Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solo Double and Pickups

Time: 34:39
Distance: 8.13 km
Pace: 4:16/km

I was able to head out the door and get in a quick run on the National Mall. There was no playing around with this run. I was out the door and needed to be back in time for the awards banquet. I would have been in a foul mood had I not gotten in some added time on the feet so I was out in a hurry. It was boiling hot along the exposed dirt but I was feeling pretty good minus the fact that I had to use the bathroom. Note to the runners out there running on the Mall, there aren't many bathrooms around! I struggled to find somewhere to go and the thought of using a tree on the Mall is completely unacceptable. I finally found a porto that was approximately 190 degrees. Forget warm oven setting, this was hot enough to cook a turkey!

I ended up doing a few pickups towards the end of the run to open the stride. I think it ended up being 4-6 of them in the 130 to 200m range. It was nice to inject some speed in the heat and feel fluid. The stride feels pretty nice things days but not overly comfortable at ripping true speed work.

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