Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dead Garmin in Albany, NY

Time: ~70 minutes
Distance: ~16 km

My travels today brought me to Fleet Feet Albany where I showed shoes for next spring. The store is great and has a strong footwear selection with a knowledgeable staff. I most enjoy coming to the store because the footwear buyer is quite the runner and has recently ventured into ultras (he took second at the Umstead 100 Miler earlier this year). I headed out watchless as my Garmin didn't charge in the car on the drive out.

We hit up the neighborhood and The Crossing which is a park near the store. He had to be at a local track where the marathon training group was meeting so that is where we departed. I ran a mile around the track that we arrived to at 45 minutes and then I added on back in The Crossing. The pace had definitely picked up the final 20 minutes but didn't get out of hand. The body is definitely feeling loose in the warm weather and enjoying putting in a lot of time on the feet.

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