Monday, January 2, 2012

My Very Own Palm Springs Workout

Time: 87:33
Distance: 21.33 km

W/u: 24:52 for 5.39 km
W/o: 2 x 5 km at ~3:20/km (w/ 3 mins rest)
C/d: 26:36 for 5.59 km

The goal for today's workout was to run 2 x 5 km at what I hope to be marathon pace later this spring. I didn't want the effort to be too difficult as I haven't been focused on my training as of late. The pace was meant to feel up tempo but relaxed so as not to visit the well.

3:19.52, 3:19.58, 3:18.88, 3:16.90, 3:20.49 for ~16:36
3:17.40, 3:20.33, 3:15.10, 3:15.86, 3:17.09 for ~16:25
36:07 for 10.35 km

The good from the workout is that my second 5 km was faster than the first and I felt relaxed running around 3:18-3:20/km. The bad from the workout is when I tried to push on the slight downhill section from 1.5 km to 3.9 km all I could manage was 3:15 efforts. It felt like I was running much faster in terms of turnover meaning my legs aren't used to moving that fast. Aerobically I was very content and comfortable in those ranges, but I'll have to do some speed work to get used to spinning the legs faster in order to get back to feeling relaxed at 3:00-3:10/km.

I have to remember that it's only January 2nd. I'm healthy, ready to train hard and have lots of time before any race.

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