Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ring Around the Neck 5 Miler

Time: 46:06
Distance: 12.15 km

W/u: 19:07 for 4.01 km
Race: 26:59 for 5 miles

This was the second race of the YMCA North Shore Race Series that Karhu and Craft is sponsoring. If you are finding this blog and have interest in running the series, feel free to hit me up and I can provide some entries. I will only require that you head on over to the New England Running Company and purchase a pair of Karhu shoes. If you're in CLT or OKC and want to run a race this year, I'll be more than happy to host your and have you race in one of our events. Really... don't hesitate to ask. Salem is great during the summer.

Meagan and I set up our booth and hung out for a couple hours before heading off for a light warm up. The wind was going to be a slight factor during the race, but I didn't foresee there being too much competition. Going into the race I wanted to see how the drums were beating to use a term coined by Gabe Jennings. If the rhythm of the race felt right, I would run fast and hard. If not, then I would just run what felt like a good effort and see what the pace would be.

Avg Pace

I took the race out and had a lead from the start. My legs felt pretty good running into the wind but I never felt the effort really squeeze on the lungs. I was running hard and let the race come to me with the terrain dictating the pace. I would have liked to have run faster, but the effort was what it was.

After the race Meagan and I headed over to Scott Freedson-Crosby's new house and enjoyed a great spread of food. We were celebrating he and his fiancé's new home and her birthday. Great times on the weekend.

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