Monday, December 5, 2011

Beverly Morning Run

Time: 58:54
Distance: 13.29k
Pace: 4:26

Meagan had a 7:20 AM flight which meant an early departure for Logan Airport. I didn't want to drive back into Marblehead and then back out to Beverly for work. I elected to drive straight to the Cummings Center and change into my running costume for a loop around town. The runs during the sales meeting and the driving to and from Endicott College left me with a bit more knowledge on the layout of Beverly. I used my new found street sense made up a loop that was just over 13k. There was a short out and back section to make it a little longer, but overall it is a route that could be used in the future.

I don't remember feeling particularly good or bad on the run so it was a good way to start the week with a chilly morning run near work. After showering and cleaning up, it was a good day of planning for The Running Event down in Austin, TX.

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