Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Champ is Back

Time: 27:32
Distance: ~4 miles

I'm back in Nompton. I stopped by the shop on my way home from the airport and then decided to help out. It was fun talking to customers who had run the marathon this afternoon. At the end of the day Scotty, Gus and I laced them up for a short run through Brookhaven. It felt good to shakeout the legs post flight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Fresh

Time: 45:02
Distance: 6 miles

The prison warden finally let me sleep in and I was able to get a good amount of sleep. The legs were feeling nearly fully recovered when I hit the trails of McAlpine for our jog. It felt like I had done a long run or had a hard workout the day before, so the legs were fatigued but not sore. I ran with Meagan and DarTanyan on the trails and on the back section of the Footlocker course. I finished up the run and re-found the lacrosse ball I threw at the start of the run. After setting up a makeshift "k-zone" I proceeded to throw some heat at the backstop. It was ugly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meagan's McAlpine Tempo

Time: 52:03
Distance: 7.5 miles
W/u: 19:06 for 2.5 miles
W/o: 72:91 rof 0.3 selim
C/d: 13:29 for 2 miles

So this morning Meagan forced me to get up way to early again so that she and Tanya could run their workouts at McAlpine before it got too hot and humid. I hobbled down to the street where Jailhouse picked us all up and drove us to the park. DarTanyan was running 16 x 400 and Meagan had a 3 mile tempo. I was going to help out on the tempo and see if I could get the junk out of my legs.

I promised not to tell Meagan our splits so the total time of the workout is written in code above. See if you can crack it. If you can't, then uoy era gnikcuf diputs. She ran tough on the course used for Footlocker South and my legs finally were a bit responsive, but as soon I stopped they locked up again. I shuffled the cooldown and was glad to be done for the day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Post 'Thon Pain

Time: 24:42 and 7:38
Distance: 3 miles and 1 mile

This morning I surprised Meagan by agreeing to go on a run with her. She was going to run down to Freedom Park and I decided to tag along. The legs were not in a good place but I thought it would be wise to procure some bloodflow. Running up from the park wasn't a pleasant experience and walking down the stairs to the fitness center was also miserable. Meagan spent some time on the elliptical while I attempted to stretch but it proved useless. I spent more time watching Jailhouse trying to get huge on the weights.

OKC Marathon Reflections

I made it to the Queen City late last night and have had time to think about the race. Meagan picked me up at the airport and took me to the prison. I caught up with Chuck Engle at the airport and we had a good chat about marathoning and running in general. The Memorial Marathon was his 181st marathon and he was hoping to compete at the front of the race on Sunday. He was quite impressed with my 2:27:22 debut in those conditions. Chuck is usually good for a 2:32 to 2:36 race and yesterday he unfortunately finished in sixth with a time of 2:46:50. So what does it all mean?

I'm not certain how much faster I could have run with better conditions but clearly the 20 mph wind out of the south made it a struggle along Classen. The 2 mile stretch from 21-23 was exceptionally brutal and just at the wrong time of the race. Luckily, Gus was out there with a bottle of electrolytes and another bottle of water before making the left hand turn out of the wind. I owe much thanks to Gus for the words of encouragement late in the race and for being at the finish to greet me. It was also nice see Jeff Cummins (customer at OK Runner) standing at the finish line.

Backing up to early in the race... Scotty and I ran side by side for the first 12.5 miles. We started out with a group of relayers and some half marathoners but backed off when we saw the mile split hovering around 5:20. Chuck Engle was lurking for the first 3 miles but said he had to ease off the pace after we went through the 5k around 17:40. Not blistering but quick. I was feeling great at the time because it was (a) early and (b) wind aided. I wasn't too concerned with running 5:30s because the pounding didn't feel too much harder and it felt right to take advantage of the wind early.

Near the finish going past some half-marathoners. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Downard).

At 10k Jerry joined Scotty and I as he had just dropped out of the half marathon. The pack of 3 worked together and we ran down the Team OK Runner Elite relay team's second leg. We put a bit of distance on the relay and were working well as a group. By this point the helicopter was hovering above and the press truck was in the mix. I think at 8 miles I offered my congratulations to Mark Bravo for getting married in the coming months. I suppose I was intending to make the viewing from home as entertaining as possible. Bravo was doing the announcing from the booth during the marathon and he's the guy Scott and I ran into a few weeks ago at a park in OKC. I got an email from Mark this afternoon returning the congrats. Here's a brief snippet:
Wanted to commend your performance yesterday, Jordan! Believe along w/Conor Holt's 2:22 in '04, I'd rank it the best in the race's history... You as well conducted yourself with great CLASS, and should be most proud of this as well. Thanks for the kind words.

Jerry's Kids before dropping out and deciding to pace Scotty and me.

As I mentioned earlier Scotty and I ran together until 12.5 miles. Team OK Runner Elite had caught us on the third leg (12k) and Cole was running alongside Scotty and me. Scotty dropped back just briefly and I turned to ask if he was doing all right. He responded by telling me to go with Cole if I was feeling good. I was, so I did. I quickly caught back up and ran with past 13.1 miles which I crossed in 1:13:24. My hope with going with Cole was to use him running into the wind coming off Lake Hefner. That plan went out the window when I dropped him prior to the overpass that took you to the lake.

Skolnick giving Scotty D some help out on the course. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Downard)

Just before the loop at the lake, the press truck nearly ran me over. Ooops. The lake was terribly windy. I was still feeling good but it was relatively early (14 miles). I made it to the 27k mark well up on our relay team and got a boost from those waiting for their runners. Carrot Top was out there and he cheered me on and I also got a bottle from Scotty's mom. The hill around mile 17 was where I felt the first sign of fatigue as my right hip flexor twinged.

I was counting down the miles from the 16-17 mile marks which were like 1:26:xx/1:31:xx (from memory so not accurate). I knew that I was somewhat tired but figured that I had about an hour of running left based on 6 minute miles, so hopefully I'd be running faster. Knowing that I have started runs feeling crappier than how I was at 17 miles gave me hope that I could make it late in the race without falling completely apart.

I got a big boost running through the final relay exchange at 20 miles. I saw Jason Coleman and he said I looked great. I kept at it until Classen which is where the wheels almost fell off. I got the bottle from Gus during some slow sections into the wind when I dropped a 5:54 and 5:48. Not good.

Once I got back into the neighborhoods and past the 23 mile mark the pace dropped again and I felt much more relaxed. The cheers from the half marathoners gave me a bit of a buzz and I was able to hang on and finish strong.

Crossing the tape. Apparently I needed to shoot the guns?

I had a great time giving interviews and talking to the crowd post-race. I greeted the spectators in the stands and gave a few high fives when the announcers brought me back out to see everyone. This was probably the coolest moment as they showed great support. I talked to Owen about it and in trying to express my emotions while remaining humble about kinda being a big deal at that moment, he said, "if you don't get excited about that then you're doing it for the wrong reasons." So true. Thanks to the fans.

Also thanks to Kristi and Coleman, Spencer for letting me sleep on his couch, Aja for driving me up to the city and being there, the Thompson family for sponsoring me and giving me employment, my former Brown teammates who kept the text messages and emails flowing giving me congrats. Big ups for Tom being the worst coach ever and Jeff who is just slightly better. A big thanks to Meagan who thought I had run 2:33 before the results were corrected and being excited for celebratory core work. Another shout to my parents who had little idea I was racing and failed to answer their phones when I called to tell them the news. Also, thanks for the Boston women for running, well, like women. Here's to you Mike DeCoste for taking the over. If you've made it this far you are clearly a runner boner (credit to Blake and co. out in 'rado) and appreciate the sport. Thanks for the comments/congrats.

Raise your hand if you're a sweet dude.

Here are some links that I can use to show off. I'll post them because I can. I hope I'm not that much of a herb as is seen in this video. You can also check out some photos here. The lovely article from the Oklahoman. A brief from the OU Daily.

Week in Review

Time: 532:42
Distance: 81.92 miles

First Marathon: check
Sub-2:33: check
Healthy: check

I can't complain too much with this week. I'm glad to have finally raced my first marathon on my third attempt. It was a great experience and now I know what miles 21 to 26 will feel like. I'm not sure what I will be getting ready for next but I'll be taking a couple weeks of light running to let the body fully recover.

I got some great comments on the blog this week including one from the couple that ain't dinner after Scotty, Aja and me at the OG. Seeing that was pretty cool and the fact that they liked how I ribbed Libby was even better.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

OKC Marathon

Time: 2:27:19
Distance: 26.2 miles

I just want to drop a quick note and get my splits down while I'm waiting for my flight out of OKC to Charlotte. The morning went well and so did the afternoon but it's quickly deteriorating as United Airlines is on par with a discount flying service right now. I'd rather fly the company that charges to use the bathroom.

Here are the splits I took with my Timex watch after mile 1. Splits are based on the course mile markers:
(missed mile one), 6:04, 5:42, 5:49, 5:38,
5:31, 5:38, 5:24, 5:39, 5:31,
5:36, 5:25, 5:32, 5:22, 5:48,
5:34, 5:36, 5:38, 5:29, 11:03 (2 miles),
5:54, 5:49, 5:48, 5:40.

Here are the splits from Mr. Garmin based on fancy satellite technology that had me running 26.48 miles:
5:26, 5:48, 5:53, 5:37, 5:38,
5:25, 5:32, 5:25, 5:35, 5:29,
5:31, 5:28, 5:29, 5:18, 5:40,
5:25, 5:30, 5:36, 5:31, 5:23,
5:35, 5:48, 5:47, 5:52, 5:26,
5:31, 2:36 for .48 miles (5:27 pace)

I'll update this later... stay tuned.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My New Whip

I tried to have a light day on my feet at work. I managed not to fall off any ladders which is nice. We were pretty damn busy again today with people making their final marathon purchases. I sold lots of socks, Gu and shorts. Nothing like trying something new before a 13.1/26.2 mile race. Anyway, after work Aja rolled through and we headed up to the expo. It was time to break crap down and I was able to squirm my way out of having to do any work. I did manage to score a wheeling cart to make Gus, Jerry's Kids and Tim's job easier.

Perhaps the lead vehicle for tomorrow's race.

On the drive to dinner (the OG) I spotted my ride to the marathon. Maybe it was the pace vehicle? Either way it was ridiculously unneccesary. Three wheels in the back! C'mon man.

As I write this the race is about 8 hours away. Feeling good, ready to go.

Oh yea, if you want text updates:

Off to bed

24 Hour Countdown

Time: 34:15
Distance: 5 miles

I came downstairs at 6:30 am to start my run and was greeted by a crew of long haired dudes setting up a stage for the Norman Music Festival. How come all those guys look the same wherever you go? I'm going to miss the music which kinda sucks because they got a pretty good lineup like Of Montreal, Tea Leaf Green and Sugar and Gold. They must be important because there has been some buzz about the bands playing this year.

The run was humid. I was wearing a long sleeve Brooks/Hanson's shirt though which didn't help things but tomorrow is going to be fun. The legs are feeling fresh and I think I'll be able to handle the pace. I'm hoping the cooling system is prepared to go late in the race when the sun comes out and warms the course to 70 around 8:30 am.

Oh, and speaking of countdowns...

...nevermind I can't find it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting a Feel for It

Time: 19:37
Distance: ~2.5 miles

I got a few miles on my feet towards the end of the day at work. I wanted to go out and keep the legs loose after working during the day. We had lots of marathoners in the store asking silly questions about where to line up, what to eat and what to wear. The other purpose for my run was to test the air and to see how thick it really is. Pretty thick. If the weather report holds true and the mid 60s temps welcome us at the start, getting a deep breath is going to be tough.

OK Runner had the annual post-expo dinner at Chelino's this evening in Bricktown. We had a good crew of reps which included Jon from Adidas, Gabe and Mo from Brooks, Andrea and Len from New Balance, Cane from Mizuno and Marcus who is a director for White Rock in Dallas. I kept the streak alive with 3 Dos Equis Ambers with lime. I'm feeling ready to roll. Over/under is still Boston women's winning time.

New Mile WR!

Time: 43:42
Distance: Who knows

It's a good thing that I just updated the software on my Garmin this morning. I was out of the roads with Scotty this morning and it had us split 3:07 on our fourth mile. No big deal. To most people a 3:07 would be pretty difficult even on a bike, but for us a 3:07 mile split feels kinda like a 6:37.

The days are ticking away until the 'thon on Sunday. I'll start with the over/under at 2:32:16 because that's what the women at Boston ran.
We are still a few days out but that could make things interesting. Here's the weather forecast the morning of the race:

6 am
Isolated T-Storms
From SSE
17 mph

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fartlek is a Funny Word

Time: 60:05
Distance: 9.02 miles
Pace: 6:40

This morning Scotty and were on the streets for the final mini-workout before the marathon. We did 6 x 2 mins on, 2 mins off. The pace was to be at marathon effort but we ended up running a lot faster. After some early mile splits of 7:52, 7:19, 7:16, and 4:11 (for .58 miles at 7:11 pace) we started running quicker.

I flubbed the first 4 minutes so it shows we ran .69 miles which is 5:50 pace (gotta remember 2 hard/2 easy). The rest looked like this, .38 miles (5:15s), .29 (6:53), .38 (5:15s), .28 (7:00), .38 (5:14), .28 (7:00), .38 (5:17), .29 (6:49), .39 (5:07).

I'm not sure why there is a little variation on the pace and distance. It either means that it has taken fractions of seconds into consideration or Mr. Garmin is complete crap. I'll go with the former.

Last couple miles were 7:04, and at 6:28 pace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stretch Session

I went to the gym this evening and spent about 5 mins on the elliptical while Kristi was working out. I got bored and decided to hit up the fitness room for some solid stretching. My hips are relatively tight but that's always the case. By the end of the session I was feeling much more relaxed and my calves are noticeably less stiff.

I normally wouldn't post about a simple stretch session but I have to report that the new uniforms are in and they'll look pretty sharp at the front of the pack. I should post a picture but that would ruin the suspense for their debut on Sunday morning at 6:30 (that's half 6 if you're a knacker). That's right a start time of 6:30 am! Who does that? Oh, and for all of you running over 6 hours, you're in luck because there is a 4:30 am start time for the slow pokes.

Sorry slow pokes, have fun getting up before 4:00.

Starting to Taper

Time: 48:36
Distance: 7.01

I met Scotty out on the roads for a short jog through the streets. The tapering phase of the training has officially started. The legs are feeling good and there are only a few days left.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Light Workout to Shake Things Up

Time: 66:38
Distance: 10.07 miles
W/u: 19:13 for 2.51 miles
W/o: 25:22 for 4.51 miles
C/d: 22:03 for 3.05 miles

This morning's workout was a little bit of pace work for the marathon this Sunday. A lot of people have been talking about Boston and London, but OKC is where the action is going to be.

Scotty and I did 2 x 2 mile at marathon pace with 800 jog between. Our splits were 5:24, 5:29, (3:36), 5:21, 5:19. That's not exactly marathon pace but we'll take it. The legs were feeling easy and running 5:40s just isn't as sexy.

Finding the Time

Time: 26:35
Distance: 3.5 miles+

I ran the standard "four" mile loop in Brookhaven this evening after work. To answer Mr. Neely's email about my doubling, I'm just trying to keep the routine and shake the legs out later in the evening. The weather has been really nice early in the week and the body could use the routine. I'm not too worried about having 50 miles on the legs before this Sunday.

I kept the streak alive this evening out at El Cerrito with Gustavo. He was a bachelor for the second time this week and invited me out for some leftover lasagna. I gotta start loading up on the carbs or something like that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Insert Clever Title Here

Time: 28:14
Distance: 3.5 miles

This evening after work Scotty came by and we headed out for jog through Brookhaven. Since he was in the Brooks Cascadias we decided to make lots of loops at one of the small parks alongside Broookhaven Blvd. We chatted about Boston Marathon tactics among other things.

After the run I kept my streak alive at The Mont. I'm currently on a roughly two week drinking streak that has involved the consumption of at least 1 beer or glass of wine. You gotta go with what works. My liver meridians are fealing fantastic.

Watching Marathon Monday

Time: 61:41
Distance: 9.12 miles
Pace: 6:45

I went on a jog with Scotty this morning through the streets. We had a good buzz going about the excitement that is the Boston Marathon. I hurried home to shower and change before getting to Winan's/Michelangelo's to watch the race. I had a few technical difficulties with tuning in to the race, but was glad to catch the men's start. Ryan Hall is most impressive and ran well from the gun. He deserves all the praise that he has received in recent weeks. The women's race was pretty lackluster until the final 800 meters. Universal Sports coverage was also poor in the final stages when they went away from the split screen. However, I'm glad I was able to watch the race online.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 590:33
Distance: 85.74 miles

The body is feeling good and nearing the point of being ready to go. The mind will have to start coming around this next week about how to race smart and hold back early on. I got in 12 runs this week but it looks like 6 of them were of 5.20 miles or less. This next week will obviously be all about recovery and getting relatively sharp for the 'thon. I'm not too worried about potentially having to work the marathon expo because it will be fun to see all the people and not too much out of the ordinary. I think that if I'm able to get to bed early most nights I'll be ready to roll come Sunday at 6:30 am.

Bank of America's Failure

Time: 51:45
Distance: 8.04 miles
Pace: 6:26

I know why Bank of America is tanking. It's true. I would have the banking giant turned around in weeks if I were at the helm. My first call of action would be to move HQ back to San Fran. For my second duty see below. I didn't even have to travel to the company's headquarters in Charlotte to figure this out. Take this simple scenario...

...A runner leaves his home with a couple checks and a debit card stashed under his hat. He plans on putting in 8 or so miles and early on he's going to drop by a Bank of America location to deposit a few weeks worth of employment. Upon arriving at the local BoA site, the patron sees there are no envelopes for said deposit to be made. No envelopes. None. Zilch. It would seem that BoA in all its banking wisdom would see the purpose of stocking deposit envelopes for the weekend. Think of the millions that BoA would wake up to Monday morning if only they would have filled up the envelopes. Idiots! Timothy Geithner can thank me later for solving our nation's banking problems. Envelopes.

The run was good. Nothing else to report besides to nearly sweaty checks. I saw Scotty D and Spenis driving along Pickard St. I stopped and chatted with the boys just briefly. Also, during that mile stretch I think Mr. Garmin decided to geek out as he had me split a 5:40 mile. I know I had the wind at my back but if that mile was a 5:40 you can call me Oscar the Grouch. However, it is was a 5:40 mile not only can you call me Grouch but I'm going to run 2:15 in a week.

One Week and Counting

Time: 27:42
Distance: 4.01 miles
Pace: 6:55

I got to sleep in this morning and let the body fully recover from yesterday. I'll resume the up early stuff tomorrow with a run before the Boston Marathon. Good luck to Aja Clark out east.

The run was pleasant with not too much to report. I ran with Stephen Pile for maybe 800 meters at the very beginning of my run and the end of his. I also saw John "Big Ten" Green on campus by the football stadium. The legs were feeling pretty sharp and I kinda wanted to hammer the pace. I'll get in another few miles this afternoon/evening.

Big ups to David "Carrot Top" Wrenn who broke 17 minutes for the first time this weekend up in Stillwater.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brookhaven Double

Time: 35:03
Distance: 5.20 miles

This evening after work Gus and I costumed up for a jog through Brookhaven. The pace was easy on the standard 5+ mile loop. I didn't really need to get out there but I was looking to work on some form and breathing stuff. Blah.

I'm current now.

Tempo Run for the Fans

Time: 89:34
Distance: 13.74 miles
W/u: 32:33 for 4.35 miles
W/o: 33:13 for 6.02 miles
C/d: 23:48 for 3.37 miles

I was out on the roads at 6:30 am to meet Scotty along Pickard again this morning. It wasn't that windy, a bit humid and warmer than I expected when I opened the downstairs door to Main St. I wore a pair of Zensah compression sleeves for the legs, the LunarTrainers and my yellow Nike Team OK Runner kit. I was trying to simulate the marathon garb as much as possible this morning. We are getting some new ones for OKC but I'm not sure what they are going to look like. I've heard they might be adidas kits which might be cool.

The warmup was basic and the legs were feeling pretty good but my calves were a touch sore. I'll have to focus on keeping them loose the next few days.

The workout had us targeted to hit splits between 5:30 and 5:40. The goal was to run marathon pace as comfortably as possible. We were hitting splits of 5:35, 5:32, 5:28, 5:36, 5:24, 5:31. My breathing wasn't as relaxed as I would have hoped but the pace wasn't too difficult. There were times when Scotty and I got to chatting and then I'd glance done to see that Mr. Garmin had us running 5:50 pace. I'm not sure what the deal was there but it wasn't difficult running 5:30s. I'm hoping that we can maintain 5:45s for the first 10k to 20k with a group of 4 or 5 guys on Sunday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Day on the Roads

Time: 61:36
Distance: 9.01 miles
Pace: 6:50

Scotty and I put some time on the feet this morning. I'm continuing my practice of getting up much earlier than I really need to in hopes that on the 26th I'll wake up feeling chipper around 5 am. I think I was up around 6:15 for a 7:30 departure with my training partner. The pace was nice and easy and the roads were much quieter this morning than days past. Scotty and I ran through the neighborhood where former OKC Marathon champ Connor Holt lived. Perhaps Da WeeMan knows that name as Connor is, too, an Irishman. I went on a run with Mark Carroll a couple years ago and he mentioned a buddy of his that spent some time in Norman. I asked if it was Connor and turns out it was. I've never had the pleasure to meet Mr. Holt but I hear he loved making spins around Grass Loop and could sing really well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sutton Woods

Time: 49:16
Distance: 7.14 miles
Pace: 6:54

Not a lot to report about this run. I took a spin up to Sutton Woods and ran a couple loops on the softer dirt trail. The shins might be a little sore but nothing that I'm too concerned with. I ended the run at the gym where I was able to stretch a bit more than in days past.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Starting to Piss Off Da WeeMan

Time: 24:45
Distance: ~3 miles

I'm trying to get all caught up with this blog so that I'm on point for the week of OKC Marathon. By now Da WeeMan is probably pulling out his hair or whatever they pull on in Ireland.

Tonight it was some time for some 'sticking and we went up to OKC for the eats. Scotty, Spenis and I got in a bit of a run at Broadway Park. It was a small grass loop that we were running and the pace started really slow on purpose.

At the end of the run Mark Bravo was running through the park with his mom's dog and asked what we were getting ready for. He's going to be announcing the OKC Marathon from the booth in a few Sundays. Scotty and I both were asked to send him a brief bio on our training, life and thoughts about the stimulus package. I sent some good pictures of teabaggers.

Last Big Workout Before OKC

Time: 95:54
Distance: 15.35 miles
W/u: 25:18 for 3.30 miles
W/o: 55:18 for 10.04 miles
C/D: 15:18 for 2.01 miles

Scotty and I were out the door at 7:30 from our respective homes to meet up along Pickard. We had 3 x 3 miles at 5:20 - 5:25 pace. The goal was to also take some fluids during the run.

The pace was clipping along early and I was feeling comfortable running in some adidas Tempos. Our splits for the first set was 5:26, 5:21, 5:17 and then we had 800 meter rest in 3:33. On the second set we rattled off 5:30, 5:20, 5:23 and picked up our bottles the final 800 meters. I'm not sure what happened to cause us to start with a 5:30 but I guess we thought it was going to be easy and lost a bit of focus. On the third set which happened to be on the track while the first two were on the roads, we hit some splits of 5:16, 5:19, 5:08. We switched the lead every 800 meters on the track and kept the pace steady. Hitting lap splits of 1:18 - 1:19 was much simpler on the track.

I felt strong the entire way and was glad to run well taking in some Soonerade. The legs were relatively responsive to the pace and the breathing was strong.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Garmin is Sucking

Time: 34:24
Distance: 5.20 miles

I got picked up from the OKC airport by Ms. Cook and she took me promptly to work. I put in a few hours at the store before calling it a day. Gus and I suited up for a run through Brookhaven in the evening. We had great conditions and I was glad to be out there again with just a few extra miles. The body and legs were feeling recovered enough to do a workout tomorrow. For the second time today Mr. Garmin couldn't find a signal before I was ready to start running. As a result, he didn't give me the full distance but since I do this run all the time I know it's a little over 5 miles.

Final Run in Charlotte for a Few Weeks

Time: 24:39
Distance: ~3 miles

I had a very easy run with Meagan this morning which will be my last one for a few weeks. My flight was this morning and I was just putting some time on the feet. Meagan was out there with me and she was having fun jumping over puddles in the grass. I guess her foot was feeling decent enough to keep me company.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Runing Slow with Mr. Garmin and Mr. Boldon

Time: 54:41
Distance: 7.05 miles
Pace: 7:46

This afternoon I got in a run with Blake from Queens. He got his world rocked from the Dark Knight's Petra. I'll let the readers make what they want from that sentence. Our pace was really easy from the start and we took a lovely meandering stroll down to Freedom Park. The return trip to Queens was comfortable on the uphills and through the big ass houses. I'm letting the legs recovery for a few days before getting back to work in Nompton.

A Morning of Fitness and Recovery

Time: 41:14
Distance: ~5 miles

This morning Meagan dragged me out of bed to go to Queens University's morning practice. It was thrilling. The party started at 7 am in Ovens with some light core work and stabilization exercises. It felt good to get the legs and body moving at such an early hour. After the core we went to the pool and on the way I accidentally walked a few steps into the girls locker room. I didn't see any boobs or anything but that would have been sweet. I think we spent 20 minutes in the pool doing some harder efforts to shake out the legs. I hated the pool in college, but it's not nearly as bad when you're using it as recovery. My legs were feeling good when I left so I laced up the boots for a short jog.

I ran from the Queens campus to Freedom Park where we had our Easter Party and then I looped around the Meyers Park 'hood. It's really not much of a "hood" at all because the average home price is somewhere in the million dollar or more range. I saw one lot that was for sale priced at $1,040,000. That's just the lot, not the home. There was no home. I thought about buying it and pitching a tent and then I could brag about my million dollar tent. Eventually, I wound up a bit lost and had to use the trusty iPhone to find the quickest way back to campus. I kept the pace really slow on the run and was listening to music while counting the number of homes that were for sale. I'll let it be known that Bank of America tanking probably has something to do with the number of houses for sale in MP.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 596:03
Distance: 87.53 miles

A solid week of miles. I actually was a bit scared to add up the totals this week as I thought I may have been in the 95 range. 87 is nothing. The body is feeling good and I'm ready to start getting race sharp as much as possible. I had some good training on the softer surfaces of McAlpine late this week which I'm pleased to have done.

Who Steals a Shirt on Easter?!?

Time: 112:39
Distance: 18.03 miles
Pace: 6:15
Splits: 7:39, 6:56, 6:48, 6:43, 6:33, 6:27, 6:22, 6:19, 6:10, 5:57, 5:57, 5:50, 5:58, 5:51, 5:45, 5:57, 5:46, 5:30

Notice something about those splits? Pretty pace savvy right?

Meagan dropped me off at the Boyce entrance to McAlpine Park this morning and I was all geared up to run long. After yesterday's track meet overload I was ready to be back on the casual run. I had a bit of grandma's asthma this morning after the wine bar and Fish Tacos with Jeff, Melanie and Meagan. I forgot to mention yesterday that Meagan, Tanya and I drove to Furman University to watch Mike Crouch and Blake Boldon run in the Blue Shoes Mile in the afternoon. It was a bit of a long time in the car for 4:00 minutes of racing, but it was great to see a sub-4 minute mile (scroll about halfway down the page).

My run started very easy as I ran into the back portion of the park where all the Mexicans were playing official league soccer games. It was very intense and had a good athletic atmosphere. No Mexican soccer match would be complete without the ice cream salesman pushing a cart with a bell. I was tempted to stop several times to pick up a fruit popsicle. Luckily I didn't have any money on me.

I made several loops on what I thought was the Footlocker South XC Course. Turns out I was making a slightly wrong turn, but regardless I was getting in about a 3 mile loop. Mr. Garmin recorded all of my splits and I could tell my legs were a bit lethargic. The upper body was relaxed and comfortable and I just let the legs drop the pace throughout. Around 9 miles I started to intentionally force the pace a bit more. I struggled to run faster than 6 mins/mile but I wasn't too concerned with it.

The run was a solid way to cap off the weekend of training and a good way to start my Easter. I had one minor setback with some d-bag who decided to nick my OK Runner Brookhaven Run Award Winner Brooks Shirt. This is the second Brooks Podium shirt that I have lost in one week. Last week I gave a kid my shirt at the start line of Red Bud so that was my fault.

You can check out how the rest of the day was spent in Freedom Park with some good friends on Meagan's blog.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Johnson C. Smith Invitational (Highly Elite)

Time: 73:20
Distance: 11+ miles

W/u: 15:38
Race #1: 3k in 9:22.05
Pace Work: 10:27
Race #2: 5k in 15:59.76
C/d: 21:54

What a day of racing! Meagan, Tanya and I were up at the crack of dawn to head over to the Johnson C. Smith Invitational across town. Earlier in the week I registered for the meet and signed up for the 3k and 5k with seed times of 8:45 and 15:15. I was hoping a Queens' runner was going to show up and compete but I guess the meet was a bit too selective. I warmed up nice and slow on the track and prepared for the 9:00ish start time.

I was able to get around the whole "paying to compete" at a sub-par track meet one more time as I produced a pretty ghetto bib after cleverly finding my actual registration number. I'll spare you the deets on that and move onto the race. I was out in front from the gun and open with a 76 followed by several 74s. I may have been 4:58-4:59 through the mile feeling relaxed. The wind on the backstretch kept me from accelerating and the lack of competition helped my complacency. I kicked home to a blazing 9:22 a solid 48 seconds up on second place. That was race one.

During the time between the 3k and 5k I ran around the track at a decent clip for 10 minutes per Jailhouse' request. I tried to keep the legs loose as the 5k gun went off after the women's 5k. Good thing the ladies were running 20+ minute races. I don't like to share but I did my best today as I let a runner from Shaw University lead the first lap in 78? The pace felt comfortable and I took over at 400 to rattled off mile splits of 5:14.89, 5:08.38 and 5:03.28. I then dropped a 32 second final 200 to bring it home in a dip under 16 minutes. It was great pace work on the day and entirely in control. We left the meet shortly after the 5k and were back on campus where I cooled down a little over 3 miles running down into Freedom Park.

The best part of the morning maybe have been the brunch at the dining hall where I made a biscuit, egg, cheese and sausage sammich. All you can eat dining halls are the best.

Friday, April 10, 2009

North Carolina Raise Up

Time: 57:29
Distance: 8.01 miles
Pace: 7:10

I arrived in Charlotte this afternoon and was picked up by Meagan from the airport. Originally, Blake Boldon was supposed to be on the second flight but something happened at the gate and Delta wouldn't let some people on the plane. We dropped out stuff at the prison and then headed to McAlpine with Tanya for a short run. I wasn't looking to go too far but was caught up in the soft surfaces at the park. The pace was slow and gentle for the most park though I picked things up upon returning to the parking lot. Meagan got in a decent run this afternoon which was good to see.

Really Early Morn' Treadmill

Time: 30:00
Distance: 4.0 miles

Before hopping a jet to Charlotte I ran on the treadmill down the street at the gym. My flight was leaving at 7:15 am which meant I was out of Norman by 6:00 am which meant I was on the treadmill at 5:10 am which meant I was up at 4:45 am. I wasn't alone at the gym as a couple other fitness fans were in attendance too. The trip was off without any hitches until Blake missed the flight in Minn./St. Paul.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easy Time on the Feet

Time: 50:09
Distance: 7.03 miles
Pace: 7:08

I was looking to keep things nice and slow this morning with Scotty D. We met on Pickard and then ran up to Andrews park for several loops. The grass was much appreciated by the legs. The shins are a bit sore from yesterdays workout but nothing too much else seems to be hurting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cutting Shapes for the Tracksters

Time: ~60:30
Distance: ~9 miles
W/u: 24:23 for ~3 miles
W/o: 16 x 400 in 68-70 secs. with 1 min. rest. Hammer #'s 12 and 15.
C/d: 18:04 for ~2 miles

Scotty and I both got off work around 3 pm and he was at OK Runner a few minutes later to pick me up. We headed over to the Norman High track for our respective workouts. He was doing something a bit more at tempo effort while I was going to cut some shapes. On the drive over I check to see when the last time I did some serious shape cutting. The most recent time was in October of 2008 where I ran 6 x 400 with some 200s. I also found that I kinda did 16 x 400 a little over a year ago.

Scotty and I warmed up to the GT for a few 800m loops and then ran back to the track. The high schoolers were just finishing and the middle schoolers had just arrived. Coach Scott Minard is trying to produce some decent talent in Norman with a middle school program and I respect the fact that roughly 80 kids were in attendance. They were doing drills but mainly flirting. I could understand why, who wants to run in 80 degree weather? I do. The hot was awesome.

I laced up the LunarRacers and got to work. Splits were: 68.81 (59), 70.11 (60), 68.75 (59), 69.75 (60), 69.13 (60), 68.88 (61), 69.20 (60), 68.86 (60), 68.63 (60), 69.07 (61), 68.70 (60), 63.13 (60), 69.13 (60), 68.82 (60), 62.71 (59), 67.5.

I love workouts. Especially when they go well. I don't like standing/walking around for a minute checking the watch every 12 seconds though. I would much rather have the workout be 16 x 400 with 200m jog to keep some sort of rhythm throughout. I really liked the hammer intervals. This was the first time I have incorporated them into my training. Jeff wanted them on numbers 12 and 15 so that's why the splits in bold are so much faster. The pace felt rather comfortable and I knew that if I could run solid for the first 250m the last 150m wouldn't be so bad as the wind was going to be a help. Overall, I felt this was a big step in the right direction. The legs were feeling good to have the bit of turnover thrown in with those hammer intervals.

Lastly, I was also greatly impressed with the level of respect the middle schoolers showed during the workout. I ran into a lanky girl once but other than that the students were relatively aware of my presence and made every effort to get out of the way. I'll also say that in comparison to middle school tracksters, high school football players (male adolescents) are a bunch of fatasses. The Norman High football team was having a spring practice out there today and I couldn't believe how soft some of the guys looked. The middle schoolers in comparison were clearly much smaller and generally looked much fitter. This could be for various reasons like puberty, football vs. track (runner) athletes, or possibly the lack of a recess at the high school level. All I know, is that I saw the chubbiest, flabbiest, mushiest group of Under Armour wearing football players I've ever seen.

Workout Shakeout

Time: 29:18
Distance: 4.16 miles
Pace: 7:03

It was a lovely morning here in Nompton. I felt a little bad that I wasn't out cutting shapes on the track because the wind was completely absent form this morning's short jog. I got out the door a little bit later but I was only hoping to loosen up the legs for a workout this afternoon. I finished at the gym and stretched a little better than a few days ago. I made sure to do some eccentric calf loads and some other stretches to work on my hips. I'm looking to have a good one this afternoon on Norman High's track.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Double Double

Time: 35:11
Distance: 5.20 miles
Pace: 6:46

Tonight I took a jog out in Brookhaven after work. The weather was in the 70s and the streets were quiet. Some guy yelled "Jorge!" at me just as I was crossing Robinson St. I think he was a bit slow. Like "caution slow children" type slow. It gave me a good laugh. That was the only excitement on the run. The bikers/cyclists were out again in their rainbow costumes for the Tuesday night ride. Why are cyclists the most unfriendly bastards out on the roads? Answer that accurately, and you my friend, are brilliant.

Recovery Run

Time: 56:09
Distance: 8.05 miles
Pace: 6:59

I met Scotty out on Pickard for a run around Norman. Nothing too exciting here. The legs and lungs were feeling good this morning despite the 25 degree temps. So much for spring. I was glad it wasn't windy though. Freezing temps aren't so bad when the wind is "calm."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Brookhaven Slog

Time: 36:40
Distance: 5.04 miles
Pace: 7:17

I got off work a little early this afternoon and spent the waiting hours in Starbucks. I filled up my cafe misto from the morning and updated the blog. Scotty met me in Brookhaven and we suited up for a jog through Brookhaven. It was a solid jog that sucked for the first half because of the wind. I'm ready for the weather to start warming up at the middle of this week. Hopefully, the warmth will come with no winds so that my workout on Weds. isn't horrendous.

After the run we headed over to Louie's to watch UNC trounce MSU. I really wanted to see Magic hype the crowd from the stands but that obviously wasn't the case. The Tar Heels won in dominating fashion in the Spartan's backyard. In the two games played between UNC and MSU this year, UNC won by over a combined 50 points. Ouch!

Easy Monday Morning

Time: 54:38
Distance: 8.02 miles
Pace: 6:49

I got out the door on a run through the streets heading west and found myself near Alcott Middle School. The run was pretty standard with nothing exciting going on. I felt a little twinge in my plantar but I'm pretty certain it's because of the damn SuperFeet I've been using. The heel cup is starting to grow old and I may need to ditch the insert or find something else. I finished the run at the gym and pretended to stretch for 10 minutes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 625:28
Distance: 94.68 miles

A good week of training that might have been a little over the top. I ran about 10 miles more than I should have but the body is feeling strong. I also had two days where I ran 8 and 6 miles respectively. Eight and six? That's nothing. I guess it means I loaded up on those other 5 days of running and picked up 80 in those 5 days. Smart? Maybe not. Successful? We'll find out.

Red Bud Bandit

Time: 36:30 (w/u), 32:57 (10k), 16:49 (c/d) = 86:16
Distance: 5.08, 6.31, 2.09 = 13.48 miles

W/u: 9:06, 7:43, 8:05
2 miles: 5:40, 5:21
Red Bud Classic 10k: 5:33, 5:25, 5:08, 5:04, 5:07, 5:11, 1:30 (for .31 miles at 4:48 pace)
C/d: 8:49, 7:23

Lots of action. Scotty and I went up to OKC for some banditing duties on the famed Red Bud course. This race has gone to shit the past few years and doesn't warrant me paying money to participate. I feel bad saying that about one of the biggest races in Oklahoma, but that's the way it is. Last year three of my buddies swept the 5k race and weren't paid the proper recognition because they didn't have a chip. "No chip, no time." They didn't have a chip because the timing company ran out before all of the bibs were allocated to the participants. It wasn't their fault for not getting the chip, the race director and timing company didn't do their job. Those are my reasons for running/racing without paying, normally I wouldn't do such a thing.

Scotty and I warmed up about 3 miles which were fine despite the 30 mph wind out of the north. This race starts at 2 pm and is usually hot, but not this year. I had on my schedule to do a tempo run of 8 miles so I wasn't sure if I wanted to put the 2 miles at the beginning or tack some on after the 10k. In the end, we decided to do it at the beginning. I heard the race announcer holler "13 minutes until race time" which gave us the perfect amount to slam out 2 miles. We headed straight into the wind for a mile in 5:40 and came back in 5:21. Someone's watch was running fast because just as we were jogging to the line the announcer said, "2 minutes until the start," and then 7 seconds later it was, "1 minute until the gun goes off." The gun was fired maybe 30 seconds after the final announcement.

The race started and Jonathon Pillow was quickly out to the front along with Dizzle. The first mile is slightly uphill and directly into the wind. I think I mentioned that before, but it's worth mentioning again because our opening split of 5:33 felt like a crawl. It helped that Pillow is a bigger dude and I was able to tuck in behind him like a punk b. Just after the mile I was feeling great so I hit the front to inject a little pace, not that I wanted to run any faster but I just wanted to check the legs of the other runners. I led for maybe 600m and then backed off the pace to settle back in with Pillow, Dizzle and Landon Willits.

Nothing much would change for the next few "k's" other than the direction of the course. Getting a break from the wind was a huge help and the fans cheering in front of their Nichols Hills mansions were nice too. Pillow ran like a tough guy most of the race and had quite a few surges into the front only to falter momentarily. He would then get an extra burst and hit the front only meters later. I'm not too sure about the tactics, but the courage was there.

Around 6.5k Pillow was off the pace and Dizzle and I were about to join up with the 5ks on the course. I passed the red Mercedes and tried to chase down the lead cop when the walkers/joggers drifted over onto the lefthand side of the course. Scotty and I were flying by a throng of people taking in the course and we got a few cheers along the way. People didn't seem too worried about getting out of the moto-cop's way despite him giving them the "whoop-whoop." What if someone was injured and needed to be escorted off the course?

The final section of the course was pleasant and Scotty and I were able to maintain a good clip throughout. We finished with the wind at our backs and didn't feel the need to race it in. We crossed the line in tandem but didn't hold hands or anything like that. I think I might have tipped my cap to the race timer as we crossed the finish line. I also normally wouldn't cross the line during a bandit-effort, but I wanted to mess things up as much as possible I guess.

Ever wonder what happens when you "win" the race as a bandit? Here is your answer. I'm not going to apologize for a long post. This is riveting stuff. Good races by Jerry's Kids in the 5k and Aja and Cat in the 10k.

Shakeout for a Workout?

Time: 21:48
Distance: 3 miles

It is terribly windy out and I just went for a short run around campus. I was shaking the legs out for this afternoon's workout up in OKC. Scotty D and I will be banditing the Red Bud Classic.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Short Short Day

Time: 40:31
Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 6:45
Splits: 7:34, 6:54, 6:30, 6:35, 6:35, 6:21

I got up and ran really easy this morning out on the streets. Nothing too much to report here. I was going to run again after work, but the leftover burger in the refrigerator was calling so I ate him. I'm going to pick up a few miles tomorrow in a bandit type effort at RedBud.

We Run in Circles

Time: 47:50
Distance: 6.92 miles
Pace: 6:55

This run was conducted up at Sutton Woods with my man Scotty D. We started really easy with some splits around the dirt loop in 8:09, 7:19, 6:58, 6:57, and 6:46. The body was feeling pretty warmed up and I think both of us wanted to do something to turn the legs over on the soccer fields. We jogged the straights and sprinted the diagonals. I think the cross-section of the field ranged between 380 ft and 400 ft and we were hitting paces hovering around 4:30. We did 10 good, hard strides that got the lungs and legs opened up before calling it a day.

The title of the blog doesn't refer to the loops around Sutton Woods but rather that Barry Switzer was at our workout. This is twice in the last couple of weeks that Barry, Scotty and I have been in the same place at the same time. It could be assumed that we run in the same circles. When we got done with the jog we watched a bit of a soccer scrimmage that was going on a middle field. It was guy vs. girls around the 10 year old age category. The guys were controlling the match but had not managed to hit the back of the net. While we were watching I was checking out the soccer moms and dads and noticed an older dude with an OU jacket on. He had silver hair and a really pale face. Yup, that's what Mr. Switzer looks like these days. He must have been out watching one of his grandchildren kick the ball around. Who would have thought that the King of Norman would let his kin play such a communist sport.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pre-Plaid Jog

Time: 76:26
Distance: 11.43 miles
Pace: 6:41
Splits: 7:34, 7:21, 6:45, 6:39, 6:30, 6:43, 6:40, 6:36, 6:20, 6:11, 6:18, 2:43 (for .43 at 6:21 pace)

This morning was just another day out on the roads. There was a bit of confusion meeting up with Scotty D along Pickard but we eventually met up and ran through campus. I had stashed a backpack at Cafe Plaid for the post-run coffee celebration. The run itself was decent and the pace was clipping along especially around Norman High's track. Everything was in good order this morning.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easy Day of Running

Time: 54:26
Distance: 8.25 miles
Pace: 6:35

This morning I took it easy out on the roads after yesterday's long effort. The body wasn't feeling too beat up either. The quads were possibly a little tender but I'm glad at how the body is responding to the level of work I've done as of late.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Early Morning Long Run

Time: 125:38
Distance: 19.35 miles
Pace: 6:30
Splits: 7:31, 7:09, 7:02, 7:08, 7:01, 6:37, 6:35, 6:31, 6:28, 6:22, 6:25, 6:21, 6:13, 6:08, 5:35, 5:25, 5:32, 6:30, 6:49, 2:14 (for .35 at 6:21)

This morning's run was a truer simulation of what will be going down on April 26th. The first step was starting the run at 6:30 in the morning and meeting Scotty along Pickard. The second step was bringing along some Gu and Gatorade. The third was to brave the windy elements on a hilly course. The fourth was not crapping my pants.

The body didn't feel too bad this morning at 6:30 when I hit the streets. Thanks to the phone call from Meagan at 5:30 am I had about an hour to wake up and put my costume on. The air was a bit chilly and it was windier than I expected. Scotty and I first made a round on the streets near campus. I started the fluid intake early around mile 3 and then ditched the bottle in a location where it could be picked up near mile 5. Drinking out of a Gatorade bottle is a little sloppy but much better than paper cups.

We turned on Constitution and headed out to run Bobcat to get some hills and lose the traffic. We got the hills but the traffic was unexpectedly still present. Yesterday, Scotty stashed some G-rade around the 7 mile mark and we drank it slowly for about a mile. The pace wasn't too quick and the heat wasn't that much of a factor but seeing how the stomach responds to the taste is important for simulating race conditions. The final bottle was picked up around mile 12 with the wind at our backs. We made the turn onto Lindsey and started dropping the pace from miles 14-17 where we averaged about 5:30 for 3 miles. I struggled with keeping my pants clean but managed to finish up at the track and stretch out a bit. A short jog home capped off this run.

The body finally started feeling sluggish around 2 pm so I took a short nap before returning back to Winan's. Or should I say Michelangelo's. It appears as though the new owner is changing the name. There are new paper sleeves (the ones that protect your hands or say "caution this beverage is extremely hot") that dawn the new title. The sleeves also say "coffee and wine bar." That could mean the chocolates will be no more and that a different indulgence will be provided. The Baptist youth groups are going to have to find another place to conduct their informal prayers.