Friday, March 2, 2012

Marblehead Mash

Time: 37:37
Distance: 8.60km
Pace: 4:15/km

This morning I went to see Anne Gilbride and had work done on my hamstring. It's definitely feeling a bit better just not 100 percent yet. The discomfort is shifting around a bit which I think is a good thing. Right now I feel it really high up near the insertion point. I've stayed on top of my strengthening, massaging and some stretching.

I slipped out around lunch time and got in a short run before heading to the office. The loop took me to the trail that was partially snowed over and muddy. My stride is still not normal, but it's close. Really close. I don't think my hamstring is altering anything, but I sense a little tightness just as my right leg is about to make contact with the ground. The pulling back motion activates my upper right hamstring, but it doesn't hurt when I land, toe off, do high knees or butt kicks. Just when running normal on the snap down motion.

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