Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gettin' Those Ks

Time: 66:09
Distance: 15.51k
Pace: 4:15

I set out to put in 15 kilometers and I had a loop in mind that I thought would be close. It turned out that I was just about spot on and I can see my self running this loop more throughout the summer and into the fall. It was easy crossing Runnymeade today since the road is still closed but that is one negative to the route.

Meagan and I started out together before she turned for home. She was on her double and I was just getting out the door in the evening. About 45 minutes into the run I got the idea that I wanted to run a really fast kilometer just to see what I could do. Not all out, but get that all familiar hurt back in the legs and lungs. I tried to relax running along the median of the Booty Loop before entering Freedom Park. Just as Mr. Garmin clicked 13k, I took off and opened up the stride. The pace felt fast but not out of control and I ran out of the park taking a quick glance at the watch. I had about 400 meters to run to keep the pace honest which I did to finish up in 2:56 (2:55 is 4:40 mile pace). I was winded but not completely in the well. Good sign of things to come.

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