Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Westchester Track Club Workout

Time: 74:17
Distance: 16.06k

W/u: 29:02 for 6.02k
W/o: 2 x mile w/ 800m jog, 2 x 800m
C/d: 15:42 for 2.89k

I had a long day on the road from Marblehead to Albany to show the Karhu FW12 collection, then I jumped back in the car destined for Pleasantville, NY. I would be staying with Madeleine and she invited me to run a workout with the Tuesday night Westchester Track Club crew at the Scarsdale HS track.

The Westchester crew has some of the most talented foreign athletes in the country and they are coached by Mike Barnow. I had heard stories about Coach Barnow for months (he looks and acts a bit like Larry David. Don't believe me? Watch this video.), but had never actually met the guy until tonight. He was incredibly welcoming to having me join his group tonight. I didn't have any particular goals for the evening other than to jump in a workout with whoever was in attendance. It turned out that it would be about 3-4 women and 10-15 guys who were all looking to do Barnow's workout.

I got in a light workout with Mad as the group waited for some more individuals to arrive. Once we finally got lined up, I was happy to be toeing the line with a group looking to running some fast splits on a near ideal evening. The track facility of this high school was top notch and it was fairly well lit for not actually having stadium lights. My plan was to run with the group and maybe take some turns leading near the final few laps of the interval.

Mile #1 - Mike wanted us to run relaxed for 3 laps and then pick it up on the last as it was quite cold out tonight (low 40s to upper 30s). The pace was a bit quick through 400m (73) but then relaxed for the next couple of laps (2:33 and 3:48). I went to the front on the last lap and pushed the pace bringing us to an end in 5:02.

We had lots of rest which is common for Mike's workouts, but I wasn't going to complain being given 800m recovery.

Mile #2 - The pace was more relaxed on the opening lap (76) and stayed there for the next couple of circuits (2:34, 3:48). I went to the front again on the last lap and pushed with 250m to run. Some guys fell back while others made big charges for home. I crossed the finish feeling relaxed just a touch under 5:00.

Again, we took 800m rest on the recovery and I got to chat a bit with the other runners. They were wondering who I was and if I was going to be a new teammate. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

800m #1 - Mike's instruction were to run relaxed on the opening lap and pick up the pace on the second. I think we came through 400m in 72-73 when I hit the front and started to up the tempo. I was feeling pretty good down the backstretch with no signs of my sore right hamstring. I wasn't looking to go all out, but I could hear others sprinting for the tape. I think the second lap was completed in 68 or so.

This time we only had 600m recovery, but I was feeling good after a few hundred meters of easy running.

800m #2 - My plan was to run relaxed for 500m and hammer the final 300m, but that went out the window when Thaddeus, a high school runner, took the pace out in 67-68. It was supposed to be a little more relaxed than that. I found myself in the front with a lap to run and just kept the pace honest. I ran strong through the line and had a bit of a battle the final 100m with another runner in the group. I'll take the 2:16-2:17 effort given the conditions, hour, cold, drive, etc.


Avg Pace

I got in a short cool down before heading back to Pleasantville with Madeleine. I'll definitely have to keep these workouts in mind the next time I'm in Westchester. Hopefully, I can make it on a Saturday when the Kenyans/Ethiopians show up.

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