Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost Boston Night Double

Time: ~80 mins
Distance: ~19 km

I'm bummed that my Garmin geeked out and erased this run during a software update as I actually looked forward to seeing the route map. I ended my travels in Boston this evening and spent some time working at Jeff's house to kill time before the South End Athletic Company group run. I found the shortest route to the store and I made it just in time to meet up with one other guy for the run. He planned on going 5-6 miles and knew of a good loop around the city. We ended up hitting the Charles, TD Garden where the Celtics play, the North End, Faneuil Hall, another park that I didn't catch the name and then ran back into the South End (aka "gayborhood"). Most of the run I had little clue as to where I was, but then I would recognize a landmark or store. It was a fantastic loop that toured much of the city and losing the route due to technology sucks, but that's the breaks.

I logged a ton of distance today and am feeling good with how the week has started off. Another day in the books...

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