Sunday, June 17, 2012

ST Crushes a K

Time: 55:52
Distance: 12.14 km
Pace: 4:36/km

The Marblehead bromance between ST and me continued this afternoon after I returned from the long run in Lincoln Woods. Most probably don't know but Meagan and I recently purchased a condo in neighboring Salem, MA. The house closed officially on Friday and I now have keys in hand. During the two week period that we had to move out of our seasonal rental at Fort Sewall and taking possession in Salem, we've been staying with a coworker. More specifically I have been staying with ST as Meagan decided to take a 10 days journey to the Midwest and leave the two of us to our own vices... BBQ and beer. We have consumed more pork and beers than you could imagine during the last week and a half.

You see ST is originally from Korea but has lived in Finland for the last seven years with his wife and two daughters. He's the flatland BMX champion of both Korea and Finland. However, he now spends more time staying up to late hours in the morning working on Karhu and Craft web development. (Check out some of his videos). I think due to his Korean and Finnish roots he refuses to cook with gas (no sisu) so we went out and bough a charcoal grill from Lowe's. We have put it to good use no less than 4 times in less than a week. I only mention this because we have been living the bachelor life with Meagan gone and ST's family not arriving to MA until August.

Today was no different as we ventured over to the Muffin Shop in Old Town Marblehead. We consumed some ice coffee and a scone while sitting at Crocker Park overlooking the harbor. I told you this was a bromance. We bullshitted for awhile and admired the boats while making fun of others. There was one tiny sail boat that basically looked like a bathtub with a sheet for a mast! Once we were done we came home and he was adamant on running so we laced up the shoes and headed off.

Granted I already put in close to two hours this morning was no concern of his. He's not the fastest dude in the world but he's tough. Much sisu! We ran from his place, to the trail, around the neck and back the way we came. On an easy run he'll average just over 5:00/km but today was wanted to get after it hoping for 4:45-4:50/km. The pace was honest and I wasn't feeling too exhausted after the run this morning until around 10 kilometers ST decided to take a flyer and drop a 3:50 km. He was utterly gassed by the end of it and struggled home the final 5 minutes but he made it in a new personal best average.

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