Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy Run

Time: 61:44
Distance: 13.41 km
Pace: 4:36/km

The one run easy day got flipped to Tuesday as MA was hit with some rain. It drizzled most of the run and I wasn't feeling fantastic. It was a good day to only run once and recover more.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Short Loop of Nahant

Time: 68:37
Distance: 16.03 km
Pace: 4:17/km

The only times that I loop Nahant is on a long run so when I decided to double with a loop around the peninsula, I didn't think it was going to be 16 kilometers (10 miles). I was meeting up with a triathlete in Swampscott to show him some shoes and arrived too early so I went out for a run. The weather remained awesome and I found myself clipping off some relaxed splits around Nahant.

Monday Morning in Marblehead

Time: 59:21
Distance: 12.36 km
Pace: 4:48/km

It was a great day for a jog around the Marblehead Neck this morning and we took advantage. After Meagan's big workout on Saturday and a hilly long trail run on Sunday today was intended to be really easy. In fact, I said we should only run once, but the nice weather continued and both of us put in a second run later in the day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week in Review

Time: 648:16
Distance: 137.36 km

After adding up the total, I would have expected to run more than this. I got in a few long workouts with Meagan but I guess the warm ups and cool downs weren't extended and I didn't have the opportunity to double other days. I'll still take it as the body is feeling good and my fitness is coming around. I'll need to start doing my own tempo paced runs in the 5:05 to 5:25 range for me to really start feeling strong. It has helped pacing some of Meagan's workouts in those ranges but I'm able to rest just as the effort starts to get a little more difficult. Still, it's better than not being able to train so I'll take it.

Lincoln Woods Long Run

Time: 125:54
Distance: 26.77 km
Pace: 4:38/km

I'm not how accurate the Garmin captured this run out at Lincoln Woods with a good sized group from the BAA. We met at a parking lot in Lincoln and headed off on some trails. The group of about 12, only one of which knew the trails well, kept together for about 10 miles.

The most notable thing about the run is looping Walden Pond. Yes, Thoreau's Walden Pond. I think in the summer it's quite the tourist destination but today our group had the site pretty much to ourselves. I had a good conversation with Danny Mackey (married to Katie Follett Mackey who runs for Brooks) about the running industry. He has recently taken a position with Puma as a product line manager. The pace stayed pretty relaxed until Emily Kroshus went to the front of the pack around the 1:55 mark and picked up the pace. It was nice to end at a quicker tempo and open up the stride. I think we all agreed to return to the trails soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Harvard Track Tempo and 400s

Time: 91:35
Distance: 19.50 km

W/u: 22:16 for 4.40km
W/o: 4 mile tempo (jog back to track), 8 x 400m
C/d: 20:32 for 3.86km

Meagan and I headed off to Boston this morning for a workout with the BAA. Earlier in the week Meagan reached out to Terry Shea inquiring if anyone wanted to run a workout from the Harvard track that consisted of a tempo run and some 400s. We arrived to find 7or 8 other women looking to partake in the workout at various paces.

The workout was designed to tire the legs with the 4 miles along the Charles River and then come back to close out the effort with some quicker track work. It mixes both 10k strength with mile/5k speed. I set the pace from the outset which had us going out a little quick. A group of women started about 40 seconds in front of us and it seemed that I wanted to close that gap as quickly as possible. I think we made a pretty big dent withing the first 1k.

3:36.3, 3:41.5, 3:35.7, 3:32.5, 3:33.8, 3:29.5, 1:28.1 (3:32/k pace for final 400m) for 22:57.4 seconds

Slow jog back to the track 8:45 total which is a little more than I would have liked but we still covered over 1k and waited around

76.9 (60), 75.5 (61), 75.7 (60), 75.3 (60), 74.5 (61), 74.4 (61), 73.8 (60), 71.6

I thought Meagan handled this effort really well. She sounded and looked great on the tempo run that was faster than I had suggested. I wanted something like 6:00, 5:55, 5:50, 5:45 and got something closer to 5:47, 5:45, 5:41, 5:40. It seemed fairly comfortable for her which is a great sign in terms of fitness heading into the 10k in two weeks.

The 400s were solid off 60 seconds rest. You can fake running a lap of the track pretty easily so having Meagan run right around 5 min/mile pace was positive.

I think we both decided to do more workouts where we mix a tempo run and hit the track. Neither portion is too long and you can focus on each segment fully without feeling a little overwhelmed.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Marblehead Carnival

Time: 52:58
Distance: 11.24 km
Pace: 4:43/km

I got back from working the Karhu Airstream in Boston and needed to clear the mind. It was foggy out and near the coast with visibility being only 100 meters. I headed off for a loop around the Neck and found the beach parking lot to be filled with cars. The normally classy fishing town of Marblehead had somehow been persuaded to allow carnies in with their rickety rides. Since Meagan and I are soon to relocate to Salem I can say we left because of all the low brow shenanigans that is taking over the town.

I had a nice run minus the random honk from joy riding teens with too much money at their disposal. Even though I couldn't see well due to the fog, I could still smell the pungent aroma of weed being smoked my the Marblehead youth. I could understand if this were The Point in Salem, but not on the mean streets of Marblehead. It's a good thing I'm getting out before the town completely loses all of it's respectable qualities.

Need to Recover

Time: 39:07
Distance: 8.02 km
Pace: 4.53/km

There was nothing impressive about this run other than the fact that it was much needed. I went out solo for some easy kilometers in Marblehead.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SEAC Workout

Time: 29:48
Distance: ~6.82 km

W/u: 12:18 for 2.22km
W/o: 400m (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 200 (easy), 200 (hard), drills, 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard)
C/d: 11:31 for 2.86km

And this is why I get injured. I can't say "no." This what trying to quit cigarettes must be like. I ran a workout this morning and then visited accounts for work. I purposely ended my day at the South End Athletic Company for a Karhu wear test run and Balega raffle/trivia night because they have Thursday night group runs. What I didn't realize is that it's really a workout night from the store. I could have said "no," but that's not my style. I laced up the shoes and started taking strong puffs around the track with the group.

We started with an easy jog over to a track in the South End and then began with a hard 400m. As a footwear rep, I had to show everyone what Karhu was all about. It just turns out that the store owner was an 800m/1500m runner at Boston College not too long ago. I wasn't sure how fast he'd open the workout, but it turns out he was going to rip a 57! I was back with a more relaxed 62 and then went into the strides winded and hoping to catch up. It wasn't pretty but I managed to complete everything near the front.

Next we did a bunch of drills. Not butt kicks or high knees, but the hard ones like bounding, standing long jumps, and backwards strides. It was getting ugly. Fortunately, I was warmed up and more coordinated than others to hold my own. It ended up being pretty fun and a really good workout.

Now that I know what I'm in for at a SEAC workout group, I'll come more prepared next time!

Marblehead 10k Track Workout

Time: 94:58
Distance: ~19.66 km

W/u: 20:26 for 4.01km
W/o (MRN): 12 x 800 w/ 2:30 rest
W/o (JSK): 8 x 1200, 4 x 800
C/d: 15:36 for 2.85km

Meagan is racing the 10k in a few weeks at one of the New Balance Twighlight meets and this workout was geared toward her being ready. I looked over her training from 2010 when she ran under 35 minutes three times in less than 8 weeks and noticed there were several workouts consisting of 25 x 300, 12 x 800 (twice), 6 x mile and some predator runs. The 12 x 800m workout was one she nailed a couple of times so I put it on the schedule to give her something to compare her fitness.

I was playing queenmaker for 800m and then I would pick up the pace for 400m in hopes of getting a bit more of an effort in case I ever want to run fast again. It was a nice way to add some of my own pace work and still help out the one who is looking to race soon.

2:36.8, 73.1 (77); 2:36.2, 72.2 (79); 2:36.9, 73.9 (79); 2:34.7, 74.9 (78);
2:36.5, 74.2 (77); 2:36.2, 74.9 (78); 2:35.4, 75.0 (76); 2:34.6, 72.9 (79);
2:36.6 (2:30); 2:34.55 (2:30); 2:35.6 (2:31); 2:34.5

Meagan ran really well and I'll take it. I felt pretty comfortable picking up the pace for 400m hitting sub-5 minute pace. Nothing crazy for me and a sign that the fitness is there for her. I think her average would be 2:35 low which is comparable to some of her workouts from 2010.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Foiled by Track Fans

Time: 82:17
Distance: 17.41km

W/u #1: 14:58 for 2.86km
W/u #2: 67:19 for 14.55km

Meagan had a big workout on tap this afternoon that we planned to do at the Beverly High School track near our offices. We warmed up around the little pond in the Cummings Center and were about to cross the street to the track when I saw a track meet was being contested. Clearly we would not be able to get on the track during the meet so we made the decision to grab our bags and hurry back to Marblehead.

It was a slow drive home to Marblehead as it seemed we hit every red light between the office and home. We dropped our bags and then headed off on the quickest route to the track. It was almost comical when we showed up to find the boys high school mile about to start signaling that we would not be able to use the track at all. We opted to just go on a run along the gravel path through town and make the workout happen tomorrow. I tried to not be too upset with kids competing at the sport that has provided me with so much.

Morning Shakeout

Time: 32:02
Distance: 6.47km
Pace: 4:57/km

We got out the door a little later in the morning for a slow jog through Marblehead. This afternoon Meagan will be running some 800s to get her training back on track for a fast 10k later this month. After going over her workouts from this spring as compared to 2010 when she was finishing up at Queens University, I noticed a lack of 400s and 800s in her speed work. She was pretty consistent in running 300s, 400s, 800s and mile repeats when she was performing her best. I believe she is much stronger now with the marathon work and half marathons she run this spring, but not used to running 10km worth of volume at a pace slightly fast than race pace. Today will be that day to get back to running some 800s, 10-12 of them specifically with me playing queenmaker.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots of Work to Do

Time: 38:12
Distance: 8.39km

W/u: 16:30 for 3.25km
W/o: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m all with 100m jog
C/d: 11:46 for 2.32km

There was nothing pretty about the effort this evening at the Marblehead track. My hope was to inject a little pace into the system and see how the body responded. I learned that I have a long way to go until I get back to where I know I'm capable of running. Not to make too many excuses, but tonight's run was pretty windy and cold.

17.2 (31), 35.5 (33), 52.7 (38), 70.0 (38), 70.6 (39), 52.5 (37), 33.6 (38), 15.4

I never felt smooth clicking of 70 second 400m pace which isn't fast. I want to keep doing workouts like this a couple times a week just so that my body gets the feeling of running fast again. Lots of work to do...

Marblehead Neck

Time: 61:25
Distance: 13.08km
Pace: 4:42/km

It was an easy run this morning around the Neck to start the day. The legs are feeling good even after a big Sunday of running and I can tell they want to start working out. I'll probably try and do something later this week mixed in with a workout with MRN.