Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:02
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner back to the Lodge in the late afternoon. Again, I had to leave to get to class this evening. Not a bad run. There was a stiff breeze blowing out of the north that made it cooler than recent days. Generally the winds from the south are warm, from the north cold. Though when running home on this loop that goes along the bike path by the train tracks, I'll take a breeze at my back any day.

I got an email last night from the race director of the DRC Half. Here is what she had to say:

Sorry, Jordan, each race director sets their own rules for elite comp entries. We need demonstration of half marathon results, and under 1:10:00 for men and under 1:30:00 for women, which allows in quite a few entries. Some limits have to be established and I get a lot of requests from fast 5K and 10Kers.
Good luck with your running in the future!

First off, I'm not asking for travel money, a room to stay in Saturday night or a monkey to guard my bag during the race. Just a pass on the $60 entry fee. Second, 70 minutes for a half marathon is not elite. Third, if Mike DeCoste can run 68:45, so can I (not to take anything away from Mike's performance). Fourth, I bet no more than 7 runners go under 70 minutes in the race. Fifth, 70 minutes and 90 minutes for men/women are not equivalent times.

Fuck the Dallas Running Club.

GT Workout

Time: 98:16 (really about 91:46 if you take out the standing rest between intervals)
Distance: ~14 miles

Woke up early to drink some coffee before a pretty big workout out at the GT. Tom wanted this week to be a bit more structured and decided I ought to get in a substantial workout out on the grass.

Target: 4 x 2k dropping pace and rest. Somewhere around 6:15, (4:00), 6:10, (3:30), 6:07, (3:00), 6:04. If feeling good come back and run 3 x 400/200.

2k Splits: 6:21.94, (3:58), 6:18.80, (3:29), 6:15.49, (2:58), 6:15.56, (4:00).
400/200 Splits: 69.32, (66), 69.88, (64), 69.13
Total Run Time: 45:17

W/u to the GT took 27:40. Nice and easy. Ran a few strides before getting started right around sunrise. It wasn't too cold out, though I had tights on over half tights. I wanted to keep my hamstrings warm this morning b/c they have been stiff since Saturday's race. Though it was about 55 degrees, the wind was blowing around 10-15 mph. Wasn't sure how this was going to effect the workout, but it clearly slowed me down.

I started the 2k intervals on the west side of the GT so that I could take advantage of the long stretch heading north, on the east side of the GT. Since the wind was blowing out of the south, I figured if I could get two 400 segments of the wind being at my back, it wouldn't be so rough. I was wrong. Coming through 800m was okay, but the next 400m was tough heading into the wind. I never was able to get into a rhythm where I could just go with the pace. I was either running into the wind or being pushed from behind in a manner that felt unnatural. I know every workout isn't going to be ideal, I just thought this one would go much smoother than it did. I was still able to drop the pace as the rest decreased, but I was waaaay of the target times. After the fourth 2k, I ran back to the start of the 400m loop and cut three shapes. The 400's felt better, it was my hope to shake the legs up with that quicker effort.

C/d back to the Lodge in 25:19.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The DRC Hates Runners

Time: 44:57
Distance: 7 miles

Ran the Short Lloyd Noble loop after taking little nap in the evening. I was working most of the day at Cafe Plaid and was exhausted by the time 6:00pm rolled around. Still have lots of work to do.

On another note, I am planning on running the Lancaster Avenue Mile this Saturday in Dallas. The race director contacted me today and wanted to know if I needed a place to stay Friday night. James Newsom, the husband of OK Runner's Brooks tech rep., is the race director for this downhill mile race that is being brought back. You can check out the race website and see some old pics of the hitters from 1985. From what I know so far, James is doing everything with his limited budget to put on a great race. The flip from this is the DRC Half Marathon this Sunday. I was considering doubling back and trying to earn some money. The race last year was competitive but not ridiculous by any means. Just look at this exchange between the race director and I:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to inquire about how to obtain elite status for this Sunday's event. I will be in the Dallas area and would like to compete in your highly competitive race. Any further information would be great appreciated.


Jordan Kinley

A woman named Libby Jones, co-director of the race, responded with the contact I should get in touch with. The other woman, Paula Robertson, is the one in charge of making the decision on elite entries. I asked for her email address but was told that it would be best to just stop by the store. Well, I don't live in Dallas and that is not possible. Instead, Libby asked me to send some recent results from races and she and Paula would make a decision. I sent her the results from the Four Seasons 5k/10, The Sunshine Run 5k/10k, Izumo Ekiden, State Fair 5k, Addison Oktoberfest 5k, CVS Downtown 5k, and Brookhaven Run. She wrote me back with this:

These 5K and 10K results are indeed impressive. But unfortunately, we need demonstration of longer distance races, ideally half marathon distance but I'd even consider a 15K. Until then, you are kinda viewed as an excellent sprinter, but I can't consider you as an elite half marathoner. Please contact us next year about a comped entry after you have a half marathon under your belt.
Good luck!
Libby Jones
DRC Half Marathon Co-Race Director

Fine. Fair enough. I may not be the best runner out there, but to call a 10k a sprint? I hit her with this:


If the USATF accepts 5k and 10k times as acceptable qualifiers for the US Olympic Marathon Trials, than I'm not seeing how the race directors of a half marathon in Dallas the same weekend would not accept the same distances as being sufficient. Additionally, to call a 10k runner as an exceptional sprinter is ludicrous. I am not presenting middle distance event times to meet the elite athlete status. The 5k and 10k distances are events that are great indicators of an athletes potential ability over the half marathon distance. While I am certainly not on the level of a Ryan Hall, Adbi, or Geb, these athletes all showed great potential in 5ks and 10ks, on the road and track, leading up to their records in the half marathon and marathon distances. Furthermore, while your event will certainly be most competitive, it is not going to grab the attention of an athlete on the level of the aforementioned runners. Therefore, I do not see how you can deny elite entry to an athlete of my level. Lastly, from looking at last year's results, I would hardly call these times exceptional.


MacIek Miereczko Searcy AR









Bernard Manirakiza Austin TX








Andrew Cook Denton TX









Gilbert Tuhabonye Austin TX







Jordan Kinley

I haven't heard anything back. To be continued...

Missed the Bus

Time: 60:05
Distance: 9-10 miles

Ran from the Lodge on a loop that I did last week for the first time. It runs in through campus, left on Pickard and heads out to Scotty D.'s house. I was running a bit quicker than normal b/c I had a meeting to get to with my academic adviser. Not that it made any difference to run quicker b/c I was shooting for time. I had to add on in the parking lot of the Lodge for about 3-4 minutes.

I rushed upstairs to shower, change and put together the materials I needed for the day. I was about 30 seconds too late to have any shot at catching the bus when I made it outside. For once the bus came on time and it fucked me. I had to run to the next closest bus stop with all my shit... but I made to my meeting on time.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Double Run

Time: 50:05
Distance: 7 miles

Ran the normal loop that I do after work with the running group. The weather was pretty nice and the wind wasn't blowing that hard. The legs were feeling good so I was able to clip along nicely. I came back to the front of OK Runner around 43:30 and then looped across the street to kill time until Gus and Anna returned from their walk.

Went to Bison Witches for the first time last night. It was me Gus, Anna, and Oscar. Had a good laugh at Gus' expense when he asked me if I knew any Japanese to say to the owners of the Chinese restaurant next door to OK Runner.

Sutton Woods

Time: 66:20
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge to Sutton Woods. Did a couple loops of the 1.5 mile trail before heading back. The trail was dry and quiet. Must be too cold for the morning walkers. I tried to make the run a little quicker than last week. Turned out to be a few seconds faster. The last two miles were run in 11:50 or so (corner of Ponca and Almeida).

Week in Review

Time: 814:23
Distance: 116 miles

Not certain how my miles climbed that high this week. I really only had two big days that pushed the envelope of being over 20 miles. Felt good for the most part on all my runs. It was nice to win another $300 this weekend. Tarpy is a bastard for only having to run 27:30 and picking up $500. Next week's training will hopefully be a bit more structured. If things continue to go well, I think I can get close to running under 30:00 minutes for the 10k at The Thanksgiving Day Race.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Morning Run

Time: 68:01
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge, out towards the GT, along Robinson heading west, left just past the golf course, ran along 24th until Brooks, left at Brooks, through campus to the Lodge. Good run. It was beautiful out this morning. Weather was damn near perfect. The left hamstring was a bit tight. No mention of the right achilles. Just a good day to run. Pace was quick but comfortable. Probably in the 6:20 range, but not totally sure.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Double Run

Time: 34:42
Distance: 5 miles

After driving home from Irving, Dallas directly after picking up my $300. I headed in to work at OK Runner. We were proper slammed when I got there but things settled down about an hour later. The few hours of work were enough rest for me to get in a double run. I definitely didn't need it for the mileage but I was killing time on returning the rental car and my legs felt like ass. I ran out to Tecumseh before turning and coming back. The legs didn't feel all that bad. My right achilles felt like it could be just slightly irritated due to the lack of sleep last night, the cold weather and the racing this morning. Hopefully, some good rest will shake things out of it this evening.

Four Seasons 5k/10k

Time: 114:29
Distance: 20 miles
Race Times: 5k - 16:13, 10k - 31:20

Rented a car late last night from the airport. Drove most of the way down to Dallas, stopping in some hotel parking lot just off the freeway. Slept for a couple hours before driving the rest of the distance. Arrived at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa well before dawn. Used the bathroom and should have stolen some coffee but didn't want to get kicked off the premises. It was an incredibly nice hotel in a decent location surrounded by a golf course and rolling hills.

I did my w/u for the race in the really nice neighborhood across the street from the resort. I bet a few members of the Dallas Cowboys live over there. W/u 20:02 nice and slow. Today's running is going to be more of a workout. Tom wants me to get in around 30k worth of work consisting of the 5k, a little jog in between, the 10k and then another 5 more miles.

The 5k was first at 8:15. The pace went out really slow for the first mile, partly b/c it was uphill but mostly b/c nobody really wanted to take the lead. There was a group of about 7 through the mile in 5:27.70. I was in yellow and surrounded by a group of Luke's Locker guys in orange. I never saw a two or three mile split so I just have the final time that can be found here. It was a little difficult to get moving the last 400m. My legs were cold and stiff. Clint Bell gave me a good run but I was able to kick past him the last 150m. After the race I quickly put my pants and long sleeve back on to head back on the course. I probably ran just under two miles in 11:44. Hit some water and a bathroom before getting ready for run number two.

Just before the 10k I saw that John Ekulan was there. However, one of his buddies expressed that he was only training two days a week. I wasn't sure how the hills were going to be or how fit John was, but I wanted to get in a good effort and win another $150. As usual, John took the pace out hard up the hill and went through the mile fast than my 5:07.70. Over the next mile I worked up to him and we hit two miles in 10:08.12 (5:00.42). We ran together for about a mile just settling into a decent clip. We made a left hand turn and were going slightly uphill when John just decided to stop, drop and tie his shoe. I couldn't tell if he really needed to tie the shoe, or if he just wanted to tie it. Anyway, that was the last I saw of him. I went through 4 miles in 20:37.73 (10:29.61 two mile split), 5 miles in 26:01.38 (5:23.65) and finished in 31:16.90 (5:16 or so). I'm not sure if the mile markers were accurate but there was a significant hill between miles 4 and 5. It also looks like I closed the last 1.2 miles in 5:16ish which I don't believe. Either way results are here.

Once I was done, I switched into the Nike Zoom Elites, had to take a few photos with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, and was off to re-run the course. I wasn't happy about having to get back on a rolling hilled course, but it was going to be a good day of training. I hit splits of: 11:29.29 at two miles, 23:09.51 at four miles (11:40.22) and basically shut it down from there. The next mile was 6:06.95 and final was 5:55.44 for 35:11.90 total for 10k number two. I rushed over to the food tent to see what was left. Surprisingly, a good amount of bagels, yogurt and granola bars were still on the table.

Morning Run

Time: 60:27
Distance: 9 miles

Ran from the Lodge, over Brooks, through campus, left on Pickard, right on Walnut, headed south towards Scotty D.'s house. Found my way back onto Chautauqua, south to the dirt path, over to Jenkins where I turned north and headed home. Legs were fine. I'm trying to work things out to get down to Dallas to race for some money.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:01
Distance: 6 miles

Same double run as yesterday. Just a little quicker. Again, had the wind in my favor. Almost made it to class on time.

Sutton Woods

Time: 66:32
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge out to Sutton Woods. Ran a couple loops in there to fill up some time. It wasn't that muddy, not at all really. The wind was mostly blocked in the trees and I'll have to remember for the future. Legs were fine. The mornings are now colder and require long sleeve shirts to be comfortable.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:13
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to the Lodge after work. The wind was blowing in my favor which made the run enjoyable. Running along Robinson at pre-rush hour is never that fun. Felt fine.

Morning Run

Time: 63:16
Distance: 9 miles

I can tell you how far and how long. But, I can't tell you where. I forget.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:25
Distance: 6 miles

After doing a bunch of work at Cafe Plaid today I decided I would shake the legs out. I ran from the Lodge, over to Ponca, up to the train station, over Symmes. Kind of a random route that just came to me. It worked out that I got in a decent 6 miles. Legs felt pretty good. I was trying to run a route that wasn't going to be windy, the trees and houses helped a bit.

Morning Workout

Time: 125:24
Distance: 18 miles

Got up early to meet the boys for a workout. Scotty D. was doing some 800s on Pickard so I thought I would join him. I ran from the Lodge over to Pickard and then got in some more distance with Scotty, Holly, and two roommates. After a w/u of 41:27 Scotty D. and I got to work. I figured that the 800s would be about tempo pace and it would get things turned over in the morning.

Target: 10 x 800 in ~2:30, help Scotty hit the splits
Splits: 2:39.15, (2:20), 2:38.98, (2:23), 2:35.39, (2:24), 2:35.35, (2:20), 2:33.97, (2:23), 2:33.51, (2:26), 2:32.64, (2:22), 2:29.70, (2:27), 2:29.11, (2:34), 2:21.68. Total time was 47:12.78

I felt good throughout. Scott D. looked good. The odd intervals were definitely more difficult than the evens due to an ever so slight uphill. I was in control most of the way and like being able to drop the splits. The rest was run from the finish to either the house with the pumpkins, or the fire hydrant.

C/d back to Scotty D.'s house and then up to Brooks and over through campus to the Lodge, 36:55 for the time.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Double Run

Time: 50:42
Distance: 7 miles

Ran from OK Runner on the normal loop that the group does. There wasn't any group to speak of tonight which sucked. We were out the door a little earlier than normal b/c it is starting to get dark. Legs didn't feel great until much later. Also, it was foolishly windy running north.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 70:11
Distance: 10-11 miles

Ran in the morning from the Lodge, out towards the grass track, west on Robinson, left by the golf course. Ran along 24th St. for a bit until turning left on Brooks, through campus to the Lodge. Not a bad 70 minute loop that is totally flat. Legs felt good after yesterday's tempo run.

Week in Review

Time: 671:05
Distance: 101 miles

Decent week of training. A little less structured than normal. I just have to get back in a routine of doing things. Shouldn't take long to get back to where I need to be. Didn't have any races this week which was a nice break. However, working out along on a long tempo is much easier if a race could suffice.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tempo Run

Time: 81:53
Distance: 12-13 miles

I gave Tom a call before doing this workout b/c the wind was going to be a factor. I wasn't sure where I wanted to do it but other than the wind the weather was nice. I went out around noon to get in a 6-8 mile tempo run dropping the pace. Tom wanted me to find a ~2 mile loop that I could monitor well and not have to fight the wind for an extended period of time. I decided this loop was my best option. It was basically 2.25 miles and I ran it 3 times, so I'll call it 6.75 miles total. I warmed up 15:34 from the Lodge in towards campus stopping at the OU locker room.

I hit splits of:
1st Loop - 12:18.79
2nd Loop - 12:04.06
3rd Loop - 11:50.84 for 36:13.69 total

Didn't feel great during the run but it was a workout nonetheless. I'm not too sure on what the pace was, nor do I really care. The effort was hard for the 2nd and 3rd loops and that's all that really matters. The wind was blowing out of the west, so it was in my face along Boyd St., and at my back along Brooks.

C/d 30:06

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Double Run

Time: 42:20
Distance: 6 miles

Came home from work and put on the shoes. I believe I ran the loop that goes up through campus, around the stadium, over to Boyd, across the train tracks and past Blu on Eufaula. The loop runs on my favorite street Ponca which is always quiet. Needed a light on the run b/c it was damn dark.

Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 50:59
Distance: 8 miles

Woke up in the hurt tank. Logan, Mike, Justin and I went to Seven47 last night and were out late. I didn't drink too much but running on 4-5 hours sleep was rough. I considered not running, but thought I would feel like a bitch while at work. I just went short on a familiar loop before Gus picked me up for work. By the end of the run I didn't feel too bad.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 44:39
Distance: 7 miles

After working all day, I came home and laced up the shoes. I ended up running in the dark with my headlight. My legs felt relatively good considering the workout from this morning. Nothing was too tight in any one spot. Felt good about today's running.

GT Workout Pt. II (Cutting Shapes)

Time: 75:01
Distance: 11 miles

Finally sucked it up and decided to put in a workout on the GT. Tom had wanted me to do this workout a few days ago, but the weather made it rough so I bailed. W/u out to the GT took 27:21.

Target: 10 x 400 (200 rest) in 69's dropping to 68's if feeling good.
Splits: 69.41, (60.02), 69.63, (56.82), 69.87, (57.25), 69.56, (57.14), 70.73, (58.20), 70.37, (58.62), 70.75, (59.25), 70.81, (59.57), 68.95, (61.31), 66.98. Total running time was 20:25 for 5800m.

Didn't feel great at any point. It was a little chilly out there. I was a little discouraged that I couldn't get things rolling the latter half of the workout, especially since I got such a nice day to do it. Overall, it was just a solid effort of running.

C/d back to the Lodge 27:15. On the way home I got to run with Scott D. and Holly as I ran into them along Boyd St.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Double Run

Time: 40:06
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to the Lodge on my normal course to get home in order for class. I enjoyed a slight breeze at my back the entire way. Felt a bit more lively than I would have if it weren't blowing.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 60:12
Distance: 9 miles

Ran this morning from the Lodge, through campus on Brooks, turned left on Pickard, left on Imhoff (found 12 quarters that were all scraped up), down to the trail that runs along Hwy 9, ran up Jenkins, right on Constitution, out Hwy 77, ran past Hitachi to 24th and back to the house. I was looking to shake things up on a course that I couldn't know every split. I wanted to keep the pace easy and not be preoccupied with where I usually am on a more familiar course.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Double Run

Time: 41:51
Distance: 6 miles

After studying most of the day at Cafe Plaid I came back to the Lodge to get in a run. I ran most of the time over on the Norman HS XC course. The course has a few too many turns in it but it's nice for an easy double run when it's windy.

GT Workout (Bailed)

Time: 73:41
Distance: 11 miles

I woke up and was out the door soon there after. I was needing to get in a good workout on the GT. As I ran out to the track I realized that the wind could make things difficult and started to second guess my decision. W/u out to the GT was 26:15. I ran a few strides on the 400m loop to see where the wind was the strongest.

Target: 10 x 400/200 @ 69-68/whatever

I ended up stopping the workout pretty quickly. The wind was making the pace impossible to hit. I already adjusted it to run 71-70 to begin with. Hit a couple 400m splits of: 73.24, (56.02), 72.37 and then called it a day. I ran back to the Lodge by headed up to 24th, turning left and heading back on Brooks through campus. I'll get in the workout in a few days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Double Run

Time: 48:04
Distance: 7 miles

Ran on the Short Lloyd Noble Loop after work. Felt pretty good at work for once b/c my legs were overly tired like they usually are. The run this evening was fine. Tomorrow I'm going to try and hit the grass track for a workout.

Back to Work

Time: 63:03
Distance: 9-10 miles

Got out in the morning and put in a decent run. Legs were feeling a little sore but they loosened up nicely over the course of the run. I'm having a hard time remembering exactly where I ran in Norman (I'm posting a week later).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 51:10
Distance: 8 miles

Easy run in the morning to put time on the legs. I'm still rather sore from Saturday and traveling to Arkansas. Today will be another easy day to fully recovery. My dad is in town and he gets to see the great cities of Norman and Oklahoma City.

I chatted with Coach Tom yesterday and we came up with the next cycle of training. It's going to be a cycle lasting 6 weeks (until Thanksgiving) and go in 2 week periods. Over the two week segments I'm going to get in 5 sessions of harder work. Does that make sense? The 5 sessions will be:
  1. Long run
  2. Long run w/ tempo (8-10 miles dropping pace)
  3. High quality session (race)
  4. Track work (300/100, hills, 400/200)
  5. Discretionary (tempo repeats at faster pace)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week in Review

Time: 349:16
Distance: 54 miles

Another rest week. Feels good to let the legs recover fully every once in awhile. The end of the week was a bit of a surprise but it was nice to pick up $550. This next week I'm getting back to work. I'll have to find out from Tom what the next training cycle will be.

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 45:22
Distance: 7 miles

Ran from the Lodge on the classic loop early in the morning. It was a little foggy but not too cold. I did bring out the first long sleever of the year. My dad and I are driving to the Clinton Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas today. My legs are going to feel worse than they do now.


Time: 30:06
Distance: 4 miles

Got back to Norman stiff. Came upstairs and rested a bit before getting the shoes back on and getting out on the roads for a shakeout. I ended up running a good part of the run in the field Norman High uses for their cross country meets. Legs felt fine after 15-20 minutes. Dad arrives later this evening.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunshine Run 5k/10k

Time: 85:32
Distance: 15 miles

After getting some coffee and hanging out in the Holiday Inn Express for about an hour. Scotty D. and I started our w/u. I went for 15:45 on part of the course. Things felt fine.

The race started and I was content to follow the leaders. I felt really fresh and was sitting in 3rd at the mile in 5:02. We were running into a headwind with four guys in the lead group. Scotty D. was a few seconds back but was making up ground. At the two mile mark things were pretty much the same. Somewhere around a mile to go a runner from Kansas made a move to the front and started pushing the pace. I followed and it was soon just the two of us. I ran behind him through 3 miles in 14:59 (a 9:56 2 mile split from mile 1 to 3), then took off with about 250m to go. I held the lead to win comfortably in 15:30. Results here.

Scotty D. and I jogged for 10:08 between races. On the c/d we spotted a Kenyan and I realized things were gonna be mixed up for the 10k. After elevating my legs for a few minutes it was time to start moving around again.

The race started and Mike Brashears (former OSU guy) went to the front. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had on a pair of Adrenaline 6's. I followed a few meters back and went through the mile in 4:55. A bit quick. I was hoping to relax and see if I could reel him in but I wasn't feeling great. Around 1.5 miles the Kenyan scurried past me and I thought I was done. I just went from winning $300 to $100 with that move. However, by 2.5 miles the Kenyan and Brashears were running side by side and the pace was slowing. I was able to make up some ground by 3 miles and by 5k I was right on the heals of the Kenyan. Brashears was able to hang on just past the 5k before dropping back. To this point, I hit splits of: 4:55.77, 5:05.13 and 10:12.93 (miles 3 and 4). The Kip and I were cruising along at 4 miles in 20:13. I was content to just sit on him and share some of the pacing duties just not to let others back in the race. The police lead car took a wrong turn that we didn't know was off until after the race, but it made mile 5 short. I turned in a 4:29 and knew something was off. The Kenyan and myself continued to run together through mile 6 of 4:58.18. We hit the warning track of the stadium and the Kenyan inched ahead but I was going to wait until the final 40m to really make a move. I hit the ugly sprint button as we hit the final straightaway and I started inching closer. With 20m to go we were neck and neck, and then I moved ahead. The Kenyan responded and we both leaned at the tape for the win. I thought I got it. He thought he got it. We didn't learn that he had won until about an hour later when the results were posted. I got fucked out of $200. It was a good race regardless to finish in 30:40, though I figure it was 30 seconds slow b/c of the wrong turn we took. Final results. C/d 13:29 with Scotty D. then drove back to Norman.

Oh yea, the Kenyan was Benson Chesang formerly of Kansas.


Time: 11:50
Distance: 1.5 miles

Woke up around 5 am after sleeping in the car. It actually wasn't too bad. Scotty D. and I went on a short little run to wake up. Nothing was too sore from the drive or tight sleeping quarters. The weather was a bit windy.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Time: 30:50
Distance: 4 miles

Got to Springfield, MO after a long drive from Norman. Scotty D. picked me up from OK Runner and we were off around 2 pm. We got to pick up our race packets around 6:15 pm and then decided to head out for a short jog. We familiarized ourselves with the area a bit and got to see part of the course. We ate dinner in a decent Mexican restaurant in downtown Springfield which turned out to be surprisingly nice. There were a bunch of sports bars, a few clubs, an independent bookstore, people were out walking around and a handfull of art galleries. Later we headed back to the car and drove back over to the parking lot of Hammons field and went to sleep. Yes, we slept in the car.

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 47:39
Distance: 7 miles

Got up before work and headed out the door to put some time on the legs. Scotty D. and I are headed to Springfield, MO for a big race tomorrow. I wouldn't be doing it, but it pays well. The legs feel really springy and have much bounce to them. Could be a good sign for the race but I could feel flat.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back to Reality

Time: 47:39
Distance: 7 miles

Returned to Norman and decided to get in a light run to shakeout the legs. I ran from Campus Lodge and on the Short Lloyd Noble loop. Legs felt amazing consider the short week of training and the days off. It looks like I only took 2 days off, but I kinda got two Weds. this week b/c of the travel from Japan.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dayoff for Travel


Took another rest day as we were in Tokyo and I still wasn't into going out for a run. We went out last night and had a great dinner at the top of our hotel in downtown Shibuya, a region of Tokyo. We also ventured into Ropongi to go out but there wasn't much going on. Tarpy and I traveled back to the states together on a flight to Chicago. It was only 11 hours this time instead of 13. As soon as I got back to OKC I had to go to class which was no fun.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Last was a great time. I was passed out in bed by 9:15 pm. After the 5k on the track for the alternates the team headed over to a winery for the race reception. We all showed up about 6:15, got our name tags, placed our stuff at our table, grabbed a glass of wine and headed outside for the toast. The mayor said some words, awards were handed out and we raised our glasses. It was about 6:40 pm.

Everyone returned to their table and began grilling the meat and vegetables. The beer was soon to follow as was the "coin game." We were passing around the 1 yen piece from glass to glass. We couldn't fill our own glasses so you had to rely on a partner. Thankfully Tarpy was to my right as was a Japanese man who was pretty funny. We were eating and drinking for only about 10 minutes when we decided it would be a good idea to make some friends. Stern and I went over to a neighboring table and dropped the yen in a Waseda athlete's cup. He was a bit confused but once we raised our glasses with a "kompei" (spelling?) he knew what it meant. He caught on quick and passed it to a buddy. Soon the team was all about the game and we had some good laughs.

I ventured down the room and found some boys from Toyo University. I had an "eki" (spelling?) with who ended up being the "Japanese champion" of drinking. If you don't believe me just watch this... Countdown!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Izumo Ekiden 2007

Time: 39:18
Distance: 7 miles

Today's race is broadcast live all over Japan. It is a big deal. We boarded the bus and headed to our respective starting positions with the student assigned to us. My leg started in front of a library and when I got there all the runners were hanging out in an empty room upstairs. Most had their shoes (Mizuno or Asics) off and were sitting on mats or blankets they brought. Some listened to music, others played on their cell phones and some chatted with a teammate. For the most part, it was quiet and very serious.

Once the race began everybody starting moving around and headed outside. The camera crew was huddled around a small television watching the lead off leg. Max was running well in the chase group. A runner from Chuo University took it out in 57 (400m), 90 (600m) and about 2:03 (800m). The alternates on the team thought he was fucked but he managed to hand off with a lead of about 21 seconds. Max ran a great leg and handed off tied for second in 23:11. Tarpy took the sash and ran a decent leg. I believe it was the 5th fastest of all the runners on the second leg. He didn't look great from 4k on, but he held it together and gave the sash to Jon Marcus in 3rd place. The Ivy League was well on our way to a top ten finish.

I started my warm up of 19:34 shortly after Jon Marcus took the sash. I headed out on the beginning portion of my leg. It was not too windy but an ever so slight breeze was in my face. The roads were still a bit slick. I popped a caffeine pill that tasted terrible before starting the warm up. My legs were feeling fresh. I returned to the start of my leg and mingled with some of the other runners. I was able to watch a portion of the race on a younger runner's cell phone. And I thought my iphone was sweet. By this point Jon Marcus was nowhere to be seen. He didn't have the best of days. He fell from 3rd to 12th and ran the slowest leg of the 21 runners. Maybe it was the shapes he was cutting the day before the race.

I took the sash about 250m behind the team in 11th place. I wasn't completely sure what place we were in but I focused on the Waseda University's (I think) runner's back. It was cool running past the drumming fans and those waving flags of the respective universities. I enjoyed hearing the women and children saying "gombate, gombate" (spelling?) to me as I passed. Since my leg started at the 22.3k mark it wasn't until after 700m that I got my first split of: 2:19.48. My following k splits were: 2:55.77, 2:57.56, 3:03.31, 3:07.12, 3:10.39, 2:10.99 for 19:44. I was hoping to run 19:30 at the slowest and closer to 19:15 if I felt good. I ended up being 9:51 at the 3.25k mark which was half-way. So I ran the second 3.25k in 9:53 or so. I ended up with a stitch around the 2k mark and hand trouble breathing the rest of the way. I never really made up any ground on the runner ahead of me until the 4k when he pulled away. I was able to salvage my split on the final 800m mostly downhill section which I covered in 2:10.

Once Courtney took the sash, he like me never was passed or passed anybody. He ran an average leg giving the sash to Sundell. Steve turned in the 7th best time on his leg but couldn't catch anybody. He nearly got a guy at the line but was back by a second. It was disappointing to get 12th when we had such a good chance of breaking the top ten considering the legs of Max, Tarpy and Steve.

I didn't feel motivated to run a cool down. So I didn't. We headed over to the closing ceremony and were depressed not to get called up in the top ten. Later, the team went to the Izumo athletic complex to watch the alternates (Ben Stern, Alasdair and John Traugott) run the 5k on the track. Ben ran a smart race to finish in 14:31 just missing his pr.


Time: 11 minutes
Distance: 1.5 miles

Ran in the morning with Max King after coming out of our rooms at the same time. We headed out at a gentle pace talking about today's race. We both think we have a great chance at placing in the top ten. My legs were feeling pretty good as we rounded out the run. It rained last night and the streets are pretty slick. The air is a bit humid but it is relatively cool and not too windy. Should be a great race.

Week in Review

Time: 425:41
Distance: 63 miles

A decent week considering I didn't run on Weds. due to travel to Japan. It was suppose to be a lighter week in order to get ready for the Izumo Ekiden. I got to run with some pretty cool guys from the Ivy League and in some good places. The best run of the week was definitely out to the ocean in Izumo.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Izumo Taisha

Time: 30:03
Distance: 4-5 miles

We went to the oldest Shinto shrine in the world. It was over 2,000 years old and is a popular to get married. While we were there the team and I got to see a bride in a traditional Japanese bridal gown. It had a sweet looking hat. The tour was pretty relaxed as guys were getting excited for tomorrow. After visiting the shrine we went on a course tour in the bus. Each of us took turns sitting in front trying to get familiar with the part of the course we were going to run. Max starts off with an 8k, hands off to Tarpy who runs a 5.8k, to Jon Marcus for a 8.5k, to me on a 6.5k, Courtney runs a 5.0k and finally Steve Sundell runs a 10.2k for a total of 44k. My leg didn't look too challenging. It finishes with a 600m downhill. Slight downhill. The only concern will be the wind and the direction it is blowing. Today it was blowing in the runners' faces.

After, we went to the Izumo athletic complex and went on a short run around the fields. We got a look at the other teams who were jogging on the track. We got there a little late in the day b/c they weren't around for long. I ran a few 100m strides with Tarpy and then ran 2 x 200 with splits of: 29.88, (60), 30.59. Legs were feeling good and I was ready to roll.

The Day Before

Time: 30:02
Distance: 4 miles

Woke up early and felt like getting a light run in. I ran what I think was west from the hotel in search of new territory. Got to cross the red bridge that was visible from our hotel. I didn't get to see to much but it was nice to get a short run in before breakfast. Later today we are going to hit up the Izumo Taisha which is the oldest Shinto shrine in the world and tour the race course.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Izumo, Japan II

Time: 41:09
Distance: 6 miles

Again I woke up at some awful hour and went out for a run. I wanted to go the other direction on the bikepath but it ran in towards the city and I didn't really want that. I looped up towards a busier street that had a Mr. Donut store and the Sega arcade. I found my way back to the bike path and headed out the way we did the previous day. It wasn't a great run but I got to see some of the early morning life of Izumo. I also got to see a few Japanese runners out for a jog in their full warmups and flats.

I had planned on going on another run but after lunch I nixed that idea. We ate with the mayor of Izumo who was a very charismatic dude. He had lived in New York and worked for the consulate at one point in his career. I think he has been the mayor for 12-13 years and he basically will have the position until he retires. At the lunch we ate some food that was from the Shimane Prefect which is where Izumo is. The beef was amazingly tender and the wine was tasty. At one point during lunch I gave Courtney a one yen piece and he dropped it in Max King's beer. This meant that Max had to finish his drink and pass on the yen. It ended up as a little drinking game that was at first hidden from the mayor and the administrators of Japanese athletics. However, before leaving Tarpy (I think) got up and filled up the mayor's beer glass, Stern soon followed and dropped the yen in it. The mayor who likes to drink was a good sport and started to laugh. Then he chugged his beer.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Izumo, Japan

Time: 67:33
Distance: 10 miles

After a short late morning flight from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Izumo the team got together for a run. As an aside, we showed up to the flight 30 minutes before, checked baggage, got through security and scurried to the gate with enough time to take off without too many hassles. We were a little rushed b/c we were late but the Japanese airport system is much more efficient than the U.S. Steve Sundell lead our run b/c he was on the trip last year and new the area. We ran west with the wind at our backs on a bikepath that ran along a small canal. It was great being with a group of guys excited about running. The pace was pretty brisk considering we had just been traveling for the previous 36 hours. We were well into the run when it started getting hot with out shirts on. Apparently, it is not cool to run shirtless. Steve found that out last year when a police officer stopped him. At one point we ran past a little old woman pushing her own wheelchair. Courtney blurted our "Konichiwa" and she responded as any little old Japanese woman would with a soft but high pitched "Ko ni chi wa." We figured she must have been 112 years old and next in line for the Guinness Book of WR oldest person.

The run ended up taking us about 30 minutes out to the ocean. Ben Stern and I ran down on to the beach and touched the water to say we had done it. I think it might have been the Sea of Japan. Maybe not. Steve and Max King continued on to get in a 100 minutes while Ben, Courtney, Jon Marcus and myself headed back. Tarpy, and the Harvard guys had turned earlier. On the way back Ben wanted to do some "brisk" running as Vin Lanana calls it out in Oregon to get a bit of a workout in. He took off and once he had about 60m on me I took off in pursuit. It was nice turning the legs over. I was trying to simulate running with a big gap like it would be in the Izumo Ekiden. On the way back I past Ben and caught the Harvard guys (Alasdair and John Traugott) and Tarpy. We ran together for a bit before coming upon some Japanese students walking home from elementary school. We got them all wound up. A few tried to slap our asses, some chased up, one said in perfect English "nice to meet you." Tarpy ran up to a few raising his arms screaming "GODZILLA." They screamed. I high fived a few. It was a pretty cool experience.

Tokyo Excursion

Time: 35:11
Distance: 5 miles

Woke up at some ungodly hour multiple times during the night. Ben Stern described how he slept ast, "it was like a baby... i woke up every 2 hours and cried." That was pretty much how it went. Finally at 5:30 am I got up and headed out the hotel door shortly thereafter. I knew there had to be a decent place to run b/c there was so much water around. Where there is water, there is a bike path. I ended up heading through some little mall along a busy street, but soon I found a canal with a small pedestrian walkway. I ran on that in toward a busier part of Tokyo. I know we were pretty far out on the outskirts of town but the run brought me closer to the urban environment. The streets were pretty quiet while I was out. I got to see some store owners cleaning their store fronts and some other citizens were out walking there dogs. A few people were out for a jog. It was a very easy run effort wise and a great way to see some of what Tokyo had to offer.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tokyo Drift

Time: 29:01
Distance: 4 miles

Arrived in Tokyo after nearly 24 hours of traveling. We got to the hotel, checked in, dropped our bags, changed and met down in the lobby for a jog. The Ivy League runners on the trip are Pat Tarpy and myself (Brown), Steve Sundell and Jonathon Marcus (Columbia), Max King (Cornell), Alidair MaClain-Foreman and John Traugott (Harvard), Courtney Jaworski (Penn), and Ben Stern (Princeton). Its a good group of guys. The flight was ridiculously long but I was able to get some work done. At one point Tarpy came over to my seat and we were looking at the map that shows our progress. We were somewhere over Siberia, had both watched Knocked Up, bits and pieces of Die Hard and eaten a couple airplane meals. We were still 5 hours from landing. Luckily we were 35 minutes early. Must have had a tailwind. Our running loop in the evening was around a block near the hotel. Nobody wanted to venture too far in fear off getting lost the first hours in Tokyo. Probably smart, but boring. My legs actually felt pretty good on the run.
On another note. I can barely read how to post on this computer and typing is next to impossible. Every once in a while the keystrokes switch to Japanese characters and its a bitch to switch them back.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 52:22
Distance: 8 miles

Ran from the Lodge on the classic loop that goes out by Hwy 9. Pace was pretty gentle. I could feel the 20+ miles I put in yesterday as I started out. Never got into a stride that I would call powerful. I worked through the minor stiffness to get in a solid run that if were done 2 weeks ago would be standard. This past week I had upped most of my runs to the 60-65 minutes range. It felt nice only having to get in 8 miles. I might opt to go for another run this afternoon, if the paper writing is coming along and I need a break from academia.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Double Run

Time: 50:14
Distance: 7 miles

Ran after work starting at OK Runner. Did the traditional loop that goes into the Brookhaven neighborhood. I started out feeling absolutely rotten, which was to be expected. Gus was getting back into a routine with a walk, so I decided not to pass the opportunity up since I had my "running costume" with me. I was sluggish to begin and it was warmer/humid"er" than the previous few days. After about 25 minutes I fell into a groove and was able to clip along nicely. Still wasn't a great run by any means but it was time of the feet. Got back to the store after the second loop in 44:10 and had to add on across the street over by the bus stop to get in 50 minutes.

Medium Run w/ Pace Drop

Time: 90:06
Distance: 15 miles

Ran from the Lodge out towards the GT, but continued west on Robinson. Hooked a left just past the golf course, past Main St., turned left on Boyd thinking it was Brooks St. Stupid mistake. Boyd is rather busy at 8:15 in the morning. Found my way over to Brooks and on to Pickard. I was at 54:51 when I crossed Lindsey and Pickard. Tom wanted me to run the last 25 minutes or so hard, getting down to 5:15 pace. I knew that from Lindsey to Imhoff is one mile and I split 5:32. Ran to Chautauqua, turned right and then made a left on the south side of Lloyd Noble. Scotty D. informed me that the paved stretch is 800 meters long and I split 2:31 along it. Ran north on Jenkins to the track to get a better sense of my pace. I knew I was running hard but I still felt really relaxed and tall with a more powerful and fluid stride. Split 2:34 for 800 meters on the track feeling as though I had slowed down. Ran back out on to Brooks and ended the hard effort at Brooks and Classen. I ran hard for 26:22. C/d back to the Lodge the normal route from Brooks. The run looked something like this.

Week in Review

Time: 769:15
Distance: 113.5 miles

Monster week of training. Smoked Owen in the unofficial/accidental ex-Brown battle that he doesn't know about. Body was able to handle the increase in volume quite well. I felt incredibly strong on most of my runs this week. My stride is becoming more efficient and I'm able to lift with more power than I was able to in the spring. Workouts this week went well as did the race. Looking to run fast in Japan.