Thursday, May 3, 2012

SEAC Workout

Time: 29:48
Distance: ~6.82 km

W/u: 12:18 for 2.22km
W/o: 400m (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 200 (easy), 200 (hard), drills, 100 (easy), 100 (hard), 100 (easy), 100 (hard)
C/d: 11:31 for 2.86km

And this is why I get injured. I can't say "no." This what trying to quit cigarettes must be like. I ran a workout this morning and then visited accounts for work. I purposely ended my day at the South End Athletic Company for a Karhu wear test run and Balega raffle/trivia night because they have Thursday night group runs. What I didn't realize is that it's really a workout night from the store. I could have said "no," but that's not my style. I laced up the shoes and started taking strong puffs around the track with the group.

We started with an easy jog over to a track in the South End and then began with a hard 400m. As a footwear rep, I had to show everyone what Karhu was all about. It just turns out that the store owner was an 800m/1500m runner at Boston College not too long ago. I wasn't sure how fast he'd open the workout, but it turns out he was going to rip a 57! I was back with a more relaxed 62 and then went into the strides winded and hoping to catch up. It wasn't pretty but I managed to complete everything near the front.

Next we did a bunch of drills. Not butt kicks or high knees, but the hard ones like bounding, standing long jumps, and backwards strides. It was getting ugly. Fortunately, I was warmed up and more coordinated than others to hold my own. It ended up being pretty fun and a really good workout.

Now that I know what I'm in for at a SEAC workout group, I'll come more prepared next time!

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