Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trying the Triangle

Time: 40:51
Distance: 8.99 km
Pace: 4:33/km

After getting back from Syracuse somehow our motivation was still high and we headed out for a run. Staying true to our Summer of Malmo training these days, we ran over to the Triangle for a light workout. Our target was to run 5 loops alternating fast/slow on each side which would give us just over 2 miles of faster running. I didn't feel great when we started but warmed up nicely to be able to hit some decent paces without actually knowing. I've been working on form and foot placement while doing strides.

Old Erie Canal & Green Lakes

Time: 69:55
Distance: 16.02 km
Pace: 4:22/km

After running in Albany, we jumped back on I-90 and headed out to Syracuse. This morning we met up with Justin Wager who is the footwear buyer at Fleet Feet and a member of Stotan Racing until he leaves to head back to school at the end of the month. We met up at one of the parking lots along the Old Erie Canal which runs from Buffalo (Lake Erie) to Albany. The crushed gravel path is perfectly flat and wide enough to fit a fair sized group of runners. We headed out with a couple other members of Stotan Racing for about 10 minutes before we turned off for a loop around Green Lakes. It was Meagan's first time here and I always enjoy getting back to these sites.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fleet Feet Albany Jaunt

Time: 48:14
Distance: 10.37 km
Pace: 4:39/km

This run was supposed to consist of Jim, Meagan and me, but the servicing on my car took a little longer than expected and we ran into traffic along the Mass Pike. Maybe it was Fourth of July travelers or perhaps there was an accident. Regardless, it was good to show Meagan the store and then head out for an easy run in the neighborhoods and in the park I'll hit when I'm in town. There was nothing too crazy to report about the run other than some more time on the feet.

Morning Run in Salem

Time: 48:59
Distance: 10.46 km
Pace: 4:41/km

Meagan and I got in some easy paced running this morning in Salem. We started with several loops of what we are affectionately calling "the triangle" as opposed to Washington Square or Salem Common. It's not a square and there is nothing common about Salem. We then looped through Salem Willows which is called "Harry Potter Land" by the Karhu CEO. I don't know why he thinks the little area of town with an arcade, a little beach and crappy restaurants has anything to do with Harry Potter. It's where we will most likely do a lot of our running as the streets aren't heavily trafficked.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week in Review

Time: 776:20
Distance: 170.21

It's not the highest week ever, but definitely a good one. I ran 11 times and got in a nice mix of pace and distances. I am feeling good logging triple digits on a consistent basis. Just another week and making it routine.

Marblehead Sunday

Time: 101:49
Distance: 23.50 km
Pace: 4:20/km

Meagan and I headed off to Marblehead again for her to get in enough distance to hit 100 miles for the week. We ran a little out and back along the trail and then did a loop of the Neck. It was a warm day, but definitely nice to be out and about. We saw Anne and a friend walking along the causeway and they invited us over for dinner. Score!

My legs were feeling really good toward the ended of the run and I was able to pick up the pace the final few kilometers. I really didn't start getting aggressive until the final 5 minutes when I started pushing back into downtown Salem. It helped that the terrain is slightly downhill and I was able to hit a 3:30 kilometer feeling quite comfortable. I should start doing this more the final 15-30 minutes of long and medium long runs during the Summer of Malmo.