Tuesday, June 30, 2009

20 x Cut Shape

Time: ~78:00
Distance: ~11 miles

W/u: 20:38 for 2.68 miles
W/o: 20 x 400 in 65-66 (w/ 1 min jog recovery)
C/d: 17:11 for 2.06 miles (first mile barefoot)

Today's workout was rather interesting as I approached it with a bit of excitement. I love being on the track and running 400s is a natural part of the sport. Taking it back to SAT days, the 400 is to running as free throws are to basketball. I didn't get a great night's sleep before heading out the door which isn't a big problem because I usually sleep poorly before a big workout. However, I slept bad due to the heat of my apartment and not the anticipation of the track session. That could have been sign number one.

The jog over to the track with Scotty was uneventful. I ran a few strides before changing shoes to the Lunar Racers. I hit splits of:
66.59 (59), 68.31 (59), 66.12 (59), 69.89 (59),
67.36 (61), 66.07 (60), 67.08 (60), 68.14 (59),
68.19 (58), 67.51 (60), 70.33 (57), 70.18 (50),
69.11 (68), 70.20 (68), 69.55 (67), 65.20 (65),
67.56 (60), 70.81 (59), 67.00 (62), 64.32 for 41:52 total

This was rough. I knew after the first interval that I was going to struggle. I never felt relaxed running 66s and the 200m recovery was a bit much in the minute. I jogged for only 4 intervals and then I started taking a standing/walking rest for intervals 5-11. Once I was off the prescribed pace I got a little frustrated and my mind wandered. Scotty was out there cutting shapes in 70-71 so I joined him for intervals 12-17. I hammered my 16th in 65 which was decent since I made my move in the final 200 meters, but bad because it was back at the prescribed pace. Scotty hammered his 16th so I was able to run another sub-68.

After 17 I almost called the workout but I figured I could wrap up three more 400s. I got a little help from Scotty on the final two along the backstretch which was windy. The help brought the pace back to an honest level.

As I look at the splits now, I guess it wasn't awful, just not great. While running the workout I was flustered at not being able to hit what I thought was a reasonable workout. The last time I cut shapes was in early April during my lead up to the marathon. I averaged 68.20 for 16 intervals then and 67.98 for 20 intervals today. A slight improvement.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Name Dropping

Time: 29:01
Distance: 4 miles

I ran with Scotty from Brookhaven Village this evening after work. The pace was leisurely through the neighborhood and the legs continued to feel great. I was able to take a bit of a nap this afternoon before heading in to work at the shop. I hope the extra rest will provide with a boost for tomorrow's workout. I'll be cutting 20 shapes in the morning on Norman High's track (for those of you who don't know the lingo, cutting shapes refers to running 400s).

Until recently, my buddy Tarpy had a great blog (cuttingshapes.blogspot.com), but has since taken it down. Tarpy and I first learned of the term "cutting shapes" back in '07 while in Providence on a run with Max Smith and Mark Carroll. Smith had just returned from the World University Games and he was explaining how the winner of both the 800 meters and 1500 meters was out "cutting shapes" prior to his races. He was running something like 52s looking completely effortless and was clearly the class of the field. Tarpy and I loved the term as it was clever, and, yet made complete sense.

Good Start to the Week

Time: 55:30
Distance: 8.00 miles
Pace: 6:56

This was an easy morning run with Scotty where I felt tremendously relaxed. I noticed that my first mile was about 30 seconds faster than it normally registers (7:32 versus 8:00+). The legs were feeling great from the onset and I was having to relax during portions of the run. The heat was a little lower today which I'll take and appreciate. I don't think there was too much action out there this morning, no good stories to report. Maybe this evening's run will provide an adventure.

Week in Review

Time: 538:18
Distance: 79.25 miles

I came up just shy of hitting 80 miles on the weekly total. Not too shabby, though Jailhouse totaled the mileage closer to 85. The workouts this week went well as I had a 2k cutdown on Tuesday that worked me both aerobically and anaerobically. Working on 5k pace is never a great time for me but I know that's what I need right now. The tempo run and 300s on Friday did me some good too. I was able to adjust the splits which allowed me to leave the workout feeling upbeat and not completely drained. I always enjoy stepping on the track for something shorter after a tempo effort.

The week concluded today with hours of lounging around Scotty's house. Since I don't have cable and my ac is a little wonky, it was great to escape down to Walnut St. First, we watched USA get pounded in the second half by Brazil. Next, up was NBC's coverage of the USA Track & Field Championships. The men's 800 was a great showdown between KRob and Symmonds. Leo and Lomong looked strong in the men's 1500.

This next week of training has some good stuff. I get to cut shapes and run a hard 10 miler. I'm trying to find a race for the Fourth of July as it's a bit of a summer tradition to start out the holiday with a racing effort.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Time: 112:32
Distance: 16.09 miles
Pace: 6:59

We finally caught a break in the weather because when I woke up this morning it was sprinkling a bit. I was told that it was in the upper 60s which is about 10 degrees cooler at the start than recent mornings. I jogged up to the corner of Timberdell and Jenkins where I met up with Carrot Top, Scotty D, Conor Holt and Camille Herron. Conor and Camille are in town visiting family for a few days. Mr. Holt is a former Sooner, OK Runner employee and is the course record holder at the OKC Marathon. He is currently the men's distance coach at Purdue. It was great finally getting to meet the legendary Conor Holt a few nights ago at Jazz in June and even better to put in a run together.

We ran around Norman with no particular direction and even ran into former 1500m school record holder Salah Hussein. Conor gave us a few stories about running in Norman and some of his training philosophies at Purdue. It was a nice change of pace for the longer run. The legs felt strong and I was relaxed for the entirety of the run.

I need to add a new name to the collective list of munters, mingers and wagons. A slapper is basically the equivalent of mmw.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blazing Hot Double

Time: 34:15
Distance: 5.04 miles
Pace: 6:48

It was a good busy day at work and before I knew it Scotty and I were off to Moore for a jog around Early Wine Park. There is a 1.5 mile loop out there that we focused on running. We started the run during 100 degree heat which sucked. Absolutely sucked. Dripping sweat from step one. The park is a decent place for a short jog but I wouldn't want to run out there daily. I soon got jealous of the families splashing around the pool so I was off to find some water to jump into.

Purcell Lake Run

Time: 45:46
Distance: 6.61 miles
Pace: 6:53

I was up bright and early this morning for some timing duties. I rolled by Scotty's at about 6:00 am and then we headed down to Purcell for a community run. It's not the most competitive of races (only 90 finishers) but they did have homemade ice cream. How many races can say that? Scotty, Timmy and I timed the race old school style. It was sans popsicle sticks, but not far off. I don't think we made too many mistakes which is always good. For $50 we were offering PR's, state records, world records, you name it. We could have stopped the clock at whatever time you needed, so next year come on out.

Scotty and I ran after the timing gig. We did two loops around the lake which was just over 10k. The breeze was much appreciated as it was really muggy. The legs felt a little sluggish the first 10 minutes but I felt great by the finish.

Friday, June 26, 2009

5-mile Tempo and 3 Hundos

Time: ~66:00
Distance: ~10.15 miles

W/u: 21:16 for 2.75 miles
W/o: 26:06 for 5 miles (5:50 jog up to the Norman High track), 300s
C/d: 8:36 for 1.04 miles

The workout this morning consisted of two parts, (a) tempo portion, (b) track session. Meagan and I met Scotty along Pickard where we began the workout. We used a familiar circuit for the loop (2.5 loop and 1.5 loop) and then just ran straight up Pickard to finish. Scotty did 2 x 2 miles which gave me about 5 minutes of running solo.

Splits: 5:11.31, 5:12.53, 5:10.71, 5:17.82, 5:14.05 for 26:06.

The tempo section of the workout went okay granted the weather. I've already explained the difficulty with running in the heat, but luckily today we got a great day to work out. The wind was low, as with the humidity and the temps were mid-70s. Last night Jailhouse and I made an adjustment on the 5:05 pacing to more in the 5:10-5:15 range. He sent me a link that showed how to compensate for the increased heat.

I felt strong through 2 miles and then started to slow running north on Pickard (2.5 miles). I was able to pick up the pace coming down Chautauqua and get back on pace through 3 miles. I've mentioned it before, but I can reiterate now how after about 15 minutes of hard running I start to overheat and struggle. That's pretty much what happened on miles 4 and 5 explaining the 5:17 and 5:14 splits. Scotty helped keep the pace honest the last few miles and then we jogged up to the track.

Last night I had forgotten all about the 300s that were to close out the workout and this morning I forgot what the rest was supposed to be. Turns out I was supposed to run 6 x 300 in 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44 with 1 minute rest. I knew the paces but not the rest so I was probably taking about 70 seconds of walking rest. I split:
48, 49, 46, 45.8, 45.51, 44.01 (I usually like to have exact splits but I used my Timex to time and accidentally erased the times).

I enjoyed doing this workout with Scotty and having Meagan around this morning. The tempo was a bit of a chore and the track intervals were fun. I ran strong on the 300s without rigging up much. The distance of 300 meters is always the right distance for me as it's long enough to get in some strength but short enough to work on the speed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black and Tan

Time: 64:44
Distance: 10.00 miles
Mini-Cool Down: 10:30 for 1.32 miles
Pace: 6:28

Jenny Graef and Scotty D came over to the pad on Main St. to start the the run as a group of 4. We took the streets by storm heading south on Jenkins. The girls were running an easy hour while Scotty and I were going to be running 5 miles easy and 5 miles between 5:30 and 5:40 pace. This was something that Jailhouse started giving me during the half-marathon cycle and I enjoyed finishing the runs a bit harder.

Splits: 8:04, 7:24, 7:06, 7:12, 7:03, 5:35, 5:39, 5:32, 5:33, 5:29.

Scotty and I got things rolling along Hwy Symmes. We ran about 3 miles together before he called it a day. It was brutal out there and I didn't feel great. I could tell the pace would have been comfortable had the body not been overheating. It seems that I can run about 15 minutes hard before the body starts to get really hot and has a difficult time cooling down. Once the body temp. is elevated you might as well throw in the towel because it's nearly impossible to sustain the pace. I felt strong today and was glad to get something in that resembled marathon pace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

E.T. Run Home

Time: 26:30
Distance: 3.87 miles
Pace: 6:50

Today at 6:53 a customer came into OK Runner and I fit him with some shoes. He was gone by 7:02, but somehow two other dudes walked in around 6:59. They didn't leave until 7:14 which meant I was a little late meeting Scotty along Robinson. Mr. Garmin also geeked out just after the mile mark and I missed a big portion of the run. I actually ran a little over 4 miles but the watch doesn't show that. Oh well. It was near 100 degrees when this run started so I was eager to get home and jump in the shower.

Terribly Humid

Time: 46:27
Distance: 6.47 miles
Pace: 7:10

The weather was not kind to us this morning. At 7:30 am I'd guess the heat index was around 88 degrees. Simply awful. Luckily, I only had to run 6 miles with Scotty. We tried out a slightly different loop taking us farther west. The legs were a little sluggish early on but I finished the run feeling good.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to the Track

Time: ~55:30 (actual running)
Distance: ~9 miles

W/u: 16:44 for 2.12 miles
W/o target: 2k (6:00), 1600 (4:50), 1200 (3:35), 1000 (2:55), 800 (2:15), 600 (1:36), 400 (62), 200 (GO!) w/ rest of half the interval
C/d: 17:00 for 2.00 miles

I had a big workout slated for today that is listed above. Before getting started I broke the paces up in my mind by 400 meters. The 2k was supposed to be at 72 second pace, the 1600 at 72.5, the 1200 at 72, 1k at 70, 800 at 67.5, 600 at 62 and so on. Since I figured Jailhouse might have made a mistake on the first interval's pace I adjusted it as I saw fit.

Splits: 6:04.34 (3:00), 4:50.94 (2:23), 3:34.25 (1:46), 2:54.46 (1:58), 2:16.94 (1:45), 1:39.74 (1:30), 64.51 (47.80), 30.62.

I had the luxury of Scotty D's company today on a large portion of the workout. The pacing has gotten just a touch out of his reach but we were able to make the most out of the workout. He played a big role in the 2k (ran 2 x 800), 1600, 1200 (ran 800), 1k (ran 800), 800 (ran 400), 600 (ran 200) and 400 (ran 200). I would really have been hurting without some help on those longer intervals. It's nice being able to relax again behind someone who can keep the pace clipping along.

Overall, the first 4 intervals went exceptionally well in terms of hitting the right pace and maintaining half the amount of rest. I was really wanting the last 4 intervals to serve as a switch from the aerobic system to the anaerobic system, but that switch didn't go as smoothly. I locked up just a bit the final 200 of the 800 meters which required me to take a bit more rest. I tried to get after it in the 600 but came through in like 64/65 feeling strained. I kept after it and remained focused but the wheels were coming off. Looking back on the workout I can say it was a step in the right direction. The legs will get used to 64s soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Time: 29:21
Distance: 4.01 miles
Pace: 7:19

The run after work tonight was supposed to take me back to Main St., but it quickly turned into a run through Brookhaven. I exited to the shop through the back and ran around to the first intersection along Robinson to give Timmy a hard time when I noticed Scotty D had shown up to jog with Carrot Top. I bagged the idea of running down Robinson and opted for the standard loop in Brookhaven. The pace was easy, the weather hot, the run short.

Back to Sutton

Time: 57:13
Distance: 8.01 miles
Pace: 7:09

This run took Meagan and I to Sutton Woods for some loops on the dirt. It was exceptionally nice to get some shade from the trees. Thanks trees. Nothing else to report.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 508:22
Distance: 73.86 miles

I just finished my first week of training post half-marathon. Overall, it was a step in the right direction in terms of transitioning to some faster workouts. I spent the first half of the week recovering from the race and then I got down to work in the second week. The biggest test of the week was on Friday during an 8 mile cutdown (predator run) that didn't go so well. The weather is going to make things challenging for the next few months. Ideally I would be working out at 6 am but that's not gonna happen so I'm going to have to learn to deal with the heat.

Enid by Storm

Time: 111:24
Distance: 16.29 miles
Pace: 6:50

After a fun night out in Enid, America with the wedding crew, it was time to run. Meagan, Kristi and I went over to the Holiday Inn Express to meet Jilane, Aja and Scotty. Once the crew was assembled we mobilized up and out to the dirt roads. If you normally don't check out the map, do so today. I have gone away from running out and back and was suprised to see how straight the road we were on actually was from the sky. The dirt road was a sweet training surface and slightly rolling.

My head throbbed for the first 10 minutes upon impact with the ground but I felt good from 3 to 10 miles. At about 70 minutes the throbbing returned and I was ready to be done with the run by 12 miles. During our time out there Scotty and I saw a catfish pond under a small bridge, a friendly black lab, two horses, a lizard and a couple of small snakes. Our run was nothing in comparison to the girls' run.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recovery Run and Two-Hundos

Time: 57:41
Distance: 8.02 miles
Pace: 7:11

This morning was an easy recovery day with Meagan. We hit the streets early for a few miles around town. I stopped at the Norman High track around 7 miles for some 200s. I ran a mile of on/off (like on Tues. night) but this time I hit splits of:
(51) 31.30, (55) 31.13, (56) 30.37, (56) 29.33 for 5:41.

I jogged back to the house and finished packing for the CatStu/StuCat wedding.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Hot to Cutdown

Time: 79:16
Distance: 12.58 miles

W/u: 17:44 for 2.26 miles
W/o: 43:31 for 8.01 miles (5:26 avg.)
C/d: 18:02 for 2.31 miles

Meagan and I were on the roads early this morning in order to squeeze in a workout. She was doing a fartlek effort of her own while I was going to run an 8-mile cutdown of sorts. A few weeks prior, Scotty and I did this workout to great success, but today it wasn't going to happen. I can toss out a dozen excuses for why I didn't run well today like, the added wind, the increased humidity, the 80 degree temperature and that I was running solo, but I'll try to stay positive for the rest of the post.

Workout: 8 mile cutdown from 5:25 to 5:05
Splits: 5:30, 5:26, 5:21, 5:23, 5:25, 5:34, 5:30, 5:19 for 43:31.

The workout went well for the first 3-4 miles and then I got hot, missed a bottle and proceeded to crash and burn. I knew the effort was going to be tough but once I got hot around 4 miles I couldn't drop the pace any further. I was stuck running mid-5:20s and that's what it was going to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Main Double

Time: 29:19
Distance: 4.09 miles
Pace: 7:09

This evening I got out the door with Meagan heading in the direction of Andrews Park. There was some sort of concert about to start up that we saw while running loops in the grass. I would have returned to the park after the run if it hadn't been hot hot hot. I finished with a couple of solo miles to hit the distance.

Back to Work

Time: 58:33
Distance: 8.16 miles
Pace: 7:10

It's time to get back to work as I got a new schedule from Jailhouse. Some of the workouts in the coming weeks are legit. I like what I see and all you loyal readers out there will be able to see me succeed or crash and burn. Today's morning run was a light 8 miler with Scotty and Meagan. We hit the familiar sites in Norman trying to find some shade. The weather is going to be the biggest obstacle in the coming weeks as the temperature has approached Africa. It's hot. It's humid. It's nearly impossible to get enough fluids during or after a run which can leave you sluggish. I hope some adaptation to the heat forms in the next two weeks so that I can still hit the times written in the workouts otherwise we might have to make a few adjustments.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meagan's Pickard St. Miles

Time: 61:19
Distance: 8.90 miles

W/u: 17:36 for 2.22 miles
W/o: 4 x mile (Pickard St.)
C/d: 12:43 for 1.68 miles

6:10 (2:03), 6:14 (2:04), 6:13 (1:59), 6:10

Meagan and I met up with Kristi along Jenkins this morning for a light workout. She planned on doing something like 4 or 5 by mile running up and down on Pickard St. I decided join the party and be the pacemaker (not the kind you put in the heart). Since I really just need to catch up on some posting I'll refer to Meagan's blog about this workout as I'm still running relatively easy to let the body recover from the half-marathon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evening Track Fun

Time: 33:00
Distance: ~5 miles

This evening Scotty, Meagan and I went to the Norman High track to mess around. Scotty wanted to get in some extra miles and I was interested in striding the legs out. After a short warm up of about 2 miles I decided to run some hot/cold 100s (jog the turn, sprint the straight). It felt good to run a mile worth of pickups and I think I split 5:47. I took a short breather and walked around before running a mile of on/off 200s.

(52.89) 30:45, (50.19) 31.05, (50.56) 30:00, (52:57) 29.01 for 5:26 total.

I flexed some major speed out there with my 200s. I was surprised how relaxed 30s felt and it was good to stretch the legs. My turnover seemed to be strong enough to hit the pace comfortably. I miss running 200s consistently in training as it was my Monday routine during the spring season of '06.

Morning Four

Time: 29:59
Distance: 4.16 miles
Pace: 7:12

Another easy run this morning with Meagan. It was really steamy out there. I stopped back at the apartment when I hit four miles in order to get ready for work. Ms. Nedlo proceeded on to OK Runner where I met her with a cold water and a towel.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Devil's Number

Time: 47:51
Distance: 6.66 miles
Pace: 7:11

Meagan and I had a short run here in Norman. There isn't too much going on in terms of training in the next few days. I'm waiting for Jailhouse to get me a new schedule and we need to decide what is next. I'm just going to be running easy by feel for now.

Week in Review

Time: ~342:00
Distance: ~52 miles

My first half-marathon is complete. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome but I ran decent. I know I could have run faster and raced smarter/tougher had I gone with the lead group of Kenyans. The next time I'm racing "B/C" level Kips I won't make that mistake. I'm not sure what I have next but I would like to start focusing on some shorter distance stuff. My fitness level is good but it will have to improve to handle the 4:50 pace type races. I have a few months before Brookhaven, CVS and maybe even some cross-country races in the fall.

Day Off

Time: none
Distance: none

No running today.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boomtown Days Half-Marathon

Time: 68:55
Distance: 13.1 miles
Pace: 5:16
Place: 4th
Money: zero
Kips: 3

The half-marathon is a terrible distance. I've always heard in comparison to the marathon that "it's half as far, twice as fun." Maybe so, but it's not when you're racing. I'll probably change my mind when I try to run a time goal the next time out in the 'thon.

and I showed up to the race about an hour before the start. The winds were calm, the temperature wasn't too high and the sun was out. The legs were feeling good from what I could tell on the brief 5 min jogging sections I had as a warm up. I figured that I didn't really need to warm the body all too much as I would be able to use the first few miles to get used to the pace.

During the hour before the race I was able to spot Stephen Ariga who placed in the top 5 or 6 last year at the Brookhaven 5k. He recently ran 14:50 on the roads in Texas so I knew he was relatively fit. As the race time approached I noticed two other Kenyans jogging around in full warm-up suits. I didn't recognize these two guys but one has to assume that they are fit and would be vying for the win. (Turns out they had run Hospital Hill Run the weekend prior and placed 6th and 10th respectively. ) There were a couple other runners that looked like they could be in the mix including Jerry's Kids, but I was mostly focused on the 3 Kips.

Mile Splits:
5:19 ,
5:09 (10:29),
5:19 (15:48/16:23 at 5k),
5:13 (21:01),
5:19 (31:18),
5:26 (36:44),
5:12 (41:57),
5:26 (47:23),
5:06 (52:30),
5:18 (57:48),
5:20 (63:09),
5:46 (68:55)

Race Recap:
(Miles 1 to 5) The gun went off and 4 Kenyans formed a group at the front, 3 of them looked legit while one was a bit pudgy. Just before the mile the pudgy one started coming back to the chase pack of white guys that I had been running with. I was really relaxed but a bit wary of spotting the Kenyans about 10 seconds so early in the race. Shortly after the first mile I went to the front of the lead pack and attempted to keep the pace honest. I didn't want to let the Kenyans get too far out in front. They were running about 20 seconds ahead of Jerry's Kids, Jason McCullough and myself. There was a big downhill into some mist followed by a slight uphill somewhere before 5k which we passed in 16:23. I pushed the pace from mile 4 to 5 and in the process ran the fastest split of the day. The 4:57 mile may have been a mistake but at the time it felt fine. I dropped Jerry's Kids but he reeled me back in over the next mile.

(Miles 6 to 9) Jerry's Kids was running great through this section while I was struggling. The terrain was rolling and I was desperately trying to find a rhythm. Up front I could see the Kenyans battling it out and was hoping they were gong to start coming back to Jerry and I. During a section along a golf course where the splits fluctuated significantly, I could see one of the Africans had fallen off the pace. Jerry continued to run about 2 steps in front of me and I was just trying to stay within striking distance. At this point I definitely had thoughts that Jerry was going to drop me at any point.

(Miles 10 to Finish) Somewhere around the 10 mile mark I started to feel good. The hills had leveled out and I was running out of room to make a move on some money. It was time to run down at least $400 in the next few miles. I was going to have to make up about 40 meters late in the race. Totally possible but it was going to require quite a bit of focus. I still felt good aerobically and the legs weren't feeling too beat up from the hills. I think the body was just a little overheated and I was on the brink of going to the well as soon as I changed gears for the final mile. I planned on saving for a kick rather than having to race from longer out. In the final mile, I made a bit of a tactical error when I charged after 3rd place, closing the gap from 20 meters to about 8 in what I thought was the final 300 meters. I knew the right hand turn was going to take us to the finish but I didn't realize that we were still over 500 meters out. I got around the turn, couldn't see the finish line, saw a little uphill climb, realized I had gone too early and then settled for 4th by 7 seconds. That's an expensive 7 seconds.

I'm not too pleased with the outcome of this race or the way how I raced my first half. The race plan was to run conservatively the first 6 miles clicking off 5:15s before knocking it down to sub 5:10s. In hindsight, I should have gone out with the leaders. If I had I think I would have run a relaxed 2 miles, been a little pressed from 3 to 6 miles, recovered from 7 to 11 when the pace lulled and then fought for the prizes. Instead, I was constantly pressing trying to catch up and hoping the leaders were going to come back. In races like this there is almost always a point in the race up front where the pace slows and strategy comes into play. I wasn't in the mix to be a part of the slowing down process. Had I been with the leaders I think I would have gained more confidence the farther we got into the race. However, I was never in contention and frustrated the last half of the run.

The positives are that Kipruto Rotich ran 66:26 at Hospital Hill and Geoffrey Kiprotich managed 68:03. Today they ran 68:01 and 68:48 for 1st and 3rd. The negatives are that I ran like a bitch.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Boomtown Days Half Preview

Time: 43:28
Distance: 6.05 miles
Pace: 7:11

I am currently posting from Joplin, Mo at Meagan's aunt's house. Meagan and I left Norman a little after 1:30 pm this afternoon. I picked up a rental car from Avis (PT Cruiser) that is rubbish. Car is complete nonsense. Hopefully that is the worse that occurs this weekend.

The run this morning was fine. We did a few light strides post jog.

The rumor is that a few Kips showed up to race. I haven't seen any faces yet so I'm not sure who is all here. Last weekend there was a big time race in Kansas City, MO and the winners went 65:17. I'm hoping some of those guys didn't stick around as it's not too far of a drive down to Joplin. Regardless, the goal is to go out and run relaxed the first 5k before really getting after it. Brilliant strategy right? If I'm feeling cheeky I might just go all Shawn Forrest/Sammy Chelanga and toss in some mad surges after the gradual uphill in the middle of the race (4.5 to 6 miles).

I also forgot Mr. Garmin at home. I've come to rely on him a bit too much in the marathon and half-marathon cycles, but it will be good to get back to the true nature of running off feel. I usually don't really care about mid-race splits while I'm in the heat of competition but I do like to analyze them afterward. Since some Kenyans are here I expect to run a little too fast in the early stages. The key will be to remain relaxed until the latter stages and pushing for the C.R.E.A.M. (If you're over 40, be warned about clicking that last link, rap music ensues.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Easy Eight

Time: 53:23
Distance: 8.06 miles
Pace: 6:37

I got to run solo this morning because Meagan was running with Kristi later. I first ran up to the GT and headed out Robinson St. Then I cut in near the golf course keeping the pace nice and easy. The legs enjoyed running under 7:00 pace but it never got too blistering. The body is feeling ready to go on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wreck Fields

Time: 60:16
Distance: 8.20 miles
Pace: 7:20

Meagan and I left the pad and met Scotty on Jenkins. We ran a few loops on the OU Rec. Fields. It didn't look like there were any chemicals out there this time. After a few loops we hit the streets for some extra miles.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pre-Race Workout

Time: 59:18
Distance: ~8.25 miles

W/u: 22:19 for 3.08 miles
W/o: 2 x mile in 5:05, 2 x 400 in 65
C/d: 16:47 for 2.04 miles

We had a "pre-race workout" this morning that Meagan does consistently before races at Queens. It was my first one of the kind and it comes a few days out from Boomtown Days. The workout is a pretty simple 2 x mile + 2 x 400 with 3:00 recovery. The pace is honest but made easier because of the lengthy recovery.

5:00.54 (2:57), 4:53.11 (2:59), 63.3 (2:58), 58.12

Check out that last 400m split! The workout with Scotty went well. The didn't feel great on the first interval but I was much more relaxed running faster on the second. The legs felt smooth rolling out 73s. Before the workout I joked with Meagan about her inability to run under 70 seconds. She tried to threaten me with 58-second 400, I obliged. I went to the arms a bit more the final 200m and applied more force to the track to get greater energy return. It felt good to be running fast and I didn't tie up.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Splashpad Busted

Time: 56:55
Distance: 8.03 miles
Pace: 7:05

Meagan and I got in a little heat training this morning as we left the house a little after 10 am. It turned out being rather mild in temperature (low 80s), I guess I could have worn a long sleeve shirt if I was really after uncomfortable conditions. My legs felt great out there. The recovery is coming along as planned. There is a light workout tomorrow which will be the last prior to the race.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week in Review

Time: 469:15
Distance: 70.19 miles

I had a good workout on Tues. despite cutting it short because I was going to struggle the final 3 mile interval. I had a great "5 and 5" on the streets back in Norman. The change in pace felt comfortable and the stride wanted to run 5:30s. I also had a good effort on Friday at the track running some mile repeats. All in all, the fitness is where it needs to be heading into the final week of training prior to the Boomtown Days Half-Marathon. I believe on a flat course in good conditions I would be able to run 66ish. Since I've heard Joplin is a bit hilly we will make it 67 and due to the weather how about 67:30 to 68:30. I'm not trying to find excuses prior to the race, but the most important part is to simply race based on feel. Though having not seen the course, I'm pretty sure it's not set up to be blisteringly fast, maybe just blistering hot. I expect a few Kenyans (hopefully just one fit Kip and a couple out of shape ones) to show up trying to collect a purse. Potential attendees who all live within a few hours include Benson Chesang, Mathew Chesang, and Josphat Boit. Who knows? Maybe it will just be Jerry's Kids and me.

Oh, and a shout to MaGush who joined the club.

Meagan's New Friends

Time: 84:31
Distance: 12.23 miles
Pace: 6:54

A few days ago I texted Jenny Graef about the possibility of her doing a long run with Meagan. We were able to set up a play date at Sutton this morning. Scotty, Meagan and I left the house and jogged over to the parking lot where we met Jenny and Andrea Larabee. The girls were going to put in about 90 minutes which was perfect for Meagan's (our) training cycle. Scotty and I ran off on the trail and the girls went a separate way. We didn't see eachother until time was nearly up close to Main St.

I ended up running out in some of the newer developments north and east of Sutton. Scotty and I got in some light hills in the process which felt harder than they should have. The wind was blowing out of the south which is just about right for this time of the year. The weather has heated up to so by the time we came back to the parking lot at Sutton it was good to have a bottle of Gatorade stashed.

I think in the next 2 or 3 days some heat adaptation training will be in order. Perhaps running when it's around 80 degrees (similar conditions to today) will help get ready for potential conditions in Joplin. However, after Weds. it will be time to recover so that the heat hasn't taken too much out of the body.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sutton (Not Bretton) Woods

Time: 59:32
Distance: 8.18 miles
Pace: 7:17

Scotty, Meagan and I ran from the apartment to Sutton Woods for a few loops on the trail. Nothing too big to report here. Legs are feeling good but the intensity from this week has taken its toll. At times during the run I felt great and at others I wanted to stop early.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Four by Mile (1600)

Time: ~65 minutes
Distance: ~10 miles*

W/u: 22:40 for 3.03 miles
W/o: 4 x mile (1600) in 5:05 (1 min rest)
C/d: 16:04* for 2.04 miles

Scotty, Meagan and I left the pad together and headed in the direction of Norman High. When we arrived Scotty pointed out that the gates were locked which meant we were going to have to scurry through a gap in the fence. After dropping our stuff and continuing on for a few more minutes it was back to the track for some pace work.

The workout target was 4 x mile with a minute rest in a touch over 75 sec. per lap. I knew I'd be able to handle the pace, it was the rest that would make the workout honest.

Scotty and I started out and hit:
5:04.94 (:58), 5:04.25 (:59), 5:02.68 (:59), 4:54.13.

The workout went really well with Scotty and I exchanging leads on the backstretch. I felt really comfortable the entire way. The effort wasn't too elevated and my breathing was in control. I was recovering quickly during the rest portions and ready to run the pace immediately. On the last interval on the backstretch of the last lap I took off and hoped to get Scotty to come with the change in pace. I was able to tighten the screws the final 200m and felt good doing so. Finishing the workout with ~67 last lap was encouraging.

*I had a little extra time in there because I ran the last 800 with Meagan on her workout. We also tacked some on at the end for her to reach 9 miles.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Time: 70:52
Distance: 11.53 miles
Pace: 6:08

Today's run was supposed to be yesterday's but neither Meagan nor I wanted to do it after flying. So, today was 5 miles easy, 5 miles uptempo which means Meagan runs for 30 mins alone before I join the party. I got in a full mile warm up today before starting Meagan's quicker miles. The first 6 miles were: 7:31, 6:31, 6:34, 6:22, 6:33, 6:23. Meagan looked good finishing up on Hwy Symmes and then I made the right hand turn parallel to the train tracks.

My next 5 miles were: 5:28, 5:26, 5:23, 5:32, 5:22. I felt much better on this run than I did last week with Scotty. I may have been the cooler temps. but hopefully my body is responding to the workload. In comparison to the 3 x 3 mile workout on Tuesday, the pace for today was tame and I felt like I could run 5:2x's comfortably. I have a workout tomorrow which will give me a bit more information on my level of fitness. I think the legs will respond well.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning 25

Time: 57:45
Distance: 7.81 miles
Pace: 7:23

After an early morning flight from Cincinnati to DFW I found out I didn't have to go in to work. Since Meagan and I were in the DFW area I suggested we go and visit some of her friends. First stop was Cindy's house where we got to see 9 day old Eloise Grace and hear about a 28 hour labor. We also got to run from the house around the River Crest Country Club and surrounding 'hoods. When we came to Hidden Hill some hill sprints were in order. I did 4 x 10 sec. all out which means you go about 40 meters if the hill is the right grade. The goal is to get some power back into the legs.

It was great that we got to shower at the Craine's newly remodeled modern house. I agreed with Meagan in that it should be featured in a magazine. The shower was good but the leftover Rocco's pizza was great. Shortly after finishing up lunch we headed over to Mr. David Cabe's compound to hang out with Quest (little dog). We had some good chats about Cross Fit before hitting the road north.

There was a short stop in Ardmore, OK for dinner at InterUrban (decent and cheap). Aja showed up after her massage to say hi while we were eating. Always good to see her.

Turned 25 today on the Inaugural National Running Day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 x 3 Mile (Kinda)

Time: 70:26
Distance: 12.25 miles

W/u: 15:19 for 2.01 miles
W/o: 46:13 (running time) for 9 miles
C/d: 8:54 for ~1.25 miles

The target for this workout was 3 x 3 mile in 5:05 to 5:10 with 2 mins rest. A workout that would essentially be my last really difficult effort prior to the half in Joplin.

Set #1: 5:03.78, 5:07.91, 5:12.45 for 15:20 (2:46 rest because I was so sweaty the button didn't register)
Set #2: 5:07.12, 5:14.29, 5:12.15 for 15:26 (2:02)
Set #3: 5:19.33 (~1:00), 5:08.88 (1:00), 4:59.35

I felt great on the first 3 miler considering I was carrying to small bags of flour. Promise it was flour and not cocaine. At the 2 mile mark and finish (3 mile) point I dropped the bags of flour so Meagan would know where to take splits. Pretty clever. Anyway, the first set went well though I started a little quick. I settled into a rhythm and just tried to maintain as much as possible. Somewhere around 2.5 miles I started thinking that 3 miles is one helluva interval.

Somewhere during the second 3 mile interval I could tell this workout was headed in the wrong direction. I took a bit extra rest (2:45 instead of 2:00) after because my watch wouldn't acknowledge my sweaty finger. The extra rest made me take the pace out a bit quick the first 800 meters (was on pace to run 4:50) and that taxed me the remainder of the interval. Luckily, the second mile is slightly downhill which put a little something extra into my step. I finished feeling decent but I was going to the well.

I intended to do the full workout but run relaxed the first mile in hopes of being able to cut the pace down. That went out the window when I glanced at the watch and saw that I was on target to run 5:20 for the mile. I didn't feel the need to run 16:00 for 3 miles and opted to stop after 1. I took about a minute rest (at this point the watch was completely useless) and switched over to the Timex. I planned to run a mile up, minute rest and a mile back. I completed the altered workout fine and was glad to close it out right at 5 minutes.

Meagan's workout.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mason Slog

Time: 61:09
Distance: 8.19 miles
Pace: 7:27

Meagan and I put in some easy mileage this morning around what are now familiar sites. We ran through the park behind the golf course, ran over to Heritage Park, looped back through the neighborhood and finished up just a touch over 8 miles. It's daunting to think that tomorrow's workout portion will cover more ground than this run.