Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gettin' Those Ks

Time: 66:09
Distance: 15.51k
Pace: 4:15

I set out to put in 15 kilometers and I had a loop in mind that I thought would be close. It turned out that I was just about spot on and I can see my self running this loop more throughout the summer and into the fall. It was easy crossing Runnymeade today since the road is still closed but that is one negative to the route.

Meagan and I started out together before she turned for home. She was on her double and I was just getting out the door in the evening. About 45 minutes into the run I got the idea that I wanted to run a really fast kilometer just to see what I could do. Not all out, but get that all familiar hurt back in the legs and lungs. I tried to relax running along the median of the Booty Loop before entering Freedom Park. Just as Mr. Garmin clicked 13k, I took off and opened up the stride. The pace felt fast but not out of control and I ran out of the park taking a quick glance at the watch. I had about 400 meters to run to keep the pace honest which I did to finish up in 2:56 (2:55 is 4:40 mile pace). I was winded but not completely in the well. Good sign of things to come.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Off for Recovery

Time: none
Distance: none

After running back to back days of over an hour, I opted to take a day off. Lame. But smart.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mt. Pleasant Workout

Time: 86:55
Distance: ~16.93k

W/u: 25:47 for 5.02k
W/o: A ladder of - 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200 + 400. 60-90 sec recovery.
C/d: 25:14 for 4.02k

Meagan and I got up wicked early to drive over to Mt. Pleasant for a workout with Irv Batten and his group of runners that meet across the street from On the Run. We arrived at the valet (which I'm not particularly fond of) with plenty of time for the guy to pick up my car. Well, turns out he wasn't versed in driving a German engineered transmission where the "reverse" is in the upper lefthand corner. It must have taken the guy 15 minutes to drive from the parking deck to the hotel. In fact, I had time to walk over to see the guy still struggling to get the car in gear and walk back before he showed up with my car. To think what will happen when I drive my Ferrari next time.

We made it to the parking lot just as another straggler was getting out of his car. The warm up was a shortened so we could catch the group on their first loop and I was surprised to see so many people. The last time I ran here, it was in the middle of a storm and nobody showed up except for me and Irv. This time Irv was the no show, but he had a legit excuse with a summer illness.

I designed a workout that I thought Meagan could do and she dared me to drag her along. So that's what I did.

40.49 (63), ?? (??),
79.60 (61), 1:40.70 (61), 2:03.30 (60),
2:23.37 (90), 2:40.85 (90), 2:23:50 (89),
2:00.46 (90), 1:39.69 (75), 74.42 (61),
55.05 (76), 34.10 (63),
35:54 for 7.89k total

Well those are the splits. It might a little confusing to understand especially since I completely missed the 300m interval. I'm not used to wearing a watch and now I'm expected to take splits in a workout!? I dialed the pace in a bit on the 400m through the end of the workout and towed Meagan along. Wheezing and all. She didn't have a good workout, but given the conditions it was bad either. She hit the splits she needed to off short rest, but portions of the workout Meagan sounded miserable. I almost pulled her after the 800 but wanted to see what she could do fighting through the weather and stress of the pace.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chucktown run

Time: 75:54
Distance: 16.02k
Avg: 4:44

If I'm going to start running seriously in July, I might as well start posting regularly. Meagan, her family and I were in Charleston for a few days visiting the Holy City and playing tourist. Charleston is known for it's food, churches and heat. I guess they should be credited with starting the Civil War too. Or so I'm told.

This morning Meagan, her dad and I went on a run from our hotel to through the battery, straight up King St. and around some of the sketchier neighborhoods near the Citadel. Remember the Citadel? I was only planning on running about an hour but the body was feeling good so I continued on a little more. Before I knew it, I was approaching Meagan's goal of 10 miles and we called it a day with some post-run stretching in the park near our hotel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of the Solstice

6/20/11 - 59:48 for 14.18k (4:13 avg)
I ran a full Medium Loop with a quick stop in Freedom Park to use the restroom. The pace on this run was a little faster than my previous runs. I can tell that it's becoming a little more comfortable to run again. I did drills, core and some strengthening exercises upon finishing.

6/21/11 - 38:51 for 8.55k (4:32 avg)
I felt absolutely awful on this run in Charleston, SC. I had a late night with some friends that I stay with when I visit this town. On top of all that, my right shin was sore. I don't think it's the bone because I'm not running nearly enough to fracture anything, but the muscles/tendons near the tibia are definitely sore to the touch. Just something else that I have to monitor.

6/22/11 - Day off

6/23/11 - 56:36 for 13.77k (4:06 avg)
I went out the door for a nice easy run that turned into an effort. The pace never got really fast, but I was clicking off some decent splits. The run gave me memories of that hurt I'll soon experience again when I start working out. Better get used to it.

6/24/11 - 49:58 for 11.87k (4:12 avg)
Another run that ended with some fast splits. My shin was definitely sore before the run and after, but I didn't really notice it during the run. The big win here was that my upper hamstring felt the best it has all month.

6/25/11 - 63:47 for 15.02k (4:14 avg)
This was the first really respectable run of the month as I cracked the hour mark for the first time this month. I felt good running on familiar roads and getting into a nice rhythm. I kept close track of how my shin is doing. It is hopefully a minor case of shin splints that I only feel slightly at toe off and only on some steps. My hip felt really good as well.

6/26/11 - 39:49 for 8.29k (4:48 avg)
I ran with Meagan for the first time in several weeks. I have made an effort to run most of the month solo because I want to go at my pace as I get back into shape. My hip felt good and the shin was only a little sore. I continue to stretch, massage and ice upon returning from a run and then keep up the routine throughout the day.

Week in Review
Time: 308:49
Distance: 71.68k

Another jump in distance and I'm feeling good that I'll be able to start working out in July. I won't be really satisfied until I'm running 120k which might not be until August. The body is feeling okay and the mind is ready to start putting in the work.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Middle of June

6/13/11 - 39:40 for 8.42k
I ran through Freedom Park picking up some miles... err kilometers.

6/14/11 - 25:39 for 5.21k and 16:15 for 3.21k
I was in High Point for work and got to visit the university track with Jenna. She was running a workout and I warmed up and cooled down with her. While she worked out, I did drills and strength exercises on the infield.

6/15/11 - Day off

6/16/11 - 50:56 for 11.64k
I ran from home on a modified Medium/Booty loop. I was able to make it shorter by not running through the park on the way out. My upper left hamstring feels pretty good, but is still not 100%. I still feel that it's "catching" and will need to be closely monitored.

6/17/11 - ~48 min for ~12k
This was Jay's last group run in Charlotte. We all met up at the Old Bell entrance to McAlpine and ran as a group. My hip actually felt pretty good, but I'm not used to running this early and everything else felt off.

6/18/11 - ~15 min for 3.72k and 18:33 for 3.65k
The map on this will be a little off as I cheered on John, Caitlin and Meagan during the Running of the Bulls 8k. I tried to get to as many points as possible to see everyone competing. I think I made it to 5 or 6 spots in total. After the race I ran with Joe Moore (winner), Tim Surface (3rd) and Devin Swann (4th) along a bike path near the finish.

6/19/11 - Day off

Week in Review
Time: 214:03
Distance: 47.85k

I ran a little bit less than I would have liked, but I'm making progress. The hip isn't giving me any more problems and I'm slowly gaining some fitness. The plan has been to start more serious running in July and just get in what I can during June.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catch Up Post

6/8/11 - 36:55 for 8.02k
I was in Chicago for the GORE RUNNING WEAR Handover meeting where I got to see the Spring 2012 apparel line. The run this morning took me from the Affinia Hotel and to the bike path along Lake Michigan. I didn't feel great, but was happy to log some miles in a new city. I even saw a GORE RUNNING WEAR shirt that wasn't being worn by someone at the meetings. The apparel looks amazing and part of the women's collection was created by a designer who has also worked for Armani and Fendi.

6/9/11 - 38:42 for 8.21k
It was a quick trip to Chicago as I was back for a loop through Myers Park this morning. I am taking it nice and slow and not worrying about pace. I just want my glute, adductors, hip, etc. to all feel healthy.

6/10/11 - Day off for recovery.

6/11/11 - 42:07 for 9.18k
I got in this run between two NUUN taste testing events. The first was at Run For Your Life where I sampled the product to USA Fit and the second was at Omega Sports - Park Road. My run felt good and it was nice to start from RFYL. I looped through Freedom Park and ran on the Booty Loop just briefly. Another easy run in the books for the comeback.

6/12/11 - 47:49 for 10.17k
When I was at Brown, we used to run a workout called Little Snake. It referred more to the route than the workout, but basically it ran up and down a hilly section of Providence. The workout was a staple in our training throughout the year and it was always fun to see the progression from the first time to the end of the year. I tried to find a route that would be similar through Myers Park, but the cross streets are too long. If you look at the map you'll notice I was running up and over, but eventually gave up trying to find a proper course.

Week in Review
Time: 171:33
Distance: 43.68k

This week was used to get my legs used to running a little more without aggravating my tight upper hamstring. You will also noticed that I have switched to running Kilometers in an attempt to not know how fast or slow I am going. At this point I don't really care and I just want to train based off feel. Running in k's will also be nice when the training gears up as I will have more splits over the course of any workout or run. For instance, run 6 miles and you get six data points, but in k's you get 10 data points.

The comeback continues...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comeback Continues

6/2/11 - Ran about 10 minutes after giving a skin care clinic to a training group outside of Baltimore. Charm City Run is hosting the women's training groups for the Baltimore Women's Classic which is in a couple of week. I enlightened everyone to how great BodyGlide is and gave everyone a sample version of the product take home.

6/3/11 - No run. Gotta be smart.

6/4/11 - Drove from DC to CLT visiting Pacers - Logan Circle, Pacers - Arlington, Casual Adventure, Footsteps of Reston, Potomac - Reston, Wilkin's Shoe Center, Runners' Retreat, Mountain Trails and Runner's Corner. I didn't think I'd be able to watch any of the Pre Classic, but I timed my trip perfectly and got to see the Bowerman Mile during my last visit of the day. As a side note, I made it from Harrisonburg to Charlotte without stopping. Not a record but five straight hours in the car riding solo is rough without any stops.

6/5/11 - Sunday long run? No! I ran 3 miles along the creek path and then did some strength exercises. During the return trip some cyclist said I was looking good, but I told him that I felt terrible. At least I was looking fit. I even water jogged in the pool for 10-15 minutes before I realized how awful water running is.

6/6/11 - I ran 5 miles on my route through Freedom Park. It was nice and slow, nothing impressive. I continued with my strengthening exercises. In the evening I went to Dr. Greenapple's office and he fixed me up real nice.

6/7/11 - Before leaving for the airport I did drills and 3 hill strides in the condo complex. It was good to do something before jumping on the plane to Chicago for the GORE RUNNING WEAR Handover Meeting. I didn't have any pain while running or doing the drills, but I still do feel upper hamstring tightness near my adductors.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is This Blog Dead?

Short answer: basically.

Where did we leave off?

April 21st: Last post about working out with Caitlin. She killed it. My hip/back felt a little funny the rest of the afternoon, but no major worries.

April 22nd: Ran 5 miles in the morning nice and easy. Hip/back didn't feel wonderful, but no worse. I went and had a x-ray done at Dr. Greenapple's office. I wanted to know if it was the bone or something soft tissues because I was planning on racing the next morning. I didn't run in the afternoon so that I could rest up the body.

April 23rd: Raced a 12k trail race out at the National White Water Center. It had rained the night before so the single track trails were a little muddy. I wore LunarRacers which was quite possibly the worst choice for this type of race (I still think trail shoes suck, except Inov8). I actually threw out the shoes after the race (might have been the pair I won Oklahoma City Marathon with). I fell 3 times during the race after opening up a minor gap on Ben Hovis. We had a bit of a sprint finish to the end, but I prevailed earning a trip for two to any Sandals Resort in the Caribbean. My punishment was that I couldn't walk after the race. My leg shut down and I hobbled up to accept my award with a walking stick Ben found me in the woods.

April 24th: Dr. Greenapple saw me on a Sunday to bring some life back into my leg. He did his best and I left walking a little bit better, but was still in the hurt tank. We couldn't decide if it was soft tissue, the SI Joint or something a little more major (pelvic stress fracture).

April 25th - May 31st: No running. None. I'm guessing my heart rate never got above 80 the entire time. The pain/discomfort got better after a week and I could walk normally. It took about 2 weeks before all discomfort went away. I did "jog" for about 2 or 3 minutes as tester runs, but could tell in that short period of time that running for 30 minutes would set me back significantly.

I had to watch the Twilight 5k from the sideline while all of the Let Me Run boys that I coached race. I had to time a couple of Meagan's workouts when I would have been pacing her up front. I watched Bobby Mack crack 30 minutes on the roads in Raleigh (he would have smoked me anyway).

I continued to get treatment from Dr. Greenapple or Dr. Kahn which has allowed the body to heal quicker. Since there is no target race on the schedule I haven't felt the need to rush back into things. I also elected not to cross train because I did so much of that during college. My body will be ready to run when it's ready to run.

June 1st: National Running Day. I was up in DC /Baltimore for a clinic with Charm City Run. I jogged for about 15 minutes around the Goucher College track in lane 6. I think I made it 7 or 8 laps in the heat. No pain. Felt awkward. Out of shape. But, the comeback is on.