Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catch Up Post

6/8/11 - 36:55 for 8.02k
I was in Chicago for the GORE RUNNING WEAR Handover meeting where I got to see the Spring 2012 apparel line. The run this morning took me from the Affinia Hotel and to the bike path along Lake Michigan. I didn't feel great, but was happy to log some miles in a new city. I even saw a GORE RUNNING WEAR shirt that wasn't being worn by someone at the meetings. The apparel looks amazing and part of the women's collection was created by a designer who has also worked for Armani and Fendi.

6/9/11 - 38:42 for 8.21k
It was a quick trip to Chicago as I was back for a loop through Myers Park this morning. I am taking it nice and slow and not worrying about pace. I just want my glute, adductors, hip, etc. to all feel healthy.

6/10/11 - Day off for recovery.

6/11/11 - 42:07 for 9.18k
I got in this run between two NUUN taste testing events. The first was at Run For Your Life where I sampled the product to USA Fit and the second was at Omega Sports - Park Road. My run felt good and it was nice to start from RFYL. I looped through Freedom Park and ran on the Booty Loop just briefly. Another easy run in the books for the comeback.

6/12/11 - 47:49 for 10.17k
When I was at Brown, we used to run a workout called Little Snake. It referred more to the route than the workout, but basically it ran up and down a hilly section of Providence. The workout was a staple in our training throughout the year and it was always fun to see the progression from the first time to the end of the year. I tried to find a route that would be similar through Myers Park, but the cross streets are too long. If you look at the map you'll notice I was running up and over, but eventually gave up trying to find a proper course.

Week in Review
Time: 171:33
Distance: 43.68k

This week was used to get my legs used to running a little more without aggravating my tight upper hamstring. You will also noticed that I have switched to running Kilometers in an attempt to not know how fast or slow I am going. At this point I don't really care and I just want to train based off feel. Running in k's will also be nice when the training gears up as I will have more splits over the course of any workout or run. For instance, run 6 miles and you get six data points, but in k's you get 10 data points.

The comeback continues...

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