up to the Boathouse Tri along the OKC river. I figured being near a competitive race would put us in a good mood to run.

We parked at the Bass Pro Shop and departed for the boathouse but the most direct path was obstructed by the course. We got to see some of the early bikers speed across the intersection on their first bike loop from their exit of the river. The route we took to the river trails was out of the way but eventually we got to the start/finish line of the race. Yesterday, the junior and elites competed while today was for age group pride.

C-Top, Scotty and I ran together on the south side of the trail. Meagan followed closely behind for about 30 minutes at a good clip. The return trip was a bit windy but the new site was great. We saw who we thought was Stu on the competition side of the trail as we approached the bridge back to the Boathouse. Turns out it was him putting in some miles too. We stuck around and watch some of the competitors run during the final segment and saw others making the transition to the run. I think the race organizers did a pretty good job as everything appeared orderly and in control.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slamming Balls

Time: 43:45
Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 7:17

Meagan and I ran from Main St. this morning on a short relaxed run around Norman. Our focus was to recover from yesterday's track workout and prepare for our tennis match in the evening. I don't remember much of the run but taking 6 miles on the day in a training period is a lot less than I normally do so it will be fun to be fresh in the evening.

Just like last time I dominated Meagan in tennis. She can't hang with my power. I was probably serving aces like Roddick in 130 to 140 mph.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Home on the Track

Time: 71:38
Distance: 10.55 miles
W/u: 17:19 for 2.29 miles
W/o: 28:08 for 5 miles (1:24.4 avg/lap)
C/d: 26:11 for 3.26 miles

Here is how you get back to work with a track workout prescribed by Jailhouse:
800 in 2:25, (200 rest), 300 in :47, (300 rest) x 5

The workout is done continuously and each 800-200-300-300 is 1600 meters.

Meagan and I jogged over to the Norman High School track where they were setting up some tents for the Relay for Life event this evening. I slipped into flats and got crackin' at the splits:

Set 1 - 2:24.2 (55.8), 47.7 (1:27.9)
I felt good on the first effort and new I could have a good one today. I started a little slow and split something like 75, 69 for the 800.

Set 2 - 2:22.4 (54.9), 48.2 (1:27.3)
The 800 was a little quick but my legs still felt strong rounding the turns. The top of the turn leading to the homestretch was quite windy which made the first 100 meters of the 300 rough.

Set 3 - 2:24.8 (54.4), 48.8 (1:24.0)
My breathing was settled but I could tell it's getting hot. I was having a difficult time hitting 47s on the 300 but could run 48s pretty easy.

Set 4 - 2:27.9 (57.5), 48.6 (1:29.5)
I completely relaxed on the backstretch of the second lap of the 800 and let the pace really slip. I realized what I had done as soon as I crossed the line and knew it was going to be slow.

Set 5 - 2:27.3 (57.5), 46.9 (1:33.3)
Fatigue finally set in on the second lap of the 800 but I tried to get after it in the 300.

Overall this was a solid workout for being my first time back on the track. It will serve as a decent benchmark of pace and fitness for weeks to come. I like having the rest splits so if I do the workout again I know both efforts (800s/300s & 200s/300s) for future reference.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planned Man

Time: 59:09
Distance: 8.01 miles
Pace: 7:23

The new training charts have come out for Meagan and me. Jailhouse put together some stuff that will get us to the Boomtown Days race. The next month of training will have very few doubles which at first I question, but now think it will be great. The goal for the four weeks coming is to focus on threshold pace and re-introduce some track work. My first legit workout comes tomorrow stay tuned.

Original Means of Transport

Time: 31:09
Distance: 4.58 miles
Pace: 6:48

This evening I ran home from work. The legs were feeling great as I ran along Hwy Symmes. I could tell they are fully recovered from the marathon and they're ready to put in some work. When it's easy to lift and push off, it's time to make 'em hurt.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weather Dictates the Run

Time: 38:12
Distance: 5.11 miles
Pace: 7:29

Short morning run with Meagan from Main St. Made the decision to run short because the weather/wind was rough.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Time: 33:25
Distance: 4.5 miles

Scotty and I jogged from his sisters house this evening through Brookhaven to put some miles in. Nothing too exciting to report right now. Jailhouse is in the process of writing the future month of training that will get me ready for the Boomtown Days Half-Marathon. Shhhh. Keep the race on the low down. Down low. No doubt.

Hail Delay

Time: 45:45
Distance: 6.34 miles

This morning Meagan and I departed the Main St. pad and headed out to meet up with Scotty on Pickard. Our run was a bit delayed due to the slightly inconvenient hail storm that threatened to crush the Mini. I saved the day with my spectacular driving skills and went along with putting on my costume minutes later. The hail stopped just as quickly as it started so we were out the door about 10 mins late. The temperature was obviously down and the wind was decent. The legs didn't feel all to stiff from the hours upon hours in the car which I'm happy about. It's time to get serious about this running stuff again. I got a reputation to maintain.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty South

Time: 47:07
Distance: ~6 miles

We saw Brooke off this morning and then headed out for a jog on the streets of Birmingham, AL. Crossing into the southern state was my first time in what I associate as being the deep south (AL, LA, MS). The area where Brooke lives is really nice and quiet but we somehow were running on mainly high trafficked streets. Meagan and I finally found a neighborhood to run in that was just off the main road. The houses were small, there were lots of trees and few cars on these roads. I was pretty sure where I needed to end up and made a slight miscalculation which turned a 40 minute jaunt into a 47 minute complain-fest. You would think by Meagan's account of the run I had taken us in the wrong direction in the middle of Watts during the Rodney King riots.

Read Meagan's blog for more interesting pictures and stuff. I need to get caught up and shizz.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 166:13
Distance: 23.06

Not a lot to report here. This week was meant to get my legs fresh for the next segment of training. I can tell my legs have a lot more pop to them when I'm out running. It brings back memories of senior year at Brown when tapering for the 1500m. Runs were short, the breathing was simple and the legs wanted to burst out in a sprint. Great feeling.

Destination Alabama

Time: 53:16
Distance: 7.06 miles

Meagan and I got out the door this morning for a brief run through Freedom Park before leaving for Birmingham, AL. My legs were feeling great since mileage for this week will barely be over 25 miles. Who knows, it could be less. The run was fine, but Mr. Garmin lost the satellite a few times for whatever reason. I think those NASA punks were messing with the Hubble or something. I don't think most people's Garmins operate off the Hubble but mine does and from my understanding that thing is pretty banged up these days.

Check out Meagan's blog (she has pics and jazz) for a more detailed description of our journey from Charlottte to Birmingham to visit our good friend Brooke and her dog Biz Cut.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandma's Athsma

Time: none
Distance: none

Last night Gus and I went over to a little party hosted by a runner in the store's Mon./Weds. night crew. She's a music professor at OU who likes to travel, run and drink. Gus and I partook in the drinking portion tonight with some of her colleagues. I think Senor Gustavo was might impressed with my ability to connect with the "weirdos" as he liked to call them. It was a good time and the G&Ts were quality too. It was off to Blu after getting back downtown to join up with Jess, Spenis, Joe and Pam. More good times were had.

All the good times and the $2 well drinks meant there was no running in the morning. I'm glad the party is almost over as my liver meridian is getting a bit too much work.

This afternoon I hopped a flight to Charlotte to meet up with Meagan and her Mini Cooper.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Time: 38:49
Distance: ~5.5 miles

Last night I got a text from the photographer of the article that ran in the OU Daily and he said, "hey there... This is James the photog with the Daily. I wanted to let you know that the story ran today and the picture looked really great. They even ran it on the front page. You can check it out online at Thanks again." First thing I thought after reading this was... man crush. Then I realized I had to find me a copy.

I jogged on Pickard and ran past Barry Switzer's pad before getting to campus. I was shirtless but it was early so I was hoping there weren't going to be too many students around when I entered buildings. I got lucky on there not being undergrads present but I couldn't find a damn copy. I check Gaylord (journalism school), Copeland (houses the OU Daily), and the building just to the north. I wasn't having any luck as the current day's paper was already out and no copies of the old one were left. I checked another building where I took a sociology graduate class and had more poor luck. I considered stopping in the library but felt they might go by Wal-Marts semi-strict policies of "no shirt, no shoes, no service."

I managed to make it to Price (business school) where I found a butt load of current issues. I noticed there was a paper recycling bin so I rummaged through it. Yahtzee! I found the jackpot and lifted a handfull of copies out of that bad boy. I made it home without ruining more than the outer copy. Don't be surprised when you open your mail and see an article about yours truly.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Front Page News

Time: none
Distance: none

I was reading my RSS feed this morning and noticed there was an article titled "Memorial Marathon winners share history" and it was from the interview on Monday night. I think the journalist did the best job of any of the articles that were written about the marathon. I go on record about being interested in breaking the state 5k road record which is a brisk 14:09. That will be what this next segment of training is geared for. No better way to start than with a day off.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't Really Remember the Run

Time: 45:51
Distance: ~6.5 miles

Wow. It's been quite some time since the last post. Expect some rapid fire ones.

I guess I ran around campus today. I think it was with Scotty in the afternoon because I had the day off from work. We ran to the track and saw that Martin was out there getting ready to time a couple of 800 meter runners' workout. Scotty Cooper (1:48) and Chris "the Cube" Sweeney (1:50) were getting ready to drop some 3-hundos. Scotty and I didn't stick around too long and decided to make some loops in the Duck Pond. My left hip was still a little sore but nothing too serious.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Battle of Puebla

Time: none
Distance: none

No run for me today on Cinco de Mayo. Jailhouse wanted me to run a little less this week and get fully recovered prior to the next training cycle which will focus on some shorter distance racing. It's hard to recover here in the summer when the training is geard for longer marathon type workouts. Getting the body ready to go day after day with the heat and humidity really takes its toll, so getting back to some shorter/quicker stuff will be fun. Today is my first day off since the marathon which is a good thing. It's also my first day off since March 14th.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Some Power Back

Time: 30:17
Distance: ~4 miles

I got out the door this morning for a short jog on the roads. My hip was good for about the first half of the run and was a little tight the remaining two miles. When I was running on Pickard I noticed how fresh my quads were feeling and they turned over at an easy pace. The breathing was good and I am glad to know my legs are feeling more powerful since the marathon.

After work Cat and I headed to the OU track for an interview and some photos with some members of the OU Daily. I'm not sure when the article will be published but the pics are sure to be cheesy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 282:39
Distance: 38.87 miles

This was a true recovery week in terms of running. I guess it's recommended that after a marathon you take a break from the rigors of training. The body is feeling pretty good but I felt a little niggle on today's run with Scotty, Boone, Kels? and Ross. My left hip is a little tight when I lift my leg. This is the first time I have noticed it being sore. I think a little massage and rolling it on a baseball will help break up whatever is causing the tightness.

The weather here in Norman has been great and it's a shame that I'm not running a bit more but I guess that's the way it has to be. The temps have been topping out in the 70s with little wind and little humidity. In ten days when I'm getting back into the routine I can guarantee that it will be 80+ with 80% humidity.

Running Down a Sub-4 Miler

Time: 58:34 and 7:05
Distance: 8.46 and .91 miles
Pace: 6:55 and 7:46

I spent a few hours at Michelangelo's this morning attempting to track DeCoste during his marathon debut out in Eugene. The website was difficult to navigate and I couldn't figure out where the athlete tracking was. Just before leaving the coffee house I saw he had crossed the line in 2:34 and some change. Great race. Congrats.

Scotty and I headed out for a run towards campus where we dropped a shirt at Cafe Plaid and then proceeded through campus. We spotted some dudes in OU gear jogging down Jenkins and we slowly caught them near the train tracks. Turned out to be Jacob Boone (sub-4 guy) and two others I had never met before. We ran along Robinson and back past Westwood GC. It was good catching up on the going-ons with the OU team. Boone won't be racing again until conference when he toes the line in the 1500.

After the run Scotty, Skolnick and I went to the senior capstone presentations in the Fred Jones Jr. Museum. We scored some freebies in the snackroom upstairs. Good lunch and decent art.

Feeling heavy Scotty and I ran back to Main St. and then walked over to Andrews Park where May Fair was going on. Local artists were showing some of their pieces but the chilly temps and gray skies kept huge crowds away. Scotty and I are two of the most cultured individuals in Norman. How many art shows did you go to this weekend?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Run to Work Day

Time: ~30 mins
Distance: ~4 miles

I got the keys to my new apartment yesterday and I moved a few items this morning. I decided to open the window that faces Main St. and saw a runner go by and I realized that Health for Friends 5k was this morning. I quickly jumped into my costume and ran towards the start/finish line. The weather was slop which kept runners away (only 44) or it could have been the $30 entry fee. $30! For an unestablished race that's outrageous. Once I saw the race finishing up I continued on my way to work with a change of clothes in my backpack. The clouds dumped rain on me running down Robinson so I was cold and wet when I arrived. I made a quick change and was ready to sell socks and stability shoes to Oklahomans.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Main St. Time

Time: 30:02
Distance: ~4 miles

Easy morning jog on the streets of Norman. Nothing big to report but the legs are feeling decent. I'm not attempting any workouts for a couple of weeks though.