Sunday, September 30, 2007


Time: 80:51
Distance: 12 miles

Ran from the Lodge in towards campus and out Jenkins. There was a decently stiff breeze out of the south that made running to Cedar Lane a struggle. Hooked a left east and ran on Cedar Lane for a couple miles until 48th. Starting taking my splits to see how I was running at the end of a high mileage week.
How does this sound: (1) 5:55.74, (2) 5:52.94, (3) 5:43.17, (4) 5:57.39, (5) 5:54.39. Those splits were from (1) 36th to 48th on Cedar Lane, (2) 48th to Hwy 9, (3) Hwy 9 to Lindsey, (4) Lindsey to 36th, (5) Lindsey to 24th. Felt pretty good. Would have been nice to have a partner to run with but the pace was solid.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 46:29
Distance: 7 miles

Came home from Dallas, dropped off the rental car and took a nap. Did a little reading on sponsorship and then laced up the shoes again. Went out on the abbreviated Lloyd Noble Loop. Just wanted to shake the legs out. I was feeling pretty good considering the race and 3 hour drive. For the last week my stride was been pretty fluid. I can tell that my knee lift is better than what it was in the spring. Good things to come.

State Fair 5k Run

Time: 65:13
Distance: ~10 miles

Showed up to the Texas State Fair grounds around 7:45 and found out I would have to pay $10 to park. I went back on the street and opted for a lot guarded by a man sitting in his Cadillac eating McDonald's. He looked like a trustworthy fellow, so I threw him 5 bucks and headed over the race. Learned that we would have to take a tram to the starting line which was near a park outside of the fairgrounds. This means I could have save my five dollar menu chicken sandwiches and parked on the street. I was a little pissed at this point.

W/u 18:38 on the streets surrounding the park. Oh, it wasn't really a park but more of a grass patch. I was lucky enough to find Malcolm X Blvd. that was about in the same condition as most MLK Blvd. There was a store called Tycoon Threads on one of the streets I happened to run on.

Tom wanted me pressing pretty hard throughout the race and I took him literally. I lined up and was out quickly. A decent runner from the Dallas area followed a couple steps behind me through the mile in 4:36.07. He must have been shocked at the split b/c he immediately backed off to take second. I ran the second mile in 4:49.9 and finished up with a 4:58.03. I wasn't able to lift as well as I would have like the last 800 meters which is why I slowed. Ended up crossing the finish line in 14:55 and winning a couple plane tickets on SouthWorst. Results can be found here.

C/d 31:40 with the guy who took third. He went to BYU for a couple years and was Josh McAdams former roommate. He was in town for his buddy's bachelor party. He also said he used to be coached by Jason Lunn.


Time: 14:38
Distance: 2 miles

I drove down to Flower Mound, TX last night to stay with J.B. Lagos and the Casaly's. I got in around 9:30, grabbed some food and watched some sportscenter. Woke up in the morning and went for little jog to loosen up before driving in to Dallas. Legs felt really good on the shakeout which is unusual.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Morning Run

Time: 77:15
Distance: 11 miles

Met Scotty D. at the corner of Jenkins and Lindsey. We went on a little jaunt around the surrounding neighborhoods. Pace was very casual which was nice. I felt steady and smooth for most of the run. Had a good time last night at O'Connell's for Jason's birthday. I'll be looking to go sub 15 tomorrow down in Dallas.

Double Run

Time: 40:45
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to the Lodge after a day of work. It was another pretty good day for a run with a slight breeze out of the east. Legs were a little sluggish but working. Got to class a little late b/c of the damn bus.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Westheimer Workout

Time: 84:38
Distance: 12-13 miles

W/up 26:59 from the Lodge out to the GT. Stopped to stretch just lightly at the pillar just off Robinson St. Tom advised me to get in something like 5 x 2 mins on/2 mins off.
I did just that starting near the pillar and heading north towards the YMCA and then hooked a left to head west. Got in 4 intervals on the roads around the GT before heading out Robinson. On the rest after the 4th interval I went to scratch my ear and my earring popped out. I had to stop and look for it, but couldn't find it. I continued on to finish the last interval in anger with the wind at my back. I was running pretty hard given the extra rest, being pissed off and being wind aided. Luckily, I found the earring on my way back past the spot where it popped off. Total run time of the workout ended up being 29:17 (on/off, plus a bit of a short c/d back to the pillar).
C/d 28:22 back to the Lodge on the route that runs past Norman HS.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:27
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to Campus Lodge. It was a beautiful day out to run. A slight breeze was blowing out of the east which was the direction I was heading. I was still feeling a little sluggish, but I had on a new pair of Supernova Control 10s. Quickly showered, changed and hopped on the bus to get to class.

For dinner, I'm pretty sure I ate a vending machine size bag of pretzels, chex mix, a frozen yogurt from Braum's on the walk home from class, and a Nestle cookie once I got home. I still probably lost weight.

OU Golf Course

Time: 65:06
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge to campus on Brooks. Had a little boy point and say, "ooh belly and nipple." I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to the ring but I gave him the glare of death mostly b/c his father was right there. Continued up to Jenkins and on to the OU golf course. Made a pretty simple loop of it before exiting and heading on to Constitution, over Hwy 77 and on toward the Hitachi campus on Imhoff. Tried to find this grass loop that everyone talks about, but I only came across an open field. Not the worst, but certainly not the best. Headed back 24th until Irving Middle School where I ran a partial loop of the XC course. Ended back at the Lodge making a loop around the pool for extra time. Legs felt about as rotten as they should after yesterday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Double Run

Time: 46:13
Distance: 7 miles

Ran short Lloyd Noble from home after work. Not really sure why I needed to run again but it sometimes feels good to shake things out after working all day. Legs didn't feel great but that was to be expected. Also, I ran with a lame looking head lamp so I could see my footing along Jenkins and Chautaqua. Cars will also be able to see me now that it starts getting dark around 7:30.

GT Workout

Time: 94:25
Distance: ~13-14 miles

Woke up early to attack a workout on the GT. Started my w/u at a very casual pace. It was still dark out when I left the Lodge. Slowly made my way over to the track in 27:44. Stretched very lightly and maybe ran a stride.

Tom set up this workout to be 2 x (8 x 400 on/200 off). The pace on the rest was "the faster, the better." I would get a "1 lapper" for recovery which is once around the GT (1200m). Tom said this workout is designed to "learn how to run and press ourselves like Steve Jones or John Doherty." I was just excited that I was going to "cut some shapes."

Target: 2 sets of (8 x 400 in 72/200 off) with the second set faster.

Ended up hitting splits of:
Set 1: 72.13, (55.76), 72.93, (57.26), 71.14, (57.29), 71.38, (55.75), 72.06, (54.08), 71.43, (56.19), 71.43, (55.06) 71.43
Jogged a mile in 7:00.82. Went a full lap around the 1200m and then started the second set on the opposite side, so I would finish the last 100m the wind at my back on the last interval.
Set 2: 71.00, (51.75), 72.33, (52.48), 71.56, (53.56), 72.26, (53.56), 72.25, (52.89), 70.48, (55.39), 70.61, (53.38), 66.81
Total: 38:46

C/d 27:55. Felt great the whole workout. I was a little unsure of how things were going to go. I didn't feel too sharp warming up but once I got going clicking off 72s was pretty comfortable. I settled in nicely to the pace, but wasn't sure how long the powerful step was going to last. I was a little uncertain about the second set as the wind was picking up on the west side of the 400m loop. Felt good to finish fast.

Double Run

Time: 46:37
Distance: 7 miles

Ran short Lloyd Noble from home. Headed out after work from the Lodge. In towards campus on Brooks St., left on Jenkins, right on Imhoff, right on Chautaqua back past the law school. Felt decent. It was dark by the time I was 30 minutes into the run. Legs felt good, just hope they do in the morning for a big workout on the GT.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sutton Woods

Time: 66:38
Distance: 10 miles

Headed out from the Campus Lodge and headed towards Sutton Woods. Got there feeling pretty good. Ran a couple loops of the trail that runs around the pond. Lap splits were 9:46 and 9:24. Pretty average pace. Headed back after the two loops to finish up back home. Knee felt good this morning. Took a couple aspirin last night before going to bed and maybe it helped.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week in Review

Time: 697:47
Distance: 104 miles

Good week of training. Got in a decent tempo run and a race that earned some money. Body is doing well. Will have to work on getting completely rid of this little knee niggle that I have. It felt good on the long run and is good once I warm up. Next week will be key to preparing for Japan.


Time: 135:35
Distance: 20 miles

Ran with Scotty D. on the run that is affectionately known as "Bobcat." Not sure why it has this name but that's what it is called. We met up around 7:30 running from our respective houses to the corner of Jenkins and Lindsey. Did this loop (starting at the corning where I met up with Scotty D.) I felt pretty good throughout the run. Didn't really feel the effects of the trip or the race.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Double Run

Time: 41:45
Distance: 6 miles

Set out to run 5 miles after work but it turned into a longer run. I came home from OK Runner and put the shoes on (Zoom Elite 3s) and headed out the door. I had heard the Scott Hollingsworth was having some people over and were potentially grilling so I set that as my destination. I was feeling a little roughed up after a race, a 3 hour drive and work. Though I thought I would feel worse. Headed toward campus on Brooks St, ran straight through campus to Pickard, turned north until Symmes and hooked a left. Hung out at Holly's house for 5 minutes or so and chatted with the roommates before heading back. Went back on Boyd St., to Brooks St. and back to the Lodge.

Addison Oktoberfest 5k

Total Time: ~49:52
Total Distance: 7-8 miles
Race Time: 15:30
Distance: 5k

Scotty D., J.B. Lagos and I made our way to the race but not without getting lost. We showed up at 8:00 am, were registered by 8:05 and I was in my kit and flats by 8:10. Needless to say, I didn't get much of a warm up. I might have run 5 minutes beforehand, threw in a couple strides along the home stretch, and got the hair wet before the gun went off. I was sizing up the competition when two minutes before the start a Kip walks out from the crowd of people.

The race started and I followed the Kenyan by a few strides. We were out hard for the first 400-600 meters before settling in. By 800 meters a few other guys joined us at the front. It was the Kenyan, a shirtless high-schooler, a shirtless bald guy and a runner from Luke's Locker and me. I couldn't see the shadow of Scotty D. for the first mile which had me a little worried. We came through in 4:48 and the shirtless high-schooler looked over and said, "that was dumb." He was out the back 400m later. Not too long after the mile when we were going down the bridge/overpass, Scotty D's profile came up out of nowhere. He was back in the mix and hit the front. I was feeling good and by the time we hit the turn around it was down to the Kenyan, Scotty D. and myself. I took control of the race by 2 miles and continued to press but didn't make any hard move. I was up front as we headed up the bridge/overpass and was closely followed by the Kenyan and Scotty D. I knew the Kip was going to make a move to win the race at some point and he charged coming off the hill but I quickly covered and 400m later I was back in the front. I wasn't going to make a true move until the final straightaway but with 600-800m to go I saw that his shadow was falling further behind so I continued to press. Once I hit the final straight I hit it hard for 30 meters making sure he knew I wasn't going to be caught and the prize money was mine. Results can be found here.

Cooled down with Scotty D. 29:22.


Time: 14:53
Distance: 2 miles

Ran from the Casaly's house which is the family J.B. Lagos is staying at while he's back in Flower Mound. Drove down last night with Scotty D. and we got in around 11 pm. In the morning I woke up around 6:10 am and went on a little shakeout in the dark street lamp"less" neighborhood. It was hard to see but I managed to not get lost. Legs are feeling good today.

Friday, September 21, 2007

OU Golf Course

Time: 66:33
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from home through campus and out to the OU Golf Course. Ran for about 10 minutes on the grass. There were quite a few workers out doing stuff to the greens so I kept my time short. Ran back through campus and towards home. Added on a bit by turning by the elementary school and running up to Alameida and back Vicksburg past Irving Middle School. Legs felt good. Knee felt a bit better. Need to find a ride to Dallas for a race.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:27
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to Campus Lodge along Robinson St. Same run as yesterday. I can get to class earlier when I leave work at 4:30, run home, shower change and take the bus than if I leave work at 5:15 and take the Main St. bus. Legs felt ok. Left knee is still a little tender near the knee cap. I think it's just a little tendonitis that I need to take care of with a little ibuprofen. Overall, a decent day of running. I'll take it.

Lloyd Noble Alternate

Time: 60:43
Distance: 9 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge through campus on Brooks. Turned left at Pickard and ran south to Imhoff. Turned right on Chautaqua until just before Hwy 9. Ran back on the dirt path, to Jenkins back Brooks. I was feeling pretty good as were the legs and had come back way too fast. I had to add on through the frisbee golf park and make one loop around the pool back in the Lodge.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:17
Distance: 6-7 miles

Ran from OK Runner to Campus Lodge along Robinson St. Turned after the GT and ran through campus back along Brooks St. It was a decent run. Nothing special. I was leaving work a little early in hopes of getting a shower and changed in order to go to class on time. I made it with plenty of time to spare. It's a bit different being in class not being the smelly kid.

Tempo Run

Time: 60:10
Distance: 10 miles

W/u 14:14. Woke up to hear it was raining and I knew that tempoing on the GT was not an option. Instead I opted to hit the roads of Lindsey. Tom and I had chatted about doing a controlled 5 mile progression on the GT starting at 5:40 and working down to 5:15 for the last 2 miles. I kept this in mind and hit splits of:
5:39.10, 5:31.90, 5:29.20, 5:10.24, 5:11.49 = 27:01.93

C/d 18:55. Felt good. The roads had more traffic on them than I would have liked. Started at 36th and Lindsey, headed east to 48th, turned left, ran two miles north to Robinson and turned left, ran a mile up to 36th and turned left again. Just made a big loop of it (didn't actually run the whole loop, was 1 mile short). Felt decent the first mile, good the second, ok the third, really good the fourth and hurt the fifth. Overall, it was a good workout and I got in some solid base work out on the roads alone. Hopefully I'll be prepared for a potential solo run in Japan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Double Run/Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 52:27
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran from the Lodge after work. Went on the classic loop. I had wanted to stop by the outdoor track and run some barefoot strides on my way home, but the track was way too dark to do so. I ran home instead and will hope to do some strides tomorrow after a GT workout.

Sutton Woods

Time: 60:03
Distance: 9 miles

Started out in the morning and ran along Brooks St., turned right on Oklahoma Ave. and out to Sutton Woods. There was a nice breeze at my back on the way out and I got to Griffin Park quicker than normal. Ran a loop around the lake/pond before heading back. Was shooting to get in 60 minutes, so I ended up adding on in the parking lot of Campus Lodge. Legs are still feeling fine. There is a little pain in my left knee near my knee-cap but it isn't anything I'm concerned about.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Easy Run

Time: 75:02
Distance: 11 miles

Ran after I got home from the airport. Put the shoes on and went from the Lodge to towards campus, out to the golf course. Ran on the OU golf course for a lap. Pace was gentle and was concentrating on not twisting an ankle. Actually felt pretty good considering the race and the travel this morning/afternoon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

CVS Downtown 5k

Time: 53:33
Distance: ~9 miles

Walked down from College Hill a couple hours before race time. I was able to get my race packet and t-shirt with plenty of time to spare. Chatted with Berg just briefly after picking everything up. Spoke to Tom and the D'mouth crew. Met up with Tarpy out by the Capitol and hung out near the elite athlete tent. He and I warmed up on the course for 19:08. Saw a bunch of guys getting prepared (Jonathon Riley, Bolota Asmeron, Nick Willis, Boaz, Aaron Aguayo, Josh Moen, Max King, etc.). Got back to the tent and slipped my Team OK Runner jersey on. I couldn't find my chip for a few minutes but luckily I spotted it in the grass.

Lined up with some of the other Ivy League guys. I didn't want to go out too hard the first 400m down the hill. I got off the line well and wasn't flying down the hill out of control. I think I may have been behind some of the women through 300m. I quickly passed them and made my way up alongside and past Ian Marcus, John Traugott, Alisdair Foreman and finally Andy Pitts. Through the mile I was 4:40 and feeling good. I kept working my way up to the next group as smoothly as possible. I worked on catching a group of 4-5 guys from 1.25 miles to 2 miles and once I did, I was past them in a few strides. I wished there was someone I could have latched on to but I think I went out too slow. I was through 2 miles in 9:22 and still feeling relaxed. I was a little out in the open and trying to focus on the back of the guy(s) in front of me. I finished decently strong up the hill and was close to 14:08 at 3 miles and finished in 14:44. Results here. As you can see, Tarpy ran out of his mind. Much respect to my former teammate from Brown University.

Cooled down up to the field hockey game with Neil Hamel and Tarpy. Had to get back down to the meeting for the Ivy Leaguers and then walk back up the hill with Mike Piche for the end of the game. Total 19:41


Time: 13
Distance: 2 miles

Ran from Sandhya's on the morning shakeout loop I used to run in college. It was nice getting to jog across the main green early in the morning. The streets were quiet and my legs were feeling good. Ran past Barnes St. to see if there was any action at the XC House but every indication told me they were still asleep. Stretched out a little bit when I got back to Sandhya's.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boulevard Five

Time: 34:26
Distance: 5 miles

Started out at Sandhya's house and ran up Brooks St. to Lloyd, down to the Blvd., ran to the end before turning back. Just loosened things up before the meeting with the Ivy League guys and Jack Fultz down at the Marriott. Had a nice breeze at my back on the way home. Legs are feeling like they can run fast tomorrow. Seeing Tom, Brian and meeting some of their D'mouth buddies is going to be sweet.

Morning Shakeout

Time: 16:50
Distance: 2+ miles

Ran from home, past Irving Middle School, over Alameida and back. I was just looking to get things moving before traveling out to Providence for the CVS Downtown 5k. It was nice running on a morning that was cool an dark, but it was rough getting out the door at 5:55 am.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tune-up Workout

Time: 60:55
Distance: 8-9 Miles

Started at Campus Lodge and ran into campus, dropped my back and shoes off at the track. Continued on out on the Lloyd Noble loop just to get warm. Finished at the track around 42:00 minutes. Stretched just briefly, ran a couple strides and did the 30/45 drill. Hit splits of:
(45.70), 29.46, (46.56), 29.70, (46.42), 29.95, (46.25), 28.56 = 5:02.60

Ran back to the Lodge in 13:53. Felt good doing this workout. It has become much easier after the first time with Mark Carroll and Max Smith a few weeks ago. I think I will certainly keep it in the rotation.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lloyd Noble

Time: 51:31
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran the classic loop again. Pace was easy. Have class tonight after work and will enjoy the start of my taper for this weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Time: 1:20:00
Distance: 12 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge out to the GT. Didn't get the exact time b/c the notorious Timex watch f'd up again. It was roughly 27 minutes. Tom wanted me to run 5 x 2 min hard, 2 min easy. I did just that on the road that goes around the GT. The goal was to get used to running hard on the roads and go by feel. I think intervals 3-4 were pretty hard as I might have been hitting 65-68 pace. Cooled down back to the Lodge in 29:18 along the route that runs past Norman High School.

Lloyd Noble

Time: 51:56
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge on the classic loop out past Lloyd Noble around and back home on Brooks. Pace wasn't fast. Just tried to hit a rhythm the last half.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Double Run

Time: 62:02
Distance: 9 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge towards campus (I think), maybe out to the GT and back. I forget a little b/c I am posting a week late. Run was easy and went fine. Just put in miles. Time on the legs.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 50:05
Distance: 7+ miles

Worked all day and then went for a run afterwards. Ran from OK Runner on the traditional evening loop. Did it twice before adding on in the streets by the bus stop. Felt pretty damn good as I hit the store in 43:45. It was nice running with at your back and a struggle going into it. I guess the winds have returned to Norman. It was also several degrees cooler tonight than it has been.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 50:13
Distance: 7+ miles

Ran from Campus Lodge to Brooks St., through campus, turned left on Pickard, to Imhoff, left on Jenkins, back Brooks. Not a bad loop for a morning run. Went outside to find it raining and the streets to be flooded. My socks were wet within minutes, but at least the shoes are clean. A couple times I got douched by a car but it didn't matter b/c I was already soaked. Too bad, dick.

Week in Review

Time: 746:22
Distance: 110-112 miles

Very solid week of training. Wasn't planning on running so much but a couple days I ended up doubling out of necessity. The first workout of the week went really well while the second and third were just decent. I'll be ready to back off next week and bang out a nice 5k in Providence.

Double Run

Time: 47:11
Distance: 6-7 miles

Ran with Logan from Campus Lodge, down Brooks St., through campus. Turned right at Elm, right at Boyd and headed back. The pace was rather slow as LoJones is horribly out of shape. It was nice having someone to run with and it forced me to go slow. I dropped him off around the 32 minute mark before adding on to get in a couple extra miles. Pace picked up a little.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Track Workout

Time: 61:15
Distance: 9 miles

Drove to the track on a cloudy morning. Tom allowed me to postpone this workout until today. I actually questioned doing it today b/c the storm front that came in yesterday brought something with it that is driving my allergies crazy. I was sneezing all day at work and my eyes were itchy. W/u 23:36. Did some strides and drills to loosen up.

Target: 5 x 1k, starting at 2:55 and dropping w/ 2:30 rest
Actual: 3 x 1k, 4 x 400, 2 x 200

Hit splits of:
3 x 1k - 2:55.61 (2:30), 2:55.31 (2:30), 2:56.00 (2:31)
4 x 400 - 67.13 (1:30), 65.69 (1:30), 64.45 (1:29), 63.49 (:37)
2 x 200 - 30.57 (:34), 30.05

Had to change it up a bit b/c when the sun came out the humidity increased significantly. I was feeling comfortable through 600m but the wind was hard to predict. It wasn't the greatest of workouts or what I was hoping to do. I felt much smoother running the 400s, much more in control of my stride. C/d 23:37.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Medium Long Run

Time: 86:41
Distance: 12-13 miles

Met Jack Tracy at the Duck Pond the morning of game day. OU was taking on Miami at 11 am and people were already paying for parking near the train tracks. We started down Jenkins, to Imhoff, up Chatauqua and over to Pickard. Ran all the way up to Main St. before hanging a right and getting to Robinson, took a right on Brooks and added on a bit to get our time. Jack has cut back his miles significantly but he was still up for a 10 miler. I was able to get a bit extra by running to and from our meeting point. I was suppose to do a workout this morning but it has been postponed until tomorrow.

Friday, September 7, 2007

OK Runner to Campus Lodge

Time: 41:31
Distance: 6-7 miles

Ran after work from OK Runner to my apartment. Had a meeting with a couple about potential supplements I could that that would maximize recovery time. Not sure at this point b/c they are rather expensive. Took it nice and easy as the streets were dark and I was feeling sluggish. The 7:15pm coffee definitely helped.

East Lindsey

Time: 71:26
Distance: 11 miles

Woke up and got out the door early. Headed out E. Lindsey to get on some hills. Just wanted to gradually warm up and let the legs and terrain dictate the pace. Wasn't looking to push the pace at any point. I think I roughly hit splits of 14:25 (36th St.), 21:00 (48th St.), 27:33 (60th St.), 33:52 (72nd St.). When I was heading down the hill past 72nd, I spotted a dog with its tongue hanging out. When I turned around it started to follow and I just figured it would stop when we came across its driveway. By the time I hit 72nd again he was committed to continuing on. I hit splits of: 6:17, 6:18, 6:20 for the next three miles. The dog was right there the whole time. It almost made it to 24th but it tired and I threw in a surge so I wouldn't have to find it a home, call the pound, or kick it to the curb. Hit my last two miles in 5:59 and 5:36. It was a shame to leave it so far from home, but I'm sure it's fine b/c it was incredibly aware of passing vehicles. Every time a car came up from behind, it would slow down and make sure to get over to the shoulder of the road.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

OK Runner to Campus

Time: 40:01
Distance: 6 miles

Got off work and ran from OK Runner to campus. Ran down 36th, took the bend in the road, turned north on 24th and east on Brooks. Headed straight into campus, ran a lap of the track before finishing in front of the Gaylord building. I had stashed my books and a change of clothes in the bathroom before catching the bus in the morning. Cleaned up and went to class.

GT Workout

Time: 86:24
Distance: 13 miles

Ran from the Lodge out to the grass track (GT) at a very slow pace. W/u 28:38. Didn't want to step out the door this morning and get on that grass. It rained last night and the air was thick. Loosened up a bit by the time I got to the GT. Ran two strides. Considering the rain and the grass being a touch thicker I decided to slow down the workout a touch from Tom's wishes.

Target: 4 miles @ 5:10 pace.
Adjusted: 4 miles @ 5:15 pace.

Hit splits of: 5:15.38, 5:19.72, 5:19.87, 5:13.72 = 21:08.69

Wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The wind was blowing out of the south. Excuses, excuses. Hit the first split fine but after that I just couldn't dial in the pace. I was using the 1200m loop + 400m loop. On the last one I used the first 400m b/c the wind was at my back and I was able to turn in a 73 last split.

C/d with Scott Hollingsworth and Smittyburg back towards their houses before I continued on to Brooks, through campus and home.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OK Runner to Campus

Time: 40:53
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from work to class with a backpack on. I had a bit of reading to do while at work, so I had to run back with my APA book in tow. Possibly the most uncomfortable way to run a double after work. Didn't feel great until I shed the bag once I hit the track to add on a mile. Quickly changed and went to class as the "smelly kid."

Sutton Woods

Time: 60:01
Distance: 9 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge to Sutton Woods. Did one loop of the trail before heading back. My route to the woods took me on Oklahoma St. where this occurred yesterday afternoon. There was a police officer in front of the house when I ran past on the way out and the forensic unit was there when I looped home. The legs felt pretty good. I think the pace of my runs have been a bit quicker since racing on Saturday. Fitness seems to be coming around.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 50:58
Distance: 7+ miles

After work I ran from OK Runner through the Brookhaven neighborhood, across Rock Creek and back twice. Did the traditional loop that the Monday/Wednesday group does (just did it twice). Got back to the store in 44:53 which I think is a bit quicker than I've done it before. Ran across 36th and into the other neighborhood, past the bus stop and back to the store from Robinson. Had the chance to add on since I had started closer to 6:30 and Gus was running the Brookhaven course. Felt decent considering the workout this morning. At times my breathing was a touch past comfortable. Good overall double run.

Track Workout

Time: ~59:19
Distance: ~9 miles

Woke up early to hit the track while the wind was a non-factor. Tom texted me with the workout: 4 x 300 (hard), 200 (easy), 300 (hard) with 4 minutes rest between intervals. He wanted the combined time for the 800 (300,200, 300) to be 2:25. I figured if I could run 50, 45, 50, I would be doing well.

W/u from Campus Lodge to the track, dropped off the shoes and continued through campus. Made it an easy 22:31 minutes. As I marked the 100m with cones I did a few drills, ran some strides and changed into flats. Hit splits of:
800 #1 - 47.75, 44.90, 47.68 = 2:20.33 (400m jog in ~2mins, stand around 2mins)
800 #2 - 46.73, 45.55, 46.82 = 2:19.10 (same)
800 #3 - 46.40, 44.82, 46.20 = 2:17.42 (same)
800 #4 - 45.60, 45.93, 44.13 = 2:15.66 (same)

Felt pretty solid for the whole thing. The lengthy rest made it manageable and the fact that it was overcast (though it was still a bit humid). Now that the weather is decent, hitting the times isn't as hard as it was 4 weeks ago. C/d back to the Lodge in 21:47.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Easy Run

Time: 50:01
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge through campus from Brooks St. Continued down to Pickard St. and turned south until I hit Imhoff. Pace wasn't that quick. Ran east to Jenkins, north to Brooks and back to the Lodge. I ended up having a "jogger war" with a student on a bike with a flat tire. I was ahead when he stopped at his apartment. Jordan 1, Asian grad. student 0. Felt fine. Makes a huge difference when you have the chance to take a nap and don't have to sell shoes all day.

Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 50:41
Distance: ~8 miles

Ran from Campus Lodge into campus along Brooks St. Headed out Jenkins, over to Chatauqua back to Timberdell and back through campus. Pretty classic loop that is partially on grass and shaded. Ended at the track, slipped off the shoes and ran some barefoot diagonals. Chatted with Steve Calonkey who was jumping over the fence when I showed up to the track. Did 8 x diagonal on the grass before running back to the Lodge.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Draper Long Run

Time: 124:24
Distance: 19-20 miles

Drove out to Lake Draper with Jilane and Jeff. Started out on the dirt road at a leisurely clip. Hit the road that loops the lake and did just that. It wasn't too hot or humid out. Both of us were dehydrated from the race, the football game and the beer. Had some good chats about the Hanson's program, marathon training and the good ol' days at Brown. Jeff was getting pretty thirsty by the time we hit the police station where we found a spigot. Loaded up on water and added on to get over 2 hours. Pace was never blazing but I felt solid throughout.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Brookhaven Run

Time: 82:38
Distance: 11-12 miles

W/u with Jeff in 23:33 on the course. Ran a few light strides before making my way over to the start line for introductions. The race featured Mathew Chesang (Kansas State), Mindaguas Pukstas (SMU and OSU), Joe Gray (OSU), Jeff Gaudette (Brown), Sean McCabe (OSU), and a few others. Tom planned on me running an even paced race with potential splits of 2:55-2:57 for the K's.

The shotgun was blasted and we were off. My left ear was ringing for the first 800m b/c I was only a few meters away from the starter and that shotty was deafening. I ran in the chase group of Joe, Jeff and Mike Brashears (OSU). I was roughly 2:58, 5:55, 8:56, 12:56, 14:54. Jeff, Joe and I were trading leads from about 2k on. Whoever felt good at the moment moved to the front of the group and kept the pace honest. Joe made a solid move with 600 to go and finished hard down the stretch. Results here.

C/d with Scotty D., John Mulholland, Jerry Faulkner and Jack Tracy for 26:31 on the course. Later ran 17:40 more with Jeff after he finished his workout.

Ended up with a pay day of $150 or about 70 quid.