Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Never Again

Time: 90:50
Distance: 19.29k
Pace: 4:42/k

After running in Annadel on Saturday, Meagan told me that she would never again run up there. Well, this morning we were meeting up with Steve for another run in the park. I picked out a loop that I felt wouldn't be too rocky as Meagan's foot is still a little sore. We aren't sure if it's the bone (really bad) or a tendon on the lateral side (bad, but icing will help). Being so close to the Trials there can't be any big set backs that would compromise toeing the line. Considering all the factors, I still felt she could manage one last run up in Annadel if we chose the right trails.

My loop had us running up Canyon to Lake Ilsanjo around to the right, up Warren Richardson and down the backside to Channel Drive. The only rocky section would be Canyon and since we were running uphill I didn't think it would be all that bad. Again, Steve and I found the safe path and rocks while Meagan gingerly ran up the hill. She was none too pleased when we hit the lake and then we had to run up the hill where three years ago she told me, "please don't talk to me right now." Three years ago she was huffing and puffing while this year she was able to hold a conversation with Steve and me.

At the top, all the rocks were behind us and it was smooth sailing to the finish. Meagan even hit the front and pressed the pace the final 15 minutes back to our cars. We had to do a little adding on to hit the daily distance goal, but overall I think it was a great loop despite what Ms. Nedlo has to say.

After the run we dropped in Heart & Sole to visit with my old high school coach and see what was shaking at the running store. It was a good visit and always great to catch up with Danny.

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