Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review

Time: 255:15:13 (h:m:s)
Distance: 3,374 km

Another year has come to a close and while this was lackluster in terms of training and racing, it was a big one in terms of my career. The totals above are close to being 100% accurate, but there were certainly runs that I didn't wear Mr. Garmin and runs on the track when I turned off the GPS feature. I shouldn't compare the totals to last year as 2011 was filled with injury and 2010 was nearly perfect. In looking at the positives, I have been able to run healthy the last few months of the year and focus on Meagan's training leading up to the Trials.

I want 2012 to see some personal best times on the road from 10k to the marathon. Since there are many competitive road races in New England, I'll have plenty of times to toe the line and run fast times. I want the training to put me back in a place where given a few weeks, I should be able to specify the training to jump in any race distance that I hear is going to be competitive.

Here's to a year of fast racing...

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