Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the Year Off Easy

Time: 61:05
Distance: 13.03 km
Pace: 4:41/km

Meagan and I were joined by Jenna Wrieden on the run this morning around Palm Springs. She and her boyfriend, Ryan Cole, came to visit us for NYE. We almost made it to midnight too! After attempting to get Ryan to borrow some of my gear to come on the run, we finally had to give up and leave him at home. The two women and I headed out the door for an hour of easy running through town. I tried to take Jenna around to see some of the more interesting neighborhoods and parks.

We decided there needs to be a winter marathon or half marathon here in Palms Springs as the town is completely flat and the weather is idea. It might be a little difficult to find 42 km in and around the city, but the conditions would be absolutely perfect in January. It's easily understood why so many people come to the desert in the winter.

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