Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life on the Farm

Time: 111:06
Distance: 17+ miles

Did the same long run as last week. Owen and I set out and were immediately greeted by a nasty northern wind. The first 5 miles were pretty rough as they headed straight into the breeze. Hit splits of: 6:59, 6:43, 6:38, 6:35, 6:26, 6:26, 6:09, 6:21, 6:07, 6:07, 6:04, 6:12, 6:05, 6:02, 6:05. It was a solid run to say the least. I had a good time out there running alongside a good buddy. We were trying to come up with a name for the run and some ideas were: "Rusty Tractor," "Rusty Wheel," "Midget Horse," "Wild Dogs," and "Dead Squirrel." None really hit with us but basically that is what we saw during the run. Yes, we did see a couple midget horses/donkey/burro that Da Weeman could ride. Got a good laugh out of that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

5 Mile Tetris Tempo

Time: 102:03
Distance: ~16 miles

Owen and I planned a tempo run this morning so we met up at the outdoor track. I got in 30:25 before the start of the tempo. We decided to use the same loop that I came up with last week. It looks something like the green Tetris piece to the right (see map and use imagination). Our goal was to cut the pace down and go by effort. Splits were: 5:11.88, 1:14.96, 5:12.68, 9:03.81, 5:07.63 for 25:52 total. It was a pretty solid workout and can be compared to my workout from last week that went: 5:13.5, 1:16, 5:10.1, 9:02.9, 4:55.7 for 25:38 total. Last week I was in flats and ran later in the day.

Oburn and I jogged 9:33 back to the outdoor track, slipped on our flats and ran 6 x 300/100 to get in some turnover work. I split: (27.10), 47.52, (29.01), 48.81, (28.38), 48.19, (36.74), 48.87, (32.20), 48.36, (35.06), 45.74 for 7:56 and 1.5 miles.

C/d 28:17 around campus with Owen and then jogged back to the Lodge.

Good workout. Glad I had someone to do it with. I didn't feel great running the tempo but liked getting on the track afterwards. Legs felt like they adjusted well to the pace change.

Double Run

Time: 41:29
Distance: 6 miles

I ran back from OK Runner to Campus Lodge after work. I took a slightly different route this time. Normally I along Robinson to the bike path, but the was strong out of the north so I decided to hook a right just before the tennis club and head back through the neighborhoods. It's the same route I use for Dead Presidents at about mile 5. Since I had to get my phone back to the house I ran while listening to music. Much different than being able to hear your footsteps and breathing. I'd rather talk on the phone.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Corn Dog

Time: 61:14
Distance: ~9 miles

Ran with Owen from Jilane's in the morning. We headed across Hwy 9 and looped by past Scotty D's before heading straight along Pickard St. We hit a split of 6:36 from Imhoff to Lindsey and then continued on past Norman High School where a tragic accident had just occurred. Near the parking lot a back of approximately (according to my "Rainman" skills) 75 corn dogs had been spilled. They were littered all over the place. While I'm not a big fan of corn dogs, Owen told me that if Hanley had been on the run we might have lost him at that point. The spill might have been enough to derail Hanley's training... again.

Oburn and I finished up running back along the bike path. I was feeling sexy and decided to shed the shirt. It's a little disappointing when you don't get any whistles while running. I take that back. There was one whistle, but it was from the train. Somehow I don't think that counts.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Time: 85:16
Distance: 13 miles

Owen drove into town last night because he has nothing better to do with his life than spend days in Norman. In the morning we went on a run from Campus Lodge. I took him on Bobcat--not sure why it's called that--but it ended up being a good venture. We started clipping off some decent splits from the intersection of Post Oak and 24th heading east: 6:19, 6:17, 6:13, 5:58, 6:19, 6:21. Looped back through the park by the apartments and had to tack on the "anal minute" to get to full time.

Check out Owen's recap of the run here. He clearly doesn't understand the essence of Bobcat and how you can turn it into whatever distance you like. Bobcats, like the run, are elusive and can change dynamically in a mere instance. That being said, this loop was the most traditional Bobcat loop without heading out to 60th St.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Track Workout

Time: ~65 minutes
Distance: ~11 miles

After work I headed over to the outdoor track to throw down some 200s. Not so much "throw down" but almost throw up. I warmed up on the standard loop in 23:10 feeling a little sluggish. My hip felt good but my right arch was sore for some reason. I haven't spoken to Tom for a few days because he is the worst coach ever. Since I have been left to coach my self this is what I came up with.

Target: 3 sets of 200 on 200 off. Running 50/30, 45/30, 40/30.
Set 1: (49.06), 30.16, (49.82), 29.99, (49.61), 29.87, (50.94), 30.06. (2:59)
Set 2: (44.89), 29.69, (47.05), 29.81, (47.81), 30.21, (48.48), 29.88. (4:01)
Set 3: (52.00), 29.50, (55.57), 29.25, (55.12), 29.09, (56.04), 28.31.

I ran the first two sets in flats and the last one in spikes. During the second set "the coffee was a bad choice." It felt like I had to throw up after each hard 200. Definitely shouldn't have polished off my "venti" cielo from Starbuck's on the ride over to the track. Overall the workout was decent but not as good as I would have liked. On the third set I wasn't as concerned with the rest. Instead I concentrated on my form and hitting a little bit of a faster split.

C/d while talking on the phone to Owen on his drive up to Norman. Got in 25:10 on the dark roads.

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:10
Distance: 5 miles

Got out there this morning for a short run through campus. Nothing to report. My right hip is feeling a bit better now that I'm taking more vitamin "I." It still is not where I would like it to be but stretching has helped only a little bit. I've been self massaging more frequently and when it's really sore I can find exactly where the tight spot is.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 57:51
Distance: 8.5 miles

The running was slow tonight because it was savagely windy and the ground was soggy. The section of the run down by Lloyd Noble Center wasn't the best. The trail that you cut over on was quite muddy and slippery. I think the split along Pickard St. was about 6:30 into the wind. The weather and the legs weren't going to make it a great run.

Grab the Car

Time: 14:07
Distance: 2 miles

Woke up and had to rush in towards Campus Corner to pick up the car from last night. It was raining pretty heavily and the streets were pretty flooded already. I was worried that the car might have been towed but when I got there all was good. I had to quickly find some tokens in order to get the gate up. Luckily Cafe Plaid leaves a basket of tokens above their delicious baked goods.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Double Irish Run

Time: 35:03
Distance: 5 miles

Ran from OK Runner to the 2.5 mile turn around point. Didn't feel the need to push it too much today. Tonight is going to be wild. My right hip continues to give me grief. I can still run with it but my stride isn't as fluid. I need to start taking more vitamin "I" to reduce some of the inflammation. I ran 5 ~150 meter strides near the health club after the run to try and loosen the hip up. Not sure if it helped, certainly didn't hurt.

Dead Presidents

Time: 66:04
Distnace: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge on a standard loop that goes out to the GT and around for a loop through campus. Legs must have been feeling good b/c the time indicates it. The run is probably closer to 10.5, but it don't matter. Time on the feet for today. I remember it being potentially rainy. In fact I think it rained for like 30 seconds and then stopped.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Long Run

Time: 105:04
Distance: 17+ miles

After a good amount of rest and a very easy day on Saturday, I got out the door and wanted to get in a solid long run. Sometime last week Craig asked if I had ever run the hills out by his house. He told me about a few mile stretches that had some solid climbs. I was intrigued and today seemed like a good day to check 'em out.

The weather was a little chilly and the wind was blowing around 15 mph. Take a look at the map to see where I ran. I started taking mile splits from the intersection of 24th and Almeida and continued until the intersection of 24th and Lindsey. The grid system on this route provided me with a lot of data. It was more difficult to run east on Tecumseh with the wind in my face than it was to run up some of the hills. Check out the splits:

6:22, 6:11, 6:01, 6:20, 6:20, 6:10, 5:58, 6:05, 5:54, 5:52, 5:43, 5:42, 5:44, 5:44, 5:40

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:09
Distance: 5 miles

An easy morning run. Woke up pretty tired. Was planning on working out after watching the NCAA's on live webcast but I wasn't feeling it. Not sure why. I'm still trying to take care of this hip flexor so today gave me the opportunity to rest. I felt it would be best to rest and have an easier week before hitting hit hard next week. I figure that since I'm on Spring Break for the next week I'll have the time to put in some quality work. That won't be possible if my hip is nagging. Rest now, solid long run tomorrow, get after it starting Monday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 55:21
Distance: 8.5 miles

Standard run on a standard loop. Felt surprisingly good. Split a 6:06 heading north on Pickard St. It's a good feeling when after a hard workout the pace feels slow. After running a touch over 5 minute pace, an easy run just over 6 minute pace feels like a walk. I'm supposed to do a pretty solid workout tomorrow so no double in the evening.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tempo Run

Time: 67:13
Distance: 11 miles

After work and class I started my warm up from Parson's street. I ran to the indoor track and then headed out to the corner of Pickard St. and Imhoff which took 25:08. Tom wanted me to do a 5 mile tempo run with each mile quicker than the previous. I was pretty tired so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I threw on my flats and tried to get excited.

Target: 5 mile tempo dropping pace. Go through 4 miles in 20:50, run last mile in 4:50
Splits: 5:13.5, 1:16, 5:10.1, 9:02.9, 4:55.7 for 25:38 total.

I felt pretty solid throughout. The sun was setting as I was just starting so I thought it might be difficult to judge pace. I check my half mile split as I ran past Timberdell and it said 2:46, not sure if I was seeing things but that is way too slow. I still went through the mile in 5:13, which would mean my next 800 was 2:27. I don't think that happened. I mapped out this course so I would have the wind at my back the first and last miles. At some point the wind changed and it was in my face the final stretch. It felt good to get rolling the final mile. Overall I'll take it.

C/d 16:27 easy back to the car.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:24
Distance: 5 miles

Ran after getting off from work. Got in a short run before settling down to write a couple research proposals. Don't remember there being any complaints on the day. I've been monitoring my right hip which has been a little sore since the Michigan workout on Saturday. It is a bit tight when I position it in certain ways. I need to keep an eye on it to ensure it recovers.

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 57 maybe (totally unsure)
Distance: 8.5 miles

I'm completely blanking on this day. I didn't have class so I assume I woke up and went for about an hour run. I know I ran after work. This is all I got.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dead Presidents

Time: 67 something or so
Distance: 10 miles

Again some data got lost so the run was about 67 minutes. Felt fine on a windy morning run. Can't remember too much about how it went. I know it happened though. Time on the feet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:24 (I think)
Distance: 5 miles

Some of the data on my watch got deleted so I'm not totally positive about this run. I know it happened. Pretty sure it was in that time. I felt pretty good, but I think a case of the DOMS set in. My legs were feeling a bit heavy and stiff. Didn't feel as good as I did this morning.

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 55:48
Distance: 8+ miles

Ran in the morning. Everything seemed to be feeling good. Legs weren't too sore. Surprised about that. Pace was decent throughout. I split 6:11 along Pickard. Ran past the site of the dog attack. No beasts to be seen.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 615:39
Distance: 91.5 miles

Solid week of training. I wish the final workout went a little better. Got attacked by a dog this week. Fun times. Overall, there wasn't much to fuss about. I need to start racing. I think the warmer weather will help all aspects of the running.

Michigan Workout

Time: 87:25
Distance: 13.5 miles

What a great day to be out running. The wind was kind and the temperature was warm. Tom planned an unreasonably fast workout. I thought that I would give it a shot and see what happened. I warmed up to the track in 21:02. Stretched out and put on the Nike XC Streaks. I had mapped out a mile loop on the road before heading to the track but I was unable to use it because the southwest gate was locked. Instead I had to use the northeast gate and change the road mile portion of the run.

Target: Mile, (road mile), 1200, (road mile), 800, (road mile), 600 in 4:30, (6:00), 3:12, (6:00), 2:05, (6:00), 1:30.
Splits: 4:32.87, (6:07), 3:25.52, (6:25), 2:13.51, (6:22), 1:35.75. Jogged for 4:59 then did 4 x 200 in 29.81, (57), 30.25, (57), 29.87, (56), 28.56, (57). Total of 41:30 and about 7 miles.

I felt good, but the splits weren't attainable. Last week I ran 3:12 in spikes...fresh. Now I was supposed to run 3:12 in flats after a mile in 4:30 and a road section in 6:00. Possible? Sure. Likely? No.

Anyway, I'm glad I got the workout in. I felt relaxed for the most part, but I couldn't get turned over quick enough to be on pace. I would have greatly helped to have a training partner on a workout like this. I miss the days when you could float through certain intervals knowing that all you had to do was tuck in and relax. No I'm forced to lead each one and concentrate on hitting each time. My best workouts came when I only had to focus on the 3 or 4 intervals that were my responsibility to lead. If a teammate was feeling good and pushed the pace, it was no big deal because I knew that I had a chance to get him back at the end.

C/d of 24:53 back to the Lodge after a short visit with Jilane in the newsroom. I got my first "cat call" of the season down by the sorority houses. --> This guy <--

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 57:09
Distance: 8+ miles

After work I ran on what is becoming a pretty standard loop for it's timing. It takes just under an hour to complete and has a marked out mile along Pickard. Tonight I split 6:13 running comfortably. I have a big workout tomorrow and didn't want to over do it tonight. Legs felt fine.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Morning Run

Time: 47:38
Distance: 7 miles

Ran in the morning on the route that took me in to campus, turned left on Pickard, left on Imhoff and back Jenkins. Didn't get bitten by a dog today, though I did run by the notorious house. It was a pretty cold morning around 20 degrees with little to no wind. I split 7:50 for 1.25 miles on Pickard and over to Chautauqua. I meant to stop the clock at Imhoff but forgot when I was trying to tally how many hours I had worked in the this week. Around the softball stadium I saw Kristi out for a jog and earlier spotted another younger girl who was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Crazy. She didn't even have gloves or a hat. Either really hardcore or just plain stupid.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dead Presidents

Time: 67:20
Distance: 10 miles

Got in the morning for a nice easy run. Wind was coming out of the north per usual. It was a frigid 23 degrees. I feel lame about only mentioning the weather, but that is all you can think about when you're constantly running into a 10+ mph breeze. The legs felt solid this morning. Didn't need to push the pace though. On a good note I didn't get eaten by a dog. The left thigh looks much better today than it did yesterday. Only a flesh wound right?

Indoor Track Workout

Time: 51:52
Distance: 7 miles

Headed to the indoor track after work to run a ladder workout. My leg felt decent today. Luckily I didn't bump it on anything because that would have potentially opened the wound. I chatted with Tom earlier today and he was pretty amazed with what had happened. He better finish up with that law degree quick so I can sue people for leaving their rabid dogs out in the open.

I warmed up on the standard loop that goes out by Lloyd Noble Center and back by the law school. Finished up in 23:32. Stretched out, did some drills and ran a couple strides.

Target: 200, 400, 600, 400, 200 in 29, 59, 1:27, 57, 27 with two minutes rest between each.
Splits: 29.61, (1:59), 59.44, (1:59), 1:29.87, (1:59), 60.13, (2:00), 27.80 for 12:25 and 2400 meters.

Felt pretty relaxed on the first 3 intervals. I didn't have it on the second 400 especially on the second lap. I ran in lane 3, but the turns still feel really tight. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this workout all things considered. My left leg (the one with the chomp) wasn't a factor.

Rode the bus back home and then ran 15:55 for a cool down on a loop that goes out by Irving Middle School.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Time: 36:00
Distance: 5 miles

Set out on Long Campus Loop to put in a little morning jog. We are
suppose to be hit with a snow storm sometime today. I didnt feel like
working out this morning and thought it would be better to do inside
after work. The run was going well. A little cold. A little windy.

As I was coming back on Brooks there were two dogs sitting on a porch.
I briefly glanced to my left to check out what they were doing. Well,
my glare must have really pissed the big dog off because he
immediately jumped up and started after me. I've had dogs chase me
before and usually they stop after I have run out of their territory.
This one didn't. I'm certain that I've seen this guy before and
previously he has given me no problems. But today he chased me really
close and wasn't letting up. As he was running and barking just off my
left hip, I turned to see how serious he was acting. Then he lunged
and bit my left outer leg. See photo. Good stuff right? I went back
and woke up the dog's owner. The man was surprised that the dog was
even out and that he has never done this before. Right. Anyway, the
owner said that he was fully vacinated and then apologized. I'm hoping
I don't start foaming at the mouth today.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:54
Distance: 5 miles

Easy run after work to put a little time on my feet. I definitely shouldn't have had greasy Chinese food today from the Panda Garden. Felt like Big Booty Judy. (She's a student that is in one of the classes my roommate Logan has subbed. Her real name is Kim and she likes Eric. During class Eric usually continuously writes his ABC's because he can't read despite being in the 10th grade. At one point when the lil' Latina gangsta chicks harassed him about when he was going to hook up with Big Booty Judy, Eric stood up and yelled, "Bitch betta RECOGNIZE!" My roommate Logan had a pretty hard time keeping a straight face and telling him to sit down).

I found out today that my buddies out in Eugene, Oregon have been reading my blog. Welcome Ben and J.K. My former coach, John Gregorek, would say that there are a lot of $2 bills being spent out there. Is this true?

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 56:36
Distance: 8.5 miles

Same run as Monday morning. Weather was much better. Still a little cold, but not nearly as windy. I got a chance to chat with Scotty D. about his performance at the Little Rock Half Marathon over the weekend. He didn't have the greatest run due to a respiratory infection of some kind. Check out the recap of the race on his blogpost.

I think I split a 6:20 mile running north on Pickard. Legs were feeling a little sluggish and sore at the start of the run but by the time I was near the Lloyd Noble Center, they were feeling better.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Track Workout

Time: 79:32
Distance: 12 miles

I woke up to see that it was sunny and cold. The wind wasn't too much of a factor, but since there was no cloud cover the temperature was about 25 degrees. I warmed up 25:06 to the track with my flats in hand. I didn't really stretch out that much or do any strides or drills. Too cold and I wanted to get things started. Tom wanted me running a strength oriented workout.

Target: 2 sets of 10 x 300/100. The 300s in 49 seconds, quick jog on the 100.
Set #1Splits: 49.59, (30.3), 50.53, (30.7), 50.19, (30.8), 49.69, (31.3), 50.14, (31.8), 50.19, (31.0), 50.14, (30.7), 40.46, (30.7), 50.37, (30.6), 50.12, (31.8).
Rested 5:30 and moved the workout indoors.
Set #2 Splits: 47.49, (38.0), 49.63, (34.4), 50.11, (35.1), 49.58, (37.0), 49.06, (38.3), 49.88, (37.3), 49.87, (37.6), 50.25, (38.3), 49.68, (37.8), 47.26, (27.1) for 33:14 total and roughly 5.5 miles

I started the workout on the outdoor track and was struggling to relax. It was too cold to be moving fluidly. Plus I was wearing tights and a jacket. Once I moved inside for the second set I was able to get into a rhythm a bit more. I ran the first 200m in lane 4 and then cut into lane 1 for the last 100m. So instead of jogging 100m it was more like 115m to 120m which is why the rest is a bit more. The OU indoor track sucks for working out... and in general. Overall it was a solid workout.

C/d back to the Lodge in 21:12. Hurried off to work.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Double Run

Time: 37:09
Distance: 5.5 miles

The wind was no better in the evening. In fact, there were tornadoes about 40 miles northwest of Norman. I'm not sure where it touched down. I'm just thankful I don't live in a double wide. Speaking of double wides, it's been quite some time since I've seen my favorite church (and Tom's). It's located just across the street from the entrance to the Lake Thunderbird (a.k.a. Dirtybird) trails. The beautiful piece of architecture resembles a 1980's, dilapidated double wide with rust stains. Definitely from the Renaissance Era.

The run was pretty standard. I stopped by the indoor track to pick up my orange jacket from the bottom of a trash can. I hid it there on Saturday after my workout when it was too hot to run home. While I was there I got to chat with Coach Martin Smith about the Big 12's. The team didn't perform particularly well and I'm glad I wasn't on the plane with good ol' Marty. Check out the biased recap.

I finished the rest of the run on Brooks to Pickard and back Boyd St. Simple stuff.

Long Lloyd Noble

Time: 59:04
Distance: ~8.5 miles

I'm not entirely sure on the distance of this run, but I'm confident that it is between 8 and 9 miles. I'll map it when I have time. I wasn't looking forward to stepping out the door because I could hear that the wind was whipping the siding of my apartment. When I peaked out the blinds I saw that he snow/rain was coming in from the north almost horizontally. That doesn't make for fun running. I was just trying to put time on the feet and wasn't concerned about the pace. Legs wanted to run faster but the 30 mph breeze limited things. A classic Oklahoma day.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 652:05
Distance: 99 miles

Another week of close to 100 miles. I could easily find an extra mile in there if I were to total my strides and other little exercises. Solid week of training "minus an uninspired Saturday workout." Thanks Tom. Next week looks to be tougher, but the fitness is about where it needs to be.

Windy Long Run

Time: 100:03
Distance: ~16 miles

I wasn't looking forward to this run because a storm is moving in and the winds were blowing around 30 mph. It wasn't too cold yet as the wind was coming out of the south, but it's never a good sign when the leaves on the ground are blowing past faster than you can run. I started by running out near Irving Middle School, then looped down past the Lloyd Noble Center where a women's bball was finishing up. I headed over to Scotty D's 'hood and ran up Pickard where I split 6:13 for the mile. I made a loop through campus, out Jenkins, over Main St. and back Pickard again. I tried to stay in the neighborhoods where the wind was less noticeable. I had to add on by running the same loop by IMS at the end of the run to get to 100 minutes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Campus Loop

Time: 31:03
Distance: 4 miles

After work and before going out I put a few miles on my feet. The wind had picked up significantly and made it difficult to enjoy the short run. The legs feel not too banged up after the track session this morning.

Track Workout

Time: 69:00
Distance: 10 miles

Started my warmup of 22:17 from the Lodge and headed in toward campus with spikes in hand. Tom planned a pretty solid workout for the end of the week. I would have wanted to do the workout in the afternoon, but the morning provided the best weather.

Target: 1200, 800, 400, 200 in 3:10, 2:02, 58, 27 with full recovery.
Splits: 31.96 (1:14), 31.88 (2:59), 3:12.81 (5:57), 2:05.68 (3:55), 58.70 (2:57), 27.68 for 25:51 and 5,000 meters.

Never felt good, never felt bad. I had a hard time getting moving from the start. I began with a couple relaxed 200s that I ran in 31 high. I would have liked for those to have been 30 high. My splits for the intervals were relatively even.

C/d 20:52 back to the Lodge.