Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MRN's 2 x 5k Workout

Time: 69:22
Distance: 16.65 km

W/u: 27:30 for 5.94 km
W/o: 2 x 5 km at MRN's marathon pace (w/ 3 mins rest)
C/d: 1:34 for .34 km (yes, that's right!)

It was Meagan's turn to workout this week and do you recognize the workout!? Since she is in much better shape comparatively, I didn't think the opening 1.6 km (mile) of gradual uphill would have much of a influence on her overall effort. I was right.

 3:46.64, 3:44.93, 3:41.07, 3:40.31, 3:47.36 for ~18:40
3:46.06, 3:42.78, 3:40.05, 3:39.26, 3:44.29 for ~18:32
40:18 total for 10.37 km

I think this was another boring effort for Meagan based on how comfortable she looked. I was asking her to hold back on the 3rd and 4th kilometers because she would have split in the mid to low 3:30s had I not. Her foot didn't bother her too much, but we are monitoring it closely as the Trials are just days away. It's time for her to freshen up and be ready to run on the day of the race!

I probably should have run a longer cool down, but we both needed to get cleaned and packed up to make a quick business trip to Los Angeles and San Diego. It's sunny skies and warm temps today, Boston weather tomorrow.

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