Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Good Run

Time: 71:01
Distance: 16.17 km
Pace: 4:24

Despite having a hard time waking up when the alarm went off this morning, I felt really good on the run. My legs felt fresh, stride felt efficient and body didn't feel tired. Meagan and I just ran out and back along the Marblehead trail in a light rain. Tonight we head to the Salem Common for some strides and plyometrics.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Doubling Down Around Salem

Time: 46:43
Distance: 10.34 km
Pace: 4:31/km

Meagan and I headed out for our double run around Salem to boost the daily totals. I was actually feeling pretty good and would have probably started pushing the pace had Meagan not been there. Most of my runs are all based on feel but today was one of those runs where you purposely try to back off despite the legs feeling fresh. You just hope that the trend continues for the rest of the runs later in the week.

Monday Morning Sisu

Time: 85:40
Distance: 20.04 km
Pace: 4:17/km

Meagan and I ran this morning from the condo to the trail of Marblehead. She wanted to run the Bradlee extension but I suggested making a loop around the Neck. It was a good suggestion as the weather was great and seeing the harbor made for a nice start to the day. My legs are a bit sore from yesterday's long run and I could definitely use a few more hours of sleep to aid the recovery. The pace started easy but was getting rolling by the 3-4 km mark. Meagan was the instigator in this case but I was sure to keep things honest the final 25 minutes of the run. Great run to start the week.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week in Review

Time: 793:15
Distance: 177.71 km

I would like to be able to say that this was a monster week or just another week at 160+ km, but I really have no idea. I do know that I have been able to consistently log what would equate to over 100 miles per week but I haven't added exact distance. I am feeling aerobically strong but know there is lots to work on in the 3:15 to 3:35 per kilometer range (roughly 5:15-5:35 per mile). The body is holding up without too many niggles. I have really tight hamstrings which is a combination of all the driving and running. I also have had some soreness in my left knee when ascending and descending stairs.

This week also capped off several days of aggressively wear testing some new Karhu shoes. That is both the perks of the job and a pain because I often run in shoes that are much too small. I can't complain for getting free shoes but it comes at a cost... squeezing my 10-10.5 foot into a size 9 and logging runs. However, recently I have been fortunate as we made some size 10 models to test and they are working out great. Very lightweight, responsive and fit even better.

Battle Road Long Run

Time: 141:20
Distance: 32.03 km
Pace: 4:25/km

Where to start? How about from today and start working backwards. My hope is to crush out some blog posts that will hopefully get me close to being fully updated. That will take a lot of work. I would probably just run 32k or 20 miles, whatever comes first like I did this morning.

This morning Meagan and I met up with a crew in Lexington's Battle Road. Important stuff happened there in April like a really long time ago. Something about these guys in red coats and rebels. The rebels won which is usually not who you root for, but in this case it was a good thing. The group consisted of Meagan, Emily, Jenn D, Terry Shea who is definitely not Carly Shea and Kevin the Irishman. In similar fashion to my former teammate Eamonn O'Connor, Kevin the Irishman just took off three weeks from running when he returned home to party. So typical.

I felt good and managed to log the run without dragging despite not eating dinner last night. It's a bit of a long story that I won't go into but it involved soda which I never drink, beer which I often drink and Wii. I finished up the final 10k mainly with Emily who is crushing workouts and looking fit in prep for the Toronto Marathon this fall. Maybe it's Ottawa.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

soundRunner Group Run

Time: 88:07
Distance: 19.59 km
Pace: 4:30/km

Meagan and I drove to Stratford, CT last night to take over Pat Price's of WritingAboutRunning.com fame's hotel room. It made for just a short drive this morning with the Karhu Airstream to SoundRunner for a day of merriment. We arrived with time to get the Airstream situated in an ideal parking spot across from the store. A group of me, Jesse, Chaz, Meagan and Brian set off for a run that would loop around town. We were told there would be trails but we didn't know it would have been smart to bring a machete. To say the trails were a little overgrown would be an understatement but we all survived. It was a good way to start off the day and get in a run with a fun crew.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Salem to Fantasy Land

Time: 71:58
Distance: 16.30 km
Pace: 4:25/km

Meagan and I ran this morning from our house to MHD. Nothing too crazy to report. The legs weren't too sore from the harder 5 km of running last night. I am definitely lacking on sleep and recovery this week and need to get some good rest.

Derby Street Mile

Time: ~51:55
Distance: ~11.02

W/u: 27:01 for 5.25 km
Race: 4:37 for 4th overall
C/d: 15:17 for 2.55 km

And to think I used to consider myself a miler. Tonight was a pitiful showing at the Derby Street Mile. I didn't even come close to running what I wanted. I didn't contend for the win. I didn't defend my home turf. Truly a poor showing.

I had a slight expectation that this race wasn't going to go well, but I tried to put those thoughts away. I felt sluggish and tired on the run this morning and during my warm up. I briefly considered not registering, but then pictured myself sprinting to victory. I wanted to do that.

The contenders on the start line appeared to be a guy from New Balance Boston, a kid with half tights and backwards hat, and a crew of out of towners. The woman of the crew was sporting a Bowerman Athletic Club singlet. She would go on to victory in 5:05.

The race started and I was out just behind the NBB athlete with the backwards hat kid just off my shoulder. I remained in contention for the first 400 meters and then proceeded to get my doors blown off. The NBB guy opened up a gap and cruised to the win nabbing a course record of 4:18 which earned $100. I couldn't close the gap and just felt heavy from the halfway point to the finish. With about 200 meters remaining a guy came up on my shoulder and rolled past me. I responded just briefly but couldn't get back the lost strides. I was fearful that he was a masters runner, but it turns out he's a youthful 38 years old.

Tonight's performance is not indicative of my fitness. I should have been able to run faster than 4:37 as I was hoping to run in the 4:25 range. However, I do recognize my mileage has been quite high for the past 7 days. I have logged in the 120 mile range if you add up the last 7 days of running which brings me close to a career high. Excuses, excuses.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NRFTW 5k Race

Time: 47:10
Distance: 11.03 km

W/u: 24:10 for 5.01km
"Race": 17:28 for 5.01 km
C/d: 5:32 for 1.01 km

Meagan and I have been attending the No Rest for the Wicked 5k run which occurs weekly on Thursday evening from the Salem Common. The "race" provides the opportunity to run as fast or in control as you are hoping. Tonight a crew of Karhu and Craft employees came out to join us. Meagan was hoping to run nice and controlled but I started pushing the pace up the slight hill around the 1km mark and brought her home in a solid clocking. The official finish line is about 80-100m shy of a 5k so our time will reflect something in the 17:16 range. I think my legs had a little more pop in them tonight, but then again I wasn't running all that fast.

Salem's Winter Island Park

Time: 60:21
Distance: 13.29 km
Pace: 4:33/km

Meagan and I ran a loop around Salem this morning that took us to many familiar places and Winter Island Park. I'm not sure what the story is with the "island" but it's home to several urban campers this time of year. I guess the draw is being near the water but when I think of camping I picture trees, dirt and nature. That is not the case here but camp sites are packed.

I think that is all for this blog post. Oh, my left knee has been feeling a little funny. Just a little sore when I walk up or down stairs and if I walk in a certain way before the run. It doesn't hurt while running though. Something to monitor.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Evening Double Run to the Willows

Time: 46:16
Distance: 10.45 km
Pace: 4:26/km

I headed out after work and logged a run to boost the weekly totals. There is very little to report other than the time on the feet.

Time on the Feet with Meagan

Time: 82:50
Distance: 18.09 km
Pace: 4:35/km

After last night's sluggish stride session, I would have loved to sleep in this morning. However, I was up and out the door with Meagan dragging me along to Marblehead. The body struggled for much of the run but I made it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Triangle Strides

Time: 46:16
Distance: 10.40 km
Pace: 4:27/km

In what has become the Tuesday evening "workout," Meagan and I ran over to the Salem Common for some strides. We have kept the 5 laps of alternating hard/easy our distance, but today just wasn't my day. I felt terrible from the start and never could get rolling. I have never actually timed the strides section of the run but I know roughly what my kilometer splits are. Once I start running hard the three splits I get usually look something like 3:50, 3:42, 3:39. Tonight they were something like 3:52, 3:49, 3:48. I felt terrible. Also, I usually finish about a full straightaway (~200m) ahead of Meagan but tonight it was more like 70 meters.

Morning Kilometers in Salem and MHD

Time: 72:56
Distance: 16.23 km
Pace: 4:30

Just got out the door to hit the Marblehead trail for some morning distance running. Time on the feet and gaining fitness.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Time for Headlamps

Time: 46.15
Distance: 10.23 km
Pace: 4:30/km

I worked the day at Marathon Sports - Mansfield for Balega and had a good time selling shoes and socks with their crew. I got home later than expected which meant that Meagan had already gone out for her double. I almost decided to not run, but then I figured it will be cold and dark in a few months so I better take advantage now. I didn't start until just after 8 and it was already dark. Another depressing reality that is coming to greet us. Running in the cold is one thing. Running in the dark is another. Running in the cold and dark takes added motivation. I didn't pull out the headlamp just yet, but the time is coming. Soon...

Monday Morning Sisu Run

Time: 89:46
Distance: 20.07 km
Pace: 4:28/km

The week got start off running to Marblehead with Meagan. Nothing crazy to report other than getting some solid distance this morning.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week in Review

Time: 760:31
Distance: 172.51 km

Another week in the books. A good stride session. A fun Wicked run. A terrible race. Moving Forward. Like Karhu.

Charles River Uptempo Long Run

Time: 111:14
Distance: 25.10 km

W/u: 13:43 for 2.64 km
Workout: 79:30 for 19.21 km
C/d: 17:51 for 3.25 km

Meagan and I drove into Boston (actually) Cambridge to meet up with a crew of city runners. We were meeting Emily, Jenn and a couple other members of the BAA to do 12 miles at 5:50 to 6:00 per mile. I think this was Jenn's workout and we would just be tagging along. I had few goals for the workout other than running in the group as relaxed as possible. My legs were a bit sore from that terrible mile I ran on Friday night.

I would have liked to have gotten in more of a warm up but time didn't permit. We started just after 8:00 and got the workout rolling along the Charles. I settled into the back of the group trying to do as little work as possible. I didn't want to hit the front and push the pace to ruin the workout for anyone. That would come later.

Wayne and Dan up front set the pace with Emily and Jenn tucked in behind. Meagan and I followed with Will on our shoulders. We streaked past baby joggers, bikes, guys on roller blades and countless runners. There were moments when I would find myself coming up on the shoulder of Emily but then I would consciously back off and retake my place at the back on the pack.

The loop took us out 6 miles and then turned for the trip home. Everyone was still grouped up minus Will who is just starting workouts again. Somewhere around the 7-8 mile mark I moved to the front to take a turn at the lead. There was a little bit too much talking for my liking and I decided to get the pace rolling. The group responded to my increased tempo and things just progressed from there. You can see in the splits below where I went to the front around the 11 to 12 km mark.

3:44, 3:49, 3:49, 3:37, 3:42,
3:39, 3:45, 3:41, 3:40, 3:43,
3:45, 3:36, 3:35, 3:37, 3:31,
3:31, 3:30, 3:17, 3:15, :41

Dan who is back visiting from Florida kept it rolling until the end of the workout. He timed our final full mile in 5:13 which I initially thought was short until Emily told me it's been measured by multiple people and accurate. I'll take it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Double Bride Loop

Time: 91:18
Distance: 20.35 km
Pace: 4:29/km

Meagan returned home from her trip out west and I took her on a new loop I recently made. She had the pleasure of testing out some new Karhu shoes and told me all about her adventure. Good run from what I can remember.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sluggish Morning Run

Time: 46:03
Distance: 10.27 km
Pace: 4:29/km

I headed out the door looking to get in some distance before tonight's Derby Street Mile. I felt tired the entire run as my legs were heavy and the body just feels run down. I hope I'm able to turn things around later tonight and have a decent showing in a local race. The increased mileage from the past week seems to be taking it's toll a bit.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

NRFTW Thursday Night

Time: 48:00
Distance: 11.44 km

W/u: 14:54 for 3.22 km
NRFTW: 17:30 for 5.01 km
C/d: 15:36 for 3.21 km

I headed over to the Salem Common to meet up with the crew that runs the No Rest for the Wicked run/race. I think this was my third time attending and first without Meagan being around. I didn't feel too keen on running hard but just wanted to see how the legs would respond to running a bit harder.

3:39, 3:33, 3:26, 3:22, 3:27

The tempo kept getting quicker until the final stretch when I started to shut things down. I managed to run steady without getting too competitive as I saw the splits increasing. I stretched out the run until the watch hit 5k and then I started recording times for the group.

Different Morning Loop

Time: 71:15
Distance: 16.10 km
Pace: 4:26/km

There was a bit of rain this morning and I didn't want to head out on the MHD trail so I opted to stick to the roads. I was testing out a new pair of Karhu shoes and didn't completely want to get the kicks muddy. The legs were feeling a little sluggish so the pace remained pretty easy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Solo Double Run

Time: 46:29
Distance: 10.01 km
Pace: 4:39/km

I dragged myself out the door this evening not wanting to run. I managed to put my feet in front of one another and cover the required distance.

Time on the Feet

Time: 69:19
Distance: 16.09 km
Pace: 4:18/km

I got out for some time on the feet this morning. Nothing too crazy to report. The legs are a bit sore and the body is tired.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Salem Tuesday Night Strides

Time: 47:20
Distance: 11.01 km
Pace: 4:18/km

I warmed up tonight with a jog over to the Salem Common. The "workout" for the evening was doing 5 laps alternating fast and slow. I don't remember feeling particularly great but managed to get it done. I stayed focused by thinking about the Derby Street Mile this Friday night.

Find the Sisu

Time: 66:12
Distance: 15.01 km
Pace: 4:25/km

Got out the door this morning and put in some time across the bridges in Beverly. Body is tired, but the base is being built.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Slow Run?

Time: 38:08
Distance: 8.04 km
Pace: 4:45/km

I don't really remember this run, but based on the pace I was going really slow. Meagan may have been with me, maybe she wasn't. I'll take it as time on the feet.

Monday Morning Run

Time: 94:05
Distance: 21.29 km
Pace: 4:25/km

The week started off with a solid effort around MHD and Salem. The body is tired. The fitness is coming.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wet Dog Long Run

Time: 120:11
Distance: 30.05 km
Pace: 4:00/km

I could't help but be inspired  run quick this morning after watching the Olympic men's marathon. If you're reading this post, then I'm sure you watched the race so I won't give any big recap. It's hard to bet against Meb having a bad race. He's so consistent and knows exactly what his body is capable of on the day.

Before heading to bed last night I thought up a long run workout of 30k broken into three segments. Each 10k would get fast by 30 seconds per kilometer. My hope was that the marathon would pump me up to have a good session despite the multitude of kilometers/miles this week. The goal was to have 10k splits of 45:00, 40:00, and 35:00.

I ran from the condo in Salem out to Marblehead and then up towards ST's house. I then headed out along Lynn Shore drive and along the walking path bordering the beach. I wasn't sure where the 15k turnaround would be, but some mental math had me realize that I would have to find a few extra kilometers in Nahant. I also noticed that the Lynn Beach smelled absolutely terrible. Wet dog is the most accurate odor I could think.

Opening 10k (44:16) - I was feeling good and was having a hard time slowing down. I was feeling very good by 5k and split 4:18 which is well under the 4:30 I needed for 45 minutes. I had to force myself  slow down but even then the next splits all ranged from 4:20 to 4:26.

Middle 10k (39:29) - I started noticing the breeze running out to Nahant along the causeway. It wasn't terrible but enough to make running just under 4:00/km a little more stressed. I was hitting the splits and feeling good while looking forward to the turnaround point. I ended up having to run back into the neighborhoods before getting the wind at my back. I immediately saw the pace drop to the low 3:50s and I was feeling really strong at the 16km (10 mile) mark. I again had to tell myself to back off the pace because the real work was going to take place in the final 10k. I kept plugging away but by 18k all of my enthusiasm that I had just 2k earlier was gone. I wasn't struggling but knew picking up the pace another 30 secs would be very difficult. I decided to take a quick pit stop and drink some water at the 19k mark before gearing up for the final push.

Final 10k (36:12) - Struggled. I tried my best to start the last segment off with a strong effort but could only manage 3:34. I could only muster 3:37-3:41 for kilometers 21-28. The positive is that I wasn't completely falling apart and my stride felt smooth and efficient. I just couldn't find the power to run 3:30. I really like the segment coming back into Salem and I was able to rally for the final 10 minutes. My final kilometers were covered in 3:32 and 3:31 which almost took me to the well.

Despite not being able to close the final 10k in 35 minutes, I still managed to finish 30k in 2 hours. I think had I received water earlier or a gel around the hour mark I would have been fine. Regardless, I'm pleased to cap off a big week with this run.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mile Maintenance

Time: 45:54
Distance: 10.22 km
Pace: 4:30/km

This evening I ran over to the Salem Common and did enough loops to get me to around 4 miles. I started stiff and slow but ended up feeling decent by the time it was time to run some strides. I decided to run 6 x ~150m on the grass at a good clip. I could tell the turnover was a little slower than I would have liked, but it was something. I haven't run much on the grass recently and it definitely made me feel slow.

I finished with a couple more miles around the Common and then headed back to the condo to call it a day.

New 20k Loop

Time: 85:24
Distance: 20.54 km
Pace: 4:10/km

I went out in search of a new loop from the condo and came up with nice 20k mostly in Beverly. The exploration wasn't too zealous as I ran streets near and around our offices. However, the loop to the office and afterwards was a nice way to start and finish. I'm not sure how feasible the loop will be in winter because it goes across a couple of bridges that could be particularly cold, but it will be good for the remainder of the summer and fall. I wasn't try to run hard but the pace just gradually picked up until the end.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Salem to Marblehead Neck

Time: 86:34
Distance: 20.65
Pace: 4:12/km

This morning I ran from the condo with the Marblehead Neck as my destination. I was feeling a little sore after yesterday's workout antics but nothing that I was concerned about. I wanted to keep the pace really easy but I guess my fitness flexed as I starting clipping along at the end.

I decided to take the evening off knowing my weekend could be really high. I have also doubled most days this week so I should be smart.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beverly Yankee Homecoming 5k

And, just like that I'm a month behind with updating the ol' blog. Training has been going well since I last posted. I did have to take 4 days off last week as the medial side of my knee was battling a little tendinitis. However, this week has been going quite well. I even raced last night. Here's the link to the article for the Beverly Yankee Homecoming 5k.