Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mt. Pleasant Workout

Time: 86:55
Distance: ~16.93k

W/u: 25:47 for 5.02k
W/o: A ladder of - 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200 + 400. 60-90 sec recovery.
C/d: 25:14 for 4.02k

Meagan and I got up wicked early to drive over to Mt. Pleasant for a workout with Irv Batten and his group of runners that meet across the street from On the Run. We arrived at the valet (which I'm not particularly fond of) with plenty of time for the guy to pick up my car. Well, turns out he wasn't versed in driving a German engineered transmission where the "reverse" is in the upper lefthand corner. It must have taken the guy 15 minutes to drive from the parking deck to the hotel. In fact, I had time to walk over to see the guy still struggling to get the car in gear and walk back before he showed up with my car. To think what will happen when I drive my Ferrari next time.

We made it to the parking lot just as another straggler was getting out of his car. The warm up was a shortened so we could catch the group on their first loop and I was surprised to see so many people. The last time I ran here, it was in the middle of a storm and nobody showed up except for me and Irv. This time Irv was the no show, but he had a legit excuse with a summer illness.

I designed a workout that I thought Meagan could do and she dared me to drag her along. So that's what I did.

40.49 (63), ?? (??),
79.60 (61), 1:40.70 (61), 2:03.30 (60),
2:23.37 (90), 2:40.85 (90), 2:23:50 (89),
2:00.46 (90), 1:39.69 (75), 74.42 (61),
55.05 (76), 34.10 (63),
35:54 for 7.89k total

Well those are the splits. It might a little confusing to understand especially since I completely missed the 300m interval. I'm not used to wearing a watch and now I'm expected to take splits in a workout!? I dialed the pace in a bit on the 400m through the end of the workout and towed Meagan along. Wheezing and all. She didn't have a good workout, but given the conditions it was bad either. She hit the splits she needed to off short rest, but portions of the workout Meagan sounded miserable. I almost pulled her after the 800 but wanted to see what she could do fighting through the weather and stress of the pace.

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