Thursday, July 31, 2008


Time: 30 mins bike, 30 mins elliptical
Distance: n/a

It was about time that I do some aerobic activity so this morning I worked out in the fitness center. I'm trying to follow Tom's old advice to not test my leg at any point during the day. I have a hard time actually telling how my hip feels during a session of cross training because it doesn't hurt. I guess that is a good/bad thing. Anyway, the fitness center was empty and boring, but I got in a decent workout. Craig came by to pick me up for a day of working the OK Runner Sidewalk Sale. I think a family bought 13 pairs of shoes in the first 30 minutes of us opening. I hope they are enjoying their 1120s, Trance 6s, Pegasus 2005s and Hurache Runs. Great shoes, better price.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Off

Time: none
Distance: none

Decided to take another day off to let my hip recover. Hopefully it is doing that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I don't remember

Time: n/a
Distance: n/a

I don't really remember what I did "today," granted that I'm currently posting from our hotel lobby in Mexico and it's is the following Wednesday. Regardless, I do remember that my hip was bugging me so I didn't run. Perhaps I cross trained. Perhaps I didn't.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Running with Carrot Top

Time: 45:51
Distance: 6+ miles

After work the Monday night crew arrived for a run. David was a little late but he had a little workout planned despite the 100 degree weather. His initial workout was going to be 5 x 3 mins at 5:25 mile pace which is basically 3:15 or so K pace. I suggested that he just run 5 x k in 3:15. After tinkering with his Garmin for a bit we decided it was time to begin the workout. I think we split 3:18, took 3 mins rest and ran another in 3:22. He urgently needed a restroom and luckily we found a port-o-let that was strategically placed along our route. Our third interval was even slower, 3:32 perhaps and again the bathroom was needed. On our fourth interval I started on pace and was immediately 15 meters in front. I backed off and wasn't running much faster than training pace but Carrot Top was struggling at this point. After a 3:51 split the workout was over and I jogged it in back to the store.

My leg didn't feel great at any point. I think my left leg was doing a little more work which means I'm more balanced but every time I land on my right leg it hurts. Need more time to recover.

More XT

Time: 30 mins
Distance: 4 miles

This morning I went down to the fitness room and either biked or ellipticaled for 30-45 minutes and then I ran at an incline on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Fun times. My leg still feels crappy, but I have a chiropractor appointment later today.

The chiro told me that my legs were still different lengths and that his goal right now is for stabilization to occur.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week In Review

Time: 302:38
Distance: 43.5 miles
XTrain: 170:00

Not a great week of training. My hip has continued giving me problems but I've been proactive in trying to fix it. Seeing the bone bender might help loosen up the tightness in my hip and fix the leg discrepancy. I've increased the icing and ibuprofen usage hoping it makes a difference.

More of the Same

Time: 2 hrs (kinda)
Distance: 8+ miles

This afternoon I decided to get in some solid cross-training and a bit of running. I headed over to the fitness area and hopped on the bike for 30 minutes pedaling pretty hard. Once the legs were warmed up I moved to the treadmill, put it at 2.0 grade and ran for 30 minutes (4+ miles). I took a 5-10 minute break to stretch out well; focusing on my groin, hip and hip flexor. Then I filled it up again and did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 more minutes of running. After 2 hrs in the fitness area I was relatively tired and called it a day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tester Run

Time: 35:02
Distance: 5 miles

Went to the fitness room at the Lodge this morning and hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes, ran outside for 35 minutes and then jumped on the bike for 20 minutes. Got in a total of 75 minutes of work. The hip didn't feel great but it never got worse. It still gives me discomfort whenever I land but I think my left leg was stressed a bit more today which is good. While cross-training sucks, I'm glad to actually be doing it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cross Training Sucks

Time: 70 mins
Distance: Rick Wemple would call it 10 miles

This morning I woke up relatively early and headed over to the fitness room here at the Lodge. I used the elliptical for 30 minutes. It sucked. Tried the stairmaster for 10 minutes. It sucked. Jumped on the bike for 30 minutes. It sucked.

However, while I was on the bike I received a call from Dr. Griffith's office and they said I could be fit in at 10:15 am. Sweet. After opening OK Runner with Gustavo I headed up the street to visit my new bone bender. I filled out some paperwork, went through a preliminary test where I was told my right left was 1/2 an inch shorter than my left and then had a couple x-rays taken. I've never had x-rays taken at a chiro's office before and while I'm not sure if they were necessary (b/c they charged me for them) they did show that the right side of my pelvis is rotated up which makes my right leg seem short. Dr. Griffith explained this all to me and then he did a few adjustments to get me back to even. I felt much better after leaving his office. I'm sure it was 25% physical and 75% mental, but it doesn't matter. The total bill today came to $156 but future visits will cost $36. Ouch! Anyway, I scheduled a second appointment for Monday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Planned Day Off

Time: none
Distance: none

A much needed day off. I think this is my first day off since traveling to California a few weeks ago. My hip is in pretty rough shape. I can tell my body is all out of alignment and could use a readjustment. Since I'm traveling back to Norman today I will not try to run in the evening.

I left the ATL at 7:30 this morning departing for the Louis Armstrong Airport in NoLa. I think the airport plays non-stop Louis Armstrong music because at one point I heard a version of It's Cold Outside which makes complete sense this time of year. My flight from NoLa took me to DFW and then finally to OKC. I landed just after 1 and was at work a little before 2 pm. At some point this afternoon I put a call out to Dr. Kyle Griffith who used to have a chiropractor practice in Brookhaven village. He is now located up the street and hope to meet with him soon about my hip.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emory Trails

Time: 62:16
Distance: ~9 miles

Woke up this morning with a terribly sore hip. Not sure if it was from my workout yesterday or pickleball. Regardless, the run wasn't much fun. Meagan and I headed from her apartment to Emory University's campus and into a park past the president's house. I stopped around 20 minutes to stretch a bit and did again around 40 minutes. We were running pretty slow which doesn't seem to make it feel any better because I'm landing harder on my right side. It only gives me discomfort when I land, not when I push off. I'll need to ice and ibuprofen.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Me on the "diarrhea" side of the court

Pickleball deserves a post of its own. This evening Brooke, Meagan and BizCut (Brooke's dog) traveled out to the 'burbs for some solid racquet sport action. JoKin vs. Doug "E-Fresh" Starr II took place post dinner on the damp blacktop of Woodstock. After a little squeegee (weirdest word ever) action and light warmup it was game time. I promptly lost the first 4 matches before winning the ultimate game just before darkness set in. The two competitors received much appreciated ball-girling skills from Brooke and Meagan. I also appreciated Meagan's encouragment which included "C'mon!," "You're better than that," and "If you don't win a game, you have to walk home." Luckily I did win which improved my record against Doug E. Fresh to 1 and 7.

Workin' the AO

Time: 76:48
Distance: 11+ miles

Yesterday I got a call from
Scotty D and he wanted to do a workout involving some 800s. He was going to use Pickard and I would use the Active Oval. We were wanting to stay relatively on the same schedule this week and despite running a bit uptempo yesterday 800s would work. Meagan and I warmed up from her apartment to the AO which took 23:05. I stretched a bit and did a couple light strides.

Target: 8-10 x 800 in 2:35 dropping down with 2
mins rest.
Splits: 2:35 (2:03), 2:32 (1:58), 2:34 (1:58), 2:34 (1:57), 2:31 (2:00), 2:32 (2:01), 2:33 (2:01), 2:26 for 34:21 total.

I started the workout on the far side of the
AO where there is an Atlanta Track Club starting post. I was trying to stay relaxed on the crushed gravel surface as long as possible and especially into the headwind along the backstretch. While I was working out Meagan was doing circuits on the steps near the start line. She decided to jump into the fifth interval which meant I went through the 400m mark a touch quicker (73 vs. 75 to 76). I was making a little 2 min loop which cut across one of the quadrants of the AO in order to get back to the starting point on time. On the final 3 intervals Meagan met me about at 400m and ran the remainder in stride. On the last interval I dismantled Meagan with the unleashing of a Chebii'esque finish.

I've wasted about an hour searching every possible video source for a video of Abraham
Chebii's incredibly fast final 200m. There are none. Chebii was a great finisher circa 2001 to 2003. He could close sub 25 seconds to beat the likes of Meb, Geb and Bekele. Here is what one article had to say about his abilities:
Abraham Chebii may be the most explosive kicker in recent distance running history. Even in an era in which a top-class 5000 runner has to be able to close a 13:00 race with a 55 second last lap, Chebii stands out. In the Grand Prix Final at the end of the 2002 season, he clocked 50.68 for his last 400 meters, and he didn't start his full sprint until 250 to go. As he says, however, "It is easy to kick when the pace is slow. You must be able to follow a fast pace and then kick." Which is what he trained himself to do over the 2002-2003 off-season. The most convincing evidence of that training's effectiveness came in the Rome GL, where Haile Gebrselassie, having been outsprinted by Chebii in Paris, started driving for home from 600 meters out, with Kenenisa Bekele and Chebii in tow. Haile was spent by the final turn and moved wide to let Kenenisa through, but Chebii slipped through the gap as well and bounded after the sprinting Kenenisa. He passed the Ethiopian with 50 to go and was timed at sub-25 for his last 200 -- in a 12:57 race.
If you can find a video of one of his finishes, let me know.

Cooled down 19:22. My hip felt okay but I can tell it is tight. It feels like my upper right leg is congested. It's a bit hard to explain, but I need to have someone look at it soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meagan's Tempo (for real this time)

Time: 68:32
Distance: 10 miles

Meagan and I headed out to the Chattahoochee River this morning after a bit of a timing debacle. She forgot that we had crossed back into EST when entering Georgia and I never bothered to change my watch. So when she glanced at my watch when we woke up it still read 6:30 and all was good. We didn't get out the door until closer to 8:00 (9:00 EST) which meant the river climate was much appreciated but still on the warm side.

At the river Meagan and I warmed up for about 2 miles in 17:21, stretched lightly and then got to business. Her workout was the same as yesterday, 5 mile tempo/race against me. Today she wanted the pace to start around 6:15 and then maybe drop it from there.

Splits: 6:18, 6:15, 6:09, 6:13 for 25:20 total.

After 4 miles Meagan was feeling a bit dizzy and we called the workout. She ran well and was never more than a few strides behind. I tried to keep the pace as even as possible throughout the effort. We grabbed some water after walking for a little bit and then on our 25:51 cool down went exploring up the mountain that overlooks the river. I was impressed by the single track trail that was sparkly for some reason. Meagan claimed it was from the fairies leaving the magic dust behind. I asked if she meant like Fern Gully and she didn't know what I was talking about. Great movie.

Here are some lyrics from the GRA (greatest rapper alive) not named Lil' Wayne. He hails from the ATL and I knew I had heard Chattahoochee mentioned somewhere before. I guess Chattahoochee is the ATL's equivalent to Lake Thunderbird (aka Dirtybird).

Neva back down, won't shake nor shiver
F*ck with me and get found in the Chattahoochee River
This 7 inch shank, will put a stop to his ticker
But shotties to the body make him drop much quicker

-- Ludacris (not the clean version)

Week in Review

Time: 699:12
Distance: 104 miles

This was an ambitious week of training that was boosted by two long runs that were run on Monday and Saturday. Scotty and I got in a solid workout midweek and the rest of the runs were what they needed to be. My hip remains tight but it responds to self massage and ibuprofen. I need to start icing regularly to ease some of the tightness.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meagan's Nashville Tempo

Time: 58:16 (plus a little untimed jogging beforehand)
Distance: 9 miles

Coach Gaudette planned a race between half of Team OJ and MJ involving "J" and "M." The tempo/race distance was to be 8k or running at ~6:10 pace. Meagan and I got a later than ideal start to the morning as it was already in the 80s and humid. She wanted to show me a bike path down by the Shelby Bottoms greenway but by the time we got there we already knew the workout was going to be tough. I had her start the tempo anyway and we were to run by feel. After hitting the first mile in 6:10 and the next half mile in 3:10 I called the workout. Meagan was running well but things were going to turn south fast. We cooled down a few miles and called it a day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Norman's Running Conquest

Time: 123:03
Distance: 18 miles

Scott D drove over to the Lodge this morning for an early morning long run. Two long runs in one week? Stupid? Perhaps. Committed? Definitely. The Norman Conquest was this morning which, more or less, involves 500 unfriendly bikers the chance to heckle runners in mass. After getting an early 6:45 am start, Scotty and I made our way to the corner of 48th and Franklin where OK Runner so graciously sponsored the first water stop. Craig was out there in a classic morning grumpy mood setting up the water. He was definitely surprised to see us after our 58 minutes of running.

Our route took us from the Lodge, out Lindsey, left on 36th, across Alameda, Robinson, Rock Creek, Tecumseh to Franklin where we turned right. With a little Gu for energy and water for hydration we waited for the lead group of riders to arrive. We need not wait long as the lead peloton of serious riders was soon to come tearing around the turn onto Franklin. The lead rider was up out of the saddle pressing the pace. We shouted to the riders we knew which inlcuded Jason Pratt, Stu Lisle and some others. As we continued up 48th we noticed that some of the riders had already shed the extra weight of their water bottles which were thankfully filled with Gatoradesque substances.

I was impressed with the number of riders that were out on the course. I recognized several OK Runner customers including Christian, Paul, Patti, Lori, Steve Bell and several others. It would be sweet if the runners in Norman could create such an event as casual as the Norman Conquest.

The rest of the run was fine. My hip loosened up about 70 minutes in and I never needed to take the second Gu that I was carrying. After getting back into town Scotty and I finished up the final 15 minutes at a quicker clip which took us past Irving Middle School in order to get in 2 hours of running.

Shout Out to Andrew Worthington

Time: 30:21
Distance: 4 miles

This afternoon I was taking down some painting tape at OK Runner as we are trying to spruce up the front room of the store and a gentleman from England asked if I was the author of the OK Runner blog. I laughed because I was under impression that only a handful of friends actually read about this running stuff. He commented that he liked my posts about the DRC Half Marathon and training in Fayetteville. Thanks for reading.

This evening after work I wanted to do a slightly different loop. I decided to run west along Robinson and then shot into the neighborhoods until I reached Lions Memorial Park. I made a few loops on the grass and then headed back to the store along 36th. Legs felt okay. Hip was a little sore. Ate some decent pizza at Louie's with Anna and Gus.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Recreation Field Loops

Time: 71:48
Distance: 10 miles

This morning I met Scotty D along Jenkins and we decided to keep things boring by running on the rec fields. Our legs were a bit sore so we wanted a soft service to run on. The rec fields seemed like a decent option despite being recently irrigated and watered. Parts of the grass were sloppy but it felt nice to bs about Le Tour, doping, European track meets and the meaning of life. Well, maybe not that last part.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Putting in Work

Time: 93:09
Distance: 15 miles

Last night Kristi, Coleman, Scotty D, Skolnick, Spenis and a few others made a trip up to OKC to visit McNellie's Public House. The majority of us took advantage of the $3 burgers and sample a variety of beers. The most interesting was definitely the Leinenkugal Sunset Wheat which tasted a bit like Fruity Pebbles or Trix. It had a flowery sweet smell but not an overly sweet taste that is hard to describe. The only real description that could capture the flavor brought back memories of sugary cereals from our childhoods.

In the morning Scotty and I met up along Brooks St. and made our way to the corner of Pickard and Imhoff. I got in a warmup of 27:28 and a few strides before our workout. We wanted to do something a little different that invovled a bit of tempoing and a bit of faster, more 5k oriented work.

Target: 2.5 mile tempo, 2 x mile, 2.5 mile tempo
Splits: 5:25, 1:24, 5:32, 1:23 for 13:45 after 2.5 miles.
(1:01 rest)
5:01 for a mile north on Pickard
(1:02 rest)
5:00 for a mile south on Pickard
(1:06 rest)
5:34, 1:22, 5:21, 1:26 for 13:43 after 2.5 miles and 40:43 total (including rest)

I'm pleased with the outcome of this workout. Overall I felt relatively relaxed on the first mini-tempo running 5:30 pace. The purpose was to get the legs a bit tired before the 2 hard mile efforts. I was definitely pushing the first mile up Pickard and at times felt like I was going to trip over my own feet. My backstride was a little off but I managed to run close to 5:00 (originally I was hoping to run 5:05-5:10, and then run the second faster). Since the goal was to run the second mile faster I knew I was going to have to use the slight downhill to my advantage. I came through the first half as relaxed as possible in 2:36 and threw in a little surge to hit the line in 5:00. Afterwards I was pretty beat but still had to get through the last tempo. The goal for the second tempo was to run in a rhythm with tired legs. Scotty D hit the front after about 1200 meters and started grinding the pace. I was being towed along running south on Berry just hoping to make it to Imhoff still in contact. I was surprised to see that we ran the southern mile in 5:21 despite feeling like death. While neither of us felt great, we most certainly felt better than the possum that seemed to be near death. Read about it in Scotty's log.

Scotty and I jogged back slowly through campus and I headed home with a cooldown of 28:05.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Steady Garbage Loop

Time: 90:03
Distance: 14 miles

I had a rough time getting up this morning after meeting up with Kristi, Skolnick, Spenis, and Saker at The Mont. We had a good time before moving on to Joe's Taverna of which I had never been a patron. I was a big fan of the Coor's drafts that tasted like ammonia or some sort of dishwashing detergent. I actually asked the waitress for the "dishwasher special" and she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I met Scotty just west of campus along Brooks and we headed south on Pickard, Chautauqua and eventually crossed Hwy 9. My legs felt absolutely terrible more so from recording 48 miles in 3 days than anything. Smart move? Probably not. We were able to get the pace clipping along and departed ways around 80 mins. My final 10 minutes were an absolute death march which were not helped by the 90 "anal seconds" I tacked on to hit my goal time. Bruuuuuutaall.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 30:03
Distance: 4 miles

Gus and I went on a run after work from the store. I planned on doing my standard 4 mile loop that runs down Rock Creek and into Bob Stoop neighborhood. Unfortunately, someone decided it was time to activate the gates which kept me from entering along Rock Creek. I ran down to 48th and took a right in order to see whether the other entrance had been closed up. It had. But, someone had removed part of the metal fence that runs around the development which allowed me easy access to the neighborhood. I was already out 18 minutes and it was time to head back so I ventured over to the first gate but was unable to open it from the inside without the pedestrian code. I tried all sorts of creative combos 1111, 1111#, 1234 to no avail. I ended up having to climb over the fence instead. I was pleased at how my legs felt. My hip was much less stiff, but I could tell I was a bit sluggish.

GT Jogging

Time: 80:05
Distance: 12 miles

Ran in the morning with Scotty D. We didn't do anything special, but we did hit up the GT. My right hip continued to be really sore. It loosened up around 60 mins but until then it was a nuisance. The GT needs to be cut again (I think it was cut two weeks ago) as parts of it were becoming mushy. After running a few loops around the 1200m course we decided to head back. It was amazing at how hard the pavement felt after being on grass for 20 minutes. I think we need to get out there more often.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Long Run?!?!?!

Time: 122::21
Distance: 18 miles

Scotty and I decided to move the long run to this morning in hopes of saving the legs. We met up along Jenkins but then headed back through campus b/c I had to pick up my water in order to re-stash it. After giving some douche bag a thumbs up for honking at us along Chautauqua only to beat us to the light at the corner of Lindsey, we set out on our course. We ventured west along Lindsey before ducking into some of the neighborhoods just to the south and then crossed over I-35. Bob Moore's huge new eyesore of a dealership is coming along quite nicely which will make traffic all the more worrisome in the coming months.

I took my first Clif "shit" Shot vanilla flavor around 50 minutes as we ran into the new neighborhoods along 36th. I had never been in the housing edition between Main St. and Robinson St. just west of 36th. The homes are pretty legit. I would estimate listing prices of $800k which for Norman is basically a city block. As an aside check this biz out. Norman is clearly moving up in the world. I found this about San Fran interesting too. So after our little jaunt in the neighborhood that can't be named, we popped out along Robinson and ran back over I-35.

I wasn't feeling particularly good at this point and considered taking my second supplement around 75 mins. I decided to hold off and ended up having the snack around 90 minutes as we made our way across Main St. We ran back on the Dead Presidents loop before deviating to pick up our water on Chautauqua. By this point the pace had picked up to around 6:00 pace. A quick spin through campus and a right on Brooks headed me on my way towards home. I managed to keep the pace honest and attempted to pick it up envisioning the final few miles of the marathon. I think the final 10 minutes were run close to 5:45 pace which was honest but I finaly felt like I was in a rhythm.

Scotty and I are currently seated at Cafe Plaid enjoying our third Coach's happy hour beer. The first two were their IPAs which I'm not sure how is possible at 3.2% and the third was an Irish Red.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 622:06
Distance: 93 miles

Hmm... when I tallied my miles on Saturday I was pretty certain that I was going to have about 80 miles for the week. Somehow I managed to forget a pretty significant run and wound up with 93 miles. The legs are still feeling decent other than the stiffness in my right hip that continues to frustrate me. I didn't get in a focused long run, but the workout on Weds. was solid. There are 104 days until the Marine Corps Marathon.

Garbage Loop

Time: 91:42
Distance: 14 miles

I spent the morning drinking coffee at my apartment waiting to run and for the storm to pass. I put a few calls out to Scotty D who was up in T-town for the weekend and got a call back just as I was about to head out the door. I was afraid that he had already gone, but fortunately he slept in. We met up along Jenkings and headed across Hwy 9 to do some dumpster diving. Well... not really, but we did venture down to the banks of the river.

On the way back through campus I gradually started to pick up the pace. I probably ran the last 2-3 miles around 5:50 pace which felt good to turn the legs over a bit.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Solo Run

Time: 80:04
Distance: 12 miles

This was the first run I've done solo in Norman for quite some time. Training with Scotty D has been great especially on the hot and humid mornings. I set out around 7:10 am and ran through campus, hooked a right on Pickard and ventured up to the GT. Did a couple 1-lappers, an 800 loop and cut a shape. I was was fairly bored by this time, so on the way home I gradually started to pick up the pace back to the Lodge. By my best estimates, I ran my last 20 mins around 5:50 pace.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 30:03
Distance: 4 miles

This evening Gus and I went for a little jog in the Brookhaven neighborhood. I ran out on our standard course and headed down the hill, did one loop around the mansions, and came back. It was hot and humid, but the breeze out of the south helped. I didn't really need to run this evening but I'll take the time on my feet.

Norman Run

Time: 81:04
Distance: 12 miles

Went on a morning run with Scotty D before he took off to Tulsa for John Mulholland's 26th surprise b-day. We looped around Norman after meeting along Jenkins. At one point we were running along Barbour St. and it brought back memories of The Barbour Apartments at Brown. We had some good times there and it's a shame that the tradition is no longer continued. Barbour St. in Norman is unique in that it doesn't run strictly north/south or east/west. It has some curves (like the female only gym), a few bends (like Radiohead) and maybe a dogleg or two.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recovery Run

Time: 63:02
Distance: 9 miles

Went for an easy morning jog with Scotty D around the streets of Norman. We were just looking to recover the legs after yesterday's workout. I was content getting just over an hour on my feet before stopping. In the evening Gus and I had planned on going on a jog, but Len Chatwin, the New Balance rep, came by and didn't leave until 7:30 or so. No worries. I'll take the easy day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pickard Tempo Run

Time: 93:29
Distance: ~16 miles

Scotty and I scheduled a morning workout that was designed to mix things up. I suggested a tempo run with a little something on the track afterwards. After a 28:37 warmup ending at the corner of Pickard and Imhoff, we discussed whether or not to do a 5 or 6 mile tempo. I knew that we should end at the corner of Lindsey and Pickard, but didn't know which distance to do. It sprinkled on us a just briefly the last few minutes of the warmup and since the temperature was down we opted for 6 miles. The loop was twice around a 2.5 mile loop, plus the final mile up to Lindsey.

Target: 6 mile tempo @ ~5:30 pace. C/d to the track and run 800, 600, 400, 200.
Splits: 5:29, 1:21, 5:31, 1:24, 5:29, 1:24, 5:25, 1:23, 5:24 for 32:54 at 6 miles.

Jogged 11:09 to the OU track and slipped on the adizero Tempo flats.

Splits: 2:20, (2:13), 1:41, (2:07), 65.46, (63), 30.92 for 11:04 at 3,000 meters.

I felt fairly strong this morning and especially the last 1.25 miles. I tried to remain as relaxed as possible and let Scotty D lead for the first 2.5 miles or so. I took a vanilla Gu at the 2.5 mile mark to see what it would be like around race pace. At about the 3.25 mile mark I picked up the water I strategically placed on a fire hydrant and attempted to drink out of it which was pretty difficult. I'll definitely have to practice my techinique in the weeks to come.

I wore the Axiom 2's for the tempo run and thought they got the job done. However, they were squishing with sweat afterwards. I've never had this happen to me in the past with any other shoe and first noticed it when Scotty D and I were doing a tempo run and he was wearing a pair of Glycerins.

After the work on the track, Scotty and I jogged barefoot on the infield for 7 minutes. There was a quick break to clean up the feet and then I headed home getting in 20:54 total

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 30:37
Distance: 4 miles

After work Gus and I headed out the door for a jog. He was going an easy 3 miles at ~9 minute pace and I was going to run down to Bob Stoops/Jeff Cummin's neighborhood. I jogged out on Brookhaven Blvd., headed down the hill, did one loop around the handfull of Norman's million dollar homes and headed back to the store. Legs felt fine. Hip was decent. I tested out the Brook's Axiom for the first time. I like it's weight, has support where I need it, but I question the transition and cushioning. I definitely like a responsive shoe, but the forefoot felt a touch thin.

Norman Fun Run

Time: 76:21
Distance: 11 miles

After a big meal at On the Border last night I woke up feeling rather full. However, not nearly as full as Oscar would be if he completed his hot dog challenge which he claimed last night he could eat 30 Nathan's sized dogs in 15 minutes. The conversation quickly turned to a potential competition that could be held annually to coincide with the Brookhaven Run. Would it be possible to eat 30 dogs in less time it took the top runner to complete the 5k course? Great question, no? Each year depending on the runner's ability the hot dogger would have more/less time to eat 30 dogs.

Scotty and I met up along Brooks St. just west of campus and had a plan to pick up the pace as the run went on. I was hoping to get in a more uptempo run that would be close to 6:00 pace. We tossed around the idea of running on a known loop but opted not to with the thinking that the run would get a little out of hand by trying to run each mile a little faster. As we ran east along Robinson the pace was clipping along and continued as we ran along the train tracks back towards campus. Once we parted ways around Trout and Brooks I picked up the pace just a touch and finished back at the Lodge feeling relaxed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Norman Loop

Time: 75:43
Distance: 11 miles

Met up with Scotty D along Jenkins and we proceeded to run around Norman. We were both a bit sluggish from the long run yesterday, but eventually the pace got moving quicker than 7:10s or so. My hip felt decent this morning but continues to be a little stiff. I think we are going to run a workout on Weds. this week instead of our normal Tuesday routine.

The goal for this week is do some of the distance runs a touch quicker, loosen up the hip and have a couple solid workouts.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 657:54
Distance: 94

Solid week of training. Even though I had wanted to keep my miles between 80 and 90 for the month of July I'll take it. The legs are feeling relatively good. My right hip is still a little stiff, but it loosens up with stretching and some self massage. I've taken some Vitamin I a little irregularly and that seems to help too. The race this week was a bit much at this point in the training. I'm glad I got out there but I definitely am not that sharp to be running close to 5:00 minute pace. The ultimate goal is to run a fast marathon, but I would still like to be able to run close to, if not under, 15:00 for 5k.

Long Run

Time: 120:08
Distance: 17-18 miles

Scotty D and I got out the door later than usual and we thought it was going to bite us in the ass. We were pretty certain that the run was going to turn into a death march the last 5 miles. The pace started off relaxed as we ran north on 24th. We appreciated the breeze out of the south as we turned onto Tecumseh and ran out towards Oscar's house. Last night at the Red Hawk's game where the Thompson family went to watch Birdzerk (careful on the click... might want to turn your sound down or off) perform I asked Oscar to put out some water. He told me that there were Gatorades in his fridge that we could help ourselves to. We reached his house around 40 mins and the cold beverage was key. Shortly thereafter I took my first Clif Shot--vanilla varietal--while running. I can understand why people complain about the taste and texture, but it didn't upset my stomach.

When we made the turn onto 72nd, the hill seemed much longer and steeper than I had remembered it being. I'm definitely not as fit as I was when I ran this loop sometime in March with Owen. The time before I ran the loop with Owen I really hammered it. The pace was probably around 6:30 to 6:40 while we were out along 72nd and remained the same once we turned onto Lindsey to head back into town. I split the two miles from 60th to 36th along Lindsey which were 6:19 and 6:20. Shortly thereafter we stopped to get some water at a horse stable before running the last 15 minutes back to the Lodge looping through the frisbee golf park.

Good run today. I'm glad Scotty and I committed to doing it. The hills were a bit rough but overall this is what I think I needed. The legs didn't feel too bad. I had a little stiffness in my right hip and my calves were a little sore when I woke up. I didn't feel great the last 30 minutes, but I definitely didn't crash. I took a Gu (chocolate) at about 85 to 90 minutes, not because I needed it but I was getting sick of carrying it in my back pocket.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Time: 90:30
Distance: 14 miles

Ran with Scotty D this morning. Met him along Jenkins and we headed out past the golf course and across Hwy 9. We considered running around the Eagle Cliff developments but soon we found ourselves out on Cedar Lane running across Hwy 77. We turned on 48th instead of 60th to make the run a touch shorter. My legs were a little beat up from yesterday but I felt decent about 60 mins in.

Last night Scotty and I watched the Trials last night from O'Connell's. Abdi looked great pushing the pace in the 10k and was rewarded with the win. He was followed by Golden Boy Galen Rupp and Ed Torres. The women's 5k was just as exciting with Kara Goucher taking the win and Jen Rhines shuffled her way to a second place finish. Hayward Field, again, looked electric as the crowds really appreciated the distance performances.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Chandler Cow Bell Run

Time: 52:55
Distance: ~8 miles
Race: 16:00

Sign at base of the pathway near the race start.

This morning Scotty D and I drove out to Chandler, OK for the Cow Bell Run. The race was offering $100 to the winner which enticed us into going. After waking up around 5:00 am and leaving around 5:45 am, we rolled into town around 6:45 to register for the race. Both of us didn't get much of a warmup (7:30 mins), but there were only 34 athletes that toed the line this morning. We weren't too worried about it.

I decided to take the race out hard in hopes of catchy Scotty off guard. Didn't work out too well for me. I wasn't wearing a watch but I clipped through the 2k mark feeling decent. At the turn around Scotty caught up and took off around the 3k mark. I didn't have much of a response. I'm not racing as agressively as I know I can/have in the past. I know my fitness is still developing at this stage. Scotty ran well to finish in 15:36 and I packed it in with a 16:00.

Sign pointing to the steps

On our cooldown of 29:25 we got to explore downtown Chandler. It was a two stoplight town with your typical Main St. stores... a movie theater, a couple restaurants, and a bakery. Of course there was also an unneccesary furniture store, electronic store, and appliance store taking up prime locations. After the awards presentation and handing out some OK Runner socks along with Brookhaven Run entry forms, we ran up the famed steps of Chandler. People were really appreciative of the socks and hopefully the store will benefit.

The steps and the old MG that was at the top. Possibly Pre's?

On the drive home we opted for Route 66. What is more patriotic than driving along Route 66 on the Fourth of July? We planned for at a stop at Pops which is big on specialty soda. After enjoying a fried egg sandwich and a milkshake we headed back to Norman.

Coke bottle outside of Pops and the menu cover.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Time: 15:23
Distance: 2 miles

After work I ran over to the park along Brookhaven Blvd. and did a few drills. I just wanted to loosen up a bit while Gus was running. Legs are feeling a bit sluggish after getting in some decent early week miles.
Time: 72:57
Distance: 10 miles

Ran this morning with Scotty around Norman. Not too certain where we went. Doesn't really matter. Put an easy 70+ minutes on my feet. We are planning on racing tomorrow in either Ada or Chandler. The Ada Fireball Classic would be a 10k offering $100 for a new course record and the Chandler Cow Bell Run is a 5k offering $100 to the winner.

World's Fastest Man

Time: 74:06
Distance: 10+ miles

I had a dream last night that I broke the world record in the 100m dash in the semis of the Big 12 Outdoor Championships. The race was held inside on a track that was surrounded by huge windows. I got out of the blocks well and crossed the line in a blazing 9.61. In the finals I ran out of lane 7 (not sure why) against an athlete from LSU (also not sure why b/c LSU is not in the Big 12). We were well clear of the field but with 20 meters to go I glanced left and he was still there. Both of us leaned at the tape and raised our arms in victory. He continued around the track as if he had won, so I just assumed that I placed second. After some confusion and delays the scoreboard starting to slowly show the finishing order. He was listed in first with a time of 9.63, but then my name came up also listed in first with the same time. It was deemed a tie and then I woke up. Pretty sweet way to start the day.

Scotty and I ran around Norman but didn't go on any particular route. We kinda did Dead Presidents in reverse. Hip felt decent.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 39:36
Distance: 5 miles

Went on a slow run after work with Scotty D and Andrew Call (Skolnick) from the front of OK Runner to Tecumseh and back. We bs'd about Starbucks (Skolnick's employer), the Trials and other random stuff which I can't now remember. When we got back I immediately had a customer to help who I told we could make an exception. He was some military dude that needed shoes for PT. Since we were going out on a run when he called I said that if he could be at the store upon our return I would sell him some shoes. He got hooked up with a pair of 1130s for all of you who don't care.

Gus also gave the three of us a treat of a drink. Actually, he tricked us into drinking a Bud Light Chelada which is a mix of Bud Light and Clamato (clam and tomato) juice. Gus couldn't finish his drink a couple nights ago at Jazz in June and neither could Skolnick this evening. Scotty thought it was decent, but he could have used some chips. I thought it was alright, but I probably couldn't drink a second one... partly because of the taste, and partly because it was a tall boy of a beer that was marginally delicious. However, of the four of us I liked it the best. Mostly because I'm Mexican and pre-disposed to liking it.

Two x 3 Mile Tempo

Time: 81:41
Distance: ~12 miles

Woke up and headed out the door to meet Scotty D for a little workout. We met around Jenkins and Timberdell after a 23:19 warmup. My legs were a little sluggish out the door but I was hoping that I would feel decent over the course of the tempo.

Scotty and I decided to use a variation of the 4 mile loop used a couple weeks ago. Once we got to the corner of Chautauqua and Timberdell we would jog up to Jenkins before starting the second effort.

Target: 2 x 3 mile tempo. Start at a decent clip and run the second one faster.
Loop #1: 6:50 (1.25 miles), 5:25 (1 mile), 4:02 (final .75 mile) for 16:18 at 3 miles
Jogged 800m in 3:33
Loop #2: 6:26 (1.25 miles), 5:11 (1 mile), 3:52 (final .75 mile) for 15:40 at 3 miles
Jogged 800m in 4:02.
Total of 7 miles in 39:24

I felt good on the first loop as it was nice and relaxed. On the second loop I took the pace out a touch quick. I was hoping to run around 5:20 pace, but after a 5:08 opening mile it was on. Scotty went to the front and continued to squeeze as I was hanging on a couple meters behind. Once I got to the corner of Lindsey and Chautauqua I was fine the last 800m. I didn't feel great on the second effort but it is a step in the right direction for both of us.

C/d 18:58 back to the Lodge. It wasn't as much of a cooldown as I would have liked but I was meeting Gustavo a bit earlier to head into the store.