Friday, November 30, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 40:08
Distance: 6 miles

I worked all day at OK Runner and things really slowed down about 5:30 pm. I opted to go out for a run to just put some time on my legs. I ran up to Rock Creek Rd. like a did a few nights ago. The air was crisp but it was nice not having to find the wind. After getting back to the store I saw that it was slow inside and that I was feeling pretty good so I added on an extra 6-7 minutes across the street.

In Search of...

Time: 58:03
Distance: 9 miles

Ran in the morning from the Lodge on the Lloyd Noble Loop. I hadn't done this standard run in quite some time and it was nice to get out there. I added on by turning left at the elementary school and running up to Vicksburg past Irving Middle School. I wasn't even concerned with the anal 1:57 that would have taken me to 60 mins. The pace on the run was a touch quick anyway.

I chatted with Tom last night and expressed that I didn't have a good workout and school is getting rough. He told me to scrap the tempo run we had planned to do this morning and just run as much or as little over the next couple of days. For the next few weeks running just needs to serve as a stress outlet and not something that I need to focus on. We decided that on Sunday we will possibly do a "Michigan" workout if I'm still interesting in running Dallas.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Workout Flop


I woke up early to work on my take home midterm but took a break around 7:30 to hit the track. I felt pretty good on the w/u of 21 minutes. I was pretty excited to do this workout that Tom had assigned early in the week.

Target: 2 x 3k. 8:55 for #1, 5 mins. rest, 8:45 for #2.
Workout splits: 9:01 and modified. (Splits to come).

Felt decent through 2k of the first one and absolutely miserable on the second one. Not sure what went wrong but I am definitely stressed with school work. I'm not even sure if I still want to run this half marathon. I know I'm fit but it will completely screw me scholastically. C/d back to the lodge 13:20.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 33:50
Distance: 5 miles

After work I went for a run in the Brookhaven neighborhood. Instead of the usual 50 minutes, I opted to go 5 miles. I ran on the standard out and back course but went out to Rock Creek Rd. before turning back. The first half of the run took 18 minutes as it was directly into a cold wind. Tomorrow morning I have a big workout that will hopefully go well.

Familiar Places

Time: 64:47
Distance: 10 miles

I returned to the OK state late last night. After a decent night of sleep I woke up to go running on a familiar loop that accommodates the wind. I ran out to the GT and back along the neighborhoods near 24th St. It was rather windy out there wind maybe a breeze of 20 mph. Not a fun way to put in work but my legs were feeling great. I made it to the corner of Brooks and Classen in 8:50 which is much faster than the 9:10 to 9:25 it usually takes me. From there the pace stayed relatively brisk as I was able to finish over two minutes faster than I usually do on this run. Not sure why I ran a quicker pace. Perhaps I was actually excited to be back in Norman?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cutting Shapes

Time: ~67:45 (time without rest)
Distance: ~10 miles

Ran from the house to the Mason HS track to drop off my flats and then continued on through to the park. I was contemplating which workout to run b/c it was terribly windy and cold. I think when I left the house it was hovering around 34 degrees and the wind was around 15 mph. I definitely wasn't going to be able to run the 3ks that Tom had suggested. I decided to hold off on that big workout and run the 400s that I had planned for Thursday. W/u 22:38. Ran a couple strides.

Target: 8 x 400 in 67 dropping to 65. Rest of 60 secs.
Splits: 66.90, (59.7), 65.93, (59.1), 66.04, (59.6), 65.44, (60.2), 66.88, (59.1), 66.17, (58.3), 65.82, (59.7), 64.75.

Overall it was a good workout. I wasn't sure how it was going to go with the cold and wind. I was reluctant to even workout today but saw that the forecast for Norman was even worse. Hopefully, this workout will make the 3ks on Thursday feel relaxed through 4-5 laps. C/d back to the house to drop off my shoes and then continued on to the Cintas campus, by the golf course and back to the house. 36:25.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Back on the Train

Time: 84:28
Distance: 12-13 miles

Ran from the house toward King's Island on a back road that didn't have much of a shoulder. I was looking for the trail that runs along a creek/river that Eloisa showed me a few years ago. I knew the general region of where it was but didn't know exactly where to go. I ended up finding the path at about 28 minutes but by this point I was soaking wet and getting cold. The weather today was quite gloomy. I asked a sheriff how to get back to Mason and he looked at me like I was fucked. I kinda was. He recommended that I could run along the bike path and that when I came to an old factory to head up the hill and that would take me back through town.

I continued down the path for a little over two miles before coming to the factory. At this point I was soaked and getting colder. I saw the hill and started up it. It was definitely one of the biggest hills I've run up and it turns out I was going in the wrong direction. I found my way to a gas station and asked for directions. The attendant told me that I had to run back down the hill and cross the river, make my way to a McDonald's and then head straight. He directions were accurate but it took me another 30 minutes to get home. The run would have been great if it weren't so cold and wet. I was only out on the roads for 80+ minutes but it felt like I had been out there for well over 2 hrs. Just one of those runs. Good to be back at it though.

Week in Review

Time: 376:46
Distance: 55 miles

Very light week. Run distance is about half of what I have been doing for the past few weeks or so. Hopefully this drop in mileage will keep the legs fresh and healthy. I enjoyed the unplanned days off.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Easy Run

Time: 96:40
Distance: 13 miles

Ran with Dave and Tim this morning on a loop that heads out near the park we ran on yesterday but it turns right on the hwy and heads on some quieter back roads. The pace was easy and I was getting a bit antsy to push the pace but I tried to relax. We got back to the house in about 69 mins which I think we covered 8-9 miles. Definitely was feeling good. I added on another 4 miles or so by heading back out on to Tylersville and down to the Cintas campus. I headed over to the tennis stadium and ran back from the golf course. I think the add on was around 4-5 miles and it was at a pace that I usually run. A decent way to end the week on a cold morning.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family Run

Time: 50:17
Distance: 6-7 miles

Ran with Dave and Tim in the morning. The pace was quite leisurely but I enjoyed it. We ran on a loop that I've done on other visits. My legs were a bit stiff from the race. Perhaps from the crouching in paintball. Deciding to take the remainder of this week light.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day Off

Time: 0 minutes
Distance: 0 miles

Instead of waking up and going for a run, I woke up and went paintballing. Pretty much the same thing. Dave and I went out to the paintball farm to shoot up some friends. Last year we had a group of about 15, this year only 6 showed up. We ended up grouping with some other guys to get a group of 10. The games were pretty fun and intense. On the field with the two trailers I ran out of ammo and decided to make a run for it. The game ends when someone from one team touches the other team's trailer. I made it within 10 meters before getting shot in the shoulder by someone hiding out in the trailer. Fun times regardless. Later in the day I got shot at point blank range in the nose. That wasn't fun times.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Race

Time: 51:33
Distance: 8-9 miles
Race Time: 31:38 for 10k

Woke up around 5 am to get a bit of a shakeout run on the treadmill downstairs. Ran for 15 minutes.

Drove down to the start of the race in Cincinnati with Dave, Stuart and Tim. We arrived at about 8:15 am and I immediately started my w/u of 19:55. It was really cold and a bit drizzly at the start of the race. I had a hard time getting warm and would have worn a long sleeve shirt under my jersey if I had a tighter fitting one. I made my way over to the start line and ran a stride or two to stay warm. There was a good turn out this year and I was hoping to go out with the leaders and make a move at about 4 miles.

The race headed out at a pretty quick pace. I'm not sure what our split was through the mile but I came through the 2 mile mark just behind two other guys in 9:43. At that point Chris Reis made a little move to the front and took off. He opened a 10 meter gap which I didn't cover going over the first bridge. I ran with the other guy until mile 3 which we hit in 14:50 (5:07 split). By the 5k Reis had the race won and I wasn't feeling great. We were heading into a wind and I was starting to get cold. I came through 4 miles in 20:06 (5:15 split) and things continued to get worse. Since I was running alone in second I started backing off as I wasn't feeling great going up the inclines on the bridges. Mile 4-5 was definitely the toughest as I hit 5 miles in 25:29 (5:23) and 6 miles in 30:35 (5:06). I finished in 31:38 finishing in second by a distance. At 6 miles a group of guys was running me down but I had a lot left and ran well the final 400m. I was just terribly cold at this time and didn't really cool down before grabbing snacks and jumping in a warm car.

Overall the race was a disappointment. I really thought I could go closer to 30 minutes. I want to run the first 10k of the half in about the time I ran today. Not a good sign but hopefully just an off day. Perhaps a little tired from the travel, hard effort on Sat., or the "swing lube" (Mich Ultra's).

Owen ran a good race out on the east coast. My coach Tom finished an embarrassing 5th and lost to his brother George. The guy who outleaned George for $50 and third place tried to run out in Oregon for Team Eugene. I think he stayed for 2 weeks before the hippies drove him off.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Time: 0 minutes
Distance: 0 miles

Not the typical day before the race workout. Woke up and was invited to go golfing with Dave and Glenn. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to embarrass myself, so I decided to go. I did get better as the day went on but that's not saying much. We stayed out on the course until it started raining before heading in to the club house. I had planned to go for a run later in the afternoon but when you start drinking Michelob Ultra's on the course at 10:00 am, things just don't work out. I still planned on running after leaving the course, but we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up some seasoning for the turkey and then went to Willie's Sports Bar. We drank a few more Mich Ultra's before heading home and at this point my legs were feeling rather good. But, not a good in the sense that a run would make them feel better.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cutting Shapes

Time: 60:58
Distance: 9-10 miles

Ran with Dave from the house over to the Mason HS track. Dropped off my shoes and added on a bit more. W/u was 19:16. Ran a few strides in my flats. Tom wanted me to cut a few shapes as a tune up for the race in two days.

Target: 6 x 400 in 65 secs with 400 jog.
Splits of: 65.44, (1:48), 66.13, (1:49), 65.69, (1:46), 65.87, (1:47), 65.00, (1:46), 63.67, (1:47) = 17:18.27 for 3 miles.

Felt solid on the effort. Legs thought that 65 seconds was a bit quick but aerobically I felt great. I think I should have a good run on Thursday. Stride wanted to open up a lot but I tried to keep the turnover a bit higher instead of loping along. C/d 24:15 back to the house and along the golf course.

Morning Jog

Time: 50:13
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran in the 'burbs of Mason, OH. Went up the street to another housing development and over past a pond on the Cintas campus. As I was running by I saw something of decent size jump in the water. When I got closer to the pond this critter poked its head out of the water and looked at me. It was an otter. An otter? Don't see one of those everyday. I continued on and looped around near the high school and parks. Legs were feeling good. This afternoon I'm going to run with Dave over at the track.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Morning Run

Time: 67:05
Distance: 10 miles

Before heading off to the airport I ran on the loop that goes from the Lodge out to the GT, back along the neighborhoods that are near 24th St. It was a great morning for a run. Legs felt a little sluggish from the hard effort a couple days ago. Need to rest up for a good race this Thanksgiving.

Week In Review

Time: 704:35
Distance: 107 miles

Good week of training with two great workouts in there. The mile repeats on Tuesday went better than expected and the long session on Saturday was probably one of my best workouts to date. I'm rounding in to form nicely, just in time for the Thanksgiving Day Race in Cincinnati, Ohio and a half marathon in 3 weeks or so. I'm hoping to get in a quick time at the 10k so that I can come through halfway in the 1/2 'thon relatively comfortably.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 45:54
Distance: 7 miles

Ran from the Lodge on a light run. Tom didn't want me pressing too much after yesterday's workout. I felt a little sluggish in the legs but my cardio fitness is real nice right now. I slept funny on my neck last night and I'm having a hard time turn my head. I even busted out the Chinese herbs to get some relief.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Looong Run

Time: 131:09
Distance: 21 miles

Tom wanted me running a bit unusual today in terms of quality and quantity. The goal was to run at distance pace for an hour and then run hard for another 45 minutes to an hour. The idea being that I would learn to run hard but in control after being a little tired.

I set out from the Lodge and ran the loop that goes out by the GT back 24th, cut through the neighborhoods. I ran back up to campus to use a facility before making my way to Lindsey and Pickard. I decided that in order to keep it honest I should get splits. It made the most sense to use my 4 mile tempo loop and run it twice plus an extra mile down Pickard. I started the hard effort at 59:39.92.

Hit splits of: 5:21.42, 9:28.04, 5:17.25, 1:18.92, (21:15 @ 4 miles), 5:12.26, 9:18.86, 5:15.57, 1:15.37, (42:15 @ 8 miles; 4 mile split of 21:00), 4:59.28 = 9 miles in 47:27.

Felt great out there today. My stride felt fluid through the entire run. I was surprised I felt so good late in the run. I was still able to run a 5 min. mile after 100 minutes of running. I got a little tight in my hip flexors and glutes around 7 miles but was able to maintain the pace. This was definitely a better run than the workout I did on this course in Zoom Elite 3's and this time I was in regular trainers.

C/d back to the Lodge after stopping at Big 10 John's house for a drink of water. 24:03.

Friday, November 16, 2007

200s and Donuts

Time: 80:54
Distance: 12 miles

Ran in the morning on the loop that takes me from the Lodge, out to the GT, up to the golf course, back along 24th. Since it was windy I ducked into the neighborhood and ran back weaving east and south until I made it to Brooks St. I ran into Scotty D. and Holly as I was running through campus and learned donuts were still on for the morning. I had to run some 200s at the track so I ended up over there around 60 minutes. Tom wanted me to turn the legs over and run 6 x 200, not worrying about the splits. I hit:

(55.92), 32.92, (57.07), 33.31, (55.75), 32.62, (55.75), 32.50, (56.82), 32.32, (55.61), 31.51 = 8:52.10 for 1.5 miles

C/d back home 12:00.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 50:04
Distance: 7-8 miles

Ran from OK Runner through the Brookhaven neighborhood on the standard loop. My legs were feeling damn good this evening before class. I ran solidly without over pressing. I had to remember I went 80 minutes this morning. I added on across the street from the store. An uneventful run but time on the legs.

South Base

Time: 80:17
Distance: 12 miles

Ran from the Lodge through campus and over to Pickard. Met up with Scotty D. and Holly for a little morning run. It was freezing out. First morning I've had to wear half tights and tights. The pace wasn't brisk, the wind wasn't bad and the convo's were good. I learned all about the "Creamers." Our run took us out by the National Weather Center and what is called "South Base." Haven't really explored over there much but it seemed decent. Ran back toward Pickard to drop Scotty D. off and then ran back through campus.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Double Run

Time: 32:33
Distance: 4-5 miles

Ran from OK Runner through the Brookhaven neighborhood on the standard loop. It was still windy, had gotten colder and I wasn't dressed properly. Instead of remaining uncomfortable I cut the run short and went to Taco Cabana to meet up with the boys. I'll go longer in the morning tomorrow.

Sutton Woods

Time: 66:23
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge out to Sutton Woods on a terribly windy morning. Constant winds were probably at 17mph and gusts up to 25mph. It was awful running along the loony bin near Robinson St. Once I got to the 1.5 mile trail I was shielded a bit. The legs were feeling ok on the run, the wind just made it hard to do so. On the way back I split 11:38 for the last 2 miles.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slammin' Mile Repeats

Time: 102:15 (~97 mins minus the time spend standing)
Distance: ~15 miles

Got a decent amount of sleep last night, woke up, met with a professor and then sneaked into the OU locker room. I brought all the stuff I needed for the workout and work with me to campus. I warmed up to the GT with carrying my flats (Adidas Rotterdam 4) in 27:43. I ran a lap of each loop to add on some extra time and shake out a bit. It sucks having to warm up holding your shoes for 20 minutes. Anyway, Coach Tom wanted me to get out to the GT and put in some work.

Workout: 5 x mile w/ 5 mins. rest.
Target: 5:00 dropping down to 4:50 on the last one.
Splits of: 5:00.68, (4:55), 4:56.31, (4:56), 4:53.99, (4:58), 4:52.68, (4:57), 4:42.62 = 44:14.93.

I ran the workout on the 800m loop of the GT. For the recovery, I would jog 800m in about 3:40 and then stand around until it was time for the next interval. My legs felt great for the entire workout. I think the lighter shoes definitely made a difference. It is the first time I've worked out in anything other than the Nike Zoom Elite 3's (a favorite of Owen's). The first 200m of each interval was significantly faster, but I just tried to keep my turnover in a rhythm. I was going through 400m in 69-70, the 800m in (2:30, 2:27, 2:25, 2:23, 2:22) for each consecutive interval and the 1k mark in (3:07, 3:03, 3:01, 2:59, 2:56). The only time I really pressed was the last interval from 800m-1k and the last 200m of it.

C/d a bit on the GT, ran back past Norman HS, through campus and finished with a little over 5 mins on the grass at the outdoor track barefoot. I took that one straight from Owen and the Texas boys. Seemed like a good way to keep the pace relaxed and strengthen the feet. 30:18

Monday, November 12, 2007

Brookhaven Double

Time: 50:??
Distance: 7 miles

I have been calling this run 7 miles but it is more like 7-8 miles now that I have been adding on across the street. I ran the first section with a guy named Dustin... well, I kinda ran with him. I hope he didn't get lost out there. It was pretty dark at 6:30 when we left so seeing the street markers could be difficult. My legs were feeling decent towards the latter stages of the run b/c we started out quite casually.

After the run Gus, Anna and I went to the NY pizza place on campus corner. I had the fettucini alfredo and it was delicious. I had to take it back to the days when I had to have fettucini alredo the night before a race.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 65:06
Distance: 10 miles

Ran this morning from the Lodge, through campus, out towards Scotty D's house. Was feeling rather sluggish and couldn't figure out why. Legs just weren't responding well. Perhaps a case of DOMS. When I got back out on to Chautauqua, I looked up and a runner with the yellow Team OK Runner singlet was on the other side of the street. I quickly picked up the pace to catch Jack Tracy and I ran with him for the last 20 minutes or so. It was a huge help having someone to run with and especially on this morning. I finished up by running back toward Jack's apartment and then ran home along Sooner Rd. and through the frisbee golf course by the Lodge. I started to get my stride back the last 10 minutes but that was partially do to the wind at my back.

I definitely need a name for this run. I need names for most of my runs in general so I can just write the name and not the description of it. Problem is that nothing eventful ever happens on them so nothing comes to mind. I miss the days of St. Rays, Crazy St. Rays (which doesn't exist), Dragon (even though I hated that run), Seekonk (long and short), and most of all P.C.

And, I'm sure if you're reading this you have already been on Owen's blog. Just so you know, I am not sporting any kind of faux hawk these days. I'm in the phase where my hair is too long to style into any kind of Euro faux hawk/mullet. Although, maybe I should consider ditching the Euros and testing out the Japanese style.

Week in Review

Time: 697:19
Distance: 107 miles

If I dedicated this much time to schoolwork I might be doing a bit better. Good week of training. Got in a solid workout on the GT. Decently pleased with where things are going. I need to make sure I get in a good long run this next week. I'll have some big workouts on Tuesday and Saturday of the coming week that will be a good indication of my fitness.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Windy Day Run

Time: 75:07
Distance: 11 miles

Ran from the Lodge to the Bank of America to deposit a check from work. Then I headed out towards the GT, ran down Robinson and over 24th. Once I was heading south the wind was being a bastard so I dipped into the neighborhood to run along the side streets and get some blockage. My legs were feeling damn good despite the wind, so I just went with it. The pace varied depending on which way I was facing, but overall I thought it was a good run. I was tempted to go longer but my mileage was already pretty solid for the week and I just wanted to get home to recover for the coming week.

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 44:56
Distance: 7 miles

Ran during the OU vs. Baylor game this evening. Just wanted to get in a light shakeout. Legs were feeling ok. The atmosphere of the game was great. I tried to catch glimpses of the score as I ran by the stadium and on the flat screens of the tailgaters. Instead of running straight down Jenkins, I turned right on Timberdell so that I could run facing traffic. There weren't too many vehicles on the road but I didn't want to get run over by a drunk redneck that came into town to cheer on the Sooners. OU won 52-21.

Congrats to the Brown Men's XC team for their performance at Regionals. The seniors stepped up their game and ran respectably. Also, congrats to the Texas men's team for qualifying for nationals. It should be a good mix out in Terre Haute.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

KATs Making Tracks 5k

Time: 67:14
Distance: ~11-12 miles
Race Time: 15:28

I had wanted to get up to Tulsa for the McNellie's Pub Run which involved some running, beer drinking and more running, followed by some more beer drinking. But, I didn't have a ride. All the boys went up on Friday b/c Billy Grona is getting married this weekend. Since I was stuck in Norman I thought that I would get out the door early and mess around at the KATs Making Tracks 5k. The race was perhaps the worst road race in which I have ever participated. Absolutely terrible across the board.

First, there were no bathrooms. Second, the course sucked. Third, the prizes sucked. Fourth, the competition sucked. Overall, the race what? Yeah, sucked. However, there were a ton of sorority chicks milling about.

I warmed up from the Lodge to the KAT house on Chautauqua in 21:34. The gun went off a few minutes after 8:00 am and since the ground was a bit slick due to the heavy fog it was difficult to get any traction on the street. The runner to the left of me slipped off the line and went down. Wham! The lead biker who was 50m up front of the starting line was busy making small loops while waiting for the gun to go off. When it finally did, he was positioned sideways on the street. In his attempt to face forward/pick up speed, he pushed down hard on his pedal. Remember how the road was slick? Wham! Yeah, he went down. Hard.

I went out with a couple of guys that were down from ECU. We approached Lindsey pretty quickly, ahead of the lead bike, and behind two cars sitting at the stop light. I had to quickly dart out into the street just as the light turned green and dodge the cars. Once we were crossed, the lead biker was able to catch up and lead the race. We wound through campus by the freshman towers until we crossed Timberdell. I could see that the turn around point was up ahead and as I approached the volunteers, I put up my arms as if to say, "Where do I turn around?"

They just looked and said, "This is the turn around point."

To which I replied, "Anywhere?"

"Yea, anywhere."

See. I told you this was a shit race. Oh yea, there were no mile markers.

On the way back the lead bike was nice enough to not tell the other runners to get the "f" out of the way. So while I was running back--on an out and back course with several turns--I was forced to run around the joggers, walkers and baby strollererereres. The place was a mess. I was getting, "You're running the wrong way," and "Lookout!" At this point in the race I didn't care how fast I was running. I was tempted to walk the last 100m just to be a dick. But, there would be no real point in that and I decided cross the line casually and start my cool down.

C/d 40:12.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Short Lloyd Noble

Time: 45:33
Distance: 7 miles

Ran after work when it was well dark. Had my goofy ass headlight on when I went out. Legs felt decent considering this morning's workout. I was never too exhausted today at work. Tried to stretch at various points of the day. This was just time on the legs.

Cutting Shapes

Time: 85:27
Distance: ~12-13 miles

On a foggy morning I ran out to the GT in 26:56. Legs were feeling decent, but I wasn't sure how they were going to respond. I knew I had a perfect morning for the workout... no wind, cool temps, good nights sleep. I really didn't want to f this one up. When I stopped at the little park by the library to use the facility I noticed that it looked like someone got murked. There was blood everywhere and blood soaked toilet paper on the ground. Maybe everyone was ok and it was just some homeless lady on the rag.

Target: 2 sets of 6 x 400/200 in 68-69. 800m jog between sets.
Set #1: 68.81, (59.08), 69.06, (59.40), 68.25, (59.06), 68.57, (59.51), 69.30, (59.49), 68.13, (3:43)
Set #2: 68.50, (57.05), 68.75, (56.77), 68.35, (57.88), 68.51, (58.55), 67.50, (59.00), 65.64 = 27:08 for 7600m

Workout went relatively well. I got through the first set well and really focused on maintaining the pace on the second. The GT is not in the best condition these days. This workout was similar to a couple workouts that I have done in the past. The first one is here and the second one can be found here. It is a little difficult to compare them directly, but I think my fitness is improving.

C/d long back to the Lodge after running past Norman HS 31:23

Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Ian Marcus Experience

Time: 40:40
Distance: 6 miles

Ran from OK Runner to the Lodge on my normal route. Cleaned up, rushed to the bus and went to class. As the title would suggest, shit was bad... literally. It was reminiscent of Hanley's post. I guess you shouldn't eat chocolate covered peanuts and drink coffee in the moments leading up to the run home. Legs felt fine. Weather was ideal.

Tom and I have been chatting about the plans for racing this season. After the race in Ohio on Thanksgiving, Tom suggested that I go down to Dallas and run a half marathon at White Rock. The half marathon will let us decide which direction to go in the future. I still want to hit a time indoors in either the 3k or mile, so maybe after the half the training will shift towards some more speed oriented workouts.

"Thats the Way to Do It!"

Time: 65:47
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge to Sutton Woods. Did the usual 2 laps on the 1.5 mile trail. I felt pretty damn good. Partially b/c I was going into work later and had time to wake up before heading out the door and the fact that since it was later the weather was a bit warmer. On the way out to Sutton I had an older gentleman with a 5 gallon hat (wasn't that big) comment, "that's the way to do it." I think he's said this before when I've run by.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cadillac Crash & Trainspotting

Time: 67:39
Distance: 10 miles

Ran from the Lodge on the loop that heads out on Robinson, over 24th, back Brooks through campus. I was only a few minutes from home near the elementary school when I witnessed a pickup back into the grill of a Cadillac. The lady driving her son to school was blaring her horn while the gentleman in the pickup continued to back up. I'm not sure how he didn't hear the horn. The Cadillac ended up with an f'd up grill and bumper. I'm not sure about the truck.

On the way back on Brooks I heard that a train was approaching from the south. I was still over 400m away and decided not to pick up the pace. Just as I was approaching the tracks the flashing lights came on. I was about 50 meters away when the signal came on and that's when the pace immediately dropped. My surge brought me to the tracks with the train in sight, probably 20 seconds away. I went for it. I made it. But, in hindsight it was probably a dumb thing to do.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tempo Run

Time: 94:28
Distance: 15-16 miles

Got out the door around 9:45 on a chilly morning to do an 8 mile tempo. Tom stated he wanted me running hard and in control. Our goal is to remained focused on the strength aspect of my running up until the race on Thanksgiving. Warmed up to the corner of Pickard and Lindsey in 21:17. Did my tempo run on this loop. Ran the loop twice.

Target: 8 mile tempo. First 4 miles in 21:30, next 4 miles in 20:30. Run same loop twice. Jog to track run 4 x 200m pick ups.
Workout: 4 miles in 21:33, 4 miles in 20:40 for 42:13.91 total.

1st lap splits of: 5:30.04 (mile #1), 9:29.23 (1-2.75 miles), 5:15.13 (2.75-3.75 miles), 1:18.76 = 21:33.16 at 4 miles
2nd lap splits of: 5:07.38 (mile #5), 9:14.76 (5-6.75 miles), 5:05.56 (6.75-7.75 miles), 1:13.05 = 20:40.75 for 42:13.91 total for 8 miles.
Jogged to track in 9:57.
200 splits: (58.13), 32.30, (60.76), 33.18, (59.94), 30.99, (60.75), 30.24 = 6:06.29 mile.
Jogged home in 14:04.

Not too sure what to think of this workout. It was solid but not perfect. I relaxed too much from 5-6.75 miles. That section was more in the open than the rest of the workout. Running along Chautauqua was fine in terms of traffic but the wind slowed things. Regardless, I got a good effort in and finished up with some decent pickups on the track.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Brookhaven Double Run

Time: 50:02
Distance: 7 miles

Ran after work with the OK Runner crew. Did my typical two loop special and finished up with a smaller loop across the street. I came back to the store in 43:55 or so before tacking on a few extra minutes to kill time before Gus got back from his walk.

Morning Run

Time: 60:26
Distance: ~9-10 miles

Ran this morning from the Lodge, through campus, left on Pickard, past Scotty D's house, up and over to Jenkins back to the lodge. I was noticeably running quicker this morning. Partly b/c it was a perfect morning for a run and partly b/c I was feeling good. It was in the low 60's, the sun was out, little wind. I was clipping along from the get go. The run yesterday didn't seem to take too much out of my legs. Tom wanted me to go 6 miles b/c I mentioned my foot was a little sore. Since it was such a nice day and I was feeling good, I decided to go longer. The foot didn't act up so all was good.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week in Review

Time: 688:41
Distance: 105 miles

Good week of training topped of with a terrible race. Absolutely miserable. Embarrassing. I wanted to quit right then and there. The mid-week workout was okay, but I had a hard time getting the legs going. Right now I know I am aerobically fit, but the legs don't respond to some of the faster stuff. I want to add in some strides, barefoot diagonals or hard 200s like Paul Morrison to the training to open up my stride so that I don't get stuck in a rut.


Time: 105:13
Distance: 17 miles

Ran this loop. Felt okay. I was running pretty solid the last 10 miles of the run. I hit some mile splits of: 6:03, 6:02, 5:52, 5:51, 5:57, 5:56, 5:53. Those splits would have started from 36th and Cedar Lane and ended at 24th and Lindsey. Those miles are rolling hills and quiet country roads. I got moving pretty well out there but my left foot was bugging me. Up near the toes on the lateral side of the foot. By about mile 13 the endorphins were working and I didn't notice it much the rest of the way.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Time: 20:02
Distance: 3 miles

Ran after work from OK Runner to the corner of Rock Creek on our normal loop. I considered going 5 miles but I was feeling down and out and didn't want to bother. To add insult to injury from this morning's race, I think I may have messed up my left foot towards the lateral side near my toes. Hopefully, it is just a bruise, but it hurt to walk around in the store.

RIP Ryan Shay.

Lancaster Avenue Mile

Time: ~35 minutes
Distance: 5 miles

Sean McCabe and I stayed in Duncan, OK last night. We woke up early and drove down to Fort Worth for the race. We arrived about 9 am and raced around 10:10 am. The course was downhill the first 400m, flat the next 800m and slightly downhill the last 400m. I wasn't in my normal routine of waking up early, shaking out, drinking coffee and having some time before starting the w/u. Once we got to the race, Sean and I ran the course, picked up our numbers and continued on with our w/u of 21:21.

The race went off with the men and women all lined up at the same time. I was hoping to be in contention with 200m to go and win some money. The race purse broke down as follows: $500, $300, $150, $100, $50. The gun went off and within 200m I was off the back hoping to reel people in the next 800m. I never could get my legs turned over and the race just ran away from me. I kept looking up and was hoping to see that the pack was breaking up and some runners were coming back but that never really happened and by 800m I was so far out of it that I basically packed it in. I ran the rest of the race considering pulling out and finding a place to do a tempo run. I was so discouraged after the race I didn't really cool down, just a run back up to the car.

This was by far my worst race of the summer and it is at the distance I like to think I specialize in. Such irony and disappointment there. On another note the Brown Field Hockey team won their first game of the season. It was only fitting for me to run like shit and them to win. Congrats to them.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Morning Run

Time: 68:36
Distance: 10 miles

Ran the loop that goes from the Lodge out to the GT, back on 24th and over Brooks St. through campus. Didn't really feel like running this morning but I got out there and put in some time on the legs. I was trying to imagine how the race would go tomorrow morning and I really have no idea. My legs weren't feeling too sharp by any means this run but I think I loosened up around 50 minutes into the run.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm not the Trashman

Time: 65:05
Distance: 10 miles

Ran out to Sutton Woods from the Lodge and did two loops on the 1.5 mile trail. I was feeling good this morning partly b/c I don't have to go into work so I could run at 10am and not 7am. Makes a huge difference in allowing the body to wake up. When I was running out to Sutton, some lady yelled at me b/c she needed a favor. It looked like she had knocked over her smelly ass trashed filled garbage can with her van. She wanted me to help her pick it up. It took me three efforts to pick that bastard up without spilling egg juice all over myself. Other than the garbage lady, the run was great. Closed that last two miles in 11:40 or so.

Double Run

Time: 35:50 + strides
Distance: 6 miles

Logan and I walked to Campus Corner today to do work at Cafe Plaid. When I left I headed over to the South Oval to catch the bus. I showed up 7 seconds late and was forced to chase the bus. I caught it at the corner of Asp and Lindsey and the bitch driver still wouldn't let me on. I had to walk home furious. Since I was all warmed up when I got back, I decided to put the shoes on and go for a jog. I ran mostly on the field at Irving Middle School. Just made a few loops on the xc course even though it was hard to see the trail. I ran over with my adidas flats b/c I wanted to get in a few strides. After what I figured to be about 5 miles I ran over to the church driveway and ran a few ~120 strides to turn the legs over. I had no idea how fast I was running but I just wanted to get some pickups in. Then I ran a couple longer strides of about 300-350m. Not entirely sure on the distance or the pace. This mile race could be interesting since I have no speed.