Saturday, May 31, 2008

What I've Been Doing...

...not a whole lot. I'm going to roughly fill in my runs for the last few weeks in a single post.

Fri. 5/30 - 57:14
Thurs. 5/29 - 34:11
Thurs. 5/29 - 33:40
Weds. 5/28 - 40:01 (ran a mini 5k tempo with Carrot Top in 18:32)
Weds. 5/28 - 28:08
Tues. 5/27 - 34:29
Sat. 5/24 - 22:00 to the track. Convinced Mike DeCoste it would be a great idea to run a mile in sub 5:00. Owen and I took pacing duties and led off with a 75 second quarter. Down the back stretch Coste wanted to go fast so we did. The man showed some heart and clicked off a 4:47 mile in trainers. Afterwards Owen, Hamel and I paced Craigga to a 67.7 Freeman. Yup, we still got it.
Fri. 5/23 - 35:40 to the Brown Stadium to watch Oz and Sarro run a tune up workout for Regionals. Did some light jogging on the infield with Owen.
Thurs. 5/22 - Shakeout run in the morning with Meagan. Beer mile in the evening. See post below.
Weds. 5/21 - 45:01 in the streets near Brown and down by the Blvd in Providence. Ran with Meagan up to campus and then headed down Lloyd where we ran into Oz and SarBro. They joined us for the next few miles.
Tues. 5/20 - 28:16
Sat. 5/17 - 63:03. Wow that was a good run. Perhaps that was with Geoff Thurner and Jilane in the streets of Norman.
Fri. 5/16 - 88:22. Who am I? That's like 12 miles. Ran out at Lake Draper with Jilane and Thurner. Went to the end of the dirt trail and back.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beer Mile

Time: 6:21
Distance: 1 mile
Beers: 4

The showdown between Christian (Bob the Belligerent Beer Mile Champion '06) and I ('07) was today. I haven't been running much these last few weeks but this race gave me the motivation to put in some work. Leading up to this race my training has been mainly focused on the drinking. However, on Sunday I went to the track and ran 3 x 400, 800m, 3 x 400 in 68, 68, 67, 2:28, 68, 69, 61. On Monday at Jilane and Tony's Big 12 party I decided Tecate was the beer of choice, not because it is Mexican but due to the fact I could drink one in under 12 seconds.

The race started a little late because the graduating class of '08 is terrible at golf. It took those slags over 6 hours to play a round of golf. Finally, once everyone was present and the PBRs were unloaded we got started. Christian was first off the line followed by John Haenle and myself. I slowly closed the gap over the 400m that was rumored to be run in 65 seconds. On the second beer I beat Tabib off the line and it was over from there. I planned on running 6:00 or better but my third and fourth beers were rather pathetic.