Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Shakeout

Time: 32:02
Distance: 6.47km
Pace: 4:57/km

We got out the door a little later in the morning for a slow jog through Marblehead. This afternoon Meagan will be running some 800s to get her training back on track for a fast 10k later this month. After going over her workouts from this spring as compared to 2010 when she was finishing up at Queens University, I noticed a lack of 400s and 800s in her speed work. She was pretty consistent in running 300s, 400s, 800s and mile repeats when she was performing her best. I believe she is much stronger now with the marathon work and half marathons she run this spring, but not used to running 10km worth of volume at a pace slightly fast than race pace. Today will be that day to get back to running some 800s, 10-12 of them specifically with me playing queenmaker.

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