Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is This Blog Dead?

Short answer: basically.

Where did we leave off?

April 21st: Last post about working out with Caitlin. She killed it. My hip/back felt a little funny the rest of the afternoon, but no major worries.

April 22nd: Ran 5 miles in the morning nice and easy. Hip/back didn't feel wonderful, but no worse. I went and had a x-ray done at Dr. Greenapple's office. I wanted to know if it was the bone or something soft tissues because I was planning on racing the next morning. I didn't run in the afternoon so that I could rest up the body.

April 23rd: Raced a 12k trail race out at the National White Water Center. It had rained the night before so the single track trails were a little muddy. I wore LunarRacers which was quite possibly the worst choice for this type of race (I still think trail shoes suck, except Inov8). I actually threw out the shoes after the race (might have been the pair I won Oklahoma City Marathon with). I fell 3 times during the race after opening up a minor gap on Ben Hovis. We had a bit of a sprint finish to the end, but I prevailed earning a trip for two to any Sandals Resort in the Caribbean. My punishment was that I couldn't walk after the race. My leg shut down and I hobbled up to accept my award with a walking stick Ben found me in the woods.

April 24th: Dr. Greenapple saw me on a Sunday to bring some life back into my leg. He did his best and I left walking a little bit better, but was still in the hurt tank. We couldn't decide if it was soft tissue, the SI Joint or something a little more major (pelvic stress fracture).

April 25th - May 31st: No running. None. I'm guessing my heart rate never got above 80 the entire time. The pain/discomfort got better after a week and I could walk normally. It took about 2 weeks before all discomfort went away. I did "jog" for about 2 or 3 minutes as tester runs, but could tell in that short period of time that running for 30 minutes would set me back significantly.

I had to watch the Twilight 5k from the sideline while all of the Let Me Run boys that I coached race. I had to time a couple of Meagan's workouts when I would have been pacing her up front. I watched Bobby Mack crack 30 minutes on the roads in Raleigh (he would have smoked me anyway).

I continued to get treatment from Dr. Greenapple or Dr. Kahn which has allowed the body to heal quicker. Since there is no target race on the schedule I haven't felt the need to rush back into things. I also elected not to cross train because I did so much of that during college. My body will be ready to run when it's ready to run.

June 1st: National Running Day. I was up in DC /Baltimore for a clinic with Charm City Run. I jogged for about 15 minutes around the Goucher College track in lane 6. I think I made it 7 or 8 laps in the heat. No pain. Felt awkward. Out of shape. But, the comeback is on.


mainers said...

fingers crossed!

mrn said...

welcome back baby!

The Un-Retired Runner said...

Hell yes! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Glad you're starting back. The Charlotte running scene hasn't been the same without you.

caitchris said...


That's all I have to say.