Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lincoln Woods Long Run

Time: 125:54
Distance: 26.77 km
Pace: 4:38/km

I'm not how accurate the Garmin captured this run out at Lincoln Woods with a good sized group from the BAA. We met at a parking lot in Lincoln and headed off on some trails. The group of about 12, only one of which knew the trails well, kept together for about 10 miles.

The most notable thing about the run is looping Walden Pond. Yes, Thoreau's Walden Pond. I think in the summer it's quite the tourist destination but today our group had the site pretty much to ourselves. I had a good conversation with Danny Mackey (married to Katie Follett Mackey who runs for Brooks) about the running industry. He has recently taken a position with Puma as a product line manager. The pace stayed pretty relaxed until Emily Kroshus went to the front of the pack around the 1:55 mark and picked up the pace. It was nice to end at a quicker tempo and open up the stride. I think we all agreed to return to the trails soon.

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