Monday, April 30, 2012

Airstreams, Mullets, Coffee, Beer & Running

It's been awhile since I opened the browser to the OK Runner and thankfully today is the day that you've all been waiting for... an update from yours truly!

My plan is to get back on the horse and update more frequently but we'll see how training progresses this spring and summer. I'm currently moderately fit and only a little soft around the edges compared to several weeks ago when I was really sloppy. Meagan dropped me in a workout back in March and I wasn't able to hang with her through 10k of a half marathon. Fast forward to yesterday, I put in 33.50 kilometers with some respectable splits tossed in for good measure. Toward the end of the run I ran 3 x 3k with splits of 3:41, 3:40, 3:39 (11:00); 3:13, 3:19, 3:11 (10:43) ; 3:16, 3:16, 3:13 (10:45).

I also started using Meagan's Timex GPS watch while in Philly this past weekend. I left my Garmin at the office before hitting the road and had to keep on tickin'. The Timex is a decent substitute for Garmin but not the real deal. The battery life is about on par with a 5 year old laptop, the display units are difficult to read and the volume of the beep during a run is so low that you better hope a car doesn't pass you with additional background noise. I did like being forced to learn how to use the watch, but my preference will remain with Garmin.

What else have I been up to?

Yesterday, Meagan and I spent the day looking at houses in Salem with my dad and Roger. They have rented a house in Salem through the middle of next month and are just exploring the east coast. Meagan and I meet up when we aren't working or traveling for work and yesterday was one of those days. Our stay at the fort is coming to a close (we have to be out at the end of May) which means we better quickly find a place to live. In my dad's world that means buying a place, so we are actively looking at places in downtown Salem to live. My vote to buy a place in "the Point" is being vetoed because nobody has my vision. The Point is the "dangerous" part of town that everyone is afraid to live in, but I just see opportunity. Give me 3 years and I'll have that place turned around. It's comparable to Columbia Heights in DC which was shit 8 years ago, but look at it now. My buddy Owen (@Owashb) has lived there for several years and his place is now in the middle of one of the hottest up and coming areas of DC. This is what the Point will be in 5 years, but if I were there it would only take 3.

What about work?

Oh yea, work is going well. I've had the opportunity to take the Karhu Airstream out for a couple of adventures. Several members of the Charlotte running community who were up for the Boston "death march" Marathon got to see our pride and joy. It's a 1975 Argosy Airstream trailer that has been converted into a shoe museum and sneaker pop up shop. I helped activate the spring tour in each of the three key cities: Boston, New York and Philadelphia. We are searching for someone to pilot the vehicle this fall and have already received some great applications. At the Boston Marathon we had the Airstream parked in a lot near the expo and invited runners to check everything out. While there we met with Runner's World for a footwear review and this photo was snapped. Yes, that's me with a pseudo mullet. It has slowly morphed from something a little less noticeable to borderline rat-tail-ish. Meagan hates it, but it's awesome.

When are you going to race next?

There are no immediate plans to race in the near future other than the JCC triathlon in lovely Marblehead. I'm running 3.5 mile run leg to bring home the timing chip on May 13th which also happens to coincide with Mother's Day. My mother from California will actually be here to see if I still have a competitive spirit to run down participants. The lead off leg will be Anne's Hands who has been instrumental in fixing my hamstring and getting me back on the roads. She is a local chiropractor, former collegiate swimmer and the girlfriend of the Karhu CEO. She'll be passing off to the bossman himself for a 10 mile ride around Marblehead. I'm not sure if he's been on the bike at all this spring so let's hope he can stay upright for 25 minutes of riding. My hope is to be off within 3 minutes of the leaders to bring things home.

I think this is sufficient for now. Again, the plan is to get back to more daily posting now that I'm running much more consistently and I would like to keep track of my workouts. The hope is to also provide some insights to the coffee and beer scene on the North Shore. I haven't found a local coffee shop that I want to make my office away from the KNA office, but I'm hopeful that there are a few good places in Salem. The local bars are stocked up with pints from regional breweries, however the biggest downside is no happy hours. That's right, no happy hours! The Commonwealth of Massachusetts apparently doesn't allow for it so it's more likely to find appetizer specials or no specials at all. We joke that it's easier to import or sell guns in MA than it is to sell booze. I'm becoming a bigger fan of the Ipswich India Pale Ale which is commonly found in these parts. Surprisingly I can still imbibe on Sierra Nevada and sometimes Stone IPA if I'm feeling west coast.

Until next time...

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Ipswich! It took me a couple of hours to learn the name, but I finally got it. Glad you're back to posting!