Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marblehead 10k Track Workout

Time: 94:58
Distance: ~19.66 km

W/u: 20:26 for 4.01km
W/o (MRN): 12 x 800 w/ 2:30 rest
W/o (JSK): 8 x 1200, 4 x 800
C/d: 15:36 for 2.85km

Meagan is racing the 10k in a few weeks at one of the New Balance Twighlight meets and this workout was geared toward her being ready. I looked over her training from 2010 when she ran under 35 minutes three times in less than 8 weeks and noticed there were several workouts consisting of 25 x 300, 12 x 800 (twice), 6 x mile and some predator runs. The 12 x 800m workout was one she nailed a couple of times so I put it on the schedule to give her something to compare her fitness.

I was playing queenmaker for 800m and then I would pick up the pace for 400m in hopes of getting a bit more of an effort in case I ever want to run fast again. It was a nice way to add some of my own pace work and still help out the one who is looking to race soon.

2:36.8, 73.1 (77); 2:36.2, 72.2 (79); 2:36.9, 73.9 (79); 2:34.7, 74.9 (78);
2:36.5, 74.2 (77); 2:36.2, 74.9 (78); 2:35.4, 75.0 (76); 2:34.6, 72.9 (79);
2:36.6 (2:30); 2:34.55 (2:30); 2:35.6 (2:31); 2:34.5

Meagan ran really well and I'll take it. I felt pretty comfortable picking up the pace for 400m hitting sub-5 minute pace. Nothing crazy for me and a sign that the fitness is there for her. I think her average would be 2:35 low which is comparable to some of her workouts from 2010.

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