Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loop Around Nahant

Time: 92:49
Distance: ~23.1 km (Garmin has 23.66)
Pace: ~3:58

I ventured out on somewhat tired legs to run around Nahant. I found the wind to be at my back and the effort feeling very easy for the first 8 km. For some reason the Garmin goofed and clocked the opening kilometer at 3 minutes, probably a full 500 meters early. All of the remaining splits were spot on.

I kept trying to relax and let the splits come to me, but found myself clicking off roughly 4:00/km pace with ease. I hope it's a sign of my fitness improving and not the wind at my back. The rolling portion around the little town of Nahant felt comfortable and then I faced the wind for the remainder of the run. I tried not to increase the tempo too much, but just lock into a steady clip which ended up being between 3:50-3:55/km. It was nice to see that I could hit the splits with little effort running into a headwind.

Today was a big day for Karhu supported athletes as Joe Moore clocked 64:43 at the US Half Marathon Championships in Duluth, MN. His performance placed him 12th overall. He apparently rocked matching royal blue Karhu shoes and a shirt at the awards ceremony along with a rad pair of jorts.

Also, Sam Vazquez who is based in Chicago and has duel citizen ship in Puerto Rico ran 3:37.6 for 1500m at the US Miler Series. He needed to run 3:38.00 in order to punch his ticket to the London Olympics. You can check out and support Sam at his website here.

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