Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marblehead Sunday

Time: 101:49
Distance: 23.50 km
Pace: 4:20/km

Meagan and I headed off to Marblehead again for her to get in enough distance to hit 100 miles for the week. We ran a little out and back along the trail and then did a loop of the Neck. It was a warm day, but definitely nice to be out and about. We saw Anne and a friend walking along the causeway and they invited us over for dinner. Score!

My legs were feeling really good toward the ended of the run and I was able to pick up the pace the final few kilometers. I really didn't start getting aggressive until the final 5 minutes when I started pushing back into downtown Salem. It helped that the terrain is slightly downhill and I was able to hit a 3:30 kilometer feeling quite comfortable. I should start doing this more the final 15-30 minutes of long and medium long runs during the Summer of Malmo.

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