Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Run Plus Hob Knob

Time: 68:12
Distance: 15.47 km
Pace: 4:25/km

I was lucky to get in the time on the feet this morning with Dan Kittaka and Jeff Caron of Saucony because it nearly turned into what I had feared it would be. The Fleet Feet conferences are great because you get to meet lots of people, see new product, build relationships and put a good foot forward for your respective brand. However, running conferences in general are terrible for running. Lots of times the group runs turn into 2 hours away from the hotel but only 45 minutes of actual running. Terrible inefficient use of time if you ask me.

The run started with everyone getting a lottery ticket scratcher that we were supposed to give to a person we saw on the run. It was a great idea except if you held on to your ticket in the DC humidity until 30 minutes into the run like me. Regardless, we all ran from the hotel to Fleet Feet DC being led out by Shawn Fenty (former mayor of DC's brother) and he talked about the store once he got there. It was a bit of fun running as a group as we looped down Rock Creek Park back to the hotel. However, we were only 30 or so minutes into the run and the course was only going to give us maybe 40 minutes. I asked around and grabbed two guys who were willing to make the run a little longer despite the conditions.

We ended up heading up to the Capitol and looping the reflection pool. I was feeling pretty good but not great. I was happy to make the run a bit longer as were Dan and Jeff. We all had a good time talking about the approaching US Olympic Trials and stuff we saw at the expo.

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