Friday, February 29, 2008

Dead Presidents

Time: 68:42
Distance: 10 miles

Ran on the named loop a little later in the day than normal. Just went easy to allow my legs to recover. I have a pretty solid workout tomorrow and need to save energy for it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Track Workout

Time: ~51 minutes
Distance: 9 miles

Started my warmup of 25:53 after my thesis seminar course this evening. Dropped my stuff off at the track and began my standard loop that goes out Jenkins and by the OU law school. The legs weren't feeling great, but 200s aren't too taxing.

Target: 6 x 200 in 29, 29, 28, 28, 27, 27.
Splits of: 29.85, (2:30), 29.46, (2:30), 28.20, (2:30), 28.54, (2:23), 27.23, (2:29), 26.56

Legs felt good. Breathing and form was relaxed. I concentrated on maintaining quick short turnover.

C/d on track and back to the Lodge of 22:36.

Lloyd Noble Loop

Time: 55+
Distance: 8+ miles

The Timex watch that Owen and I love to hate failed me once again. I noticed that the watch failed to start at the corner of Classen and Brooks. I usually get to that mark between 9:00 to 9:20. I finished the run in 48:38 that goes by Scotty D's house and back Pickard where I split 6:13 for the mile. Legs felt decent as I gradually picked up the pace as the run went on.

This evening I have some 200s to run on the track under the lights just to build some speed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 45:36
Distance: 7 miles

In the evening after work I got out the door on a near perfect evening to put in an easy run. I ran the standard group run loop twice without doing the add on across the street. Legs felt a bit sluggish, but the weather was too nice. The opportunity to run during warm temps and no wind couldn't be passed up.

Morning Run

Time: 59:40
Distance: 8+ miles

Ran the Lloyd Noble Loop with the add on that goes by Scotty D's house. As I was running by he was coming out his front door to begin a warmup for a workout. I slowed the pace that I had been running which probably was a good thing considering it had been less than 10 hours since my tempo run last night. We had a good chat before going out separate ways. Legs felt a little tired but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Night Time Track Tempo

Time: 69:30
Distance: ~12 miles

After a long day at work, 3 hours in class and a meeting in the newsroom, I headed over to the track. I started my warmup from the newsroom with my backpack, but quickly stopped at the track to drop it off and then continued on for the rest of the standard loop. Got in 28:44 minutes ending at the track where I put on my flats and got started with a tempo run. Tom wanted me to get in a solid session followed by a few sustained efforts.

Target: 4 mile tempo @ 5 min. pace. 2 x 1k in 2:55.
Splits: 2:32.46, 2:28.34 (5:00.80), 2:28.68, 2:29.50 (9:58.98), 2:29.56, 2:28.69 (14:59.23), 2:29.75, 2:28.07 (19:55.05).
Rested for 600 meters in 3:31.
Ran first 1000 in 2:53.56 (3:00), 2:52.26 for 32:12 total and 9600 meters.

Felt really good. The winds were calm which is why I worked out so late, but the air was a little cold. After a slow first 800 meters I started clicking off 74s really comfortably. Jilane kept the workout honest by simply being present and yelling out my splits. It was fun being out on the track so late. I didn't finish with my c/d of 8:34 until close to 10:45 pm.

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:34
Distance: 5 miles

Put some time on my feet in the morning. I am hoping to get in a good workout tonight under the lights. In order to feel right during the day I got out the door and ran an easy 5 miles. Legs felt good, just hope they do tonight.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dead Presidents (and Squirrels)

Time: 66:57
Distance: 10 miles

Got out the door on a pretty great day to run. There was a warm wind blowing from the south that made the first part of the run really nice. I made it out to the GT feeling really comfortable and intentionally holding myself back. I tried to maintain form as I headed back toward campus. The breeze was around or over 15 mph but since today I was just trying to get some easy running in I didn't care. I ran the final section from the corner of Brooks and Classen to the Lodge in about 7:20. On the way out I am usually around 9:00, so the pace had picked up significantly, but is normal for most of my runs.

In the evening I would have liked to get in another 4-5 miles but the wind had picked up to 25 mph plus and I wasn't interested.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 660:34
Distance: 99.5 miles

Just an OK week of training. I bombed a speed session and didn't get in a longer track workout. The miles were there but the quality wasn't. Next week is going to be better and hopefully the weather will be too. My legs felt solid on Sunday's long run.

Long Bobcat

Time: 100:15
Distance: ~17 miles

Got out the door later than normal b/c I was waiting for the weather to improve. The wind died down around 1 pm and the temperature hovered around 45 degrees. I started out knowing I had to push the pace for a portion of the run. Tom wanted me to drop some 5:30s the last few miles. I figured that the grid system would work well out east of town. I threw an add on in the middle of the run by first running through campus and turning left on Pickard. Ran a 6:15 mile a little over 3 miles into the run and I was feeling good. I made my way past the golf course, crossed Hwy 9 and headed out to the back roads. I started taking mile splits from 24th, to 48th, to 60th, the two miles over to Lindsey and then the 3 miles back into town. I hit splits of 5:42.94, 5:35.77, 5:38.43, 5:32.19, 5:31.22, 5:45.81, 5:52.25, 5:45.95. I tried to let the terrain dictate the pace. If there was a hill I maintained form, if it was flat I didn't try to press and if it was downhill I let my legs turnover. I was fairly relaxed until I turned back into the slight breeze on Lindsey which is where the miles are gradually more uphill. Pleased with how this run turned out.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Double Run

Time: 35:06
Distance: 5 miles

Ran on Long Campus Loop to get some time on my feet. I got off work and the temperature was a touch warmer and there was nothing else to do. I got out the door with the iPhone for an easy run. This was basically a WRDC type run. I'm not totally sold on the idea of running with music. Sometimes it's nice, other times I would rather listen to my breathing and footstrikes. Although, the iPhone comes in handy on cooldowns when it's appropriate to call fellow runners.

Time on the Feet

Time: 60:22
Distance: 9 miles

I put a call out to Jack Tracy and Scotty D. to see if they wanted to go long in the morning, but neither were available. Instead of getting 90 mins on the feet I headed out the door for an easy hour. I first ran to the Gaylord College in hopes of finding a pen that I managed to lose at class last night. Campus was quiet at that hour and I ventured down Jenkins, over the dirt path and through Scotty D's neighborhood. Every time I run past his house the garage door is open but nobody is around. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen the house with the door closed. Perhaps it is broken. Scotty D, could you enlighten me on this? I made my way back up to Pickard and home on Brooks St. I took a mile split of 6:11 from Imhoff to Lindsey.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lloyd Noble

Time: 51:43
Distance: 8 miles

Ran in the morning on a loop that took me from the Lodge to Bank of America to deposit a check. Then I ran home as if I were on Dead Presidents. I ran up to Mercedes and turned left which put me just off Main St. and about 25 mins from home. It was a decent run and a productive one. Money in the bank.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indoor Track Workout

Time: 62:30
Distance: 8.5 miles

After class I made my way to the indoor track for a speed session. I changed clothes and headed out the door to run my standard loop in a slow 24:40. Stretched out on the track while Danny McFarland was helping some high school girl work on her hurdling form. Last week I was supposed to do this workout of 2 x 600 in 1:27 with 2 mins rest, but I didn't get it in.

Target: 2 x 600 in 1:27.
Actual: 2 x 200, 2 x 600
Splits: 29.27, (2:23), 29.19, (3:59), 1:29.37, (2:00), 1:33.56

Felt terrible. This was one of those workouts where you feel good warming up, doing drills, strides, but when it comes to the workout you just don't have it. I used lane 3 of the track and had everything measure out properly. I just couldn't get going.

C/d of 25:31 on the dark streets of Norman.

Long Campus Loop

Time: 35:46
Distance: 5 miles

Ran from the Lodge in towards campus, over Pickard to Boyd and back home. Just was trying to get a little time on my feet before heading off to work. This evening I'm going to run a short speed workout on the indoor track.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brookhaven Double

Time: 35:11
Distance: 5 miles

Ran after work on my standard loop that goes from the store up to Tecumseh and back. A cold front moved in which made running north miserable. The second half of the run was decent but I never was able to relax. Stretched a bit in the store before catching the bus back to campus and the Lodge. This was simply time on my feet.

Morning Run

Time: 60:05
Distance: 9+ miles

Ran from the Lodge on a loop that started out on the Lloyd Noble Loop, but when I got to Chautauqua I headed in towards Scotty D's house. I made my way over to Pickard and split a mile of 6:17 before heading home on Brooks. I wanted to get in about an hour so I looped around the parking lot until my time was up. Felt fairly good. It wasn't too bad this morning. I got out there without a jacket, just a long sleeve and some gloves.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Double Run

Time: 30:12
Distance: 4 miles

Got out there in the afternoon and went for a short jog to shakeout the legs. I felt awful. I just felt the desire to put some time on my feet after this mornings workout.

Cutting Shapes

Time: 83:17
Distance: 13 miles

Warmed up from the Lodge to the track through campus and finished with a few laps on the track for 25:31. It was cold out. Low 30s, but the wind wasn't terrible. Possibly around 7 mph. Tom wanted me to do a solid workout of 1k, 800, 600, 400, 200 but that wasn't going to happen b/c the wasn't geared toward that. Instead I thought that I would be able to run some 400s and get into a rhythm.

Target: 16 x 400 w/ 200 jog. Drop pace from 68s to 62s in sets of four.
Actual: 12 x 400, 4 x 200.
Splits of: 69.02, (60), 68.44, (56), 68.08, (54), 67.88, (1:57 400m jog)
66.69, (57), 66.49, (54), 66.26, (56), 66.38, (2:32 had to take off tights)
64.63, (58), 65.44, (60), 65.52, (60), 64.87, (3:09 600m jog)
31.39, (57), 30.56, (57), 30.13, (57), 28.36, (55) for 35:30 total and 10,600 meters

Decent amount of work. I knew during the 3rd set that I wasn't going to be able to run 62s, so I opted for some 200s. I wanted to get a quicker stimulus in and that allowed my legs to turn over.

C/d back to the Lodge in 22:16 after dropping in the newsroom to say "hi" to Jilane and leave my flats to pick up later.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Double Run

Time: 40:54
Distance: 6 miles

It was a decent night out and I was wanting to get back out on the road. I came home from class and put the running shoes on and headed out the door. The wind was pretty cold out of the west which made the first half slow. I ran past Irving MS, out Boyd, turned left at Pickard and came back Brooks. Overall, I am pleased with the days training. The legs feel a bit more rested.

Also competing over the weekend was former Brown University runner and fellow Northern Californian, "Ridiculous" Nicholas Neely. He made his marathon debut at the AT&T Austin Marathon. His finishing time of 2:24 earned him a sixth place finish. Read more about the race and the event here on Oburn's blog. He has some pretty sweet pics of Neely clipping along.

Dead Presidents

Time: 65:13
Distance: 10 miles

Felt pretty good after a day off yesterday. Got out there and ran the standard loop that I have come to enjoy. Body isn't achy anymore and I think I'm good to go for a workout tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather will be decent.

In other running news, several former Brown University athletes competed over the weekend. Owen Washburn, Jeff Gaudette and Patrick Tarpy raced in sunny San Diego, CA at the USATF XC Champs. You can find more about the race in Oburn's blog post. The results can be found here at the USATF site.

1  641 Dathan Ritzenhein        Nike                    Eugene OR           25        35:03
2 671 Jorge Torres Reebok Boulder CO 27 35:29
3 643 Josh Rohatinsky Nike Beaverton OR 25 35:41
4 616 Edward Moran Nike Williamsburg VA 26 35:43
5 563 Ryan Hall Asics Mammoth Lakes CA 25 35:50

39 554 Jeffrey Gaudette unattached Charlotte NC 25 38:01
49 680 Owen Washburn unattached Austin TX 24 38:29
54 665 Patrick Tarpy Reebok Providence RI 25 38:33

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 478:26
Distance: 70.5 miles

It would have been a good week of training if I could have gotten in that second workout. The longer more strength oriented session went well for the first time in awhile. Even though I missed out on a true speed session, I still think I'm where I need to be for the spring. Hopefully, this lighter week will pay off in the long run.

Unplanned Day Off

Time: 0 minutes
Distance: 0 miles

Last night after getting back from Arkansas I started feeling ill. I wasn't sure what the deal was but it felt like I was running a fever. I had lost my appetite and my muscles/body was aching. I was almost certain that I was going to have more serious symptoms and come down with the flu.

Today I feel much better. The body is still a little aching, but I'm not having the chills that I was having last night. I'm choosing to not be a tough guy and lay low today. I was looking forward to getting on the track and banging out some quick efforts, but that will have to wait. Besides, today would have been hindered by a 30 mph breeze.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Markham Trails

Time: 65:35
Distance: 10 miles

Started out at the hotel in F'ville and ventured out in the cold and rain. I opted not to run the workout this morning b/c the weather isn't conducive to running fast. Tom wants me to run a 1k (2:35), 800 (2:02), 600 (1:30), 400 (59), 200 (28) all with 4 mins rest. It will be a great workout, but not today. I ran up past the track around the time when the Freezing 5k & 10k was getting ready to start. Last year at this time, Jilane and I were unsuccessful at getting into the Tyson Invite, and instead we opted to run this little road race. It wasn't much to write home about, but two trophies are sitting above my tv.

The run on the trails was fine. Christin Wurth-Thomas was out there with a few male training partners. She was clipping the pace along. I'm sure she was excited after her performance last night where she ran 4:27 for the mile. My legs were feeling pretty fresh since I haven't had a workout in a few days.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fayette'nam Double

Time: 35:32
Distance: 5 miles

Arrived to the Super 8 Motel in Fayetteville, Ark. around 4:30 pm. We missed to opening session of the meet and would have to wait until 8 pm when the pro events started. I decided to put some time on my feet by running down and back on the mile stretch of road that runs alongside the highway. The legs felt fine for the workout I'm planning on doing in the morning at the John McDonnell outdoor track. Check out what they are doing out at Arkansas for their track and field program.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 40:42
Distance: 6 miles

Started the run from JJ's house and looped past the golf course, over to Pickard and back through campus. It was pretty cold and windy out so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. Logan, Sandhya and I are headed off to Fayette'nam for the Tyson Invite. There are going to be some pretty legit races featuring many Olympians and future Olympians.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Double Run

Time: 35:02
Distance: 5 miles

Ran from OK Runner to campus for class. Finished up at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication before heading down to the indoor track to shower. I was running with my iPhone b/c I had to come from work and actually enjoyed listening to some music this afternoon. Usually, I'm indifferent to zoning out with music but today it was nice.

Morning Run

Time: 45:02
Distance: 6.5 miles

Ran in the morning before heading off to work. I looped down to campus and turned right on Pickard. I just went out and back b/c it was terribly windy and I was up late. I was just looking to put about 6 miles on my feet before starting the day off at work.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Track Tempo

Time: 78:04
Distance: 12 miles

W/u from the Lodge on the standard loop that goes through campus and ends at the track. Made sure to run a few extra laps on the track and got the time up to 25:02. Hustled inside to change the shoes and stretch a bit. The wind wasn't a factor but it was about 30 degrees. Tom wanted me doing a 2 x 2.5 mile tempo that cut the pace down.

Target: 2 x 2.5 mile tempo with 800 splits of 2:40, 2:35, 2:30, 2:25, 2:25
Actual: 2:35.94, 2:36.31, 2:30.06, 2:26.31, 2:25.08 (5 mins rest to jog 800 meters)
2:36.87, 2:33.88, 2:31.00, 2:28.66, 2:24.13 for 30:08 total.

Felt pretty good. I was running with long tights over half-tights which made my stride a little less fluid. Either way it was a solid amount of work. I was able to stay relaxed through 1.5 miles and then had to concentrate for the next mile of each 2.5 mile set.

C/d back to the Lodge in 22:54.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sutton Woods

Time: 80:14
Distance: 12 miles

I ventured out to Sutton Woods for the first time this year. A fellow friend and customer at the store, Ken Hardwick, has been able to remove most of the debris that came down in the ice storm. I was surprised with how well the 1.5 mile trail was this cold and windy morning. There was a solid breeze coming out of the north which made getting to Sutton a chore, but was quite nice on the way home. Legs felt good for the most part. I ended up running three full loops before heading back and the middle one was around 9:30.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Double Run

Time: 30:15
Distance: 4 miles

Went on Campus Loop. Just wanted to put some time on my feet after my evening class. Nothing much to report because, frankly, I don't really remember the run. However, the watch stored the data, so I must have run.

Dead Presidents

Time: 68:00
Distance: 10 miles

An easy run in the morning from the Lodge. Felt fine if I can recall correctly.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 692:35
Distance: 100.5 miles

Solid week of work. Got in a crappy tempo, but followed it up with a good shape cutting session. My legs were pretty tired early in the week but some easier days helped them recover. Slowly but surely.

Long Run

Time: 101:23
Distance: 16 miles

I had a great time out at Logan's and 747 last night with Owen, Jilane, Logan, Nark, Jess and Lauren. Thanks to Uncle Reebok it didn't break the bank either. I woke up pretty late, ran over to Jilane's and picked up Owen who was hoping to get in about 45 mins. He had taken a few days off b/c his knee has been bugging him. Our run took us up past Scotty D.'s, over to Pickard and back Chautauqua. We happened to see Mr. Downard running on the rugby field and I was sure to give him a stern, "Hey, get off this field!" He actually thought I was a grounds keeper for a moment before turning to see it was just me. Owen and I looped back to Jilane's and then I headed home with a decent run under my belt.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Double Run

Time: 57:36
Distance: 8 miles

After work and getting to see the new AdiBok line from Nark I took my new friend from D'mouth out on a jog. I really appreciated his company and it was such a nice night. No wind, cool temps and little traffic. We went in to campus, made our way to Pickard, ran down by Scotty D.'s and over past Lloyd Noble. The pace wasn't fast, nor slow. I was just trying to put some time on my feet and prepare for a night out on Uncle Reebok.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 31:58
Distance: 4 miles

Took Nark on a short run through Campus Loop in order to show him a bit of what we got here in Norman. It was a nice easy run that started the day off right.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Crazy Warmup, Good Workout, Epic Cooldown

Time: 79:47
Distance: 10.5 miles

After class and before Owen and Nark got to town I needed to get in a solid workout. I had originally planned to hit the track directly after class but it was a little chilly and I had forgotten my jacket. Instead I took the bus home and started my 25:55 minute warmup from home. It was pretty standard stuff except the part when some dude wanted to fight me b/c I gave his piece of crap van a love tap for cutting me off. As I approached the corner of Beaumont and 12th I actually heard the guy's door open and shut b/c he said he was going to "kick my ass" and "go right here." Yea, that gets the adrenaline going early on in the workout. I ended with a few laps on the track while some Navy ROTC kids were running a 1.5 mile timed session.

Tom wanted me to cut a few shapes at goal race pace. Everything was to be under 60 seconds and I could take as much rest possible. The key was to keep the pace honest.

Target: 6 x 400 in under 60 secs. Rest ideally of 3-4 minutes.
Splits: 30.46, (2:07), 30.08, (4:00). Started with a couple 200s with 400 jog.
59.88, (2:59), 59.81, (3:00), 59.58, (3:00), 59.75, (3:00), 59.63, (3:00), 57.63 for 28:03 total and 3.5 miles.

Overall, I was pleased with how the workout went. I was under the lights and on the track starting my workout at about 8 pm. All things considered it went well. There was no breeze to speak of which made things out of the ordinary. It was a little cold and the muscles had a bit of a hard time responding, but I could clip of 59 secs pretty easily. I was jogging the rest 400m in about 2:05 and would stand around until 3 mins. I was pretty much recovered by 2:30.

On the c/d of 25:49 I had one of the most epic runs ever. I put a phone call out to Tom explaining how the workout went. He told me that he had to go b/c he was being a fat kid and was getting some ice cream. I then called Owen who was in the car driving with Nark up to Norman in order to surprise Jilane and sell some 'boks to OK Runner. As I'm talking to Oface, Tom proceeds to call Nark which I can hear in the background. I immediately call him (Tom) out by way of Owen. Tom hangs up and re-calls me when I opt to merge the phone calls of Owen and Tom. We get some good stories going which leaves Nark feeling left out. Nark then calls Owen who is able to merge all the calls and later Hanley is dialed and added, but just for a short time. This is pretty confusing to follow in writing just as was our conversation. It was a bit difficult to understand everyone as people were trying to talk at once. It would have helped if we had a "talking stick." However, it made for the most amazing cool down in the history of cool downs. While some people may call me out for running with the phone (i.e. Jilane), I would argue that it's no different than running with music and certainly more productive.

Morning Run

Time: 30:02
Distance: 4 miles

Ran Campus Loop nice and easy. I got a pretty good workout planned for under the lights tonight after my class. I think the wind is
going to die down and I'll get out there for some quick 400s.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Double Run

Time: Watch malfunction
Distance: 7 miles

After my one hour thesis/project class I got out the door to run in the dark. I headed out and wasn't sure how long or far to go. I opted to turn right on Timberdell and go past the law school before heading south on Chautauqua. I proceeded to head over to Pickard and ran back through campus. My watch started when I thought I was taking a mile split on Pickard which I hit in 6:30. I would guess the run was somewhere around 50 minutes.

Alternate Lloyd Noble

Time: 56:38
Distance: 8-9 miles

Ran from the Lodge on what started out being the standard Lloyd Noble Loop. Once I got to Chautauqua I decided to swoop through Scotty D.'s neighborhood and come back on Pickard St. I took a mile split along Pickard and hit 6:20 into a slight breeze. I was trying to keep the pace easy and let my body recover.

Last night I spoke with Tom and we decided to only do the 6 x 400 workout this week. He also informed me that a tornado ripped part of his roof off. Beautiful.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tempo Run

Time: 71:15
Distance: 11 miles

I was checking the weather constantly today to see when it would be nice for a tempo run. I saw the wind was dying down around 5 pm and that I could leave work early and get down to the flats. I warmed up from OK Runner to Rock Creek and 60th which took 20:05. It seemed like a nice night for a workout. The sun was setting, no wind, cool temps. Tom originally wanted me to do this on the GT but since it rained I changed it.

Target: 5:25, 5:20, 5:15, 5:10. Then a couple 400s at a decent clip (times for GT).
Actual: 5:19, 5:20, 5:19, 5:16 for 21:15. (5 mins rest).
4 x 400 in 67.85, (90), 67.85, (90), 67.97, (90), 63.49. Total workout of 35:15 for 9400 meters.

Ran back to the store in 15:56 at an easy pace. Not thrilled about the workout. I pretty much blew a perfect opportunity to get in a good one. Aerobically I felt fine, felt in control. My damn legs didn't want to pick up the pace and wouldn't really respond to much. I felt a little smoother on the 400s but still not great.

Morning Jaunt

Time: 30:24
Distance: 4 miles

Went for a short jog on Campus Loop from the Lodge. Legs were feeling a little better but it was hard to feel my legs. I think with the wind chill it was 14 degrees and I decided to wear shorts. Not the best idea, certainly not the worst. Got done with the run feeling good enough to get a tempo run in after work.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Long Dead Presidents

Time: 80:06
Distance: 12 miles

Felt sluggish again this morning. Not sure what is going on with the legs. I was supposed to workout but I woke up to thunder and lightning. I decided that I would sleep in a bit and do the workout tomorrow. Turned out that the weather wasn't too bad, just a little windy and a tad cold. Not as bad as I had expected however. I started the run by adding a loop on past Irving Middle School and then I did the standard loop. I didn't push at any point during the run and just let the legs dictate the pace. They wanted to go slow. Probably a good thing I didn't workout b/c it would have been ugly.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Evening Double

Time: 35:52
Distance: 5 miles

I ran from the Lodge in to campus and got on to the outdoor track. It was such a nice night out that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out there. It must have been around 65 degrees at 6 pm when I was out there. I ran a few laps on the track before stopping to stretch, do some drills and run 5 or 6 100 meter strides. After feeling so sluggish this morning I thought that turning over the legs would be beneficiary. I wasn't running the strides particularly hard, but they got the legs moving. Bobby Lockhart and the running club were meeting for the week. Fun times. Ran back to the Lodge by way of Lindsey, Elm, and Boyd Streets.

Dead Presidents

Time: 67:34
Distance: 10 miles

Got out the door in the morning feeling terribly sluggish. I was just trying to put 10 miles on my feet but I was definitely feeling a case of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle syndrome). I managed to get through the run feeling decent by the end. The weather was warm but there was a pretty strong breeze.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week in Review

Time: 618:25
Distance: 92 miles

Solid week of running. Got in a crappy tempo run on the windiest day of the year, but then finished the week with a couple good workouts. I was most pleased with the 400/200 workout where I was running 27s. My left hammy is still a bit sore but I will just have to keep an eye on it. I need to start eating a bit better and perhaps stop going out as much. Overall, the body is feeling pretty good and I think the training is finally where it needs to be.


Time: 93:30
Distance: 15 miles

Ran the Bobcat loop that is one of the few named runs in Norman. I got out there pretty late in the afternoon a few hours before the Super Bowl kick off. It was an amazing day. Slight breeze out of the easy, sunny skies and temps in the low 70s. I couldn't complain. Started taking some splits out on Cedar Rd. starting at 24th and heading east. Times were: 6:02, 6:01, 6:03, 5:58, 5:56, 6:08, 6:10, 6:04. The three mile splits were taken along Lindsey on the hillier section heading west with the wind in my face. I wasn't trying to push the pace b/c my legs were a bit tired from the workout last night. The weather, more than anything, got me moving.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Secret

Time: 81:37
Distance: ~11 miles+

Anya was kind enough to give me a ride from OK Runner and take me to the track. The J.D. Martin Invite had just concluded and teams were filing out of the Mosier. I grabbed results and changed into running clothes before setting out on a warm up of 23:49 on the standard loop. Once I came back to the track I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to turn the lights of the track on b/c there were still quite a few facilities workers around. Dave Littlejohn and some of the trainers were mingling in the hallways of the indoor track too so I was a bit hesitant to flip the switch.

I stretched a bit, did some drills, ran a couple strides and spiked up.

Target: 6 x 400/200 in 65/27. Rest of 30 seconds between intervals and 4 minutes between sets.
Splits: 65.16, (:30), 27.44, (3:59). I would jog 600 meters between sets (~3 mins) and then chill for a minute.
65.75, (:30), 27.27, (4:00),
64.20, (:30), 27.60, (4:00),
63.32, (:30), 27.88, (4:00),
64.87, (:30), 27.21, (3:59),
64.13, (:30), 26.86 for 32:13 total.

I was bold enough to turn on the NW and SE lights tonight so that both turns were bright. It seems like whenever the lights come on the recreational jogger has to show up. Tonight it was a lady with reddish curly hair, a floppy stride and a goofy demeanor. After running the first 400 I had 30 seconds to yell at her to get out of lane one. She kind of spazzed out about what lane I was going to be using. She could run zig-zags from lane 2 through 9 just as long as she was out of lane 1. After my hard 200 I was jogging around the track when I see that she is sprinting across the infield looking like she urgently needed to tell me something. If you are reading this you are about to hear the secret of running b/c I found it out last night and thing everyone has a right to know. Runners and coaches have always wanted to know the "secret." Most agree there is no secret, just hard work. Well, they are wrong! There is one.

Lady: "You know that if you smile when you're running it aligns your muscles."
JoKin: "Oh yea?"
Lady: "It is relaxing and all you have to do is smile. Even if it is a fake smile. Smiling can help you run faster."
JoKin: "Thanks."

There you have it. All you got to do is smile. Fake smile. Genuine smile. Gebresellasie smile.

C/d of 25:35 on the phone talking to Jilane, Lo, Coleman, left a message for Tom and a chat with Ari/Sarro.

Morning Run

Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 4 miles

The start/stop button on my Timex watch was being a punk and I didn't get the real time of this run, but that's not important. I ran the basic Campus Loop that goes in on Brooks and over to Boyd streets. The J.D. Martin Invitational is this morning and the parking lot was filling up with cars. I have a workout tonight after working at OK Runner so I was just trying to get an easy few miles on my feet.

Norman Darkness

Time: 52:27
Distance: 8 miles?

It was a lovely day out but I was forced to sit in Cafe Plaid all day sipping coffee. Actually it was a big waste of time b/c the "pre-assignment" for my class tonight wasn't even due. In fact, the professor didn't realize he had class tonight until sometime this morning. I ended up going for a run at about 9:30 pm and just wandered the dark streets of Norman. At one point I had to wait on what was possibly the longest train in the history of long trains. It seemed like I was stopped at Brooks St. for 3 minutes waiting for this thing to pass. The legs felt pretty good, the night wasn't too cold and it wasn't that windy. Don't have much to complain about.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Time: 27:30
Distance: 4 miles

This morning I pulled a Jilane and ran on the treadmill. It wasn't that bad out but I was certain that the roads were still icy in parts. I was more concerned about having to battle traffic for the parts of the road that weren't icy. I thought about going 6 miles but couldn't stand running on the treadmill at the Lodge's gym for more than 4. My left hamstring is a bit tight from last night's workout. Now that I'm thinking about it, my left hammy was sore on the first couple of 100 meter strides on did with trainers on. I haven't been stretching particularly well which doesn't help.