Saturday, June 30, 2012

Long Run on Battle Road

Time: 152:52
Distance: 32.33 km
Pace: 4:44/km

Meagan and I drove out to Lexington, MA this morning to meet up with some runners from the BAA. The group was going varying distances but Brett Ely was going to log 20 miles along the widely shaded dirt trail where the revolutionary war was fought. I really should stop to read some of the signs where the Americans and British waged war, but that would take away from the training. It's a cool trail with lots of history as there are battle fields where significant things happened. There are also signs that say "British soldiers buried here" which is where I choose to go to the bathroom (only kidding).

Our group ran out Battle Road, around the Great Meadows and back to get water. Some members called it a day there while a few of us returned back to the trail. Brett and I ended up logging over 2 hours and 30 minutes of running which is much more than I usually do. The pace was never that fast and I felt really good the entire time. It got me to thinking about running an ultra and if that would be fun. I wondered how competitive I would be at 50 km to 50 miles and what pace I could hold. I could have definitely run another hour at a faster pace with little issue. I think this means I'm starting to get back in top form.

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