Thursday, August 23, 2012

NRFTW 5k Race

Time: 47:10
Distance: 11.03 km

W/u: 24:10 for 5.01km
"Race": 17:28 for 5.01 km
C/d: 5:32 for 1.01 km

Meagan and I have been attending the No Rest for the Wicked 5k run which occurs weekly on Thursday evening from the Salem Common. The "race" provides the opportunity to run as fast or in control as you are hoping. Tonight a crew of Karhu and Craft employees came out to join us. Meagan was hoping to run nice and controlled but I started pushing the pace up the slight hill around the 1km mark and brought her home in a solid clocking. The official finish line is about 80-100m shy of a 5k so our time will reflect something in the 17:16 range. I think my legs had a little more pop in them tonight, but then again I wasn't running all that fast.

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