Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Foiled by Track Fans

Time: 82:17
Distance: 17.41km

W/u #1: 14:58 for 2.86km
W/u #2: 67:19 for 14.55km

Meagan had a big workout on tap this afternoon that we planned to do at the Beverly High School track near our offices. We warmed up around the little pond in the Cummings Center and were about to cross the street to the track when I saw a track meet was being contested. Clearly we would not be able to get on the track during the meet so we made the decision to grab our bags and hurry back to Marblehead.

It was a slow drive home to Marblehead as it seemed we hit every red light between the office and home. We dropped our bags and then headed off on the quickest route to the track. It was almost comical when we showed up to find the boys high school mile about to start signaling that we would not be able to use the track at all. We opted to just go on a run along the gravel path through town and make the workout happen tomorrow. I tried to not be too upset with kids competing at the sport that has provided me with so much.

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