Friday, May 4, 2012

Marblehead Carnival

Time: 52:58
Distance: 11.24 km
Pace: 4:43/km

I got back from working the Karhu Airstream in Boston and needed to clear the mind. It was foggy out and near the coast with visibility being only 100 meters. I headed off for a loop around the Neck and found the beach parking lot to be filled with cars. The normally classy fishing town of Marblehead had somehow been persuaded to allow carnies in with their rickety rides. Since Meagan and I are soon to relocate to Salem I can say we left because of all the low brow shenanigans that is taking over the town.

I had a nice run minus the random honk from joy riding teens with too much money at their disposal. Even though I couldn't see well due to the fog, I could still smell the pungent aroma of weed being smoked my the Marblehead youth. I could understand if this were The Point in Salem, but not on the mean streets of Marblehead. It's a good thing I'm getting out before the town completely loses all of it's respectable qualities.

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