Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of the Solstice

6/20/11 - 59:48 for 14.18k (4:13 avg)
I ran a full Medium Loop with a quick stop in Freedom Park to use the restroom. The pace on this run was a little faster than my previous runs. I can tell that it's becoming a little more comfortable to run again. I did drills, core and some strengthening exercises upon finishing.

6/21/11 - 38:51 for 8.55k (4:32 avg)
I felt absolutely awful on this run in Charleston, SC. I had a late night with some friends that I stay with when I visit this town. On top of all that, my right shin was sore. I don't think it's the bone because I'm not running nearly enough to fracture anything, but the muscles/tendons near the tibia are definitely sore to the touch. Just something else that I have to monitor.

6/22/11 - Day off

6/23/11 - 56:36 for 13.77k (4:06 avg)
I went out the door for a nice easy run that turned into an effort. The pace never got really fast, but I was clicking off some decent splits. The run gave me memories of that hurt I'll soon experience again when I start working out. Better get used to it.

6/24/11 - 49:58 for 11.87k (4:12 avg)
Another run that ended with some fast splits. My shin was definitely sore before the run and after, but I didn't really notice it during the run. The big win here was that my upper hamstring felt the best it has all month.

6/25/11 - 63:47 for 15.02k (4:14 avg)
This was the first really respectable run of the month as I cracked the hour mark for the first time this month. I felt good running on familiar roads and getting into a nice rhythm. I kept close track of how my shin is doing. It is hopefully a minor case of shin splints that I only feel slightly at toe off and only on some steps. My hip felt really good as well.

6/26/11 - 39:49 for 8.29k (4:48 avg)
I ran with Meagan for the first time in several weeks. I have made an effort to run most of the month solo because I want to go at my pace as I get back into shape. My hip felt good and the shin was only a little sore. I continue to stretch, massage and ice upon returning from a run and then keep up the routine throughout the day.

Week in Review
Time: 308:49
Distance: 71.68k

Another jump in distance and I'm feeling good that I'll be able to start working out in July. I won't be really satisfied until I'm running 120k which might not be until August. The body is feeling okay and the mind is ready to start putting in the work.

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