Friday, August 24, 2012

Derby Street Mile

Time: ~51:55
Distance: ~11.02

W/u: 27:01 for 5.25 km
Race: 4:37 for 4th overall
C/d: 15:17 for 2.55 km

And to think I used to consider myself a miler. Tonight was a pitiful showing at the Derby Street Mile. I didn't even come close to running what I wanted. I didn't contend for the win. I didn't defend my home turf. Truly a poor showing.

I had a slight expectation that this race wasn't going to go well, but I tried to put those thoughts away. I felt sluggish and tired on the run this morning and during my warm up. I briefly considered not registering, but then pictured myself sprinting to victory. I wanted to do that.

The contenders on the start line appeared to be a guy from New Balance Boston, a kid with half tights and backwards hat, and a crew of out of towners. The woman of the crew was sporting a Bowerman Athletic Club singlet. She would go on to victory in 5:05.

The race started and I was out just behind the NBB athlete with the backwards hat kid just off my shoulder. I remained in contention for the first 400 meters and then proceeded to get my doors blown off. The NBB guy opened up a gap and cruised to the win nabbing a course record of 4:18 which earned $100. I couldn't close the gap and just felt heavy from the halfway point to the finish. With about 200 meters remaining a guy came up on my shoulder and rolled past me. I responded just briefly but couldn't get back the lost strides. I was fearful that he was a masters runner, but it turns out he's a youthful 38 years old.

Tonight's performance is not indicative of my fitness. I should have been able to run faster than 4:37 as I was hoping to run in the 4:25 range. However, I do recognize my mileage has been quite high for the past 7 days. I have logged in the 120 mile range if you add up the last 7 days of running which brings me close to a career high. Excuses, excuses.

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