Friday, July 31, 2009

A Stadium Record?

Time: 73:32
Distance: 11.46 miles

W/u: 22:57 for 3.01 miles
W/0: 6 mile tempo at 5:00 pace
C/d: 20:10 for 2.45 miles

I saw this workout on the schedule and had my doubts about being able to complete it at the proper pace. The warm up went well enough and I felt like this was going to be the best test of my fitness. I was delighted to see Scotty D roll up on his bike because that meant I had a pacer on the track and someone to hand me water if needed. The weather was the best it has been in recent weeks with cool temps (upper 60s) and low humidity.

I chose to run this workout on the track so that I would know exactly when the pace was going to shit. If I had run on the roads the pace would have the chance to really vary. Before getting started I made the comment that I was out to set the stadium record because I doubt anybody has run close to 30 mins for 6 miles on the Norman High School track.

4:59.34, 4:59.35, 5:01.52 (15:37 at 5k),
5:04.67, 5:09.06, 5:01.54 for 30:15 total.

The first few miles rolled by as I was counting up the laps. Scotty tried to break the slight breeze on the homestretch but it was still noticeable. I was able to run about 3.5 miles comfortable before the wheels started to loosen. I didn't lose focus on the 5th mile but the pace definitely slipped as the effort got harder. The legs kept churning and I think my form stayed the same but the power from my legs wasn't there. I pushed the final 1k and was able to make the last mile respectable again to finish with a 5:03 mile average for the day. I texted Jailhouse and he said that it's probably the best tempo he has seen me complete.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something Steady

Time: 68:16
Distance: 11.02
Pace: 6:11

I had some steady miles on the schedule this morning and Meagan has a standard 3 mile uptempo run. We shared the effort together as she ran a few minutes before I started. I got to run just under two miles as a warm up and then my splits with her were: 6:21, 6:25, 6:13. I then went on to solo a few miles at 5:58, 5:41, 5:43, 5:38, 5:28, 6:00. The majority of my solo effort was run into the wind in a neighborhood with lots of turns. I didn't feel great but I made sure to not fuss over the pace. The easiest part of the run came during the final mile when I noticed I was running 6:00 pace on my "cool down." I had decided to run easy the final mile back to the apartment with the wind at my back. I was still clipping along despite the fact it really felt like I was walking.

I have a big workout tomorrow that I think I will do on the track. It's a 6 mile tempo run at 5:00 pace which is basically my 10k pr/pb. I need to get focused and go to bed asap.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scotty's Tester

Time: 35:22
Distance: ~4.5 miles

I ran with Carrot Top, Meagan and Scotty this evening from the NHS track. Scotty D was going to test out his foot on the infield of the track because it's soft and smooth like well conditioned hair. There isn't a lot to report about the run as the body continues to make adjustments to the training.

Not a Bad Run

Time: 43:42
Distance: 6.08 miles
Pace: 7:11

It was a great morning for a recovery run. I had a the luxury of going into work a little late today which meant a later start to the roads. The weather was still cool and a light rain had just fallen. Put in just over 6 miles that felt easy and smooth. The legs are a little sore from a combo of the Midnight Streak and the 3-hundos.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strugglin' 3-Hundos

Time: 58:46
Distance: 8.33 miles

W/u: 23:06 for 3.01 miles
W/o: 12 x 300 with 100m jog in 30 sec. 1-4 at 10k pace (55), 5-8 at 5k pace (53-54), 9-12 at 3k pace (51)
C/d: 19:32 for 2.32 miles

I have never liked this workout but know how it's going to play out. The start always feels really easy and then somewhere around 5 to 7 the rest starts feeling really short. Then the pace drops at number 8 and everything starts to fall apart. I know this is going to happen and I plan for it each time, yet, it always hurts and is frustrating.

I enjoyed reading about Jailhouse doing this workout a few weeks ago because he struggled with it too. Here is what I split:

(27.36) 51.92, (31.43) 55.51, (27.17) 54.12, (27.90) 53.93, (27.25) 54.05, (27.35) 53.17, (28.18) 53.70, (26.87) 53.60, (28.63) 52.07, (27.40) 50.83, (29.17) 50.08, (29.10) 47.91 for 3 miles in 16:08 total.

Average rest = 28.15 seconds
Average 300 interval = 52.57

This will be a good workout to come back to in the next few months to see where my fitness is going.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Time: 30:04
Distance: 4.17 miles
Pace: 7:13

Meagan and I put in some easy miles after lounging around the Embassy Suites for the afternoon. The run tasted like fajitas as I was feeling my lunch from 1492. Other than the belching the run went well.

The last supper with pops and Roger was at Gaijin with Scotty, Meagan, Craig and Carolyn. We ordered several rolls and all was grand.

Catching a Break

Time: 58:23
Distance: 8.02 miles
Pace: 7:16

Wow. What a difference a few degrees can make. The heat broke a bit and Meagan and I were out for our morning run from Main St. We ran the "Meagan Loop" that takes us south of town. My legs weren't too beat up from the race which is a good sign of the fitness.

The big part of the day occurred up in Oklahoma City at the Memorial. I had never visited the Memorial other than the few minutes we spent in part of the museum while I was at the marathon luncheon. The woman who was an organizer of the luncheon, Stacy, offered to give a private tour to myself, Meagan, Roger and pops. We met her in the lobby and she took us through the museum explaining the layout, the artifacts, the history, the committees, the state and national response, and the changed legislation. Everything about the event is documented, shared and explained in the truest and fairest manner possible. The tour was an emotional and uplifting experience considering the implications of the attack. When I ran the marathon I recognized the race was the Memorial's largest fundraiser but I didn't understand all the facts about the tragic event. Nor did I know individuals who had been affected by the bombing. That all changed after Stacy's tour because the museum puts a face to the day.

On the morning of April 19th, 1995, 168 lives were lost in one of the largest domestic terrorist attacks on the United States. As a competitor at the OKC Marathon, I knew about the 168 lives but I didn't know names. I didn't know faces. I didn't know their stories. That all changed this Monday during Stacy's tour and I thank her greatly. The OKC Memorial Marathon is more than a race, it's an event that raised $450,000 for the museum and the remembrance of those 168 individuals and their families.

I have been to the San Diego Marathon, Austin Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, San Jose Marathon and know a lot about Boston, Chicago and New York, but I couldn't tell you which organizations they benefit. While the Memorial Marathon is a relatively small race that doesn't offer prize money, doesn't recruit big runners, has poor weather and a course that I couldn't describe as scenic, it is a great race that I'm proud to have been a part of this year. I would love to return to the race course and defend my title next year.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 496:28
Distance: 69.61 miles

This was a planned down week and I think it went well. I was able to run without the worry of hitting big workouts with splits. At the end of the week I raced a fun 5k in Oklahoma City. My dad was able to attend and see me run 15:05 for the win. I felt good in the race and it's a fair indication of my fitness. I know that I'll be able to run much faster come Brookhaven on a faster course with more competition and better weather. Oh yea, and the race won't start at 11:00 pm. The body continues to feel good in all the right ways. I have a few aches here and there but it's the good type of soreness that comes with training hard. No niggles to speak of currently. Knock, knock.

Lazy Sunday with Family

Time: 58:25
Distance: 8.01 miles
Pace: 7:17

I had a very late night with the activities of the Midnight Streak which meant I wasn't eager to be up running. Meagan and I agreed that we could run in the afternoon before the Summer Breeze Concert. It was a morning of relaxation at Cafe Plaid and showing Roger campus. I even got to watch a bit of television before taking a little nap in the afternoon.

When it was time to hit the roads I was pleased to feel that the temps were in the 70s. Meagan and I found 8 miles of grass/road for this run. I wasn't too concerned with the distance as this week is wrapping up nicely. It was intended to be a down week too.

Meagan has a better recap of today so I'll let her explain in better detail.

Midnight Streak

Time: 40:22
Distance: 6.04 miles

W/u: 15:36 for 2.00 miles
Race: 15:05 for 5k
C/d: 9:46 for .94 miles (yes, that's really slow)

My pops and Roger rolled into town around 3 pm this afternoon and greeted me at the running shop. I was busy with a customer but made time for the family. The trip from SD (San Diego, not South Dakota) to OK went well enough. After work, Meagan and I met up with the duo at the Embassy Suites here in Norman. Surprisingly, it's a pretty solid place that sticks out like a sore thumb on the northern part of the city. The best part of the evening was the "manager's reception" which is an open invite to guests to drink for free at the bar. I couldn't pass up my favorite type of beer, free, so I had a few Shock Top. I couldn't eat all that much because I was going to race the Midnight Streak at 11:00 pm, but I nibbled on some nachos, pizza and artichoke dip. Iron stomach.

After a quick trip to Starbucks for some 'feine, it was time to hit I-35 for a ride up to the OKC Fairgrounds. The Midnight Streak was taking place inside the state fairgrounds for I believe the 5th year. The race has had a few hitches in the past including a short course due to the lead vehicle not knowing the course. This year's race shaped up as being no different as my warm up led me by a couple of volunteers who told me to go in the wrong direction.

The start of the race was a little delayed due to the number of people still picking up their packets. A little over 900 people would finish the 5k race which is great considering it starts at 11:00 pm. I told Jerry's Kids that I was going out hard on our warm up, but he didn't seem phased.

The race went out as planned, but there wasn't any "k" or mile markers along the course. I was wearing Mr. Garmin but I was trying not to glance at him during the competition. The pace was quick from the start and after the first mile the field as down to Jerry, a high schooler and me. The course took us to a hairpin and by this time Jerry and I had separated from the kid. At almost exactly halfway there was a steady climb for about 300 meters, nothing steep but enough for my sustained effort to drop Jerry's Kids. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable from the start as he was grunting every now and then. Down the hill I increased the lead and continued to feel good until the end of the race. My splits were:

4:38.63 (a good opening mile), 5:05.94 (slow due to the hill), 4:59.35 (should have pushed harder with 1k to go) for 15:05ish total.

I placed 1st by 14 seconds and felt comfortable doing so. I should have pressed a little bit more around the 4k mile mark and I think I could have broken 15:00.

Losing my challenge to Kim Smith.

Pops after the race with son.

Meagan after the race with boyfriend.
15:0x. Fail. Driving back to Nompton.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Challenge

A few days ago I was thinking about creating a challenge so that I would hold myself a bit more responsible in the Midnight Streak. I figured that the 5k run in London this morning would be a good starting point. And by 5k I mean women's 5k. And by women's 5k I'm not talking about the winner. I was thinking that Kim Smith would be a good marker for my challenge. This morning she ran 14:52 to take third place in the Aviva London meet. That's the standard. 14:52 or bust for tonight. My excuses will be that it's (a) hot, (b) humid, (c) starts at 11:00pm. My excuses won't work because (a) Kim is a girl, (b) she didn't win, (c) she's a girl.

Morning Shakeout

Time: 38:00
Distance: 5.11 miles
Pace: 7:26

Great times were had last night at BJ's which meant we got out the door a little later this morning. However, there was a bit of excitement going on in Campus Corner that I needed to see. The "Biggest Loser" was having a casting call at O'Connell's which meant tons of blubber. I didn't say that. The line was backed up from the bar door all the way down to the street in front of the Deli. It was quite the scene. I'd give more information but you probably don't want to hear the messy details.

Meagan ran a few more miles but since I'm going streaking tonight I decided to turn in.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot and Cold

Time: 29:19
Distance: ~4 miles

After work I wanted to put in some easy miles to shake out the legs. Meagan and I ended up doing what is becoming a standard evening run loop that starts at the house and hits up the high school track. I ran a few laps on the track before deciding that some strides were in order. Jogging turns and sprinting the straights has always helped open up the lungs and stretch out the legs. Mr. Garmin geeked out which means the distance of the run was a little off. Oh well.

Saxon Trails

Time: 46:33
Distance: 6.21
Pace: 7:30

The roads came calling this morning for a shorter run around town, but I had to let them wait because Meagan and I were going to check out Saxon. Coach Smith was in the store not too long ago and told us about the trails that he was creating just off Hwy 9. His story about Ironwolf (I gotta find a way to get one of these) was great and he was clearly excited about the prospects of having some running trails near town. I should have been weary on our venture out there as he mentioned that the trails were "walkable." Martin's overly cautious nature led me to believe that the trail would be a little more "runable" than it was.

Meagan and I put just under 2 miles on the clock before deciding that we needed to hit the streets. There was no point in twisting an ankle a couple days before a race. Since we were parked on 36th St. east of town I discovered that we weren't too far from Cedar Lane. A few more miles out and back made for an easy day of running.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Time

Time: 28:03
Distance. 4.00 miles
Pace: 7:01

I ran through Brookhaven this evening for some extra miles. The legs decent this time out there, but not as snappy as I would like. The pace was easy and I was able to click off a few sub-7s because Meagan thought her foot was irritated. I'm glad she decided to play it smart and not risk it.

My Old Friend the Grass

Time: 62:05
Distance: 8.64 miles
Pace: 7:11

Our run took us up to the GT for a few loops around the outer 1200m distance. My legs were feeling fantastic and the breathing was really calm while running around on the grass. I haven't done a workout out there in many months, not that I'm saying I miss it. Meagan and I left the grass and ran down Robinson to Westwood for the cut-through. I tried to find the quickest way back to the apartment as the length of the run was adding up. The finishing route left my legs feeling fresh and ready to roll.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Her Loop

Time: 57:04
Distance: 8.00 miles
Pace: 7:08

This morning I hit the streets with Meagan in tow and ran "her loop." We still have a disagreement as to what this loop is called. She wanted to do a few miles up-tempo so just as we were nearing Scotty's house the pace dropped. She clicked off 6:27, 6:27 and 6:22 for three miles into the wind. I felt okay but not stellar.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Pre-Race Effort

Time: ~54:40
Distance: 8.35 miles

W/u: 23:39 for 3.01 miles
W/o: 2 x mile, 2 x 400 at 10k pace and 60-62
C/d: 19:06 for 2.34 miles

Meagan would call this workout a "pre-race" as it preps you for the race ahead. I got out the door a little late this morning which meant that the temps were approaching the upper 70's. The humidity wasn't helping my cause either so the actual intervals were a bit more difficult than I expected. I hit splits of:

4:58.96 (4:00), 4:55.85 (4:02), 60.02 (4:01), 58.45

Overall, I wasn't expecting a dip under 5:00 mins to feel so tough. I could tell that I wasn't cooling off effectively. That being said, I felt solid on the quarters. My stride was going in the right direction as all my energy was channeled to moving me forward.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Basic Motions

Time: 30:01
Distance: 4.18 miles
Pace: 7:11

Tonight I ran over to the Norman High track with Meagan as it's an easy destination to make. We ran around the high school and did a few laps of the track. She cut out at 2 miles to head home and I finished up solo. There isn't too much to report about tonight's run so I'll keep it short.

When the Training Runs Out

Time: 51:56
Distance: 7.07
Pace: 7:20

This morning was the first day in quite some time that I didn't have a scheduled/recommended distance or workout to run. The training cycle ran out yesterday and I was left to my own choices as to how far to go this morning. I talked with Jailhouse a few days ago and suggested that we take another down week in terms of intensity and miles so that I could just run without too many worries. Sometimes when I see what is coming up on the schedule that's all I can think about during the run. I love stepping on the track and hitting splits but at the same time it takes away the joy of the simple act of running. No thoughts, no worries, just 60 minutes of time on the feet.

Meagan and I decided to run in Sutton this morning. We did two loops around the park and then ventured home. My legs felt pretty good despite the long effort yesterday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 604:57
Distance: 89.26 miles

Once I totaled the miles I was a little surprised to see that I nearly hit 90 on the week. The fitness is steadily improving and moving in the right direction. My workout on Wednesday with Carrot Top went well considering the conditions. I got in a few good mile efforts and then rounded out the workout with some shorter intervals. I'm never pleased to change a workout mid-effort, but sometimes it's for the best. Also, I can say that I had one of my best workouts of the summer later in the week. The session out on the hills east of town went exceptionally well in due part to the lower heat and humidity. I was rolling out 5:10s to 5:15s on the roads and in the hills. Converting the effort back to the track I think I would have been running close to 5-minute miles.

I'm going to break up the monotony of training next week by racing a really small 5k called the Midnight Streak. It starts at 11:00 pm and you can wear clothes. I'm not really sure what "midnight" or "streak" have to do with the event.

Bobcat Loop

Time: 103:40
Distance: 16.32
Pace: 6:21

I enjoyed running on the hills yesterday so much that I thought I would venture out east again. This time I opted for Bobcat Loop that runs on some nice country roads. The Norman Conquest that I talked about yesterday also used these roads as I saw the arrows telling riders which way to turn. The pace of my run started pretty casually and then dropped consistently. The splits were: 7:41, 7:09, 6:45, 6:46, 6:33, 6:20, 6:11, 6:12, 6:02, 6:12, 6:10, 6:09, 6:00, 5:54, 5:52, 5:44.

The weather was great this morning as I stepped out the door a few ticks before 8:00 am. I was able to run without worrying about where to grab some water. I think the temps were in the upper 60s at the start and upper 70s at the end. What a difference a few degrees can make when you're out there for more than an hour.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eastern Hills

Time: 83:28
Distance: 12.62 miles

W/u: 19:39 for 2.62 miles
W/o: 4 x 2 miles in 5:05 to 5:10 (pace changed to accommodate the hills)
C/d: 15:47 for 2.01 miles

The workout this morning began bright and early from Craig and Lance's house on Tecumseh road east of town. The Norman Conquest was taking place this morning which is a cool event that I was able to experience a little bit last year. OK Runner was hosting the first water stop along the course and Scotty, Meagan and I were asked to help out.

We warmed up from the house and headed out to the corner of 60th and Tecumseh. I decided that my route was going to start about a third of a mile north on 60th, run west on Tecumseh and then finish up on 48th. There would be two right-hand turns on the way out and the opposite on the way back. I had the luxury of having Scotty D on his bike to block any traffic or scare off any dogs that would come my way.

5:14, 5:08 for 10:22 (2:04),
5:10, 5:15 for 10:25 (2:07),
5:17, 5:11 for 10:28 (2:05),
5:14, 5:08 for 10:22 and 8.49 miles in 48:00 total.

I had a great workout out on the hills, felt very controlled for the most part. I was able to pump the arms on the uphill and tried to lean into the downhills (Rick Wemple would have been proud). I think if I had done this workout on a track I could have easily run 76s. I'm pretty sure that when I began the workout the temps were in the upper 60s, perhaps low 70s. It was a great finally having the cooperation of the weather out there. This effort was a good indicator of my fitness level right now and a step in the right direction in terms of aerobic pacing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Damn Your Horn

Time: 30:08
Distance: 4.34 miles
Pace: 6:57

I was out running along Pickard simply putting some easy miles in the evening when some d-bags in a truck came along. There must have been four or five fratheads driving in one of those rednecky vehicles with over-sized wheels and exhaust pipes. The mechanic probably gave them a deal on an over-sized horn because when they approached they let one rip and it was as loud as a train horn. I tried to not look too alarmed and gave them the proper finger while leaving the scene. I made sure that they weren't flipping a B and coming back to harass me. I continued to run easy for another 10 minutes but as I was running up Chautauqua I saw the bastards again. They were pulling into a driveway and this time weren't out for giggles. I ran all the way up the street keeping a sense of caution over my shoulder but they were too slow to catch me.

The weather continues to be grand and tonight was no exception. Kristi, Coleman, Meagan and I were able to sit out on the patio at Blu to enjoy some decent eats.

Easy Eight Miler

Time: 57:43
Distance: 8.01
Pace: 7:12

At this point I'm just delaying the inevitable as I have a workout to do that I'm partially afraid of. I am also instructed to run steady but I didn't feel up to it this morning so I opted for an easy eight. Meagan and I ran the same loop as Monday morning and it went better for her. The weather was fantastic as the temps were definitely 10 degrees cooler this morning which makes a huge time difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Evening Track 200s

Time: 35:35
Distance: 5.02 miles
Pace: 7:05

Earlier in the week I missed doing some 200m strides and thought that tonight was an opportunity to stretch out the legs. I ran over to the Norman High track with Meagan for starters and followed with a few more laps on the track. I kicked things off with my standard off/on 200s with splits of: (48.98) 31.35, (54.12) 32.13, (52.82) 30.93, (54.05) 30.22. for 5:34 total.

I never felt great on the 200s for whatever reason. The legs are a little tired and don't have a lot of pop in them right now. Aerobically I feel great though and I look forward to the day when I don't have to run in 90+ degree weather. I know that once the temps drop I'll be ready to roll.

Sutton Slog

Time: 50:58
Distance: 7.10 miles
Pace: 7:10

This morning I ran up to Sutton with Meagan for some easy miles. The pace was gentle and the legs were feeling fine. I didn't feel so great at the start of the run, just really sluggish and dead legged. As the run progressed the spirits lifted and by the end I was feeling more chipper. I have a big workout that I will probably do Saturday morning east of town on the hills.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mile Repeats

Time: ~74:38
Distance: 12.41

W/u: 22:58 for 3.01 miles
W/o: 6 x mile in 5:05, 5:00, 4:55, 4:50, 4:45, 4:40? w/ 200m (2 min) recovery
C/d: 20:23 for 2.40 miles

I was in contact with Carrot Top yesterday as he was wondering what I was doing for this week's workouts. There was a big one planned that I figured he could be a part of and so he joined me at the Norman High track this morning. Jailhouse wrote the workout starting at 5:05 and dropping to 4:45, problem is that would only be 5 intervals. I figured I could start at 5:10 or be a badass and finish with 4:40. Carrot Top decided that his workout was going to be the first and last 400m of my mile (1600) repeat.

5:03.84 (2:02), 4:59.58 (2:00), 4:53.50 (1:57), 4:51.63 (2:30)
Decided at this point that the wind and heat were too much and I needed to change the workout. I was feeling great for the first 4 repeats and then 800 meters in to number five I felt awful. Finished the session with 2 x 800 and 4 x 400.

2:25.80 (1:57), 2:23.38 (1:57), 71.52 (1:28), 69.12 (1:20), 68.32 (1:19), 65.37 for 45:46 total.

I was able to save the workout by running some shorter distance intervals at the end. It seemed that my stride was falling apart about 300 meters into the 400s for some reason. The heat and wind wasn't helping but I was glad to get in the effort. Carrot Top helped out big time on a few of those mile repeats as I was able to just tuck into his slipstream for a lap here and there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still Re-living the Dream

Time: 31:10
Distance: 4.19 miles
Pace: 7:26

Our day in Oklahoma City continued up at Cat and Stu's house because there was nothing in Norman to get back for. After lounging around the house for a number of hours we twisted Stu's arm into coming out for a jog. Meagan, Stu and I ran around the same streets as this morning which happened to be some of the streets of the marathon. The pace was casual and the weather was still hot. Prior to leaving the house there was a good conversation about running/marathoning in relation to Oklahoma City with one of the neighbors. The dude was from a marketing firm in the area and he had been approached by some officials to see what they could come up with in terms of taking the OKC Marathon to the next level. I think the guy must have thought he hit the jackpot as he was in the company of some individuals with great insight, not to boast or anything.

OKC Shotgun

Time: 52:46
Distance: 7.19 miles
Pace: 7:20

I was up early this morning to meet up with the newly married couple of Cat and Stu. Meagan and I left the apartment early so we could fit in a run before the OKC Marathon sponsor luncheon. The run with the other winner of the marathon was great as she got to show us her training ground. I was supposed to run a workout this morning but that will be happening tomorrow. Check out the map of the run because it looks similar to a shotgun.

Meagan, Me, Rocky, Cat & Stu

The rest of the morning can be read about in Meagan's recap. The marathon luncheon was a good time as I finally got to meet the race directors. The other part of the afternoon involved some speeches/joke telling. I think my speech went well enough to get a few laughs and possibly an invitation to toe the line next year.

Telling some jokes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Smokin' Hot One

Time: 27:27
Distance: 4.05
Pace: 6:46

Last night Meagan got a text from OK Runner's Saucony tech rep who is based out of Dallas. Brittany was going to be visiting some accounts in the Metroplex and asked if she could crash with us. Since I live in a mansion with bums living in the hallways we opened the door to her. Before we could enjoy a relaxing evening at Blu and picking up the worst movie ever (The Caller), I had to run. I didn't want to run because it was still triple digits and my body is tired. I got out the door and put in my 4 miles though and felt better afterwards.

I have to admit that I was the one who picked the movie for the night. The cover of the film had a detective feel to it with some reputable actors, so I figured it was worthy of being rented. Big mistake. Huge mistake. The movie was boring like CSPAN. I won't ruin the plot for all you out there, but know you will be sorry.

Tiempo en los Pies

Time: 57:24
Distance: 8.01
Pace: 7:10

The run this morning with Meagan was strictly some time on the feet. We did a fairly standard loop that goes through campus and runs south near Hwy 9. There wasn't too much to report about the run other than Meagan's wheezing. She sounded absolutely terrible for some reason, thus I banished her from doubling in the evening.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 556:13
Distance: 81.92 miles

I had a fun week of training that started with a fast session on Tuesday. It was great getting back to the speed I used to have in high school. I'm glad to still have some of that Eric Churchill "get down speed." The second track session of the week went well too. It was similar to some of the workouts I used to do under Tom McArdle as it balanced strength and speed. I can tell my fitness is where it needs to be in order to run fast in the fall. Once this heat breaks or I travel to one of the coasts I'm pretty certain that running sub-5 min pace for a variety of distances will be possible.

This week was intended to be a down week in terms of mileage but somehow I still ran 80+. Next week looks like it is going to be difficult so I'm going to have to make sure to do all those small extras.

Hotter than Hades

Time: 94:12
Distance: 14.23 miles
Pace: 6:37

I had a pretty solid night out with Meagan, Scotty, Kristi, Coleman and Spenis. It's that last guy that always gets me into trouble. We started the night out at Blu and ended up at Benvenutti's. Good times all around but it left me driving the white bus later in the evening. In the morning I wasn't about to be disturbed from my slumber to join Meagan and Kristi on their run. I opted for sleep and then more sleep when Meagan returned from the run.

It wasn't until 2:00 pm when I got out the door for my run. Let me just say that it was 100 to 104 degrees when I started. Brutally hot. No joke. My sweat response started about 3 minutes into the run with some tingling sensations and things didn't get much better. I ran several loops around Sutton and then Meagan arrived with some water and gatorade. I was only 4.5 miles into the run and I was ready to be done. She returned at 10 miles with more liquid that kept me fueled. The pace dropped fairly well over the course of the run but I was ready to finish this thing up at Main St. I was supposed to run 6 x 1.5 mins hard, 4.5 mins easy but that wasn't going to be on this hellish day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

8 and 3 Hundos

Time: 67:47
Distance: 10.06 miles

W/u: 22:53 for 3.05 miles
W/0: 5 x 800 in 2:30-2:35, (200m jog), 300 in :47, (300m jog)
C/d: 17:54 for 2.01 miles

Some light strides before getting started.

Pre-workout shot.

This was a pretty clever workout that Jailhouse put together as it's sets of 1600 meters with 1100m of it hard. The run is a total of continuous effort for 8k with 5500m hard. The key to the workout is switching gears during the hard 300 meters.

Lacing up the new kicks.

Meagan decided that she wanted to run some of the effort with me so she tagged along during the second lap of the 800. Her other domestique duties required her to take lots of photos.

Trying to find some speed in those legs.

2:33.54 (46.48), 46.39 (1:21.03)
2:31.82 (47.75), 47.75 (1:18.20)
2:30.83 (46.70), 48.17 (1:18.53)
2:30.67 (45.78), 46.92 (1:21.73)
2:29.75 (47.62), 46.26 (1:16.48) for 27:02 for 8k

Number 3 or 4?

I felt solid the entire way running in my new adizero Rockets. I developed a bit of a hot spot on my right foot but it didn't seem to slow the pace. The 800s were comfortable, almost felt a little slow. The 200m rest was honest and the hard 300s were rather fun. Turning the legs over felt good and made the workout worthwhile.

Post workout barefoot running.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Double

Time: 28:32
Distance: 4.04
Pace: 7:04

After work I set off from the shop with Meagan for some added time in Brookhaven. The pace was easy and the roads were boiling. It was easily in the high 90s at 7:00 pm. Early in the day John Alewine, our Adidas rep, dropped in and showed us the new kicks and threads. He gave me a pair of adizero Rockets that I tested out tonight. Like most flats they are light and flexible but the forefoot is a little mushy. I like them well enough to run in them during tomorrow's track/tempo session.

Sutton's Shade

Time: 61:59
Distance: 8.74 miles
Pace: 7:05

Meagan and I ran to Sutton Woods this morning in search of some shade. It's going to be over 100 degrees again for the nth straight day. My legs felt pretty solid this morning but I'm glad I decided to postpone my workout until tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Steady Effort for 10

Time: 70:04
Distance: 11.22
Pace: 6:14

I ran this morning with Meagan for the first 5 miles of the run. We warmed up 2 miles and then picked up the pace for 3. She was doing one of her "workouts" for the week which involved 3 miles of uptempo pace work. We started running harder at the intersection of Lindsey and Pickard heading north. The splits were: 6:26, 6:23, 5:58 and then I rattled off 5:48, 5:36, 5:54, 5:42, 5:43, 5:34. I backed off the pace the final quarter mile to finish up with just over 11 miles.

After the run Meagan and I took a brief shower/rinse in the fire hydrant just off Main St. It was a glorious way to start the day.

Run Me Home

Time: 37:32
Distance: ~5 miles

After work this evening I left the shop and headed home to Main St. As I was approaching the GT I could see an athlete clipping along in the open field. I decided to stop and run with Tony Clement who is just getting back into shape for xc. We ran a few loops around the outer section (1200m) before parting ways. Tony decided not to join the boys out in Flagstaff this summer because he knows the real training benefits come with running in the heat of Oklahoma.

Image of the GT.

The rest of the run was pleasant and uneventful. I found my way home and grabbed some food (and beer).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My New Mitt

Time: 50:13
Distance: 7.00 miles
Pace: 7:10

My run this morning took me down to Scotty's neighborhood so that I could do some hill sprints on a small grassy hill. I chose a route that took me up Pickard and I noticed a bag of goodies that someone left by the curb. I was pretty certain that I spotted the edge of a baseball mitt. Figuring it was a crap mitt I ran on to Scotty's hood and did 4 x ~100m sprints. The hill starts out really gradually and then gets steep in the middle. It's not the perfect hill sprinting spot because the footing is poor, but it works.

I finished up with the sprints and then ran straight back the way I came. The run was so short this morning that I might as well enjoy the shade on Pickard. When I ran back past the house with the goody-bag, I stopped for a more thorough peak. The mitt was a Mizuno and it was in fairly good condition. A note on the bag said "free," so I snatched it up and started running home. I thought little of running with the mitt, but later in the day a customer (roommate of a friend) asked if I was the guy running with a glove that morning. I should have told him it was a new training secret.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Spring of '06?

Time: ~59:43 (actual running time)
Distance: ~9.5 miles

W/u: 22:40 for 3.00 miles
W/o Target: 3 sets of 600, 400, 200 in 1:32, :59, :29/1:31, :58, :28/1:30, :57, :27. (3 mins rest after intervals and 5 mins after sets).
C/d: 28:03 for 3.35 miles

I was out the door this morning around 7:30 am with Meagan carrying my spikes. Yes, that's right! Spikes! I got clearance to spike up for the workout because I was going to be hitting spring of '06 splits. I was relatively quiet on the warm up because I knew what was in store during the workout... a lot of pain. Luckily, I felt great during the light jogging around the track before the start of the interval session. The legs felt like they had some spring, pop, and/or power in them.

I was getting lots of rest after each interval (3 mins) and even more after the sets (5 mins), so I knew it was important to set the tone early on. I jogged about 200 meters after each interval and then stood around shaking out the legs.

Set #1: 1:31.47 (3:00), 60.19 (2:59), 28.94 (5:00).
This set felt decent. The 600m was a rude awakening to the heavy and sluggish sensation of rigging up the final 100m.

Set #2: 1:30.33 (3:00), 59.38 (3:00), 28.40 (4:58).
The 600 felt much better this set as I felt like I was actually accelerating the final 100 meters. The 400m was rough though.

Set #3: 1:31.31 (2:59), 58.70 (3:00), 27.68.
I struggled during the quarter. I busted out the blades during the 200m, swore I was going to hit 26 point.

I have no complaints about this workout. Meagan did a great job reading out 200m splits for me today. I was trying not to ruin each interval by going out in 28-29 and essentially holding on for the rest of the distance. The 600s are a tough interval to run as you can't let the pace lag, yet you can't fill up with lactic acid the first 400 meters. The hardest distance was the 400s because of the pace and the fatigue. I was 1 second off each time during the workout which was my only point of disappointment. I can't say that I have run close to this pace since I almost got in a fight during my warm up or when I learned the secret to running fast.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Returning to the GT

Time: 28:54
Distance: 4.12 miles
Pace: 7:01

After work Meagan and I headed to the GT for an easy run around the 1200m loop. It has been quite some time since I've completed a run entirely on the grass track. The pace started out easy and it took a few minutes before finding a rhythm in the bumpy soft surface. I think I was running a little more vertically this evening and my stride seemed to be a little longer. Regardless, I felt great out there and didn't want to stop. I knew I was going to have to wrap things up because in the morning I'll be doing one of the more difficult workouts in recent memory in terms of pace.

Splits: 7:49, 7:03, 6:52, 6:27.

Missing One

Time: 57:18
Distance: 8.01
Pace: 7:09

Scotty was absent on this morning's run as he continues to rest the foot. Meagan and I were out the door for a jaunt around Norman. We didn't venture too far from Main St. which was fine because the pace needed to be easy. My legs felt exceptionally good this morning. I'm not sure if it's because of fitness gains or the cooler weather, but either way I'm loving the roads.

Week in Review

Time: ~583:06
Distance: 84.22 miles

Looking back on this week I see that I put in some solid work. It seems so long ago since I cut shapes, but that was a solid effort in terms of pace. The race on Saturday was an effort that helped me aerobically. The body continues to adjust to the pace and volume. The major downside of this week was Scotty's potential stress fracture in his left foot. It's going to be rough without a training partner out on the roads each morning.

Next week is a bit of a recovery week in terms of mileage but the intensity is higher. I'll be interested to see what I can do for a quick interval session on Tuesday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sleepy Head Long Run

Time: 105:23
Distance: 16.01 miles
Pace: 6:34

After a very uneventful Fourth of July here in Norman (the fireworks show was canceled due to rain), Meagan and I were able to get lots of sleep. I had been up early the last three mornings and my body was ready for some recovery. We didn't leave the apartment until well after 10:00 am which isn't ideal but the weather allowed for it. The rain cooled off the morning air to a cool 73 degrees.

Our first destination was Sutton Woods where we ran 3 laps around the dirt trail. The pace was casual and my legs were feeling well recovered from the race. The pace dropped just slightly from 7 to 9 miles which brought Meagan back near the apartment. The first 9 mile splits were: &:53, 7:22, 7:12, 7:14, 6:58, 7:03, 6:54, 6:51, 6:38.

I still had 7 miles to run so I continued south through campus and ran found myself down by Hwy 9. The pace continued to drop and soon I was clicking off sub-6 minute efforts. I felt comfortable running a bit quicker today as the weather permitted an increased pace. The splits for the remainder of the run were: 6:10, 5:56, 5:41, 5:48, 5:46, 5:37, 6:14.

Now what I find peculiar is that Jailhouse ran 1:42:00 for 16 miles while it took me 3 minutes longer. He, too, was running with his girlfriend for ~10 miles before running the remaining 6 miles solo. So, it would have taken him about 70-75 minutes to run 10 miles and then he added on another 33 minutes which he says was 6 miles. Given the fact that he ran 34:04 for 10k (5:28 pace) on Saturday and finished his last 6 miles at 5:30 pace today either means Jailhouse is on the juice or needs a refresher arithmetic lesson. Zing!

Sorry, my apologies up front.

I'm pretty sure Keith Kelly posted about Passion Pit a few weeks back, but the Sleepyhead song and post title can't be passed up.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bethany Freedom Run

Time: 58:48
Distance: 9.14 miles

W/u: 8:02 for 1.07 miles
Race: 26:13 for 5.00 miles (according to Mr. Garmin), 26:04 for 8k (according to DG)
C/d: 24:33 for 3.07 miles

Is there a better way to spend the Fourth of July than starting the day off with a race? I think not. A race on the Fourth is second to only a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Scotty, Meagan and I left Nompton at the bright hour of 6:10 am in the direction of Bethany, OK. I had vague directions to the start of the race which I thought was on NW 23rd St. We took a few wrong turns, but ended up in the right spot with a few moments to spare.

Originally, I had planned to run a workout with Jerry's Kids that was going to be 5 miles on the course prior to the race and then the 8k race itself. Since we arrived at 7:05 am for a 7:30 gun time, that clearly wasn't going to happen. Instead, I was able to register for the race, seek out a bathroom down the hill from the start and jog back.

I established my position at the starting line and scoped out who all was present: Jerry's Kids (just doing a workout), Scotty D, Jonathon Pillow and Sam Dech (recently ran 1:50 for 800m and 3:44 for 1500m). Those mentioned would be racing towards the front of the race once Don Garrett finally decided to fire the shotgun.

The pace went out at a solid effort for the first K which I think was 3:09 as stated by some guy holding a stopwatch. The first water stop was either just after or before the K mark which struck me as odd because it was so early in the race. Who needs water 3 to 6 minutes into the run? I took water anyway just to cool off the back of my neck before surging to the lead. Mr. Pillow, Mr. Downard and Mr. Dech followed closely behind my lead and through the mile we were 5:08. Around the 2k mark Dech tossed in a visible surge for about 40 seconds. I could see his turnover quicken as he opened up a 20 to 30 meter gap. As I ran by Pillow in chase of Dech, he said, "I think I pissed him off." Great. Now I was going to have to get after the pace.

There were no more individuals calling out K splits for the remainder of the run, but luckily, I had Mr. Garmin along. He said my splits for the race were 5:08, 5:02, 5:11, 5:26, 5:23. I went through the 5k at 15:50 with a gap on the others. I skipped the part of the race where I caught and passed Dech just after 3k and then was running solo for the last half of the race.

I felt good out front and in control. There was no need to really hammer the pace and I was afraid of potentially taking a wrong turn. A few times I passed the lead motorcycle cop because he was having to chat with drivers who were on the race course. Also, at one point we had to dodge a road closure which meant the motorcycle was up on the dirt and curbs kicking up dust.

If I were to grade this race, I would give it a C. The weather was 83 degrees at 6:00 am this morning and there were only 3 water stops scattered over the 8k distance. The first was at 1k, the second past 5k, and the third water stop was at 7k, however, when I got there the SUV had just arrived to set up the table for the water. Not ideal given the humid conditions. There wasn't anything particularly special about the race course and Don Garrett clearly messed up the timing. I was awarded first place with a time just over 26 minutes but I'm positive that was rather generous as several friends at the race thought they had run 11 to 12 seconds slower, yet they were given faster times. On a positive note, I won a free pair of racing flats! But, I have to go to a competing running store in Oklahoma City to pick up my prize. Clearly, I can't let this prize go to waste, but at the same time I have no desire to betray OK Runner.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Elevated Temps

Time: 30:12
Distance: 4.00 miles
Pace: 7:32

This afternoon I snuck in a few extra miles with Meagan through Brookhaven. I returned to work about an hour before close to hang out in the cooler inside temps. When we hit the streets it was about 100 degrees with a slight breeze out of the south which made the return trip almost enjoyable. The legs continue to feel good and there is some talk about running the Bethany Freedom Run in the morning. It's an 8k course for no money, just the love of the sport. Apparently, they have "unique" prizes, so hopefully I'll return with one of those.

No Aches, No Pains

Time: 59:00
Distance: 8.04 miles
Pace: 7:20

Meagan and I met Scotty out along Pickard for a standard run through Nompton. I'm glad I opted to not run the 10 mile progression/predator run this morning as it was already in the mid-70s. My legs were a little sluggish on the run but overall I felt pretty good. No aches or pains that would cause me to back off the training.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Water and Oil

Time: 78:52
Distance: 11.73 miles

I was on the roads bright and early this morning to meet Scotty along Pickard. We were out the door a shade after 6:30 am for an effort that we've been doing the past few weeks. Again, we ran the first half of the run at our normal training pace before getting after it in the latter half. Mr. Downard was feeling frisky as we started the hard portion running south on Pickard. I could tell he wanted to perform better than he had the previous week. Despite the similar conditions, Scotty was on point. He led us through splits of: 5:33, 5:34, 5:27, 5:24, 5:17.

I wouldn't say that I felt great for the first 2 or 3 miles but I hung in there a few strides behind Scotty. I tried to relax and just let the pace and distance come by feel. Around 4 miles I finally started getting into the up-tempo section and decided to hit the front. We finished strong, ending near Lions (Lyons?) park. It was a step in the right direction, though I probably ruined the workout that was scheduled for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Car by Foot

Time: xx:xx
Distance: 4.26 miles

I decided to flip when I did my 4 x 200m strides to this afternoon so I wouldn't have to worry about ending at a track with Scotty and Conor. The run began in Brookhaven Village and proceeded down Robinson St. to the GT. I snapped a photo of the field before turning for the Norman High track. I was feeling decent running to the track but knew the strides would be a chore.

Splits: (50.63) 31.43, (57.15) 30.57, (55.15) 30.55, (55.16) 30.11.

I can tell that my legs are a little beat up from the cumulative amount of work that I have run the last couple of weeks. Usually, I can rip off sub-30 second 200s with 50-55 sec rest. I understand the purpose of the 200s were to be strides designed to shake out some of the junk from my legs. After my strides I tried to help Meagan correct her Jen Rhines shuffle on her barefoot 100m pickups. She looked a little better and quicker on the last one.

Conor Holt's Departure

Time: 59:20
Distance: 8.04 miles
Pace: 7:23

Meagan and I left the house just before 8:00 am to run down to the parking lot at Timberdell and Jenkins. We were meeting up with Camille, Conor and Scotty for a jog around town. Camille and Conor head back to West Lafayette, Indiana this morning after a brief return to Nompton. Once we grouped up the girls went in one direction and the guys another. We don't like to mix and match much here in the bible belt.

We started out with a spin around a 3 mile loop that Conor maintains he would do all of his long runs on. During one session he says he ran 8 loops of the thing. It's a decent, soft, not too scenic loop near campus. I could maybe run 2, possibly 3 before I would have to venture elsewhere. Eight loops is a bit much. He also claims former Norman resident and current Nike employee, Tom Redding, once ran 9 loops. That's 27 miles on the same 3 mile course!

Our run for the most part was pleasant. The legs weren't too beat up from the 400s yesterday. Conor made mention of a similar workout one of his athletes did this year. Neither Scotty nor I could understand the Irish gibberish that was coming out of his mouth (think Eamonn O'Connor or Enda Johnson), but he was clearly excited about the amount of work. Anyway, point being is that my workout was similar to the Kiwi's workout and he ran ~29:50 for 10k a few weeks later. I guess that's encouraging news.

I finished up the run on Main St., said our farewells and proceeded upstairs.