Friday, December 2, 2011

Exhausted Night Run

Time: 37:51
Distance: 6.78k
Pace: 5:35

Tonight I was absolutely exhausted. I felt rough all day after a fun night at our corporate offices and an early morning to run with the reps and Matthew Busche. I had originally planned to do a workout this morning, but that was quickly nixed. I then thought I would do one this evening because the weather would have provided ideal conditions. I nixed that idea after dragging ass all day and knew I would absolutely bomb any attempt at running hard.

I still went out the door with Meagan for a short run mainly because there was some sort of Christmas festival in downtown Marblehead. It took much longer than usual to drive up to the fort as families were running around the center of the town in a festive mood. I just wanted to get home, change and head out for a run when the traffic into town was preventing any of that happening quickly.

Once out the door Meagan and I ran out toward the neck but turned back before getting to the estates. We came back to the center and hung around watching kids run crazily as parents looked on with unconcerned grimaces. We never really learned what the festival was for, but I did take notice of the Patagonia/The North Face jacket that is all the rage. Everyone has one and I'm not sure what I think of it at this point. Men, women, and children are all wearing this shiny down style jacket with small cross ribs. It comes in different colors and lengths by different outdoor manufacturers. Remember the Denali jacket from a few years ago? It's becoming that popular at least up in New England. I never liked the Denali jacket because everyone and their mom had one, and I don't think I like this one. But, the jury is still out:

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