Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sleepy Head Long Run

Time: 105:23
Distance: 16.01 miles
Pace: 6:34

After a very uneventful Fourth of July here in Norman (the fireworks show was canceled due to rain), Meagan and I were able to get lots of sleep. I had been up early the last three mornings and my body was ready for some recovery. We didn't leave the apartment until well after 10:00 am which isn't ideal but the weather allowed for it. The rain cooled off the morning air to a cool 73 degrees.

Our first destination was Sutton Woods where we ran 3 laps around the dirt trail. The pace was casual and my legs were feeling well recovered from the race. The pace dropped just slightly from 7 to 9 miles which brought Meagan back near the apartment. The first 9 mile splits were: &:53, 7:22, 7:12, 7:14, 6:58, 7:03, 6:54, 6:51, 6:38.

I still had 7 miles to run so I continued south through campus and ran found myself down by Hwy 9. The pace continued to drop and soon I was clicking off sub-6 minute efforts. I felt comfortable running a bit quicker today as the weather permitted an increased pace. The splits for the remainder of the run were: 6:10, 5:56, 5:41, 5:48, 5:46, 5:37, 6:14.

Now what I find peculiar is that Jailhouse ran 1:42:00 for 16 miles while it took me 3 minutes longer. He, too, was running with his girlfriend for ~10 miles before running the remaining 6 miles solo. So, it would have taken him about 70-75 minutes to run 10 miles and then he added on another 33 minutes which he says was 6 miles. Given the fact that he ran 34:04 for 10k (5:28 pace) on Saturday and finished his last 6 miles at 5:30 pace today either means Jailhouse is on the juice or needs a refresher arithmetic lesson. Zing!

Sorry, my apologies up front.

I'm pretty sure Keith Kelly posted about Passion Pit a few weeks back, but the Sleepyhead song and post title can't be passed up.


Coach Gaudette said...

Face it, my girlfriend is faster than yours. That girl's gone down hill since she switched coaches, haha.

and check out little secrets from passion pit, that's my fav.

Meagan Nedlo said...

we should have a couples race: team mj vs. team mj. preferably with relay batons involved and perhaps utilizing some sort of obstacle course. we will destroy you!

Coach Gaudette said...

Oh, it's on like sean john. Meet you at the monkey bars behind school at 3:15