Friday, July 24, 2009

Saxon Trails

Time: 46:33
Distance: 6.21
Pace: 7:30

The roads came calling this morning for a shorter run around town, but I had to let them wait because Meagan and I were going to check out Saxon. Coach Smith was in the store not too long ago and told us about the trails that he was creating just off Hwy 9. His story about Ironwolf (I gotta find a way to get one of these) was great and he was clearly excited about the prospects of having some running trails near town. I should have been weary on our venture out there as he mentioned that the trails were "walkable." Martin's overly cautious nature led me to believe that the trail would be a little more "runable" than it was.

Meagan and I put just under 2 miles on the clock before deciding that we needed to hit the streets. There was no point in twisting an ankle a couple days before a race. Since we were parked on 36th St. east of town I discovered that we weren't too far from Cedar Lane. A few more miles out and back made for an easy day of running.

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